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  1. path2aus

    Confused about Eligibility for Citizenship

    I am doing it by myself. I am still getting my documents in order and might submit the application finally sometime in May.
  2. I am filling up the Form 1195 identity declaration form and I understand it needs to be signed by a person on one of the 38 professions listed. I contacted my bank and they have said they can help out my wife and I as we both have accounts in the bank for the past 3+ years. My question is how does it work for a 3 year old? The form is the same for everyone, people who know us cannot sign the form form my child as they will not know her unless they are a family friend. The child has no chance of knowing someone from the 38 professions listed. She isn't going to school yet so teacher is not an option. She does go to day care but that is not one of the 38 professions. She does have a GP but has been going there only for 6 months. The GP's she was seeing before are no longer in the clinic. How does it work for kids? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. path2aus

    Form 1195 Identity declaration Question

    Thanks @welljock. I read that after I posted the thread.
  4. Congratulations!! and thanks for posting back. Good luck.
  5. path2aus

    Migration companies

    Paul who has posted on this thread is a reputable one and so are others who post on this forum.
  6. Better to contact Russell by clicking on the link in his signature. As already mentioned you need professional advice.
  7. is there a reason you are applying for RRV now? Are you planning to leave Australia? You need to understand that PR is indefinite and as long as you stay in Australia there is no need to apply for anything. RRV is only needed if you need to leave the country and the travel facility on your current visa expires. If you don't have any immediate need to travel outside the country I will not sweat it. I came to Australia just 12 days before the expiry of the travel facility of my PR (2017) and applied for RRV only after 2 years (2019). If you need to travel out of Australia you can try applying for RRV but again you may only get like 3 months or at max 1 year. You need to think if it is worth it. Again to reiterate your PR never expires, it is just the travel facility which expires. If you have the travel facility on your PR till August 2020 and you have plans of travelling outside after that, it is better you wait for few more months and apply for RRV just 2-3 months before your travel as your RRV might be granted only for a year or less.
  8. path2aus

    Can we get a visa??

    That was the first thing I noticed, but again just thought it would have been a typo from the op.
  9. path2aus

    Can we get a visa??

    Thinking about it when we were planning to apply for the Australian PR in 2011, my agents told me that the process is changing and to get our applications in as soon as possible. This was before the EOI was put in place. Thanks to Go Matilda we were able to get through within 6 months of starting the process. It was much more simpler then. Things have gotten much harder and I see people struggling to qualify even if they have their jobs on the list. Immigration for sure has become much more tighter.
  10. path2aus

    Visitor Visa Subclass 600

    Yes, I applied for 6 months stay so they required a health check.
  11. We got our PR in 2012 and visited Australia in the same year to validate our visa. We then went back to US and stayed there for 4 years before returning back in 2017. We are now eligible to apply for citizenship. We understand that we need to apply for FBI clearance (USA) and Police Clearance from our country of birth but just wanted to understand the timing of the same. Does it have to be submitted along with the application or will it be requested later? I called the helpline and they said not request and only do it when requested. The FBI clearance takes 4-8 weeks to get done and the process is elaborate. I would like to submit the application and apply for the clearances in parallel. Is that possible? Any help will be appreciated.
  12. I have a quick question regarding the "Associated Family Declaration" section of the Citizenship application. I have listed my sister in there but do I have to include my Brother-In-Law and my niece/nephew as well? I know there is no harm in doing so but just checking if it is actually needed.
  13. path2aus

    Visitor Visa Subclass 600

    They will ask your parents to go through health check if required. That's what happened for my in-laws. I submitted the application first and then they requested for the health checks.
  14. path2aus

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am planning to apply for the same in parallel with my citizenship application. The only reason I want to get a head start is because of US FBI clearance. It takes like ages to come through.
  15. path2aus

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    I am still confused about the Police checks. Can I do it after the application has been submitted? Please let me know.
  16. path2aus

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  17. path2aus

    Now the planning starts!!

