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  1. warlord

    Citizenship application as a family

    Hey Ganesh, Not sure if you figured this out or not, but i think it is around the page number 9 - where it asks about children, all you need to do is select that he or she will be applying with you and then enter details. Hope this helps !
  2. warlord

    Citizenship application as a family

    Thanks - by linking you mean adding me as in the family section of the application ? Is there any other way to link ?
  3. warlord

    Citizenship application as a family

    Ah ok - yeah trying to get in before 1st July.
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently filling out my citizenship application for my wife, son and myself. I just filled the 36 pages or form on the immi website and was straight forward. My only question is that i can add my son to my application, but there is no way to include my wife to the application ? Does she needs to create a Immi account herself and apply just for herself ? Or is there something i am missing. thanks in advance. -W
  5. warlord

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    Cool. Thanks for the clarification, Maggie.
  6. warlord

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    So i was wondering, i know that DIBP's new year starts from July 1st where all the allocations get reset. How does that affect people who have applied, but haven't heard anything back ?
  7. warlord

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    Congrats Ben !
  8. warlord

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    Thanks for the reply Crab. I hope it is not too long. 12 months seems to long for a background check. Like you said, all we can do is wait. Sigh !
  9. warlord

    January 2016 - 189 visa applicants

    Hello all, It is an awesome forum here and got to learn a lot about how timelines work with DIBP. My story - The last document needed was uploaded on 25th Jan,2016 and it has been radio silence ever since. My agent emailed DIPB 3 weeks ago and they said they don't need anything, just doing background checks. Not sure how long does that take, as i'll be 4 months next week. Does anyone know how long do these background checks go for ?
  10. warlord

    189 Visa Grant Delay

    This forum is awesome, i stumbled upon this since i am in the same boat waiting for a result on 189 visa. I completed all the documents and medicals and was uploaded on 25th Jan,2016. 2 week ago my agent emailed DIBP to ask for a status, since it was almost 3 months, and they said it is going through background check. I am not sure how long do they take. Seems like everyone is averaging around 5-7 months processing for 189.
  11. warlord

    189 Visa Lodged August 2015

    i submitted all documents for myself and my wife on January 25th. We are moving from USA and are U.S citizens. Medicals completed in December and all police checks have been submitted before Jan 25th. It has been 3 months since i have submitted my application for Subclass 189 Skilled - independent visa. I did contact the DIBP last week and they said that they are doing a background check and they have everything they need. What does this background check entitles and how long does it usually goes for ? The website says that it takes approximately 3 months for 189 to process. Is this normal ?