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Found 65 results

  1. Could someone share the PROCESS and LISTof documents required for OVERSEAS CITIZEN of INDIA OCI for AUSTRALIAN Citizenship ( of Indian origin by BIRTH). Do we need PCC from any country for this. Also share details of Passport surrender and renunciation of Indian citizenship
  2. Guest

    Am I an Australian citizen?

    Hi, I came out to Australia on my parents passport in 1966 on the Fairsky on one of those 10 pound pommie schemes. We stayed at Bradfield Park hostel in one of those army style corrugated iron dome huts. I was 3 when we left. As both my parents are dead and I can't ask them if I was naturalised and I've never had a passport am I an Australian Citizen? My Father told me I automatically became one but now I'm not sure. I'm just going through the final stage of landing a government job and don't want to find out I'm not eligible. I have never left the country since arriving here. I have been on social security and have voted before but have never had anything to say I'm a citizen or have dual citizenship with Australia and England. After 45 years in Australia I would like to think I am a citizen. Is there anyone else out there in the same boat?
  3. G'Day PomsInOz, Just thought I would drop in and say hello to you all as a new member. Submitted my Aussie passport application into the Embassy last week so feel a little bit of a fraudbeing here knowing so many people are struggling with visa's etc. However there is a wealth of knowledge I wish to glean from you all and if there is anyone wishing to add their tuppence worth please feel free to do so OR just say hello....:smile: I have acquired a 5-year sabbatical from my work place having a job waiting for me should I return (I don't plan to though and am looking for new career options that will keep me on the road long term). However this also means anything within my current field of work is out of bounds while I travel. Yes they probably won't find out but I am a person of integrity and this is one area of my life I can't mess with. I could resign but any number of things could bring me back to the UK and a job for piece of mind is important in our current financial climate.(......Borrrrrring..) I am planning 6-8 months in South East Asia first so funds will have depleted by the time I arrive in Oz (leaving with £10k in October 2014) and will need to get a job pretty much as soon as I arrive. Yes this is what you call seriously planning ahead... :ssign19: Am aware of the RSA / RSG / White Card / Blue Card etc for an easy (possibly) waitressing jobs or traffic controlling position (will also get a bank account and TFN before I leave). My preference is for work that is casual, part-time and completely different from my current slightly boring and unchallenging office-based position. I intend to travel though as a "penny-pincher", a frugal wannabe.. itching to get far and wide on the littliest money possible and to stretch what I do earn into experiances instead of things. Kinda why I am leaving the UK in the first place. With family in NSW (Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra) I am desperate to visit the country (and the cousins I don't know) I took for granted when I was 8 years old and treated to a three month holiday. Sounds weird but the ciccadas have been the one thing that have stayed with me all this time - one episode of "Wanted Down Under" leaves me sad. Why the choice to do this now...? I have no significant other, no children and every desire to experiance what life in Oz could really be like. I am aiming for a year - who knows what I might feel like after that. So perhaps I am looking for a little advice. The logistics of my travelling needs to be ironed out but right now I am looking at the possibilities of keeping costs low low low low...... The questions... Where do you suggest is the best place to settle for work in NSW? (My Aunt in Sydney can't put me up at all - there is a chance for lodgings in Canberra and Newcastle bearing in mind I would need to travel to visit the other areas.) Where do you suggest living for the smallest budget possible? (I am willing to rough it by the way, back-packing hostels or a cheap single room anywhere is do-able as is a less easy choice of living in a camper van.....) Which job would be the easist to earn money through, thats casual, able to do for 4 weeks then maybe disappear for 2 weeks and return? (I know beggars can't be choosers but living a current frugal life will assist in the "down weeks" where I can't find work and I truly need to see Australia so don't want a constrained job that's 9-5. Albeit if push comes to shove I don't mind embracing this and would rather do this than sponge or live on the streets so to speak. Not completely stupid you see...:wink:..and I don't mind boring jobs as a means to an end hence traffic controlling) How much do you think a person who is careful (checks different stores for £££) could live on per week?... considering they don't drink or eat meat/dairy (I know I know boring to some but means more money for EXPERIANCES....ha! ).. Okay thats enough for now..... I know this post is long but I make no apologies for it. Ignore it if you wish but I look forward to hearing from folk who can assist, know some secrets to make the tranistion a little easier or point me in the right direction..... Thanking you all muchly and have a splendid day!!! NSK (NinjaSavingKat:animal-cat:- Frugal Queen of MSE)
  4. Rogmandera

