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  1. There is no accommodation needed for Child Visa. You are applying the visa offshore so it is assumed that you are not in Australia. Please don't over complicate the application. It is straight forward and please treat that as the same. It is similar to how you did you PR application.
  2. Hello @mayawino. I don't think there is any specific amount mentioned for tourist visa as far as I know. Regarding Melbourne or Sydney, According to Victoria website, they mention Primary + 4 need to carry $60000 AUD. These are just figures and may or may not apply for everyone. You need to make sure you have enough funds to take care of your family when you land here. Please do some research on the cost of living. Sydney is quite an expensive place but Melbourne is decent. I do not live in either of those cities so I have no idea regarding the cost of living. My CO got assigned within a week of my submitting the application.
  3. Hello Pen, I had posted some information in this thread regarding Child Visa, please take a look
  4. To be really frank, I don't think your Child Visa will take 1 year to be granted. I applied in New Delhi last November for my daughter and got it granted in January. Keeping that aside, you need to clearly mention in your application form for tourist visa what your intent is. You need to mention that you have applied for child visa and you will make sure that your child leaves the country at the end of the stay term or after the Child visa is granted to return on PR visa. One more thing you need to remember is that once your offshore Child Visa is granted the child needs to leave the country to enter back on PR. In terms of finances I don't remember showing any particular figure. your third question about funds to carry, you need to give more information. Which state are you planning to live in? How many members in your family? You need to go to the state immigration website and see what amount they have mentioned. That may not be accurate but will give you the ball part figure you are asking.
  5. Since you are applying for the visa offshore, you will have to leave Australia to enter on your PR. You will not be able to stay on when your PR is granted if you are residing in Australia.
  6. Hello Punit, Raul is a registered migration agent. You can contact him or any other migration agents who post on this forum. They would be able to look at your qualifications and experience and guide you accordingly.
  7. My Wife got overall 7 last year when we wrote the exam. She speaks better English than me, she just lost out on the listening and reading to end up with 7. Like you said the exam is really irritating and stressful. Listening to a conversation in IELTS is not the same as talking to someone in person and responding to them. The latter is much easier than the former. The test does not test your ability to listen and understand, it instead tests your speed. Don't you think that the speaking test kind of covers your listening ability as well? Unless you understood the examiner's question, you would not be able to respond with a relevant answer. So my question is, isn't that more real world listening test? IELTS kind of listening test is probably good for colleges/schools etc where people have to follow lectures and take notes. That level of listening and speed is not required in real world. I don't have to fill up a blank and keenly listen to someone when I am in a conversation with someone. Hope some sense prevails and the GOVT understands what integrating with the community means and what sort of English skills are actually required for that. These tests were never designed for immigration purpose.
  8. Still does not make sense, people who are on PR have already integrated into the community and are working and contributing. This makes us feel that a person will only start contributing after getting citizenship. Also some who probably transitioned from Work visa to PR might have worked for 6 years in Australia before applying for Citizenship. Now are they saying that people who are contributing for 4-6 years and have proven their English competency, suddenly after being in Australia have regressed? I think the GOVT is confused about skilled migration and have forgotten about the requirements to obtain a PR. Every individual who is a primary applicant needs to display at least competent English to even qualify. Now after 4 years of staying, working and contributing, you say that the person needs to prove the English competency again. This proves what one of the posters above mentioned about even the locals might not be able to get 6 in all categories. The Australian GOVT agrees, that speaking and interacting with the locals for a period of 4 years can damage an immigrants English competency, so it needs to be tested again. Now I get it and I don't mind giving the test again. Probably I will take it every year to prove my English competency has remained the same for 4 years?
  9. I just cant believe that they are going to require us to write English test again. I wrote one last year and got overall score of 8, I wrote one in 2012 and got overall score of 8. Now I am required to write again for Citizenship. This is just ridiculous. A person has already proven that he/she has more than competent English and has worked in Australia for 4 years after obtaining PR or in some cases even before that, and they still want him/her to prove English competency? I just feel this particular part of the amendment does not make any sense to me. There needs to be more exceptions to this requirement. Why not exempt primary visa applicants from writing the test who have already done that when submitting their application? Competent English is 6 if the test is IELTS, do you think all secondary applicants can pass with 6.0?That's a serious jump over just 4 years. Other countries like US does not have this criteria, so just based on passport they are exempted from English test, what if the person having US passport does not speak English?or for that matter UK passport holder?
  10. Great in that case you should get your approval soon. Just keep checking your email and as I said also the spam mails.
  11. I think you should be able to get the approval by that date. Since you have already submitted the PCC, Medicals will be the only thing pending for the baby.
  12. Great to know. Best of luck with your application. You should hear back pretty soon. Just keep checking your email and spam too. My initial email went to spam.
  13. I need to go through the form to understand those questions. Suddenly seems like alien to me. Let me get back to you unless you have already completed the form. Regarding the documents to include: All identity documents need to be certified I guess. Copy of Baby's passport Your passport and your Wife's passport copies Birth Certificate of the child Bank Statement Photos PCC of both you and your wife the Application form and the payment. I also had included the grant letter but again the passport copy should be fine.
  14. Sure @DukeNinja let me know if you have any questions. I will try to help you out. It has been really long time and I don't remember much of the form itself but I can try to help.
  15. You are talking about two separate things, 190 visa is a state sponsored permanent residency visa. @VERYSTORMY is talking about the regional 489 visa, which has a condition of working only in the regional area. If you adhere to their rules, you will be eligible to apply for the PR. 489 is not a permanent residency visa. There are lots of very good migration agents who post here, @Alan Collett @wrussell @Raul Senise @George Lombard.