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Found 39 results

  1. Hi, Well after 3 and a half years waiting we got our visa yesterday , so it looks like we are coming out !! Just a liitle bit daunting at the mo, the reality is just hitting home now , so much to do before we leave the uk. We have been doing our research and our first thoughts of a place to live would be somewhere near Coomera. we need to know what the schools are like in this area and how the work situation is for a cabinetmaker/ Boatbuilder. Also we don't know anyone in this area so would like to meet other people in this same area. Andy , Alex
  2. Well it's now official. I have handed in my notice at work and although I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders I'm still very emotional. Very sad to leave as I've really grown attached to my colleagues :cry:. They were all quite shocked by the news (I've kept it all a secret for a very long time). They are very happy for me but sad that I'm going and that they will miss me which was very nice to hear. So now I'm answering endless questions about Oz and the immigration process and questions I don't even know the answer to myself, such as what work I'm going to do over there. Only 12 weeks till we fly now and so many things to do!!! :shocked::swoon: I hope everyone else is getting on okay who are sorting out/cleaning/packing/saying Farewell/flying. I'll be suprised if I don't get my first grey hairs from all the stress I'm feeling now! :laugh: And to those who are still waiting for visas/occupation assessments/health checks etc Good luck, hopefully your wait will be over soon. Lots of love to all :hug: Hev xxx
  3. Guest

    Arrived yesterday...

    Hello everyone Well, we arrived here yesterday and are staying near the Gold Coast with some friends. We flew with Emirates and on the the first flight I had a bassinet for my youngest and had my son next to me as well (we have four young children). When we got to within an hour of Dubai airport, we were told that another aircraft had declared an emergency (a medical issue on board) and that all planes were in a holding pattern waiting to land, but that as we didn't have enough fuel to circle for hours we would be diverted to another airport to refuel and then head back to Dubai. When we eventually arrived in Dubai we headed straight for our departure gate, as we had lost most of our stop over time due to the diversion. Once on board the next plane we again sat and waited due to a medical issue on our plane. The doctors were called and in the end the passenger was advised to remain in Dubai to seek medical assistance. The passenger and their luggage were offloaded, and after two hours sitting on the tarmac we finally took off. The flight was looooong. This time I had a bassinet for the baby, and my hubby had the other three children to look after by himself, and having had no sleep for a day and a half by this time, it was pretty hard going. If we ever do this trip again we'll make sure we have a night in a hotel in between flights...won't go all the way through in one go again. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but in reality it was a nightmare. We were the last people through immigration because it took forever to fill in the landing cards, whilst dealing with four exhausted and hungry children. The immigration officers were great, helping us carry luggage etc...that is something I really love about this place - the willingness of people to help you. Anyway, we eventually made it out of the airport to where the shuttle bus picked us up to take us to the car hire place. Hubby started off driving but had to pull over so we could swap as he was about to fall asleep behind the wheel! Got to our friends' house and since then have been sleeping at random times. Two kids asleep now (2am UK time) 11am here, and we've been having a storm for most of the morning. The thunder has stopped now, but it's still pouring with rain, so we're all rugged up and using the opportunity to get as much sleep in as possible. Hopefully it won't take long to get over the jet lag. The next few days we'll just be having a look around this area, and then we're going to head down to Coffs Harbour for five days or so and have a look around there, before we decide where we're going to live for the first few months. That's all for now. Just also want to say that I haven't been here in six years now, but already I feel like I've come home. I love being here...hope that feeling lasts! :biggrin:
  4. Hi all, Got our 175 visa grant letter yesterday (Sep 21st ) Details: Nationality - Israeli (HR) IELTS (general) - Feb 2010 - R - 9.0/W - 8.5/L - 8/S - 8.5 Occupation - Developer programmer (had to undergo a quick 2nd ACS re-assessment due to July 2010 reforms) - ACS case finalised on Aug 24th 2010 Visa lodging - 15th septbemr 2010. Did not receive the 18th of March letter. Decided to perform PCC and medicals prior to receiving CO as trying to get pregnant. Got CO on August 2nd, 2011. Got grant letter on Sep 21st, 2011. Got reserved tickets for visa validation trip for 30 Nov, 2011 (Desitnation: Sydney).
  5. Built in 1810 by convicts on the orders of Governor Macquarie. I imagined I was watching for ships sailing up from The Heads. I guess they had to wait six months to find out about Trafalgar and Waterloo?
  6. Hi guys, been a while - Just thought I'd give an update on the progresses of davey mc - I left Ireland on March 8th, relaxed for 2 weeks in Thailand, then arrived in Sydney late march. Having dealt with lying dickhead recruitment agencie (one in particular - the rest were very nice & very honest), i finally got a job + sponsorship came through yest I think i'll have the option of ENS in a few months too. wohoo David
  7. My daughters school decided that only half the teachers would strike so the school could stay open probably not what the unions would have wanted but meant parents were not having to take days off work. Was anyone effected by having to take time off work? All the lollipop men and ladies were in there usual haunts on the way to work, just wondering if the strike had the desired effect.
  8. Well ............... i went back on my word and voted yesterday and even worse i voted for the Lib-Dem party candidate.:elvis: I voted for Clegg at last years election because i thought there was a change in the air, but it was a wrong claim, but i mainly voted for them because i have two kids coming up to University and i didn't want fees increasing and Pinnochio Clegg said he wouldn't increase them. Anyway............. back to yesterday........... i decided to leave politics out of it and vote for Naz Hussain the Lib Dem candidate, he often comes to our house for a chat, he is a great bloke who really helps the community and he deserved my vote. I also voted against AV.............. i don't like the current system, i personally still think proportional representation should be the way to go, but the party with the most votes should be forming a government, not a party that comes 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th.
  9. mj&db