    Congratulations on the visa grant. Best of luck with your move. Where are you headed to?
  18. path2aus

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    4 years with upto one year absence from the country. Which means I have completed 3 full years with entry date as 2012. One and 3 combination comes to just 3 years.
  19. path2aus

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    Yes the residence calculator says that we are eligible to apply for citizenship.
  20. path2aus

    Child Visa 101

    Finally I am able to put together some sort of information about Child Visa application. This is not comprehensive guide, this is just what I did for my daughters visa last year. Introduction: Child Visa is a permanent residency visa for the children of Australian permanent residents. This is a paper application and cannot be done online at the moment. The process and documentation required are quite simple. I am just listing out what I did and what documents I submitted. This does not cover complex cases like divorce or non migrating parent cases. People who have information about the same can contribute to the thread. Forms Required to be filled out: 1. 47CH - Application for migration This is a straightforward form where you enter all the information about your child. Answer the questions as you understand. Don't over complicate things. 2. 40CH - Sponsorship for a child to Migrate This form as the name indicates is the information about the parent who is sponsoring the child. 3. Form 1229 - Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18 years This form needs to be submitted along with the above two application forms even if both the parents are migrating along with the child. Both migrating parents have to sign this form. If you have complex cases like divorce etc, you might need to include other documentation such as proof of legal custody, Stat declaration from the non migrating parent etc. I don't have much information on that so will not be including that information as part of this instruction. People with experience can share their thoughts on the same. Supporting Documents 1. Two passport size photograph of the child (Please follow the instructions on the immi website for instructions) - This is the hardest bit if you have an infant. Our daughter was just two weeks old when we tried to take her picture. It was really difficult as she wouldn't open her eyes for the camera (understandably so ). The best method is put a white cloth on a table or a bed, make him/her lie down and take a picture. This is what we did. I don't think immigration could be too strict about a photograph of a few weeks old baby. 2. Copy of Baby's passport - So after the baby is born you would need to apply for the passport obviously. This is needed before you can apply for the child visa. 3. Payment for the visa - This is the tricky part. This differs by the country, so you would be better off looking at the following page to see what type of payment Australian high commission accepts. In India it was either cash or Demand Draft. 4. Birth Certificate - This is required for the application as a proof that you are the legal parent of the child. Copy of the birth certificate needs to be submitted along with the application. 5. Proof that the sponsor is a permanent resident/Photo ID of sponsor and spouse - This can be proved by copy of your passport. I included the grant letter also along with the passport copies of my wife and I. 6. Proof of Funds - Included 3 months of bank statement. There isn't any specific amount mentioned on the DIBP website. There may be other documentation required if your child is adopted or step child etc. Please review the DIBP requirement for the same. You need to submit all the above documentation along with the required payment to DIBP and then wait for the VO to contact you for further instructions. Depending on which country you are applying in you need to find out the application submission process. In India we needed to go to the VFS location to submit the application in person. In India, postal submission is not accepted, so we needed to go to our local VFS office to personally submit the documents. Once the VO picks up your application you will be asked for the following: 1. Police checks for both you and your spouse - This will be for any country you resided for more than 12 months in the last 10 years. We lived int he USA, so had to provide the FBI clearance. 2. Medicals for your child - This is very simple process, you can find panel physicians from the DIBP website and provide the HAPID to book an appointment. It took just few minutes to complete the process at the doctor's office. Once we submitted all the required documents, the grant was immediate. The day when we sent the final document, we got the grant notice on the same day. The overall process took just over a month for us. The delay was only from our side as we had to try and get FBI check done from overseas and it took some time. Getting appointment with a panel physician took time and then there was Christmas/New Year break. So I would consider the overall process to be less than a month for us. This is from my experience and what I did for my daughters Child Visa, people can correct or add anything I may have missed out. It has been 7 months since I did this and I am trying to recollect as much I could in putting this up. This post has been promoted to an article
  21. path2aus

    Child Visa Options???

    I second this. Contact a migration agent ASAP as they would be able to give you a quicker and better solution to handle this situation.
  22. path2aus

    Child Visa Options???

    I am really sorry about what you and your kids are going through. The Child Visa even though shows 12 month processing time. mostly gets granted soon. My daughters visa 3 years ago was granted in 2 months. If you decided to bring your kids on tourist visa you I think will be entitled to the reciprocal medicare? (I think) but not sure about the schools. The best thing is to apply for the child visa as soon as you can.
  23. Hello All, We would be eligible to apply for citizenship in couple of months and I have a question regarding the PCC's required. I got my PR in 2012 but did not move to Australia completely till 2017. So I would need to give PCC's for USA where I lived before I moved here. My question is I have FBI clearance certificate provided in 2016 December, right before I moved to Australia in January of 2017. Will that work? Or do I need to provide a new one? I have never visited USA after November of 2016 when the PCC was obtained. Anyone with experience please let us know. Thanks
  24. path2aus

    Police Certificates for Citizenship Application

    Okay..It is not the expense. It is just the effort involved and the time. Anyways thanks. I will work on getting a current one.
  25. path2aus

    First arrival on 190 - conditions?

    As Marisa said, vacations and port of entry does not matter. I arrived in Melbourne as well while my sponsoring state was South Australia.