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  1. path2aus

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    No that is not true. People can just do an initial consult of your situation, only when you decide to use them is when you have to pay the entire cost. Most good agents, like Go Matilda who I used for my migration, take money based on the stage they are on. We never paid a huge upfront cost. We only paid what was needed for a particular stage we were in with our application. Most good agents will chat to you for an initial consult fee to go over the application and give you an advice without having to shell out thousands of dollars. Like I said, I got a consult for my daughters child visa for under $200 from a good agent and did not use them for the process at all and went by myself. The consult and the information was worth its weight in gold.
  2. path2aus

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    It think just booking a consult and talking the case over with a reputable agent doesn't cost much. I got a consult with an agent when I had to do my daughter's Child Visa for under $200. Relying on advise on forum for such complicated scenario can ruin your chances of making the right decisions and thereby getting into more messy situation. It is better to talk to an agent at least for an initial consult in trying to understand what the options are. You might not want to use that agent but clearing all your doubts and making sure you are on right track is highly important. Specific scenarios will not have much help online as well.
  3. path2aus

    Wrong advise from agent urgent help required

    Really sorry to hear about your experience. I echo Verystormy's advice, please get in touch with Go Matilda (Alan Collett) or WRussell or Raul Senise or any of the other agents who post regularly here. It is imperative to make sure the agent you are using is MARA registered. I think at this point a corrective measure if any is needed to limit any damage. A good advice from one of the above mentioned agents will help in that. I haven't had any bad experience with agents as both the times I was involved with one, I had fantastic advice and support.
  4. path2aus

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Congratulations!! Thanks for the update.
  5. path2aus

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    Yeah that's why it was strange as the person whom I quoted said "I do meet the 2 year requirement". Anyways, there might be some other complications which we may not be aware of.
  6. path2aus

    How long have you been waiting for RRV?

    That is very strange as I finished the 2 year requirement and applied for RRV and got it approved within seconds. For myself and my wife.
  7. I would advise you to contact one of the RMA's who post here regularly like Raul above and have a talk and see what your options are. Would not take a decision based on the advise on the forum with limited information.
  8. path2aus

    3 year ban

    I think the problem is that lots of people don't realise they can get a professional advice for a nominal fee. I did that when I did my daughter's child visa in 2016. I paid a a fee of under $200 to a RMA for a professional advice before deciding on the right path as I was in a time crunch. I did not use them for the visa application itself but clearing my doubts over couple of phone calls was really helpful. I guess people get worried that calling an RMA would cost a lot but that is not true. When in doubt and in situations such as these, it is better to get advice from an RMA. Even in the current scenario, I would suggest the OP to call an RMA for advice by providing relevant information.
  9. path2aus

    Child Visa 101

    Seems like the processing times have changed since I applied for the Child Visa in 2016. I got the visa granted in under 2 months (which includes the Christmas/New Year Break).
  10. path2aus

    Return Resident Visa

    It does not have to be continuous I think, It says 2 years in the last 5 years, which means that you can take vacations etc but you would have to spend at least that amount of time that is 730 days to be eligible to get a 5 year RRV in last 5 years.
  11. path2aus

    Return Resident Visa

    Yes got a 5 year RRV. Waited for 2 years just to make sure I get a 5 year RRV.
  12. path2aus

    Return Resident Visa

    Yes eventually when I am eligible to do so (2021).
  13. path2aus

    Return Resident Visa

    Okay just an update. I completed the 2 year requirement this January and submitted the RRV online. The Visa was granted in few seconds of the submission of the application. Just wanted to update. The application is simple and requires no documentation if you meet the 2 year requirement.
  14. path2aus

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Brilliant. Congratulations!! Thanks for posting an update. Not many people do. Have a wonderful time with your family over the holidays.
  15. path2aus

    Resident Return Visa query/panic!

    Have you completed the 2 years in the last 5, requirement?