    University Funding

    Hello I am a dual citizen of the Uk and Australia, by descent in Australia as my dad was born there. I am considering going to university in Australia but was wondering what (if any) help from the Australian government I am entitled to, meaning loans or grants. I know that in the uk you have to be a resident for 3 years as well as a citizen to receive a loan. Is this the case in Australia? Hope you can help, thanks
  5. I have used the calculator on the webpage, the result said I met the requirement, However,I am woundering one circumstance, which shows in bold below: If any of the following applied to you in the past 4 years, please telephone our service centre on 131 880 during business hours to discuss your circumstances. You obtained an e-visa to replace an expired RRV You obtained a bridging visa of any type You lodged an onshore application for a permanent visa then travelled overseas on your temporary visa You are a New Zealand citizen on a Special Category Visa (SCV) After I lodged onshore, my student visa did not expired, so I went to oversea for 3 weeks- I came back before my visa expired. I called the Immi, someone said because I went to overseas, so my previouse residence became unlawful, i need to stay longer, Is that true, I am really comfused. Thanks for your answer.
  6. I have always thought people became Australian citizens because they liked it here and wanted to make an ongoing commitment to Australia. I suppose it didn't really occur to me until I joined PIO and read some of the posts that anyone would swear allegiance to a country, and its people, if they didn't like it here and/or didn't want to call Australia home. I would be really interested to know what becoming an Australian citizen means to you. Is it just a convenience? Or is it something more meaningful to you?</SPAN>
  7. hrussell734

    Australian citizen no passport

    Hi all, New here and searching madly for some advice! I am Australian, my partner is British and we are leaving to emigrate to Australia on thursday! We have a 2 year old son who is british although has a certificate of Australian citizenship by descent. Was planning to get him an Australian passport when we got to Oz as we live a long way from London so was trying to avoid the trip up there! I rang the embassy today to sort out his visa and was told that he couldn't enter on his british passport and they wouldn't issue him a visa as he is an Australian citizen. He needs to get an Australian passport before thursday! Passport office was closed at this point and she advised phoning at 9am tomorrow. I am a good 5 hours away, so wouldn't get there until Wednesday - the day before we fly!!!! (its only open 9-12). Does anyone know if we can sort this out at all? Is it worth risking trying to get him there with his UK passport and Australian certificate of citizenship? I read online that it causes long delays and the airline may refuse to carry him. To make things harder, I am flying to Sydney and he is travelling with my partner to Perth so I won't be there when they land to help sort it out and prove his rights to citizenship. Or do I just turn up at the passport office at 9am tomorrow and beg?! Any suggestions, Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm 20 yo with British citizenship and have lived there on and off as a child, but I'm moving back (finally! ) and needing to look for work and set up shop as a semi-adult. I'm going to be living with family for the beginning so any advice on how Australians are received as potential employees, looking for work,providing proof of address (proving to be something of a difficulty as it seems I need to have proof of address to get proof of address - have been going in circles with HRMC, DWP and banks) to establish banks accounts etc., and getting an National Insurance number would be much appreciated. Also, if there are any big cultural NO-NO's I should know please tell me! Thanks heaps in advance.
  9. I see people on PIO talking about the differences between Poms and Aussies but I fancy they really mean between 'WASP' (&RC) Poms & Aussies. I was leaning over my balcony talking to a neighbour - 'Asiz' i think his name - an Indian? Is he an Aussie? I was talking to my sister in law's father yesterday - 'Donatello' from Abruzzi, and been here since the 1950's. He has no desire to live in Italy. When I went back to UK to live people there called me 'Dingo Dave' & 'Aussie Dave' and took the Mickey when England beat Australia in 2005. Yet out here I'm a little embarrassed to call myself an Aussie because of my Pommie accent. My brother, on the other hand, refuses to become a citizen but speaks with a broad Aussie accent and slags of 'The Poms'. I sometimes 'take issue' with people who criticise Australia. Is that me being an Aussie? Have I gone 'native'? Or am I just being cantankerous? Perhaps it is just like 'they' say about Britain & the US - we are two people divided by a common language? (Whatever that means - i.e. it sounds good but I don't really understand it!)
  10. Guest

    175 processing for UK citizen?

    Hey, I'm just new to the board so apologies in advance if this has been covered... I'm sure it has! Anyway, my situation is that I am a 25 year old from Scotland with both an Honours and Postgraduate degree in Computing, with about 18 months UK experience. Since October last year, I have been in Australia on a working holiday visa and for the last 4 months, I have been working as a software developer for a company based in Melbourne. They are a small company and whilst I have explored the 457 visa, they are struggling money wise so it's not really a possibility. So with my original WHV expiring in 2 months time, I am looking to lodge an application for a 175 visa in late August/early September. My skills assessment is well underway as I am just over 8 weeks the expected 12 week processing time. With the skills assessment due in at the end of August and my IELTS test already undertaken and able to gain points for superior English, I well overtake the expected 65 points. I noticed that a 175 visa says it can take 18 months to process... Surely as I am applying for just myself, being between the most ideal age bracket of 25-30, a UK citizen and already having Australian industry experience, it wouldn't take anywhere near this length of time? I know a guy from Venezuela who got his 175 6 months later after all! Does anyone have any information that may set my mind at rest or so on? Anyone been in similar circumstances? Thanks for any help.
  11. I'm a UK citizen and am about to kick off the process of applying for an employer-sponsored 121 visa. I'm clear on what's required of me and am getting started on the paperwork asap. However, I'm wondering what to do about my partner. She's a New Zealand citizen and therefore can automatically get a SCV, which entitles her to live and work in Australia indefinitely. Under agreements between Australia and NZ she's entitled to many social security benefits, including medicare, but would need to have permanent residency to be entitled to certain social security benefits (after a 2 year period). If I include her on my visa application, she'll need to get a medical and police checks done, which pushes costs up even more (the application fee alone is £1335...), but would then have PR upon arrival. Alternatively, she could apply for PR once in country - as far as I can tell, the benefits that are excluded aren't ones that she'd need/be eligible for in any case. Has anyone got any experience with visa applications with NZ partners/spouses? I've emailed an enquiry to the AHC Contact Centre using the form on the website, but am looking to gain as much information as possible about how best to proceed. All responses greatly appreciated.
  12. I have only recently qualified as a Permanent Resident on a Contributory Parent Visa and hope in time (around 4/5 years) to become accepted as a Citizen. I am still married but my partner did not apply as he was not prepared to make the leap and leave the UK. So I live in Oz and he is still in the UK. Please can anyone tell me if I am correct in thinking the following? If I eventually become a Citizen and if he one day decides he misses me and our children and would like to join me in Australia, is it a simple case of me sponsoring him after 5 years and then him coming over on a Visa which does not cost the price of a mortgage?! Currently, as he is not certain if he ever will want to come and live in Oz it makes no sense him going down the route of applying for his own Contributory Parent Visa as if he then decides not to come after all it will be many thousands of $ down the drain. Your knowledge would be much appreciated. Just a bit of general info. It is hellish expensive in Oz. The cost of living, accommodation, food, clothing and everything in between is crippling. It is a beautiful place of course and the people are wonderful - and I do hate to do the whinging Pom bit - but it is undeniable that living here you need to really earn or be prepared to say goodbye to your savings! Thanks and hope someone can guide me:-)
  13. Hello! Brand new to this site, am too eager to get this post on here so have skipped the welcome board just for now in the hopes of getting some much needed information. Our situation is that my husband holds both a British and New Zealand passport. From our understanding he can get a Special Category Visa to live in oz but this does not give him the priveleges of a permanent residents visa, although he is able to sponsor myself and our children to live in oz with him. As I dont have NZ citizenship and nor do our children and we would rather avoid having to live in NZ for 5 years for me and the children to get NZ citizenship first, Permanent Residency is obviously very important to us as we want the security it brings and also the ability to eventually apply for oz citizenship. Unfortunately my husband nor I have a skill on the SOL and the only way at the moment that we can think of ever getting a PR visa is for me to go back to Uni when our children are a couple of years older (we have a 2 year old and due to give birth to the next one any day now :wideeyed:) and gain a qualification that is on the SOL (probably Occupational Therapy). Our queries are this: - 1. If/when I qualified, would I immediately be eligible for a Permanent Residents visa or would I have to be employed for a period of time first? 2. At what stage would I be able to sponsor my husband/children for Permanent Residency? 3. It was mentioned to us about Employer Sponsorship - however our belief is that you have to secure a job listed on the SOL, i.e. it cant be any job/employer that you get sponsored for - is this true? 4. does anyone know any other way we can get permanent residency that we may not be aware of? I think that about covers our initial queries - theres plenty more where they came from! Look forward to seeing any replies and ideas you guys may have thanks in advance x
  14. Hi I'm a NZ citizen and am emigrating to Aus... My husband and son are English and therefore applying for a 461 sub-class visa which is about $200 and lasts 5 years before they reapply again. The form is quite straight forward but it asks if you have medical insurance in Aus, which obviously we don't yet, but will have it when we go... but I think they want us to have it before we go. Does anyone have any experience of this visa, and have any tips at all? I'm also trying to find out how long it will be before it is granted. I'm also not sure who to go with for medical insurance... any help would be welcome! Do we have to put in bank statements for this visa and have the health checks or not as we are in the UK? Thx in advance!
  15. Firstly, hello to all! As a dual Australian/British citizen without a British passport (Expired) I'd like some advice about entering the UK on an Australian Passport on a one-way ticket (We are moving back permanently to the UK) what evidence do I need to show that I'm a UK Citizen - A UK Birth Certificate, National Insurance Card, Driving Licence are these applicable? Or, do we still need a new British Passport? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  16. Hey guys!! I know this probablly sounds like a stupid question! But on the form to Sponsor Paul for this Visa, which one do I tick as my citizenship/residence status in Australia?? I moved to Australia when I was 4 with my mum who became a citizen after marrying my step-father and living there for 2 years. I became a citizen because she did. Do I tick that I am a permanent resident or citizen by grant? I have lived in Australia for 19 of the past 20 years of my life (I am 23 almost 24). It's probablly a simple answer and I feel silly asking! hehe! xxx
  17. Hi All Thought I would come on here for some much needed advice. Im an aussie citizen as used to live in Perth for 10years (been living in UK for last 10), but me my british wife and 2 children are going to be heading back to Perth in a few years time :biggrin::biggrin:
  18. kateNollie

    Aussie Citizen with Pregnant Wife

    Hi, I am an aussie citizen and my wife (english) is pregnant. We plan to move to australia but a spose visa processing time is going to take too long, and probably be granted durng the period of pregnancy when she cannot fly. So....What are our options. Is there a way of getting to Australia whilst pregnant, ie leave in the next 3/4 months. Any idea's what levell of heathcare my wife and unborn child will be eligable for when we get there? We have been together 7 years and married for 18months. Also, what level of post birth support will we be entitled to. Im thinking of maternity pay and child support/family allowance that we would get here? Any help would be greatly appreciated We were days away from submitting the spouse visa before we found out. Decided to put it on hold till after the baby, but have reconsidered and now want to go....NOW!!! Thanks in advance.
  19. tara23

    461- NZ Citizen family

    Hey there, Me and my partner both met eachother in Sydney over 2 yrs ago and have just applied for the 461, shes a kiwi and im british and we are a same sex couple. Its taken us 2 months to get our file up together in order to prove that we are e genuine couple. However good news though, immigration only had our file for one day and are satisfied we have provided enough evidence. They have now requested that i get both aystralian and uk police checks done as i lived in oz for 2 yrs before. Has anyone else applied for this visa? I know the maximum number of yrs they grant you is 5 but on what basis do they make this decision? I'm now confident we wont struggle to get the visa but what i am wondering is how many yrs i will get? How many yrs did you get if you applied? Im almost now a fully qualified (nvq level 3) vehicle painter and im hoping to get the 5 yrs so i can work and develop these skills in oz before applying for permanent residency later down the line. Anyone got any experiences or advice with this? Thank you Tara x
  20. Hello Everyone! I am an Australian citizen currently living in Pakistan for the past 4 years. I have a husband here and 2 daughters aged 3 and 2. I am trying to apply for spouse visa for my partner. We couldn't apply before due to family problems but now I have conceived for the third one and I just want to go back. Everyone says it will take 6-9 months but I want to go in another 3-4 months, because I have to my baby there. I am just so fed up of living here and in so much tension. I had another question which is regarding my passport, Australian passport which is expired. Can I send in the application and send the passport later when it arrives? I think I shouldn't have to wait for the new passport because after all I am a citizen. Assurance of support is not a problem, because my husband has an okay bank balance needed for living in Australia for at least a year. And I also have my husband's and kids' passports ready. Please help me out here. I don't know if I have left out anything. I am just so stressed out. :wideeyed:
  21. Hi Guys Firstly, wow what a great site!!! We are new to this site and have kicked off our plan to move as a family to Oz. Wife is a Kiwi and I am British and we really fancy moving to Oz from the UK. Melbourne is target city but we will go where the work is.... We also have our 2 year old daughter as well. We are looking at applying for me on 461 which allows me 5 years as a temporary resident and to work. However, it all looks a bit suspiciously simple; especially the processing time 2 months - has anyone on here come to Oz on this visa? Are there any pitfalls? Also anyone on here who works in Purchasing/ Procurement and made the move. I would love to hear your experiences. As Newbies - please be gentle.... BTS
  22. Hey guys, Just a quick question on the matter of driving in Oz, I am currently booking in for my test in the uk but, Is it possible if i fail to continue or re-do my exam again in australia. I have drivin for a while and have a had many lessons, but i wondered if? thats the question! Please get bk to me, Thanks Muko
  23. Hi guys, New to the board so let me first tell you a little about myself, which will also lead me nicely on to my dilemma. Born in Stoke-on-Trent UK. My Mums aunty and uncle moved to Oz about 35 years ago, back when it was ten pound Poms. We visited them several times when I was younger (I am now 27) and this lead to my family emigrating there back in 1994 when I was 11. My Dad found it difficult to settle and we eventually moved back in 1996 after spending 2 years and 2 months living in Bunbury (South West WA)... but not without first getting our citizenship. Smartest thing my Mum ever did and I am very lucky that she had the fortitude to make sure we had this option going forth in life. Spent 7 months in Perth with my best mate back in 2005 and loved it. Toyed with the idea of moving back again and then in Jan 2008 my best mate moved out to Sydney to study with the intention of gaining a permanent visa (still up in the air at the moment). I visited him last January for 2 months and decided to make the move back there myself. I intend to fly over just after Christmas. Now my problem - Not long after I got back to the UK in March this year I met a girl and we have been seeing each other since. I would like to take her with me though. Now having met her after deciding to move to Australia we haven't moved into a place of our own (I live with my folks as we share a business) as this would be very counter productive when I'm saving for the big move. So my question is, what possible options do I have for taking her with me, myself being a citizen? Can we go over there with her on a one year working Visa, rent a place together then after a certain period apply for a De-facto visa. Or would she need to extend her visa to a 2 year working visa, in order that we can prove we have lived together for a year. Or is there other options? I would be most grateful for any help people may be able to offer. Thanks SUSHI
  24. Hi, I am applying for my spouse visa and have a query if anyone can help me. We have 2 children both of whom were born in UK but are also Australian citizens. Do I put them on the application form as they are not part of the visa application but are our children!!! If you know what I mean! Thanks for any help in advance Rache
  25. My family and I (husband and three children) lived in Australia for 17 years and became Australian citizens in 1982. We returned to UK a number of years ago in order to travel Europe and that side of the world. We stayed longer than expected but intend to return towards the end of the year. Unfortunately, my 60 year old husband had a brain haemorrhage 20 months ago which resulted in a severe stroke. He is now confined to a wheelchair and is aphasic. In the UK he receives Disability Living Allowance of £67 per week plus his mobility car. I receive my UK pension which is only £80 as they reduced it because of the 17 years spent in Australia. I have not as yet applied for my Australian pension. I wondered if someone on this site receives a disability allowance or could someone tell me which government department I approach to enquire about disability allowances and whether my husband would be eligible. I have made enquiries about his medication and have been informed by the PBS that they are on the subsidised list. My daughter returned to Australia two years ago and my two sons, daughter in law and grandchildren are returning in the next six months, so all our family will be over in Oz again. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!