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Found 296 results

  1. Could someone share the PROCESS and LISTof documents required for OVERSEAS CITIZEN of INDIA OCI for AUSTRALIAN Citizenship ( of Indian origin by BIRTH). Do we need PCC from any country for this. Also share details of Passport surrender and renunciation of Indian citizenship
  2. you know, someone of the opposite sex, who you think is a bit of alright? nominate as many as you like.... if you're gay or lesbian, choose the same sex (though it might give away your sexuality:wink:) for me, it has to be Kat (the Optimist): she's from Luton, she's blonde, fit looking, funny, and most importantly, can spell
  3. Congrats to Sam on her first day at Tafe, and her big step to a new career in Nursing
  4. I think he is ............. the nicest guy on PIO. Bobj mate take a bow :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: He is funny, supportive, helpful, loves Australia, a Yorkshireman and is only blemish is .............. he smells of fish, but apart from that he is a perfect gentleman. Anyone agree?:yes:
  5. I have been reading complaints from the mods about general bad behavior... now western society says that if you come down with an iron fist against vices you just drive them underground so its no good... allocate places for people to indulge and charge taxes... a win/win situation... So going with that logic, should there be a section of PIO (maybe a thread in the Chewing the Fat section?) where people can indulge in general bad behavior... you know, picking up fights, arguing for the sake of arguing, being provocative etc. etc. The 'tax' they pay would be to simply avoid these activities on the other threads... now keep in mind this is all a joke, but interested in everyone's thoughts on this...
  6. THIS IS YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL THINGS SAUSAGE RELATED!!! fantastic old English pork bangers @ Tasman meats in Belmont. you heard it here first. Have you found a decent banger lately? If so, where? Or report dodgy snags masquerading as gourmet sausages right here!
  7. All those footy fans out there along side the fantasy football league we've got a PIO league set up on the talksport predictor. General gist of it is you just predict the premier league scores for coming week gaining points depending on how accurate you are, no need to pick a team. Register here http://predictor.talksport.co.uk/ then join the pomsinoz mini league the code to get in is F7D54-X1L Just 4 of us in it so far be nice to get the numbers up make it a bit more competitive.
  8. This list is intended to help new members understand the abbreviations used on the site. If you want to add to the list please PM me with the suggestion. I have also added some useful web sites that are often asked about Common Abbreviations Used On Poms In Oz ADMIN……. Site Admin AFAIK...... As far as I know BTW……….. By The Way DH.............Dear Husband DW.... Dear Wife DS..... Dear Son DD... Dear Daughter FIFO………...Fly in Fly out FYI…………. For Your Information HR Country.... High Risk Country IYKWIM...... If you know what I mean LMAO........ Laugh my ass off LOL...........Laughs out loud MIL……….. Mother in law MOD………. Site Moderator NOR.......... North of river OH………… Other Half OP…………. Original Poster OT…………. Off Topic PIA.............Pain in ass PM...........Private message, click on members name at side of post, menu drops and allows you to PM the member PMSL.......... Pee myself laughing SIL............. Sister in law (BIL Brother) SOR.......... South of river TBH............To be Honest (sometimes TBO) Migration .................Please Pm if you find links not working ACPO........ Association of Chief Police Officers (criminal records check) AHPRA.........Australian Health Practitioner RegulationAgency AIM.............Australian Institute of Management ARTC........... Australian recognised trades certificate AQIS……….. Australian Quarantine and inspection service CO…………..Case Officer ( Never named on forums, use initials only) DIAC……….. Department of Immigration and Citizenship ENS ……….. Employment Nomination Scheme IELTS………. International English Language Testing System MA…………. Migration Agent MARA........ Migratio Agents Registration Authority PR…………… Permanent Resident RRV……….. Resident Return Visa RSMS......... Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme SS…………… State Sponsorship TR…………... Temporary Resident TRA............. Trades recognition Australia VETASSESS.. Vocational Education training and assessment WHV……….. Working Holiday Visa Miscellaneous abbreviations and links to web sites Centerlink..... http://www.centrelink.gov.au/internet/internet.nsf/site_help/az.htm PBS............ Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Medicare... Medicare home web site Tax Office.. Australian tax home page TFN. ........ (tax file Number) applying.. Links To state sponsorship web pages Courtesy of Ilovemilkymoos South Australia - http://www.immigration.sa.gov.au/app...vel_status.php Tasmania - http://www.migration.tas.gov.au/__da...7/List_SMP.pdf Victoria - http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au...ember-2011.pdf Western Australia -http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/skill...t 1_1_11.pdf New South Wales -http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/__dat...s-22.09.11.pdf Queensland - Northern Territory - http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/docum...ge_List_FA.pdf ACT -http://www.business.act.gov.au/skill...nt_sponsorship Other sites within the PIO family These sites are designed to compliment PIO for members who are moving to or who are already in the areas listed below · PIA… Poms in Adelaide · PP…… Perth Poms · LIQ….. Life in Queensland · LIV….. Life in Victoria
  9. Guest

    PiO Blogs are now here!

