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  1. path2aus


    I will check with your MA and take their advise. But again if they don't know what to do then you are in trouble. You might have to take second opinion or change your representation. It is too risky to be relying on a forum where people who may have never gone through the issue you are facing right now.
  2. path2aus

    Moving to Australia - am I eligible?

    In this situation as JetBlast suggests, it is better to contact a good migration agent for consult. The skills assessment might be tricky and might need some help.
  3. path2aus


    It will be from the time you get it. Since you fulfil the requirement of 2 years in the last 5 years, it should be fairly quick.
  4. path2aus

    190 settlement funds

    If you are already here, you can probably show that you are working with the pay slips etc...I don't think the funds is valid for people who are already here in Australia. I may be wrong but someone else can clarify. Do you ask for proof? Like Lavers said above, I had applied for SA as well and was not asked for any proof of funds.
  5. path2aus


    I would recommend you to contact someone like @Raul Senise who has posted on this thread. With limited options, you need professional advice to assess and determine possibilities.
  6. path2aus

    Confused about the English test

    That is wrong. People with passports of certain countries don't need to take the English test unless it is needed by the assessing authority or for claiming points for immigration.
  7. path2aus

    176VE Skilled visa

    You can try and apply for an RRV but again you must either show strong ties to Australia or compelling reasons for not being able to move within the stipulated time. But again you might have a chance of getting a 3 month RRV or something like that if you apply. They may not grant you one as well. You will not know unless you apply.
  8. path2aus

    Confused about the English test

    There are a few good ones that post here. You can contact any of them @Alan Collett @Raul Senise @wrussell.
  9. path2aus

    Average nursery fees in Perth.

    I agree Child Care Subsidy really helps, if not day care is pretty expensive here it is surely between 110-120 now per day.
  10. Getting a full license is pretty simple. I was able to swap out my US license for a full SA license pretty easily when I came here. The things you need are , address proof, ID proof (Which is you PP), your UK or US license and a filled out Application form. It is pretty simple and takes probably an hour. The license will be sent in a mail though.
  11. path2aus

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    No that is not true. People can just do an initial consult of your situation, only when you decide to use them is when you have to pay the entire cost. Most good agents, like Go Matilda who I used for my migration, take money based on the stage they are on. We never paid a huge upfront cost. We only paid what was needed for a particular stage we were in with our application. Most good agents will chat to you for an initial consult fee to go over the application and give you an advice without having to shell out thousands of dollars. Like I said, I got a consult for my daughters child visa for under $200 from a good agent and did not use them for the process at all and went by myself. The consult and the information was worth its weight in gold.
  12. path2aus

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    It think just booking a consult and talking the case over with a reputable agent doesn't cost much. I got a consult with an agent when I had to do my daughter's Child Visa for under $200. Relying on advise on forum for such complicated scenario can ruin your chances of making the right decisions and thereby getting into more messy situation. It is better to talk to an agent at least for an initial consult in trying to understand what the options are. You might not want to use that agent but clearing all your doubts and making sure you are on right track is highly important. Specific scenarios will not have much help online as well.
  13. path2aus

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    Really sorry to hear about your experience. I echo Verystormy's advice, please get in touch with Go Matilda (Alan Collett) or WRussell or Raul Senise or any of the other agents who post regularly here. It is imperative to make sure the agent you are using is MARA registered. I think at this point a corrective measure if any is needed to limit any damage. A good advice from one of the above mentioned agents will help in that. I haven't had any bad experience with agents as both the times I was involved with one, I had fantastic advice and support.
  14. path2aus

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Congratulations!! Thanks for the update.
  15. path2aus

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Yeah that's why it was strange as the person whom I quoted said "I do meet the 2 year requirement". Anyways, there might be some other complications which we may not be aware of.