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Found 124 results

  1. Good evening everyone I hope you’re well. I recently (September 2020) submitted my citizenship application and “front loaded” I.e submitted all documents including but not limited to my UK police check. I have just received a further information request asking for my police check. I’m not sure what else they need/ want from me? My ACRO police check is dated within the last 12 month and states my maiden name. Since applying for citizenship and the police check I have not left the Country. Has anyone else been asked for their police check twice or know what I need to do?! Any help would be amazing! Cheers!
  2. plz help needed the spelling of my name in ielts certificate is different than the spelling of my name in all other documents also it has my local ID number not the passport number what should i do ?
  3. Hi Just a quick question for anyone else who has done a AFP certificate for immigration reasons - my certificate did not have anything written on it that it is for immigration purposes even though I filled out code 33 (for immigration purposes) at the top of my application form. Is that normal? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  4. Hi All, Are there any electricians out there who have recently gained this certificate. I also understand that you have to do a practical test if so can you tell me what is involved for this test regards kelvino
  5. I am trying to get China Police Clarence Certificate for foreigner who has worked in China. But this seems to be most difficult task. I have followed undermentioned instructions which is written on the DIMA Website, but here in China it seems to be impossible to get it. Can anybody please help me who has already taken this certificate from China Guangdong, Guangzhou Province Please find the undermentioned information for getting police clearance certificate from Local Province. Relevant document – ‘Notary Certificate of No Criminal Convictions’ Apply Applicants (or authorised person) must apply in person at the Notary Public Office in the province/city/district of previous residence in China. Obtain the “No Criminal Convictions Certificate” from the local police station. Application by mail will not be accepted Provide: Citizens original ID card, original Permanent Residence Registration (hukou) booklet, original ‘No Criminal Convictions’ certificate (wu fan zui zheng ming) from the Personal Dossier Department, and authorisation letter (if applying via a third party). To obtain the ‘No Criminal Convictions’ certificate from Personal Dossier Department, applicants must apply with the following documents: original ID card, original file card (cun tang ka), and the authorisation letter (if applying via a third party) Non-citizens original passport (or copy of passport, original Temporary Residence Card (ju liu zheng) or Temporary Residence Permit, original Police Clearance certificate (wu fan zui ji lu zheng ming) from the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB), and authorisation letter (if applying via a third party cable). To obtain the Police Clearance certificate from the PSB, non-citizens must provide the following documents: original passport(s) (or copy of passport(s) – including both the current passport and any old passports in which the Chinese visa was attached, a letter from the work unit or university/school where the non-citizen worked or studied while in China, and an authorisation letter (if applying via a third party). The PSB will only issue Police Clearance certificates to applicants with Z (Work), X (Student) and J1 (Journalist) visa classes. Holders of other classes of visa will need to enquire directly with the PSB for local procedures to obtain police clearance certificates Note Application procedures may differ slightly between different provinces, districts or cities. Applicants are encouraged to confirm the procedure directly with the local PSB and/or Public Notary Office. Obtain a notarised translation of the certificate. Provide both the original and notarised translation of the “No Criminal Convictions Certificate” to the office processing the application.
  6. Guest

    questions here pls help,,

    i have my certificate of employment then it states there that it is certified true and correct do i need to notarize this to the public notary although it already states there that it is certified? coz i nid to pass this to ACS..
  7. Anyone who has been recently registered got their practicing certificate from AHPRA? If yes, how much time did it take from registration? My friend (an onshore graduate) got her registration in December and has still not received her certificate. ANMC won't process her skills assessment without a certified copy of the initial certificate - even though AHPRA has already sent them verification of registration.
  8. Where is the best place to obtain a working at heights certificate? :wideeyed:
  9. We're going to be enrolling our daughter at school in nsw for next year and we need an immunisation certificate, has anyone had to do the same and if so, how did you get it? Thanks for any help Grant
  10. Does anyone know anything about Australian first aid requirements? I need to do a first aid course to get a certificate for my skills assessment. The website phrases it like this: "The applicant provides a current first aid certificate from a valid issuer in either Australia or a country or jurisdiction recognised by the APC (Australian Pharmacy Council)". Any idea who a 'valid issuer' would be - Red Cross? SJA? What level? Would an HSE-recognised emergency first aid at work course be suitable? Anyone else had to do this? Is pharmacy just the stupidest, most-long-winded skills assessment out there? This isn't even the actual skills assessment, it's just for them to assess my 'eligibility' to sit the exam! Which I can't take until June!!! Gaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  11. Bexy71

    Scanning birth certificate

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice. Our CO has asked for further docs and i need to upload hubbies birth certificate. I forgot to do this with the others as it isn't the same size. The others are all A4 but this is wider so doesn't fit on my scanner! I didn't have much luck getting it copied and resized to A4 but then it wouldn't be an original anyway. Can documents be posted to DIAC for an online lodged application? It might be easier to just get another copy and send them an original. Thanks for any help! Becky
  12. jove