    Hi all, Just to let you know.. PiO Blogs are now here! The link is here.. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/blog.php I hope you enjoy! You can off course use this to blog you journey from the Uk to Oz or your arrival and settlement in Australia. Any feedback welcome. Cheers tim
  10. Any ideas? TBH I'd be happy with just the usual piss up
  11. The Pom Queen

    Christmas Presents for PIO Members

    If you could buy a Christmas present for a PIO member what would you buy them? For Pablo I would love to buy him a season pass to Man United:notworthy: All the members waiting for a visa I wish I could buy them for you, but I may be arrested before I got everyones.
  12. Guest

    OMG, PIO Offline.

    Well, it's nearly here, PIO offline fairly soon for an upgrade.:shocked::cry: If like me you often wonder about an 'outside' world since becoming members of PIO,:notworthy: and need some help during this difficult time I have supplies ready. Cheers Tony.:biggrin:
  13. Lately I have been using the following advice to posts that anger / irritate me on PIO. Have I been here too long?
  14. Totally trivial topic but wondered whether there were enough Take That fans amongst us that could sign a petition and send it to the official Take That website and get them to come out in concert???!!! Realise this is probably one for the ladies but just think guys if you sign up the lady in your life will always be indebted to you!! I have emailed once but maybe if we can get enough together - social media power may do the trick!! If it doesn't work then I will just have to keep dreaming!!!
  15. Harpodom

    Pio cliches......?

    What's the most hackneyed cliche on PIO....?
  16. A big hello to all the PIO members, have been following the threads for a while now and it has been a great help from everyone sharing their experiences. My wife and I are looking to move to Perth, WA next May 2012, we've got our GSM 175 visas a few months back now, which was a long process on its own (tip of the iceberg ... so to speak), but looking at everything required for the move itself looks like the rest of the iceberg ... !! :eek: Anyway, we have begun the fun and its all underway, started off with a few rounds of garage and car boot sales to get rid of things we don't need .... and currently in the process of buying things we do need whilst checking up on Shipping companies ... !! :confused: So onto the Shipping section of the forum .... !!
  17. Guest

    good angels of pio

    who is the number 1 angel of pio:happy_face_love_in_and why do they deserve this award--is it because there so luverly,and helpfull--or just an allround good dude:notworthy:poll attached:shocked:i voted ali--shes luverly
  18. terry & Melanie

    Thankyou PIO !!!!!

    I would just like to say a massive thankyou to PIO and its members!!!! We have been in Australia for just over 14 months now and having a ball. I don't think we would have made it without the advise, support and friendship from PIO and its members. So......Thanks guys:hug: Melanie x
  19. I told my other half - that's my reflection in my bathroom mirror, though I can hardly see her, having neglected my cleaning duties again - that I would 'just check to see if I had any messages.' Last night I turned off my computer at 2am then got up again at 3am to 'just have one more look.' My hands are shaking, I'm sweating, and, worst of all, my friends have started calling me a P (IO) Head! What can I do? I am turning this computer off RIGHT NOW! If i can only just push that switch.
  20. Just wondered where everyone is when they use PIO, I understand it could be from home and work if so, where do you access it from the most.
  21. What's your standing in the Vocabulary Quiz?? http://www.merriam-webster.com/quiz/index.htm I got 3260 on the first try. Last one to kill a bad guy buys the orange juice :wink: (Sorry, I don't do beer :tongue:)
  22. motherof2

