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  1. Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere on PIO (had a search but couldn't find it!) but I found this article on the bbc website today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15970341 I think it may be the article produced as part of the interview mentioned of this thread but I maybe wrong: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/moving-back-uk/131098-bbc-interview-returning-uk.html Anyway I thought it was an interesting read giving opinions of those that have returned from Oz and those that have stayed. Hev x
  2. I've just been on the phone to Ian at Letton Percival for a quote for insuring our belongings to go to Perth in January. Found him very good to deal with, he answered all my questions (there were many!) and we have been quoted a rate of 1.3% (does not include insurance premium tax) which also includes mould and mildew, electrical/mechanical derangement, and pairs and sets which are often optional extras on the removal companies insurance. So I'm thinking I would like to use them although OH thinks it's better to go with the removal company as quicker to deal with one company. I disagree as I think it should be independant so there is no conflict of interest which I would have thought there would be if using a removal company. Oh dear :confused:
  3. hevchick

    Handed in notice at work yesterday!

    Hi everyone, Thank you very much for all your posts. It's good to hear that I'm not the only one whose struggling/going to struggle with leaving work and the messages of support are very much appreciated as well. :biggrin: I'm already feeling better about going and I hope to find a job I enjoy just as much in Oz. xxx
  4. hevchick

    Handed in notice at work yesterday!

    Hi Jimmyoz, I'm very sorry to hear about your problem. It's awful when people are underhanded like that :sad:. I hope you find a new job to tie you over until you go or like you said you could start the sorting/packing process. I'm doing that very slowly after work (when I've got the energy) but I feel that I'm running out of time already! Good luck with your move in February :hug:. All the best hev x
  5. Well it's now official. I have handed in my notice at work and although I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders I'm still very emotional. Very sad to leave as I've really grown attached to my colleagues :cry:. They were all quite shocked by the news (I've kept it all a secret for a very long time). They are very happy for me but sad that I'm going and that they will miss me which was very nice to hear. So now I'm answering endless questions about Oz and the immigration process and questions I don't even know the answer to myself, such as what work I'm going to do over there. Only 12 weeks till we fly now and so many things to do!!! :shocked::swoon: I hope everyone else is getting on okay who are sorting out/cleaning/packing/saying Farewell/flying. I'll be suprised if I don't get my first grey hairs from all the stress I'm feeling now! :laugh: And to those who are still waiting for visas/occupation assessments/health checks etc Good luck, hopefully your wait will be over soon. Lots of love to all :hug: Hev xxx
  6. hevchick

    Honestly..How did you feel in the last weeks?

    Thanks for your reply Karen. I'm trying not to let my OH know how I feel now as I think it upsets him more than it actually upsets me. It just makes thing worse:sad:. I seem to be messing everything up in head as well and keep thinking that we'll never be able to afford to come back for a holiday or something awful will happen and we won't be able to come back to help. I guess both of these things are silly to worry about as I'm sure we'll plan for these things just as we are planning to emigrate. I think not physically seeing friends and family for long periods of time is going to be the hardest thing to deal with (19 months is the longest I've been away). Even though we are in the same town as my OH folks I see my folks who are the other side of the country more times than we see his! You are right though, what have we got lose? At the moment I have nothing to lose and if we don't go we will always long to be there as we don't know any better. I'm looking at this as an adventure, not the same a same as backpacking but an adventure of a different sort. I'll be thinking of you in a months time (which will mean I have less than 3 to go!). Good luck to you to. :hug: Take care. Hev x
  7. hevchick

    Honestly..How did you feel in the last weeks?

    Thank you very much cartertucker for starting this thread :hug:. It's been good to read the posts from others and to know that the feelings that I'm experiencing all seem to be part of the emigration process, so thank you to all of you to :hug:. Although we don't fly out until January I'm already thinking that I don't want to go and that actually where we live is not too bad. Sometimes I can't wait to go but that seems to be rarer as the weeks are diminishing. On the other hand my OH can't wait to go and doesn't understand how I'm feeling. On sat night when we were sitting out in the garden having just had a barbie (1st October! - who'd have thought it!:shocked:) I told my OH that the things I'm going to miss about the UK are my friends and family, the landscape, the old buildings and the weather (I do like rain and snow occasionally!). He said "So why do you want to go to Oz?" and I couldn't think of any reason!! :eek: Fortunately, somehow we got off the topic so I didn't answer. It's very weird. I know I want to go as I've wanted to live in Oz since I first went on a WHV there in 2000 but I keep thinking that I'm going to get stuck there if I don't like it as my OH may not want to move back to the UK or to NZ for me -arrgh:arghh:! Oh well I hope it all come right in the end. I'm handing in my notice next week at work (giving them 3months) so I guess I'm going to have to use my best acting skills to come across as excited! :confused:
  8. hevchick

    moving to perth in 2012..is anyone else?

    Hey travelsparks, How are you? We moving to Perth Jan 2012 as well. Flying on the 27th Jan. Hope your removals and planning etc are going well :wink:
  9. hevchick


    Hi guys, I'm not sure if this helps but I was in Dubbo in 2000 on a WHV. My boyfriend (at the time) and I were looking for agricultural work at the time and ended up looking after the Dubbo YHA for 2 weeks while the owners were on holiday (long story how we got that job!). It was a 11 years ago so I guess a lot can happen to a town in that time but I felt safe there and liked it at the time. I think we spent about 4 weeks there in total. The zoo is very good. Anyway it brings back good memories for me. Hope you enjoy your time there. Good luck with your plans :biggrin:
  10. hevchick

    Final Countdown

    Good luck guys. Hope it all goes well :biggrin:
  11. Just to let you know that Shannon has now been found and is okay. Thank you very much to everyone who read this thread :wubclub: . Very much appreciated. :hug:
  12. Just to let you know that Shannon has now been found and is okay. Thank you very much to everyone who read this thread :wubclub: . Very much appreciated.
  13. Thanks guys. I'm so glad to hear i'm not the only one. We fly out in 20 weeks and I feel totally torn in two. Part of me really wants to go to Oz as I loved it the last time I was there on a WHV but the other part of me wants to stay in the UK as it's all too stressful and i don't want to say goodbye to friends and family. I hope we are doing the right thing! Arrrgghh :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  14. Thank you very much cjmre76. Very much appreciated. :hug:
  15. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...63756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub: (I have also posted this thread on the New Zealand forum)