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Found 52 results

  1. Hi everyone, Could you inform me, (and the community in who may read this thread in the future)in regards to: Inviting someone to Australia As of 2022 Could you please answer these questions, that could help me, or others in the future too. the examples are to illustrate case situations that may fall in these criteria, you may be in that situation or not, not all examples are pertaining to me personally but rather to emphasize the requirements, given how obtuse such answers are to enquire. #1 What is the minimum employment status towards inviting someone to Australia: - Example: John has been working for 3 weeks and has only one pay slip but has accommodation, Sarah has been working for 3 months and has multiple pay slips but has no accommodation, Chris is listed as casual, and is recieving part payments from Centrelink and has accommodation family, Lastly Tom is unemployed but can provide some financial assistance with accommodation while on Centrelink, but is not working as of now. - #2 Does the visitor require mandatory travel health insurance if they visit? #3 Does the visitor require funds before traveling over sea's? #4 Does the recipient from whom they invite require all documents provided via their respective channel, need to have all documents statutorily signed by a public official (bases on documents) - Example: bank statement from it's respective source/government/Centrelink/payslip, bankruptcy in the unlikely event, compound interests, pertaining towards proof of support. - #5 When and when not(basis of pandemic or not) do you notify immigration of immediate changes: - Example: Andrew's wife was married outside of Australia but decided to inform the immigration in that respective country, due to the nature of unforseen circumstances that had created them to live single lives, they then decided to remove financial burden in their respective countries given the situation was out of their control, until they were able to do so on arrival in Australia. Ben was living in Thailand or Philippines, or any region in Asia for two years, and found work while unable to return to Australia, could a family member invite Ben back to Australia if he was a British born citizen, or countries that have joint sovereignty to Australia like New Zealand being one example, should Ben notify the embassy, or contact Australian immigration immediately to update changes. - #6 What constitutes a business for a visitor to visit Australia: - Example: Lou worked for the family business, but earned nothing from it until he's older sister found work, given Lou was not employed, and the business name was in Lou's sister's name, but Lou's older sister decided to give Lou the online business due to her finding employment; does Lou's new found business in these respective countries: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia allow Lou to apply for a 600 series visa even tho Lou has no property but is earning a income. - #7 Does each state enforce immigration more differently then other states of Australia: - Example: overseas visitor to Perth Vs over sea's visitor to Sydney (pre-pandemic and current pandemic) would the outcome be more stringent or more lenient. - #8 If at such circumstances the visitor isn't able to travel to the respective state in Australia, can another family member invite them? - Example: Harry's younger sister lives in Mexico, but wishes to visit family in Sydney, but cannot because harry has only invited he's sister to Perth and only Perth, could Harry's sister stil travel from Perth to Sydney and leave sydney back to Mexico, if that person in sydney who stil is a family member but could not for-fill the requirements pertaining to work, or accommodation that Harry could still be able to meet the requirements in a different way. -
  2. Good evening everyone I hope you’re well. I recently (September 2020) submitted my citizenship application and “front loaded” I.e submitted all documents including but not limited to my UK police check. I have just received a further information request asking for my police check. I’m not sure what else they need/ want from me? My ACRO police check is dated within the last 12 month and states my maiden name. Since applying for citizenship and the police check I have not left the Country. Has anyone else been asked for their police check twice or know what I need to do?! Any help would be amazing! Cheers!
  3. Hello, Does anyone know whether you have to let your case officer know you have uploaded further docs when they request within 28 days or just let them get on with it? I didn't want to bug someone that is busy already but what has everybody else done?
  4. Hello everyone, I am 175 Visa applicant , I got a CO on 16/04/2011 , he asked for Medicals/PCC, updated form 80 and spouse IELTS. We took the medicals last 10 days ago and now shows finalized , also i have forwarded PCC and form 80 yesturday. Now he asked for the second installment as we have indicated that my wife will not sit the test. Does it mean that our application is finalized and the visa grant will follow the payment directly or there are still other probabilites for further internal/external checks? :mad: Thanks & best regards Moataz
  5. Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this one. On the 856 visa (perm ens) document checklist on the first page it says "do not undertake a health check unless requested to do so". But on the immi wesite in the health requirements section it says you need to do a medical for all permanent visas. Could anyone clarify if I take a medical in advance or not for the 856? Much appreciated. Doing a geographical
  6. Hello All, I have like most members on here been waiting anxiously for any snippet of information or correspondence from DIAC. Out of the blue today I received an email requesting additional documentation to progress my application, this included; Undergoing Health Assessment Character assessment - Form 80's I’m chuffed to bits but I have a simple question for anybody who maybe in the know!!! Does this mean that everything else regarding my application at this point in time has been cleared/accepted, is this ther final hurdle??? Anybody, please
  7. Hey Applied for 175 gsm in April 2011, received email today saying we got a CO!! Hooray!! However she has requested more information in relation to employment which has gotten us really confused. We submitted a detailed work reference with the application for my husband showing that he has worked in a skilled profession for 3out of the last four years. Now, the CO has requested that he provide evidence of employment in a skilled profession for a total of at least 12 months over the last 24 months, under the threshold employment criteria. Have we not already provided this with the above letter (it shows that he has been in his current role since 2007)? Also we have to provide tax documentation and payslips. Not a problem, but she has also requested these under the Specific employment criteria. We can provide whatever she needs us to provide, but just utterly confused about what exactly she wants. Thanks for any assistance that can be provided. Anxious to get it all right!
  8. Hi all, I thought i'd put something on here as it can't come to anything less that my proper searches done to date. I work for BAE Systems (Defence Contractor) as a Senior Commercial Officer (started 5.5 years ago as an Estimator) with very extensive knowledge of the function (Estimating, Procurement and Contracting). I am looking for roles within a similar field (incl. Construction) for short term work (as only on a WHV) in Melbourne. I've applied for literally 100s of jobs but nothing has come of it - not even an interview (I assume it's the visa thing!). Do you guys know of anything around or am I "urinating in to gale force winds" as it were? Cheers, Stuart
  9. I am applying for a Visa and need to have a clean SAR. I have never been convicted of an offense but I was cautioned years ago when I was a kid for kicking a ball through a window. I hope it doesn't show up? Can anyone tell me what a clean SAR would say exactly? Would it just be one page saying I was not on the Police National Computer or would there be another separate page stating no convictions? I am utterly confused !! I need someone with a clean SAR to tell me exactly what one would say. If anyone can answer this you are an absolute star:hug:
  10. Hi....we got our case officer on the 14/6/11 requesting further info...(for my non migrating daughter to have full med & police clearance) this info has now been sent. roughly how long do we expect to wait for our visa......as we are ready to go and want to book flights and ship our stuff?:wacko: Thanks for any replies........
  11. Guest

    Request for PC and Medicals

    Hi all, We got an email yesterday which appears we have a co from Team 2. It states that we have to respond within 28 days, does this mean that we have to have the medicals sent back to them by them or just respond to the email. We cannot get appointment for medicals until 10th August. We were not expecting to hear anything so soon as we had just lodged on 14th June. So can anyone tell me what happens from here. When they receive our medicals and police checks, how soon are we looking at visa grant. We applied for state sponsored 176 and my husband is electrician. It seems to be all happening very quickly now :chatterbox:
  12. I received a "REQUEST FOR INFORMATION" from my CO last month that and among the attachments there was a document named REQUEST FOR INFORMATION - DETAILED INFORMATION. This document requesetd me to provide Forms 80 & 1221, my CV and some tax & salary details, no problem. The document started off as under: "To enable further processing of your application for a Skilled (Migrant) (class VE) visa, you will need to provide the items listed below. You included your parents as non migrating dependants. Please confirm if they are dependant on you. If not, I will remove them from your application." Yes, my parents are non-migrating dependants and I've indicated this previously. What does the CO mean by removing them from my application? Can someone tell me the what implications my saying no or yes will have this point?
  13. I have WA sponsorship, and awaiting a CO. I understand that your meds/police checks which ever first only last for 12 mths. However is this from when u request them or until u get an outcome from the first? Im hesitant in arranging either at the mo, any advice?
  14. Hi there, Maybe a weird request, but I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who lives in/around Newcastle NSW and is heading over to the U.K. in the near future, and who might have a spare few kg's space in their luggage. Short story is I wanted to send some chocolates back home but when I looked at the Australia Post website I found I'd have to pay about $50 to send $30 worth of chocolate. If you wouldn't mind carrying it for me I'd happily pay the U.K. postage. Cheers, Paul
  15. Hello all, Just like to say a big thank you for all that contribute to this board. I have been a member only recently but have been reading with interest for some time. I should fill you in with some background information. I am a 35 years old and a Software Tester with 6 years of experience in the field. I have recently just sent off an application for ACS assessment about 2 weeks ago now and am waiting to hear back from them to get my bachelors degree and experience certified. It was my initial plan to go to Melbourne, Australia under State Nomination but looking on their website tonight I see they have reached their quota. I don't know too much about Sydney nominations but have seen the form here: http://www.business.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/6275/Form_1_SS_176.pdf and information regarding the process here: Skilled sponsored migration - Industry & Investment NSW: Business in NSW My question is, is it possible to apply for the nomination BEFORE getting the ACS skills assessment back? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts. Skilled (Migrant) Sponsored Visa Subclass 176/886 Request for NSW Government Nomination
  16. hey guys, If you recieve your visa which was sponsered by a state and not their SMP. Could you use this as grounds to look else where? You could argue the state has no work in your occuption as stated by the states work force department. The point which i want to know, are there more grounds to request a move if your occuption is no longer on the SMP?
  17. Hi,, I have applied for a company sponsored 457 visa timeline as follows. Sponsorhip/nomination and employee applications all submitted 09/01/11. The following is an email I have just recieved from DIAC.. " We just have been advised that the case officer who is assessing the sponsorship application is not satisfied with the evidence of training. Please arrange 2% of your recent payroll to the industry training funds, below please find their contact details. Leah will be the person to help clients with this donation. Their phone number is 9266-4555 and address is Centre for Entrepreneurship, Curtin University, GPO Box U 1987, Perth. 6845 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us." I take it from this that they require a donation to approve the sponsorship. Has anyone else ever encountered this and do you reckon that "your most recent payroll" means weekly/monthly or yearly??? Also I take it that sponsorship will be approved as soon as the donation is paid. Any help will be greatly appreciated:wink: John..
  18. :wub:Could anyone give an accurate account of the process of their medical exam start to finish? I would like to know specifically what they examine and what they seem interested in? Many thanks to all you guys! Specifically do they test your reflexes (such as hammer on knee reflexes etc), do they look in your eyes/ears/throat etc? Sorry to ask this but I have a really awful problem with being examined and would really appreciate an accurate account to prepare me. Many thanks. :arghh:
  19. Hi guys.. Brave enough for a first post after reading through this forum for the best part of 4 months now.. Lots of great discussion and really good information available so a big thumbs up for the site from me..:notworthy: Anyway myself 39 wife 40 daughter 13 and son 9 make up our wee family and here is our story.. My personal situation is that I have been offered a job with sponsorship on a 457 in Perth (agent submitted app on 09/01/11 ) As of this morning we have had a request from the Case officer for Health insurance certificates for me and the Family!!! 1) Does this look positive and should we expect a decision as soon as we provide the insurance cert?? 2) Does anyone know the easiest/cheapest way to arrange said insurance and which company would people recomend?? I am desperate to be able to tell people about our plans for a new life down under but we have been to scared to mention it incase the visa is not approved( forever the pesimist :embarrassed: We have visited oz a few times and love the country and it's way of life that it offers.. Please let it be soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John
  20. Hi, Has anyone else been asked to increase their deposit on a forward contract from 10 - 15% ? I fixed a rate at 2.25 over a month ago and paid a £11K deposit (10%) .... but I have since received an email from HIFX requesting a further £4K immediately to secure the contract. I don't have these funds available right now and if I can't pay the extra £4K they are asking for then they will sell the currency on and I will then incurr a loss. I'm not sure if this is quite fair really, as I have already lost out on the improved exchange rate, and also I thought we had a fixed contract..... does anyone have any thoughts on this please? :unsure:
  21. There is a group of people in Australia who love this country and did a lot of hard work to try to stay. They submitted a valid application when they met all the requirements set by the Department of Immigration. However, many of them have been waiting for a decision of their application for more than 2 years. It is 3 years and even more for some of them. Now this group of people seem to be forgotten: their application will only be assessed when the application of Group 1, 2, and 3 have all been finalized. What does this mean? Basically, the group 1, 2, 3 are having new applications all the time, which means there is no estimated time frame for Group 4 to know when their application will even be assess (not to mention to be approved to become a Australian Permanent Residence). Most of the Group 4 are allowed to work full time while they are waiting. But they never know when or whether they will be accepted after this endless waiting time. Many of Group 4 applicants speak fluent English (IELTS 7 and above). They have many Aussie friends and are used to the life style in this country that they love. Their plan of life can not move forward. They are not sure about their future in Australia. They spent money and time in the country they love, the one they would like to live in for the rest of their lives. But they are suffering during the waiting while the Department of Immigration just not care enough about them to tell them even when a decision will be made. The factor that this is happening in Australia where people all believe in a fair go is heart breaking. Group 4 Applicants are really crying for help. This is not about cutting down immigrations: the reduce of migration plan is doing it as a fact! This is not about stopping the boat: all group 4 applicants have submitted a valid application and met all the requirement set by law under the Australia General Skilled Migration plan. This is not about stealing Australian's job: many of the group applicants are allowed to work and are working already. This is about fairness: simple concept that you might say no when you see people jumping the queue to buy movie tickets. We should stop that. People's application should be assess in due course. Even if priority is necessary, an endless waiting time is just nothing near fairness. So if you do care about this unfair treatment that is going on in Australia, PLEASE support us
  22. Hello, I was allocated my CO on the spot when I submitted my 309/100 visa at the high commission on Monday. Then we sorta had impromptu interview on the spot and our CO knows my OH is on visitor visa, hence we do visa runs every 3 months (we have flight itineraries printed out as well, we take turns to pay for the flight - mostly me paying). The lease is under his name (3 different apartments - the third apartment has me as a witness, but i have bills registered and letters sent to all 3 apartments the most. He is an alient resident remember?). Even we pay the bills by cash and recently for the past few months, I've been busy and paid them online (I found out I can do so!). Our landlord wrote a testimonial for us saying the bills are under his name and whatnots. So today is Friday, and i sent him additional evidence our CO requested during our impromptu interview. How long will my CO take get back to me for my medicals? I can't do medicals first before submitting my application, I need a case number for the panel doctors.
  23. thekevjones

    Medical & PCC - 2nd Request Advice?

    I lodged my VE-175 visa back in July 2008 DIAC request that I have my medicals & police checks done back in Dec 2008. They were done, sent, delivered and signed for in Sydney on 20th Jan 2009. Since then I've heard nothing other than change in process stuff! NOW - 18 months later, I've recieved the same RFI asking for the same info, medicals and police checks. As you all know mediacls are NOT CHEAP. Several hundred pounds. I also appreciate they expire, after say 12 months but is that my problem? Has anyone had this same issue and can you advise how was it handled? Any comments appreciated... Kev
  24. Guest

    passport request any ideas?

    hi everyone, we have just had our in person interview in berlin and i was asked to leave my passport however CO did not tell us whether we got the defacto visa or not. any ideas guys why they want passport if this can be done electronically and does this usually mean good news? thanks:cute:
  25. With reference to their emails which they sent to applicants regarding changing current applications to SMP application, has any body respond that email? Any change is supposed to happen in online application or anything shall be shown after sending request? I sent my request but no change in online application and nothing is shown indicating that my application is considered for SMP