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  1. path2aus

    Migration Agent....who would you recommend?

    The agents who post on this forum regularly are well known and reputed. @paulhand@wrussell and Raul Senise are a few of them.
  2. I tried the same and my company still refused to give such a letter :). I had to go a little creative with the help of my agent.
  3. I tried different things with my employer but they refused to give me the type of reference ACS requires. So this is what I did and it worked for me but not saying it will for everyone. 1. Got the generic reference letter on company letter head with my role and dates of employment/salary. This is something all employers give for mortgage/employment reference etc. 2. Got my manager to write a reference on a plain paper detailing my role as required by ACS with his business card. We submitted both the above together and all my 6 years (my experience at that time) was assessed as relevant by ACS. I wasn't asked for any additional documents. When I told my agent that I was struggling to get the reference from my employer, they suggested this as an option and luckily it worked for me.
  4. We did it 5 years ago and there was a medical test. We did paper based application as well and we received an email with the HAP ID to set up medicals. Yes we had to get police checks done again even even though we had PR. Luckily the entire process took less than 2 months for us but again things are different now. We had applied tourist visa parallelly for our daughter in case PR did not come through but again the PR was approved soon, so we were told to withdraw the tourist visa application.
  5. path2aus

    Migration Agent Recommendations (UK based)

    Agree. I was in the US when I used the services of Go Matilda. Yeah there was a time lag in getting responses but they were very professional and I had no troubles overall. So yes it does not matter where they are located these days. My application was 10 years ago, now it should be simpler.
  6. path2aus

    citizenship fees

    Luckily got 2 applications in before that time.
  7. I went to the bank where I held account for 4 years to get it signed. I never went to one GP during my time here, so struggled to get it signed. The person who had helped us to set up bank account when we landed in Australia, signed the document for us.
  8. path2aus

    Passport application.

    I was told by the post office that I will receive my passport in about 3 weeks. So 5 days is too short a time to be expecting a response. Also when you login to the Australian Passport application site where you filled out the form, you can see the status of your application. It will change to lodged once you go to the post office and submit the application and then will change to Under Assessment and then finally to Issued.
  9. path2aus

    Citizenship application as a family

    We did the same. Same account but two separate applications for me and my wife. I added my daughter to my application. There is a section to add the application reference number of everyone who want to attend ceremony together or something like that.
  10. path2aus

    Documents for citizenship application

    When you fill out the citizenship form with all the required information, the document checklist at the end of it will let you know what you need. Going by what you have said, I don't think you need overseas police clearance.
  11. path2aus

    Primary School Admissions

    Well the contract wasn't having too much information but spoke to them and found that I will only be losing my acceptance fee if I pulled out. That is fine with me as it is not too much.
  12. path2aus

    Primary School Admissions

    Thanks everyone for the advice. We are citizens and the Public school is right across the road from our house, so we are right in the area for receiving the offer. Not sure about the contract with the private school as the only thing it mentions is that when we return the form we enter into a contract and there will be a $100 acceptance fees which is non-refundable. They don't mention anything else. Probably something to ask them before I drop of my acceptance. The Public school offers will start coming in only in August.
  13. path2aus

    Primary School Admissions

    Hello All, We had applied for two primary schools for my daughter who will be starting in 2022. One is a Public school close to our home and other is a private one. We got our offer from the private school already but are still waiting on the offer from the Public school. The private school want us to accept the offer by 4th of June and I don't think we will hear back from the pubic school by then. So can we just accept the offer and then later decide not to go there? There isn't much difference between the two schools but we just wanted an option. We are new to Australia and this is our first child, so not sure about how things are. Any information will be helpful. Thanks.
  14. path2aus


    Please go and look in the VFS Australia website. It provides all the necessary information. Just some basic googling would have helped.
  15. path2aus


    Application approved for me in February 2021 and in December 2020 for my wife. West Torrens is the council and Thebarton Community Center was the location.