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  1. Anyone recommend a good immigration lawyer?

    All MA's who post on this forum are good. @wrussell, @Alan Collett, @Raul Senise, @Richard Gregan. You can get in touch with any one of them.

    You need to make your first visit to Australia within 1 year of your Police/Medicals. This can just be for a holiday to validate your PR. Once you have done that you will have 5 years to make your permanent move.
  3. Visitor visa for my family

    The visitor visa subclass 600 is normally a multiple entry visa. So the 12 month stay is normally every time they enter Australia within the validity of the visa. Also the visa stay may be granted for 6/12 months stay but the visa may be valid for 2-3 years depending on the CO obviously. My parents applied last year and they got 3 years visa with each stay up to 3 months.
  4. Do Aussies hate Asian people?

  5. Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    Sorry there is lots of stuff posted in this thread which does not make sense. I don't even know people who are posting this stuff actually believe in it. Racism has nothing to do with whom you hang out with, basically that has 0 impact in fact. I know people who have been born and raised in Australia/America face racism, even though they behave and talk like the locals. I lived in the US for 14 years and being an Indian, even though I changed a little bit, I remained true to who I was prior to moving to the US. I did not change my accent, nor did I create some fake persona to mingle with the locals. I still had very little issues, the people who decide to the racist will do so even if you seamlessly fit in with the locals. No one can change who you are and people who have a problem with that with continue to do so in spite of your best efforts. To answer the question posted, I don't think Australia is any more racist than any country around the world. I have been working and living here for just over a year and I haven't faced much issues. Just be true to yourself and be friends with people you want to be friends with irrespective of who they are. Don't try to be someone you are not. For me assimilation means follow the laws of the land you live in, be a good citizen and contribute to the society as much as you can.
  6. Skilled Visa

    You can find this information on their website. If in any doubt please consult a registered migration agent.
  7. 186 Direct Entry - Employer change

    In complicated cases like these where you might end up losing your status with one misstep, it is better to consult a Registered Migration Agent. This is not a type of decision you can make based on answers on a forum. RMA's should be able to look at your case individually and suggest the right path, which is not possible on a public forum.
  8. Do Aussies hate Asian people?

    I have been here in Australia for little over a year. I haven't faced any racism yet but again I live in Adelaide, not sure about other big cities.
  9. Migration Agents

    I will highly recommend Go Matilda @Alan Collett. We used them and they were brilliant. The others posting on this forum are great as well.
  10. 189 Visa rejected - urgent advice

    There are some very good agents who post on this forum. @wrussell, @Richard Gregan, @Alan Collett @Raul Senise et all.
  11. First steps

    Yup can't believe how things have changed with the immigration over the last few years. When we applied it was 175/176 visas and it was a straightforward application. No EOI's and no invitations
  12. First steps

    Best of luck with your process, hope everything goes smoothly with your application.
  13. Recommended migration agents??

    We used Go Matilda and they were fantastic. @Alan Collett posts here regularly as well.
  14. New arrival accommodation

    Might be true but I have seen that the properties remain on the market for a long time in Adelaide as well. I remember going to an inspection and taking an application from the agent and told him that I would probably be moving in next month. He just snatched the form from my hand and told me that "No one is going to wait till next month" and was extremely rude. I saw that the property was still scheduling inspections the following month as well. Even though that was a decent property I would never want to work with that agent again. There are lots of properties which are hung like that and I think a part of the problem are the agents themselves. Anyways I had to call off the search and decided to stay put this time though.
  15. New arrival accommodation

    I agree with this. It was really frustrating as I was working in CBD and we were looking for places near Glenelg. It was almost impossible for me to make it to lots of these viewings. I would try and request for a weekend inspection, few of the agents did it and few did not. I also agree with the photos part, lots of the pictures in the ad are really old and when you look at the property you realise that this is not what you saw. I understand that the agents tell you to do an inspection before filling out an applications but again they need to update the pictures in the Ad as well. Lots of time you take time off work, only to realise this is not the place you saw on the realestate.com.au. The property is run down and is in real bad situation few times and you think why did I even bother.