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Found 31 results

  1. Could someone share the PROCESS and LISTof documents required for OVERSEAS CITIZEN of INDIA OCI for AUSTRALIAN Citizenship ( of Indian origin by BIRTH). Do we need PCC from any country for this. Also share details of Passport surrender and renunciation of Indian citizenship
  2. Being a 30 year old male, who has been living in Australia for the last 1/3rd of his life, I can safely say I love the country and prefer it over India – my birthplace and my homeland. I finished my Bachelors in Engineering back in India and was looking for options for places to pursue further studies and that offered future opportunities to develop a career. A good friend of mine suggested Australia as a fair land that offered multiple options and opportunities. I started researching about Australia on the internet, came across a lot of websites offering tons of information on Australia and what to expect once here. I distinctly remember a website www.pomsinoz.com that was super detailed and answered most of my questions to a great extent. The entire process of applying to universities and for a student visa was very simple and that’s when www.pomsinoz.com came in very handy. The best things I love about the country are fairness, multiple and varied opportunities, the welcoming attitude of people you meet, the political system, the influence and actions of police, the judicial system, the abundance of nature beauty the country offers and thousands of kilometres of the coastline. Ever since I have been here, the university I went, the part-time jobs I have had over time, whether it be working in hospitality or working the graveyard shift at a petrol station or working in a cleaning role, I have never had a bad racial experience, being a brown-skinned guy in a foreign country. I have always felt welcome and never had any negative experiences. In my current white collar job as an Operations Analyst, I feel very welcome, respected and listened to. I always get a fair say in the office and my opinions and ideas are considered with the importance that they deserve. In India, you are only respected if you have a Government job or if you are a doctor. Other professions are not given the importance and respect that they deserve. In contrast, Australia regards all professions equally and provides everyone a fair chance to earn money and provide for their family I love the sense of security that Australia offers via enforcement of the laws and rules and a fair judicial system. Unlike India, when I see a police officer around in Australia I feel safe and secure. I love the fact that the police are honest and not prone to bribery which is a huge issue back in India. I love how the people here are very obedient of the laws. For e.g. I have seen people stopping at a red light at 2am even when there is absolutely no one else on the roads. The Judicial system here is fair and super quick at arriving at a decision whereby in India, cases drag on for tens of years and most of the time never get resolved. I absolutely love the 5-day work week culture here as compared to the 6-day or sometimes 7-day work week back in India. The shorter work week gives everyone a chance to relax, rejuvenate and mingle with friends and family. This encourages better performance at work and thus a better output and results compared to someone working every single day without a break. I love the fact that the Aussies know how to relax whether it be gathering at a barbeque or going out for a couple of drinks or partying hard once in a while. I am proud of having very good Aussie friends who treat me as one of their own and not a migrant. Another thing I love about this place is the social events and gatherings that are organised. There is something available for everyone’s interests. Many events are kid-friendly and really entertaining. A lot of these happen in one of the many parks and gardens. These are very well maintained and a delight to hang out in. I love how Australia has a great sporting culture participating in so many different kinds of sports. All sports get their own importance and fans who follow them religiously. As compared to India where Cricket is only sport they know of. I like how Australians follow sports and encourage kids to participate in sports from a very early age thus promoting health and well-being in kids. And lastly, the best thing I love about Australia is the abundance of natural beauty Australia has to offer. Driving on the Great Ocean Road, camping at Warrnambool or the Grampians, skiing on Mt Buller, climbing up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, trekking in the Blue Mountains, wine tasting in the Barossa Valley, travelling on the Spirit of Tasmania are only some of the activities I have done and have been amazed with the beauty of everything. There’s lots more to do and I cannot wait to experience more different activities.

    new 186 application

    I am planning to make an application for the 186 visa by feb 2017. what is the average timeframe to get this visa? i am from india, high risk country.
  4. lebowski.junior

    Project builder

    Hi greetings to all! I hereby pursuing Masters in project management in Australia and graduated as an Bachelor of Architect from India. And also got one year of experience from an architectural firm. As per SOL 2017, Architecture is the course listed for skilled occupancy but not project management. So I consulted few migration agents, they said that I can access my current course through VETASSESS. But I'm not sure which occupation should I choose? Architecture Project builder Construction project manager. Please guide me. Thanks.
  5. dan77

    Anyone from INDIA ???

