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  1. Bridging Visa C Subclass 030

    A BVC lets you temporarily stay in Australia. It will usually end when you leave Australia. We recommend that you do not leave Australia until your substantive visa application is decided, because a BVC holder cannot be granted a Bridging visa B (BVB) which allows you to leave and return to Australia. If you have an urgent need to travel outside Australia, you should contact your case officer to discuss your options. If you leave Australia and you do not hold another visa that allows you to return, you will have to apply for and be granted a substantive visa before you can return to Australia. There is no guarantee that you would be granted a visa. This is what i found. So it seems like the visa does not allow you to travel. You would need to discuss the scenario with the case officer, or your RMA.
  2. To use an agent or not to use an agent?

    To the OP: Yes, there have been loads of people who have gone through the application process by themselves and have been successful. So you are not alone and not mad for wanting to go at it by yourself. You have the forum to ask questions and there are people who will help you out including myself through the process. You need to make a call as to how comfortable you are with the process and proceed according to the same. Please read through the requirements and make an educated decision as to which way you would like to go.
  3. To use an agent or not to use an agent?

    To be really frank when someone asks such questions we just need to provide our experience. We should not question someone's intelligence or ability etc. This is a public forum and we do not know the poster who is asking the question and we don't know their situation either. The poster is just looking for some answers as to how people got along with their application. In the end it is a personal decision based on the responses they get. By just throwing unnecessary things around and calling people using agents as lazy is not going to help anyone. I used an agent myself, not because I am lazy or dumb or cannot read a form, it is because I just did not have the time to go through the process due to my work. I used an agent and I am very glad that I did. Every thing went smooth and I got the visa and I am now in Australia. People need to make their own informed choice from the the information they read from the forums and from their own research regarding immigration. We should not force and tell things which might have worked for us. Just because we did the application ourselves does not mean others can, no matter if they are a scientist or CEO of a company, there are some things even they would probably find it difficult due to their situation or lack of time. The MA's here are trying to help and if someone wants to use them that is their decision. We need to stay out of it, no matter what our opinion is regarding their decision is.
  4. To use an agent or not to use an agent?

    That is not completely true though. My agent filled up the form with the information they had collected from me and I was the one who had to go through the same and tell them if everything was fine. So it was the other way around. Except for the State Sponsorship form and Form 80, I did not have to fill anything else. I used an agent because I just did not have the time and I did not want to make mistakes. But I agree that people need to make their own decision regarding the use of an agent. I would refrain from giving advice either way as only the applicant knows how comfortable they are with the overall process and how much time they have in their hands to do it themselves.
  5. Child Visa 101

    Depends on where you are coming from. I know one colleague of mine who went to Brisbane to have some sun from Adelaide. It is probably winter there but for people in SA, it is like summer
  6. Child Visa 101

    Congratulations on the visa grant...Where in Australia are you heading to? Yes little bit of planning is required in terms of the seating and the bassinet etc. Take enough supply for the kid. I took a 3 month old and it was smooth sailing. She just cried on one of the flights but overall was pretty calm and slept in the bassinet. If you are coming to SA or VIC, I would wait for couple more months as it is very cold over here. Sydney weather is decent so you can move anytime and if you are moving to Brisbane it is very hot there now. I took my

    December is still long way away and I feel that you would get your Child Visa granted before that time. I would suggest that when you apply for tourist visa, you need to make things extremely clear that what your intention is. I would apply for 12 months stay. You need to make sure the VO knows that. So that when the Child Visa is about to be granted, you can leave Australia and enter back with the PR. The tourist visa at max will take only a month to be granted, so I wouldn't bother to worry about it till at least October. There is no extra funds needed, what ever you submitted for Child Visa should be sufficient. You don't need strong ties to native country as you are permanent residents and the reason you are applying for tourist visa is because there is a delay in the Child visa grant. I don't understand what is renewal of passports. Are you Australian citizens? In that case why are you applying for Child Visa? Sorry I did not understand that part.
  8. Breaching first entry under child visa 101

    Apply the visa in August and do your Medicals and PCC in September and you should be fine.
  9. Child Visa 101

    The VO knew it already with the documents we submitted. The VO asked us what was our plan if we did not get the visa by that date, we said that we were planning to take the baby on visitor visa. She granted the PR within that time and and asked us to withdraw the tourist visa application.
  10. English Test Advice Cambridge or Pearson

    Reading needs lots of practice. Try lots of exercises online and time yourself to make sure you are within the stipulated time. Reading looks easy but I feel is the toughest of all the sections in IELTS. I got 7.5 the first time I wrote IELTS, 8.5 the second time.
  11. Child Visa 101

    No I did not submit anything. I just took my daughter for the medicals and they uploaded the results to DIBP and I never even followed after that. I asked the VO and I was told that they had received the medicals. Thats about it.
  12. Child Visa 101

    Don't know. Never checked or logged on to my immi account after the child visa was granted. I got my PR granted in 2012 and had used an agent. So never thought of looking there. I am thinking no as your child was not part of the initial PR application but I may be wrong.
  13. Child Visa 101

    Please make sure you check your spam mails. I missed my first communication from the VO as it went to spam, thank god the second one came to my inbox.
  14. Child Visa 101

    It should be sooner than that for you as you have already received Medicals and contact from the VO.
  15. Child Visa 101

    VFS tracking in unreliable. I never tracked anything on their website. My daughter's case was always showing "No records found" even when I was being contacted by the VO.