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  1. path2aus

    PCC for Citizenship

    Yup sorry it is Police Clearance certificate.
  2. path2aus

    PCC for Citizenship

    We have applied for Citizenship already and the immigration has asked for PCC for my wife yesterday which we are trying to arrange now. We lived in the US for 4 years after we obtained our PR and we know that we need to get the PCC from USA. The question we have though is that we left US in 2016 (November) and had to apply for FBI clearance for our daughters Child Visa. We have never been to US since then. Is it okay to submit that clearance now? We are going to apply to the clearance anyways but checking if that works. Logically it makes sense as you can only be fingerprinted for a crime if you are living in that country but again logic does not apply to immigration much. Anyone has any idea? We will be visiting the local police station tomorrow anyways to be fingerprinted. Thanks.
  3. path2aus

    Confused about Eligibility for Citizenship

    I am doing it by myself. I am still getting my documents in order and might submit the application finally sometime in May.
  4. path2aus

    Form 1195 Identity declaration Question

    Thanks @welljock. I read that after I posted the thread.
  5. I am filling up the Form 1195 identity declaration form and I understand it needs to be signed by a person on one of the 38 professions listed. I contacted my bank and they have said they can help out my wife and I as we both have accounts in the bank for the past 3+ years. My question is how does it work for a 3 year old? The form is the same for everyone, people who know us cannot sign the form form my child as they will not know her unless they are a family friend. The child has no chance of knowing someone from the 38 professions listed. She isn't going to school yet so teacher is not an option. She does go to day care but that is not one of the 38 professions. She does have a GP but has been going there only for 6 months. The GP's she was seeing before are no longer in the clinic. How does it work for kids? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Congratulations!! and thanks for posting back. Good luck.
  7. path2aus

    Migration companies

    Paul who has posted on this thread is a reputable one and so are others who post on this forum.
  8. Better to contact Russell by clicking on the link in his signature. As already mentioned you need professional advice.
  9. is there a reason you are applying for RRV now? Are you planning to leave Australia? You need to understand that PR is indefinite and as long as you stay in Australia there is no need to apply for anything. RRV is only needed if you need to leave the country and the travel facility on your current visa expires. If you don't have any immediate need to travel outside the country I will not sweat it. I came to Australia just 12 days before the expiry of the travel facility of my PR (2017) and applied for RRV only after 2 years (2019). If you need to travel out of Australia you can try applying for RRV but again you may only get like 3 months or at max 1 year. You need to think if it is worth it. Again to reiterate your PR never expires, it is just the travel facility which expires. If you have the travel facility on your PR till August 2020 and you have plans of travelling outside after that, it is better you wait for few more months and apply for RRV just 2-3 months before your travel as your RRV might be granted only for a year or less.
  10. path2aus

    Can we get a visa??

    That was the first thing I noticed, but again just thought it would have been a typo from the op.
  11. path2aus

    Can we get a visa??

    Thinking about it when we were planning to apply for the Australian PR in 2011, my agents told me that the process is changing and to get our applications in as soon as possible. This was before the EOI was put in place. Thanks to Go Matilda we were able to get through within 6 months of starting the process. It was much more simpler then. Things have gotten much harder and I see people struggling to qualify even if they have their jobs on the list. Immigration for sure has become much more tighter.
  12. path2aus

    Visitor Visa Subclass 600

    Yes, I applied for 6 months stay so they required a health check.
  13. I have a quick question regarding the "Associated Family Declaration" section of the Citizenship application. I have listed my sister in there but do I have to include my Brother-In-Law and my niece/nephew as well? I know there is no harm in doing so but just checking if it is actually needed.
  14. path2aus

    Visitor Visa Subclass 600

    They will ask your parents to go through health check if required. That's what happened for my in-laws. I submitted the application first and then they requested for the health checks.
  15. path2aus

    Overseas Police checks for Citizenship

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I am planning to apply for the same in parallel with my citizenship application. The only reason I want to get a head start is because of US FBI clearance. It takes like ages to come through.