    Is anyone here from India ??????
  6. ArthurPendragon

    The world's largest democratic event

    India, the most populous democracy on the planet, is about to hold elections that will seat a new parliament and prime minister. It will be the largest democratic event in history. India's election commission is charged with what has been called the world's largest event management exercise, making sure that democracy doesn't falter in the vastness of the numbers. About 15,000 candidates from 500 political parties are vying for 543 seats in the Lok Sabha, or lower house of Parliament. Those candidates are expected to spend about $5 billion on campaigning. That's second only to the most expensive U.S. presidential campaign -- $7 billion in 2012. Parliamentary elections in India are held every five years, unless the government is dissolved before that. This year will be India's 16th election since independence in 1947. The voting begins Monday and the numbers are mind-blowing. http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2014/04/world/infographic-india-by-the-numbers/
  7. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has moved their car from India to Melbourne. I am based in Delhi. What would be the average cost I should be prepared to pay? I have a 1.5 year old Suzuki Wagon-R which works on petrol as well as CNG. Thanks. Piyu.
  8. I am planning to migrate to Australia. I am a software engineer from Bangalore, India and I have skills for migrating to Australia. I wanted to know is an immigration agent necessary or should I try to do it myself? If you all feel it is necessary which is the best consultancy in Bangalore? I have the following options: 1. Canam 2. Y-Axis 3. Abhinav I also want to know who provides best services and has high success rate? Please advise me I have to start the process in 3 days !! I am really confused!! Also do you people feel that one can migrate to Australia without an agent? The agents here in Bangalore fear me that the process will be failure if I do it myself because I might commit mistakes !! What are the aspects in the process in which I should be very careful ?
  9. I am concerned as to my Indian Police Clearance Certificate. I am currently under the process of getting all my documents readied for a smooth processing of my 189 visa application. I have been lucky and swift to have been able to upload all the required documents necessary up until now, except for my Indian Police Clearance Certificate. I have been living in two other countries , including Australia and I have managed to get PCC's for these two countries without much delays and hassles. For India, I just applied for a PCC 2 days ago. I have been reading forums and I understand that I could be in for a slow processing. There have been lots of improvements in the way our Government agencies work and I hope that it works in getting my PCC as early as possible. I'd like to know if anyone else on this forum had to get an Indian PCC and whether their experience was smooth or rough! Hoping for the best. Ranjith.:policeman:
  10. Hi Guys, Page 40 : http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/character-requirements/character-penal.pdf States that : Non-resident citizens -> Apply to the nearest Indian High Commission, consulate or embassy in your country of residence. Technically I am an NRI (Non-resident indian) as I have been in OZ for 3 years now. The thing is my application is ready to submit and I'm pending the Indian PCC(I have a valid one from the Police Commissioners Office but as of Feb 2013, DIAC wont accept that anymore). I want to goto India and get the PCC from my local RPO instead of waiting endlessly at the mercy of VFS in Sydney. The reason is I travel a lot on work and cant afford to have my passport locked up with them. Has any NRI citizen successfully had an onshore visa application approved in Australia with a PCC that was obtained from the local RPO from India rather than the VFS centre in Australia? Thanks!
  11. According to Australian immigration and citizenship minister, Chris Bowen, this year has seen India become the top source country with the largest number of immigrants to Australia. When visiting recently, Mr Bowen told The Times Of India: "The strongest link between Australia and India is people to people through immigration. India has for several years been our third largest source of permanent migrants. This year so far, India has been the largest source; it has beaten China and the UK." In the past there has been some negative press regarding attacks on Indian students when studying in Australia. Regarding this subject, he told The Times Of India: "Those incidents are in the past. Indian students are now again one of the highest numbers in Australian universities". Also mentioned were recent positive changes to the Australian international students program, potentially enabling more students to apply for the Australia visa application for students.
  12. Guest

    PR from India

    Friends, A) I plan to apply for an Australian PR from Bangalore, India. There are dozens of agents who can do this but which one to choose ? Also the price has been quoted from 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh and not sure what should be done. Any help of this would be appreciated ? B) My company may be sending me to Australia in next couple of months. If I start the process now from India and get the PR when I am in Australia. Do I need to come back to India for stamping or can this be handled in Australia itself. done C) Will there be any issue with medicals etc, if my PR is being done by an agent from India and I am in Australia ? Can all this be managed without me being in India ? Thanks, Information Seeker
  13. Hi, I am a 175 applicant. We have been assigned case officer on 23 Jan 12 and before that we have front loaded everything except our India PCC. Its been 2 months and 2 days till now since we applied for India PCC at VFS sydney. And there is no sign of my PCC.They have even kept our passport. Can anyone who has a similar experience let us know finally after how much time they got their PCC. I got my australia AFP check in 1 week, but this thing is taking unusually longer. The VFS guys have no clue about anything and all that do is read whatever u see in the online status page. I am unable to get any meaningful information out of those parrots
  14. The Pom Queen

    Queensland - Who Visits on Holiday

    The latest study on tourists who visit Queensland shows that Indians are the highest spenders. India: DINKs (Double Income No Kids) on a self-drive market with the "brag factor" of visiting key sights and staying in five-star hotels. They are the highest spenders - on average $7900 per person during a 10-day trip - for flights and accommodation. Middle East: High-spending Arabs go to the Gold Coast as temperatures hit the 50C mark back home between July and September. Ramadan rooms with Arabic food and coffee are offered in hotels as they spend, on average, $7500, not including luxury goods shopping. Indonesia: The new middle class are one of southeast Queensland's best markets after stable political and economic growth, with up to 21,000 (17 per cent) more visitors. Their spending has gone up from $17m to $40m, with a huge staff incentive market out of the Indonesian winners of the Million Dollar Memo. Queensland's total international visitor market is down 7 per cent to 1.9 million, with 40 million hotel nights on an average stay of 21 nights.
  15. Hello all, Anyone from andhra pradesh India?. Please reply. Thank you.
  16. Hi, My wife is wrking as Computer Faculty since April 2005 in Govt. High School (Punjab School Education Board). Till July 2011 the post was contractual, but full time and paid. Now it is equivalent to Vocational Lecturer. She holds M.Sc. IT, MCA (lateral entry into 3rd year after MSc) completed in 2004. From which agency can we get her skills assessed? Will she be eligible under GSM or any chances of getting positive skill assessment?
  17. Guest

    Hi M from india

    Hi all Myself Ankita from India. Well we have been hearing a lot about Aus being a beautiful country to live in and start a new life. M married and I would want someone to be guiding us on all necessary things to be take care off before we land up there. Please hope someone from there reads this message and reverts back. wil be vry gr8full if someone does not ignore it. I know Auszzies are gr8 helpers m sure.:smile: Regards Ankita.
  18. Guest

    Migration Agents in India

    Hello All, Can anyone suggest a good migration agent for Australia, in Bangalore,India. I visted the MARA site and they have only 2 listed in Bangalore. 1.SK Migration Consultants 2.Aives Also, is there is anything specific I need to check before I finalize ? regards, -Arif
  19. Dear everyone, i change my bridging visa A to B before travel to india and when i come down to india to attend my brother marriage my visa is expired and cant go back to australia. what i can do now? is it a big issue? what is the reason for expired my visa. i still got valid Bridging visa stamp on my passport. Rinkesh
  20. Hi All, I'm currently residing in India. I have a valid UC457 visa until Apr2014. I have quitt the company that sponsored my UC457. Since I quit while I was in India, my UC457 is still valid. Now, I'm looking at travelling to Australia on a job. I need to know whether I can travel to Australia on my current UC457 itself? I believe my new employer has to lodge a transfer application to transfer my sponsor of UC457 from my previous employer to the new one. Could anyone please let me know the process for the same? Also other information such as processing time, fees etc would be helpful. Or pointers to any site that has all this info would also be appreciated. Cheers PVN
  21. ankurj77

    Moving to Sydney from India

    Hi Im moving to Sydney from India. Need an idea about expenses for a family of 4 (Husband, Wife & 2 Children of 2 & 3 yrs of age). Am confused and need this info to decide whether to move on or not. Visa & travel is borne by company. Appreciate an early response. regards
  22. kernow43

    Bloody India Calling

    I have had 3 calls this week from India saying my computer is slowing down and they have been instructed by Microsoft to fix it. Beware it is a scam. Once they have access to your computer your bank account will soon be empty. I think I have had at least 10 calls this year, if someone heard my reply to them I would be charged by the race relations people. It really makes my blood boil to know they are hurting innocent folk.:arghh::arghh: A good article is here from The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/18/phone-scam-india-call-centres
  23. Hi, I am new to this forum. can someone please sugegst... Are all spouse applications under subclass 309 subjected to ASIO secuity checks???? or thsi check is done randomly for applicants. My spouse case was was applied in Sept 2010 (New Delhi), time line for 5 months is gonna finish on 19th February. We have got to know from enquiries that our application has gone for ASIO check. We were told that this is a general standard and all applications seeking permanent entry to visa are subjected to ASIO checks. Is this the correct information. Please help.
  24. vbulsara

    VISA Stamp on Passport > INDIA

    Hi Any one who is from India, and Got the VISA? Did you got Visa stamp on Passport via VFS ? or Just Took Electronic visa and went to Ozzie
  25. vbulsara

    PCC in India

    Hi Can any one let me know, if we have to get the Local PCC or PCC from Passport Office. Awaiting for Information