    Degree certificate question

    Hi I have a moment of panic that I have not covered everything for my migration application. It states that the Degree has to be certified to claim the extra points? How do I do this? I did originally send of my academica transcripts and degree to the acs and they came back with a positive assessment for a system analyst, there was no mention of my acedemic qualifications on the letter. Do I have to do anything else?
  13. Hi, I've got a question regarding supplying a copy of your birth certificate as one of the required documents for the PR visa. The thing is I don't have one. And, as an alternative mentioned on the DIAC website, I do not come from a country that doesn't issue birth certificates. They do, I just lost mine, moving countries years ago and my parents moved twice since then so it got misplaced. So my question is: is it absolutely mandatory to provide a birth certificate as a proof of age? What other document can be used instead? For example, can my old passport issued in the country of birth be used for this purpose? This has really stumped me...This is the only document outstanding in application!
  14. Hi I am applying to emigrate to Oz with my 15 year old daughter. I see from the forms that I should have permission from her father to leave the Uk. However her biological father has had no contact(I left him during my pregnancy) and he lives on another continent( not Oz) There is a blank on her birth certificate under father's name. I am assuming therefore that there will be no issues moving with her...but I though I would check?
  15. Hi, do anyone know if it's worth to spand approx 1000eur for this certificate? Any experiences with it??? Does it really work or help to obtain an employer feedback??? :sad:
  16. I am applying for my citizenship in Australia. Can someone please tell me how to go about getting my background check/police clearance certificate from FBI from USA where I was living before? Rao
  17. Hi Everyone! Im new member of this site! And I'm very thankful i found this site. Hope you could help me with my question. I want to get a police clearance from the USA since i was lived there nearly 2 years. now Im here in uk got a job and they were asking a police certificate from the states. Any one could help me! Espicially to those people have tried to to this before. many thanks
  18. Guest

    Police Certificate??

    Hi how long is it taking for police certificate's to come through? xx
  19. Can I submit my Birth Certificate after applying for 485 within the 28 day period? Also, I will not have the document on me, only its certified copies and it is in a foreign language so I have to translate it before submission. Uploading online, I just submit scans of the certified copy of the Birth Certificate and its accredited translation?
  20. joyjoy

    police certificate .....

    got my police certificate this morning ....kinda shocked me as i didnt think they'd put old things on like driving offences from 1994 :0/
  21. Guest

    Military discharge certificate

    one for all you forces/ex froces out there. Your military discharge certificate is asked for when you lodge your application. If you are still serving when you apply how do you get round this?????????????????? holly
  22. Guest

    Acpo police certificate

    Hi Does anyone know if the Police Certificate details spent convictions etc or does it simply state that there are no ongoing investigations etc. ie If a person had a conviction in the last 2 years and one 15 years ago would they be detailed on the certificate? and if they have had nothing since would the certificate simply show "no trace"? Thanks for any help anyone can give going through a very stressful morning!
  23. Hi All, I applied for an ACPO Police Certificate for a 457 visa application. The certificate expired 29th March 2010. We're now on our second 457, living in Oz, and looking to apply for PR. I seem to remember the certificates are only valid for 12 months from the date of issue but I'm not sure where I read that. Does anyone know how long they are valid for? More importantly, is there an easy way to renew one or do you have to go through the process from scratch? We have been living in Australia for just over 12 months now. If you have to start from scratch, how do you go about getting a new certificate/renewing one from Oz if you can't prove UK address for the last six months or do we not need one if we've been living in Oz for the last year and are now applying for PR? Many thanks, Rob
  24. Guest

    full birth certificate

    Hi Guys I got a email from case officer this morning requesting full birth certificate from my uncle who is sponsoring us. My uncles birth certificate was stolen when his house got burgled when he was living in Zimbabwe. He was born in India in 1950. When he rang India to re issue new birth certificate was advised they do not have records back dated to 1950, they advised him to ring school he attended they would issue a certificate which they did with his details name, date of birth but no details of parents on the certificate. Isent that one to co but he says he needs full one. My uncle's parents are now deceased but he does have both their passports can he go to justice of peace or lawyers with passports to swear a oath and also on his mothers passport does have him and siblings on there including my mothers name sponsors sister. Please help what can we do will co accept a oath document. This is the only thing left everything else is met on check list. Thank you
  25. FooFighter

    Vetassess re-issue of certificate

    Hi all, I successfully got my WA state-sponsorship issued in January, all hunky-doory... but, after passing the vetassess skills test in carpentry back in 2008 and recieving my level 3 certificate in carpentry, I sent the original certificate to the immigration department instead of a certified copy. I contacted Vetassess who were very helpfull and said the certificate was issued by Victoria university and put in contact with someone there. Since then, I'm having a complete nightmare trying to get a re-issue of certificate. I recently sent the A05r form for re-issue of certificate which one person there told me to do, but now someone else has come back and said I need to graduate in October to get a re-issue!!??... I then called again and spoke to someone else who has now said I need to do something else completely differant.... The university can see I was issued the certificate on their system, and understand how I recieved the certificate through vetassess, but cant seem to get me a re-issue... Really want another certificate for job-interviews etc for when i get to oz, and also I'm applying for a permantent visa to canada, so they will proberbly want to see it too.... just wondered if anyone has had any similar problems getting a re-issue from Victoria uni??? Please help!!:arghh: