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  1. jadee

    Leaving country AFTER applying for citizenship

    Thank you that's very helpful!
  2. jadee

    Leaving country AFTER applying for citizenship

    Hi everyone did anyone manage to find an answer to this? Cheers
  3. jadee

    Leaving country AFTER applying for citizenship

    Hi everyone, just wanted to bump this up as I am interested in this post! Cheers
  4. Hi guys, thank you for your help. Really- I was under the impression that you could sit the test in London? I just think it's a stretch now with the waiting time? Anything can happen surely? Any advances on this would be great! Thanks Jade
  5. jadee

    Move back to UK before citizenship test

    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone has actually sat the test in London? Thanks Jade
  6. Hi Unzippy thank you for your reply. Just regarding the logistics- Did you update your immi account when you left to return back to England with your UK address? Did you have to apply for a RRV? How did you request to sit the test in London? I'm presuming once you passed in London, you then got invited for a ceremony back in Oz? Cheers Jade
  7. Hi Starlight7, I hope you are well! Sorry I may not have been clear. Of course, I understand the strict requirements before even being eligible to able for apply for citizenship, I just wanted to know if anyone has sat the test in England possibly due to commitments in the UK, after applying for citizenship. The wait from submission to test is upto 20 months now I believe therefore I feel that there will be lots of people who apply for citizenship, then need to return home for whatever reason thus sitting the test in London. Any help would be great! Cheers Jade
  8. Evening everyone. I have been searching for an answer for a while on here, but to no avail I was wondering if anyone has sat the citizenship test back in the UK? What was the process? How did you get on with becoming a citizen i.e completing the ceremony after sitting the test in the UK? I'm conscious that the timeline is getting longer and longer from applying for citizenship, getting invited for the test/ interview then having the ceremony so this I feel is a pressing issue with people having ties in the UK. Many thanks
  9. jadee

    Citizenship Application - countries visited question

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm interested in this post, so just wanted to bump it up! Any advice would be great! Thanks Jade
  10. jadee

    Move back to UK before citizenship test

    Hi Guys! Interested in this post! Just wanted to bump it up! Have a great day!
  11. jadee

    Citizenship Changes 1st July 2018?

    Thank you everyone! Another 2 years and 28 days to go! Take care, Jade
  12. jadee

    Citizenship Changes 1st July 2018?

    Hello, I would like to bump this thread. We received our PR whilst in England and validated the visas in August 2016, and I was wondering if we have to wait until August 2020 before applying for citizenship? The requirements are quite strict and myself and my husband have been travelling in and out of the country since 2016. This being said the current requirements state that we must have: have lived in Australia on a valid Australian visa for four years immediately before applying been a permanent resident for the 12 months immediately before making an application and not have been absent from Australia for more than one year in total, during the four year period, including no more than 90 days in the 12 months before applying. Can anyone advice if we can apply any sooner as we have already been in & out of the country several weeks travelling etc? Many thanks Jade
  13. Hi Girls a weekend drink sounds good? Lil Smiler where are you based? Could meet near Central Station for lunch this weekend, which day is best for you? Ssiri it would be nice to join you at Fitness First one evening? Will you be going tonight? xx
  14. Hi Girls! Sorry my notifications must of gone in my junk! Its good to hear from you! Just throwing it out there- I am a member of Crunch Fitness (Parramatta) and with that membership I can bring a friend? Anyone fancy doing a class one night this week? I often go on Thursday nights? Maybe google the timetable and if you fancy doing a class weeknight/ weekend we can together? Any other suggestions i'm open to too! xx
  15. Hi girls, hope you're all well. I've recently relocated with my fiancé, from north west England originally and have been in Sydney 7 weeks today. Is anyone still interested in meeting up? We're currently in Parramatta! Hope to hear from you soon xx