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  1. winterveld234

    Migration Agent....who would you recommend?

    Thanks Marisawright, very good advice! Ive had a look at the page and its pretty self explanatory. Fingers crossed we can do it!
  2. winterveld234

    Migration Agent....who would you recommend?

    Sorry the Meds cost £100/ €120....hes told me....
  3. winterveld234

    Migration Agent....who would you recommend?

    Thanks Path2aus and Marisawright, ok thats super helpful, getting the Skills assessment done asap and preparing for the IELTS in the next few weeks, want to give this my best shot. @Marisawright, yes that had been my concern. His medication coast approx £150 per month so could you remind what that threshold is and the time frame? Thats my main worry....I can do a lot from my own end but If we are going to be reused a visa due to medication costs then Id have to know all of this from the get-go....
  4. Hi All, I hope this is the fight spot, finding it difficult to pick a Migration agent to assist us with our application. We awould not have areally easy application as my husband has heart condition. Im hoping we can get good avice on Visa etc with the health issue involved. His meds cost approx £150 per month, he works full time etc. In good fettle though but really want to get the best application in..... We are based in Dublin, Ireland. Family of 5 + 2 doggies! Thanks in advance
  5. winterveld234

    Librarian visa- relevant assessing authority

    Hi Amberamber, This is my career fir when we do apply in a few months, NT is the only state that has Librarian on the list. Australia will accept all Post grad qualifications for Librarianship that you gain in the Uk/Ireland. Hope this helps, when do you hope to apply? Winterveld234