    Dogs left yesterday :o(

    Dogs went yesterday! :cry: Was most horrible thing i've done in my life...reckon it's so bad cos they have no idea what is going on! Tallulah started yelping and digging as soon as we put her in and Errol just turned his back on me in a grump :sad: On a positive note though they have been placed next to each other on the plane and their crates are open at both ends so they will be able to see/smell each other. I also did all the paperwork myself so really pleased with myself for doing it right (and saving myself quite a bit of money!!) They departed at 10.15pm yesterday so should have left Bangkok now and be on the home straight to Sydney! Arrive at 7.05pm UK time. Going to email Quarantine ASAP after to check they have arrived ok and arrange to go and see them on Tuesday. Hopefully all will be forgiven when they come home and go for a walk on a nice sandy beach!
  10. Guest

    Had our Medical yesterday....

    Just a quick update, we all had our medicals yesterday in Manchester with Dr. Smith. A long afternoon (esp. after a 12 hour night shift!). The medical center was very calm, pleasant and efficient. Dr. Smith was extremely nice and very good with the children (13,11,5), my 5 year old even got 11 out of 10 and was asked to do the splits which she found highly amusing!!! So the waiting now begins to see if we are all healthy enough :eek:.
  11. Hi everyone, Finally, after long wait of 2 years and 1 month. yesterday got my PR. Thank God and all the members here on this forum to guide me whenever I had questions in mind. Its been a tough ride for me and my wife and now looking to get my wife here as soon as possible. I fought hard for this day and I can say that it was worthwhile, 2 months back I had no hope as I had no CO assigned but before election I wrote few letters to Chris Evans, Ombudsman, Melbourne Mayor and other opposition leaders about my situation. And it worked out really well. Got the reply from Chris Evan office and they wrote that they looked into my long pending 885 application and assigned me a CO. After that CO asked me to do all the formalities again such as medical, ACS skill assessment, police clearance. Yesterday got my positive ACS skill assessment, and yesterday only CO finalised my case. Woohooooooo........ I can't express my feeling here in words but definitely it was lifetime experience for me and i can say last 2 years since I lodged my 885 application, was the toughest of my life. I would also like to say to all the ICT 885 applicants who are waiting for long about more than 1or 2 years due to stoopid ACS and DIAC mess, be there and keep fighting. Hopefully all pending cases will be cleared soon. Here is my quick time line. Application type: 885 ICT - Recent graduate NEC - non CSL Lodgment date: 1st Sept 2008 Skills: ICT recent graduate CO assigned: 17 Aug 2010 New ACS Skill assessment applied on: 21st Aug 2010 (2613-11 Analyst Programmer) Redone my Medical, AFP and overseas police clearance During Sept 2010 ACS Approval: 8th Oct 2010 PR Approval: 8th Oct 2010 Good Luck to all!
  12. Morning All Dont suppose anybody has any news on yesterdays supposed meeting of State reps at Oz House ? How something like that can go off without any news is so frustrating !!! It is like watching paint dry. If anybody knows anything can they share it !! Shane:arghh:
  13. Rubab

    Visa Granted Yesterday!

    At last, I've got the sweetest news yesterday after 8 and a half months wait!:biggrin: My timeline : e_Visa lodged: 23/10/2009 CO mailed: 11/11/2009 Med+Form80+PCC uploaded: 26/11/2009 Meds Finalized: 16/12/2009 All docs Met: 17/05/2010 Visa Granted: 05/07/2010 Initial Entry date: 20/11/2010 Thanks to all who helped me to clear out many confusions from time to time. Special thanks goes to Gill and Sir George Lombard.:hug: Thanks, Rubab:twitcy:
  14. ‘The government is committed to ongoing forward-planning and reform to ensure immigration levels are guided by Australia's needs and not by the desire of prospective migrants to come to Australia,’ Senator Evans said (pls follow the link to read the full announcement): Net overseas migration on track to fall by 20 per cent Can I just say, fine, if he wishes to do that - then do like what NZ does, make it clear and fair to everyone from the start through an 'Expression of Interest' system, and pick whoever you want to your heart's content; but NOT setting up goalposts for people and keep moving them!! And worst yet - retrospective legislations! :swoon:
  15. What a great feeling it is to find our 175 skilled independant visa has been granted. I checked my emails today only to find our visa was granted yesterday! :arghh: I usually check them daily but for some reason I never yesterday and wouldnt you know thats the day we get our visa. The fun really does start here..Finding jobs, somewhere to live, rent our house out, decide when to go etc etc. :wacko: We've got to tell the partents now! That is going to be no easy task. Both sets of parents support us but we know deep down us emigrating is devastating for them. Good luck to all those people on PIO waiting for those magic words. DIAC must have been busy over the last couple of days. :notworthy: Ive noticed a few other people have had granted visas..Congratulations Lesley xx
  16. And all is going well so far, getting our bearings etc, 2 meetings so far. Looking forward to exploring some more. If anyone knows anything good happening these 2 weeks ping me on here
  17. My 457 visa was lodged yesterday but I have no idea how long it will take, My agent reckons around 2 weeks. I want to book a flight ASAP and I was wondering if it is possible to get a WHV (48 hour turnaround) so that I can go to start my new job before my 457 is granted. Would this complicate things on arrival and idoes anyone know if its possible? I'm just desperate to get started in my new job and get out of the UK and really want to plan my departure as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  18. kissofthegypsy

    PR Granted yesterday

    Applied in Feb, PR granted yesterday after only being here 9 months on a 457. Psychology practice in early stages, LAFHA lost booooo, houses starts building next month. All the same, chuffed to bits.
  19. hi everyone, just wanted to share the good news with u and also ask some questions if anybody knows its answers. first here is my timeline: applied for 175 online 24/6/09 : CSL/MODL/HR/ Electronics engineer CO allocated 11/11/09 grant letter 2/3/2010 I got the following questions: 1) my grace period to enter australia must be before 16/11/2010, but i'm travelling to south africa after 2 weeks for 4 months, is it ok to travel to any country before entering australia and validating the visa ? also is it possible to travel to australia directly from south africa or i must travel from my own country ? 2) i'm planning to travel to australia for one or 2 weeks then come back to my country before moving there permenantly, so in these 2 weeks should i apply for tax file number and medicare or shall i wait till i move there permenantly thx again
  20. janine the party queen

    O/H becme a citizen yesterday

    We caught the 7.30 train from Caringbah to Sydney Central.Never ever again!!!!!!! Standing room only and it was like being inside an oven.Then a quick run to catch the next train at 8.30 standing room only again.The overpowering smell of perfume and B/O made me feel sick and I thought I would pass out with the heat. Got to DIAC Parramatta at 9.10.O/H registered and was shown a seat at the front .Guests sit at the back.The doors were closed at 9.30 sharp for the ceremony to begin.A couple of late comers were turned away !!!!!!! The manager of Parramatta DIAC took the ceremony. They swore their oath,were handed their certificate then everyone stood for the National Anthem.Sadly most of them did not know it even though song sheets had been handed out. The whole thing lasted about 30 mins.During the whole thing about 8-9 DIAC staff sat at a table at the back laughing and joking even when the Anthem was sang. We were left thinking is that it ? Very,very disappointed
  21. There have been some changes to Victorian road rules,they came into force yesterday,9 November,it's probably in the interests of all Victorian drivers to check out the new rules here- "New rules, safer roads"
  22. One of the worlds top entrepreneurs. He carried out a promo function at Worcester Rugby club yesterday. What an inspirational speaker, and bloody success story. He now lives in Las Vegas , and told us a bit about his life story growing up in Brisbane. I was interested as to when he would start having a " dig" at us Poms , if at all. Lo and behold , 10 minutes in ,he starts having a go .......so bloody predictable. The funny thing was,we were paying for the priviledge. Imagine a pommie entrepreneur on the stage in Melbourne,taking the piss about the ashes......it would make the national press.
  23. I just received the offer for SS from NSW yesterday in the post. I got a boolet about NSW and a letter, a form, and a stamp on my application. The form needs to be send back to NSW. I am one of the lucky ones that have the CSL so the SS will definetly bump me up in the queue. I am currently on a 175 subclass. How do I transfer this to a 176? Do I just use the contact form to inform DIAC and scan/ upload the State sponsorhsip socuments? Or is there anything else I need to do? Cheers!
  24. VISA GRANT!!!!! I can't believe it I'm happy, sad, excited and petrified all at the same time! I have been waiting for the day to post this thread and now its finally here, well I don't know what to say! I do want to say a big thank you to all for your advice, help, support and just listening to my ranty threads! Thanks everyone and I wish you all the best. Whoo hooo!!!
  25. As the title says we got our spouse visa through yesterday,only took about 2 weeks for the application to go through,which included not front loading with medicals,so it was really quick and straight forward for us.She went down to the immigration office herself to get the visa put in passport while I was at work.so it was a great surprise when I got home. So if theres any bored pom housewives out there who would like to meet for a coffee,she would love to know so she can make new friends,before she starts looking for work herself.