    PiO Helping Hand Thread

    Having just arrived I've been so grateful for the help and advice I have recieved from other PiO members. It got me thinking - alot of us come over with just a few suitcases. I'm sure we don't want to be spending our precious bucks on replacing items we already have whilst we patiently wait for our 'stuff' to arrive. So, could we set up a cyber library in the form of a thread for bits and pieces we could loan out, short term, to newly arrived members such as air beds, bedding, pots and pans, crockery, cutlery etc? I'm not sure how it would work in practice maybe a PiO Loan thread - members could post what they have and where they are then members needing to borrow items could email/PM to see if it was available. A bit like Freecycle but not for keeps! Anyway just a thought:wubclub:
  23. Clicking Your Chicken :laugh: http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=Clicking+Your+Chicken&pbx=1&oq=Clicking+Your+Chicken&aq=f&aqi=q-n1&aql=1&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=37082l37082l0l38075l1l1l0l0l0l0l501l501l5-1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=86840bfdf4b212bd&biw=1366&bih=715
  24. Funny.... I personally want to move to Oz, have looked at all routes to make this happen and believe that my drive may mean it could finally have paid off... I have exchanged views on PIO with many people, some are just trolls trying to create an argument, some are just sad people..most are great! My point is, why unless you have something benifcial to say would you move to Oz then spend your life on here being ubber negative!! There are some great people who have been in oz a long time and offer great guidance, the updates of people who have arrived .. I would even say I enjoy reading people "moving back to the uk" threads because they are balanced... What gets me is when people just say something is wrong, bad, no good... dont do it.. a big mistake ect ect (you know who you are).....:arghh:
  25. Hi all, Well as of Tuesday this week my other half Daniel and I had our 176 visa granted!:jiggy: We are heading to WA! We plan to live in easy access to Perth. We are so very happy. I have always had a dream to move to Oz, ever since I can remember. I don't really know why but the country had some sort of pull over me....perhaps it was from watching Neighbours or Home & Away!!:laugh: I had planned to do a working holiday visa, but life and ususally boyfriends got in the way!! Anyway Dan and I got together the end of 2007, I told him from there that I plan to go to oz with or without him!:biglaugh: He wasn't sure, he never really thought about it. We took a holiday to oz down the East side December 2009, this was a chance for us both to see it and more to see if Dan would be willing to make the move. Well it took less then 24 hours for him to say, 'yes, I would move here'. :laugh: Our first stay was in Port Douglas in North Qld. We fell in love with oz and their way of life. I stood on the beach one day and breathed in the air, I knew the love affair and fantasy I have had with oz over my life time was right for me, I had to get there, this was where I felt I belonged. We started looking into the visa process when we got back in January 2010. Daniel is a welder/fabricator so his trade is in demand. I started doing some research first, mainly on this site, I then contacted Go Matilda as they were highly recommended on here. I am glad we did as there are some bad agents out there, but these aren't one of them. First we waited for the July 2010 changes to ensure first class welder was still on the list, GM thought we would be and they were right. We then proceeded with the process. We didn't really rush it and took our time with the forms. Daniel had to fill in all his work experience from every job, everything he had done and the tools he had used. He had to then undertake a skills assessment. It was going to be with TRA, but the process changed (after we filled in their forms!!) and we had to go through vetassess. Daniel had to go down to London to have a technical interview once he passed the paper stage with vetassess. He met with a guy from Melbourne who was very nice, and told Dan that employers in Oz will be biting his hand off to give him work with his skills and knowledge base:cute: Vetassess were a pain thought, they seem to take forever to process stage one the paper based bit. It then took forever to get a date for the technical interview. We were getting worried as we knew of new changes again for July 2011, I was ringng vetassess in Melbourne what felt like every night to try and get them to hurry up. GM also emailed them. We were told by them in March that the next round wasn't till end of May or June for Dan's trade as welder was new to them they weren't ready for the practical tests. Douglas from GM's Scotland office said he would contact Alan Collett the MD of GM to see if anything could be pushed along. I am not sure if Alan did anything, or if it was our persistance in ringing vetassess up, but the next minute vetassess were saying Dan could undertake a technical interview at the next round of practicals which were 8 days away!! Phewwwww! Anyway time went by and we passed for state sponsorship to WA quite quickly, and our visa was lodged by GM on 15th June, just in time before any changes!! My name was still not on the visa as Daniel and I didn't officially move in together until September 2010, so we waited to take meds until Beginning of September so my name could be added straight after. 3 Weeks later and here we are...approved!! We haven't confirmed moving date yet, we plan to go from May onwards next year, there's no rush we want everything to be sorted here and plan ahead for when we arrive. I am very excited for the adventures that lay ahead. I would like to thank our agent Go Matilda for all their help and support. They must have thought I was insane with my contant emails but they always got back to me promptly and never made me feel crazy. My main contact with them was Marina from their Southampton office, Maree from their Scotland office & Douglas for the skills assessment part. Alan they are a credit to you all and I would also like to thank you for running such a great company where you are all experts in what you do. Thank you Alan and team at GM! :notworthy: I would also like to thank....well you guys!!!!! Poms in oz is an amazing website for those of us wanting the same thing. We offer support, help and just general gossip, it's a great place for those who are planning the move & the expats already there. I will not be disappearing and dumping you all, I will use my experience and knowledge from the process to help, guide and just chat with others. :hug: I would also like to thank member Kevin JC!! :wink::wink: (yes mate I have got you in here...hope you got a speech ready!) We have chatted on here for what seems like forever, giving one another support and advice...and just general chatting. Kevin too had his visa granted this week, :jiggy:so we can't believe we have both finished at the goal line the same time when we were at such different stages when we first started chatting. I beat u in the end mate by a couple of days :biggrin: but that's down to you and claire getting jiggy and having a beautiful baby boy to add to your gorgeous family. Well done Kev! Well that's my story so far........so it will be the actual move next which I will add to this thread sometime next year. So what was Lucy's dream....is becoming Lucy's reality. Take care all & remember,...never ever give up, good things do happen to good people. Lucy:wubclub: