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Found 33 results

  1. tazmania

    Notice from Natural Justice

    We received an email yesterday from my CO, informing me that my declared job description was exaggerated and denied by my previous employer. They called my previous boss and ask technical question about accounting and my boss failed to understand those terms, instead he said I just imputing some figures given to me (btw he's high school graduate and it's a family business). We sent job description before signed by him. After I talked to my boss, i informed my agent about it and they told me wait within this week for further evidences we need to submit. They said, we can present evidences just once and it's their discretion if they will be satisfied or not. Other proof of documents such as payslip, job description and employment contract are submitted. It worries me much, is anyone in the forum experience the same? does our chances of granting our visa would be small? and will it take long. Please advice. I just want to know your experience. Thanks
  2. Hello all A friend was told they had 2 weeks notice at a place on a 457 visa, having been there over a year. They handed in their notice, agreeing verbally on the 2 weeks notice in their resignation meeting. They have now been told they actually don't have 2 weeks but 4 weeks notice (from their initial contract). Added fun: they have also signed a further contract with an update to all roles, which (we believe) states 2 weeks notice. This is because everyone else in the workplace (Australian) have 2 weeks notice. 1) Can they have a different notice period for 457 as other workers? My readings of this: "You are entitled to fair pay and to basic rights and protections in the workplace. Your sponsor must provide you with the same terms and conditions as Australian workers performing the same work in the same workplace." (http://www.immi.gov.au/faqs/Pages/what-are-my-rights-as-a-worker.aspx) Is that the terms and conditions (eg notice period) must be the same as everyone else working there. So here I'd assume it's 2 weeks notice. Other options: 2) When resigning they asked their notice period, the manager said it was 2 weeks and accepted (verbally) - does this stand up? I know a resignation has to be in writing, but does an acceptance? Here I am unsure if it would be the 2 weeks verbally agreed or the 4 weeks when agreed in writing. 3) Assuming the new contract does state 2 weeks and it doesn't say it supercedes the previous contract - they are saying as the initial contract was done with a 457, it was for the longer notice and so that remains in place. Can they do that? They appears to be picking and choosing what they want from each (I know we need to find the contract and check) 4) If the new contract says it does supercede previous documents (which the first one states) and it has 2 weeks notice. I would assume it should be the new contract and so 2 week notice (unless there is a rule where the longer notice period takes priority? Maybe?). To me number 1 seems their best bet? (otherwise we really need to find the contract!) Number 2 is possibility. 3 & 4 depend on the contract. Any help advice, or best - links! appreciated. Too much information to read through it all! (at least I am unemployed with time!)
  3. Guest

    Changing Sponsor on 457 Visa

    Hi, i was wondering if anyone had been in this position. I've joined a company and started working in the coal mines in central queensland. I have been sponsered by the company for the 457 visa but i know really want to get out of this company. Unfortunately the company has demanded everyone working on this project to work 15days straight which is exhausting. I'm not the only one look to leave. I wanted to know if the 28 day limit of finding a sponser from leaving your current one applies from the last day you work on your notice period or is it counted from the ay that you put your notice in? I've been trying to find out but not had much luck. I was wondering if it was wise to leave a company and ty and find a new one as soon as possible, or to find a new sponser/employer before putting the notice period in? Any help on this would be great as this job is demoralising everyone. Thanks
  4. Hi fellow PIO members, My husband and I have just been discussing what we'll do with regards to flights. Have you found flights to be a lot cheaper if booked in advance (months) or not that much difference/same if booked with only a matter of weeks before? Look forward to your replies. AC
  5. Well it's now official. I have handed in my notice at work and although I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders I'm still very emotional. Very sad to leave as I've really grown attached to my colleagues :cry:. They were all quite shocked by the news (I've kept it all a secret for a very long time). They are very happy for me but sad that I'm going and that they will miss me which was very nice to hear. So now I'm answering endless questions about Oz and the immigration process and questions I don't even know the answer to myself, such as what work I'm going to do over there. Only 12 weeks till we fly now and so many things to do!!! :shocked::swoon: I hope everyone else is getting on okay who are sorting out/cleaning/packing/saying Farewell/flying. I'll be suprised if I don't get my first grey hairs from all the stress I'm feeling now! :laugh: And to those who are still waiting for visas/occupation assessments/health checks etc Good luck, hopefully your wait will be over soon. Lots of love to all :hug: Hev xxx
  6. Hi All Been living in an apartment for nearly 10 months now and havent really like it, its overpriced and we wanted to get out. They swithed realtors and we have a complete tosser managing us now, who has turned up unannounced (said he emailed and posted an entry notice but funnily enough nothing arrived) We have 2 cats which arent on the lease and the owner knows about one as we requested permission, the estate agent has now put on th entry form comments, "remove extra cat"...heartless tw4t! Ok, so I told him I am not willing to do that so he has served me a breach, great. We have 2.5 months t0 go on the lease but I am not getting rid of the cat so I am going to breach continuously, after this, I might get a Notice to Vacate. However am I better waiting for this or giving him an Intention to Leave form now even though they might not be able to rent it in 2.5 months anyway? I.e. will one look worse than the other further down the line? Any ideas? Cheers Sean
  7. Hi can anyone shed some light on the proccedure after receiving this notice..
  8. My OH has submitted an application to both VIC and WA, more optomistic about hearing back from WA, as been waiting since 4th November 2010 from VIC. If those both fail, I am a Social Worker and about to submit my skills assessment form in when completed.(Got some questions that need clarifying before I do so- on a previous thread about AASW form) Very worried about not recievig it back and send getting DIAC form in on time, very likely I wont get it back in time of the July deadline. Hence the need to know how hard the IELTS is. I understand there are several acedemic and something else. HOw does it all work? How easy is it to pass? (Get 8) Do you have to be a rocket scientist to get 8 in all 4? Thanks In Advance, Aymie
  9. I'm not sure if anyone can help with this one but my brain is scrambled at the minute and just seem to be going around in circles so I thought an outside perspective might help.I will explain as best I can so bear with me. Seven months ago my FIL,who is elderly and in ill health,really needed someone to live with him to help him with day to day tasks,medication etc...We were in the process of looking for a new rental at the time and as we were the only family members locally who were renting and fairly mobile the rest of the family asked us if we would consider moving in with him.We agreed and moved in one month later. All went well,kids settled nicely and the FIL was very happy with the arrangement.So far,so good.Then after xmas his needs quickly became far greater and so we all adapted and just got on with it.Mid January my OH had to move to Sydney for work,this made things harder but still very managable. By February we were dealing with mild dementia and he needed help during the night,usually 3-4 times a night most nights.As you can imagine this began to take it's toll.I asked family members if they could cover 1-2 nights a week to give me a break but no help was forthcoming. In March we had to get a hospital bed and other items to make things easier and the family eventually got him on a waiting list for care.Still no help at home. A few weeks ago I again approached family and made it clear some help was needed with the nights,even one night a week.Two days later they came up with a solution........yay?.....not really. They decided they would take over his care so .............myself and the three kids were asked to move out by weeks end,5 days notice to find a home!!!They needed my bedroom!! Needless to say we were left reeling.What do we do now?We had sold our furniture when we moved in because the agreement was we could live there,paying a low rent,even when he moved to care.The house will be going up for sale but not until some work is done on it so it would be available until the end of the year which is when we leave oz.It sounded like a good deal at the time,not so anymore. We are now in holiday accomodation while we look for a 6mth furnished rental.Today we move for the second time in two weeks.We are suddenly paying two rents because my OH shares in Sydney.My kids have been asking if they did not like us anymore? My dilemma?[apart from the obvious]How the hell do I deal with this family now?They seem to think what they have done is fully justified because they are doing what's 'best for dads care' and are all smiles as if nothing has happened.They have set up a roster for his care,some even come up from Sydney for 3 nights at a time!I on the other hand would be happy never to see them again. How would you deal with it?Do we not have anything more to do with them?Ask them not to call in or contact us?Or do we swallow our prde and pretend to get on until we leave oz just to avoid a big blow up? My head is telling me to shut up,just for an easy life.My heart is telling me I wish they all fell off the face of the earth this very minute.
  10. Guest

    short notice flights

    Hello, I am waiting on my 457 to be approved, it's looking likely that I will be heading to Sydney at the end of may. I wondered if anyone had experience of booking flights with short notice? My employer is keen for me to start when the visa is approved. But I think at most I will have a week to book flights and accommodation. I can and will push back if costs are stupid as they have said I can start work from here in the uk if need be. Any experience of this would be great? Thanks Tracy
  11. Hi all, I'm hoping on of the PMV applicants might have some advice. I'm very nearly ready to lodge my app with AH but both me and my fiancee are waiting for two sets of info. We're both waiting for details from of our phone company(its about a month since I requested call details!!!:mad:) and we are also confirming our celebrant and filling in the NOIM form. I've been in touch with a lovely celebrant but read elsewhere on the forum that its advisable to get a letter from the venue confirming a booking also? We have a few places in mind but I'd rather be out there for us both to choose somewhere we both like rather than booking while I'm still in Ireland. So I hope the form and the letter from the celebrant will be sufficient? But my main question is this, how did you fill in the NOIM form? I'm in Ireland, OH is in Sydney, so did you fill in the form send it to Oz or can I sign is and scan it rather than paying the 26e it would cost to post it? Any advice would be mucho appreciated! We've been getting the application together over the last 10 weeks....I'll celebrating getting it lodged let alone granted!!! :biglaugh:
  12. Hi i was just reading through our paperwork and just noticed on Our state sponser form which we recived from WA ...they have spelt hubbies name wrong .... they have put Denis rather the dennis :wacko: will this matter . Can't believe i didn't pick this up before :arghh: We did lodge with an agent I will ask our agent when they are back in on monday :wideeyed:just wondered if it had happend to anyone else
  13. Anyone who has a confirmation on the emails selectively sent to applicants by DIAC? Are they choosing just particular professions? Have they done away with processing based on dates of lodgment?
  14. Guest


    I applied for 175 in Aug 2010. A close friend applied in Oct 2010 for the same. Though he applied two months after I applied he go a notice from diac that he will have a co in the next three months. What does this mean? Doesnt Diac allocate co based on dates of application?
  15. cutiemcprettybobbi

    visa grant notice and specific conditions 176

    hi, can anyone help decipher this? Visa granted 9th feb, very happy, whoop whoop. Was so excited yesterday i could barely read the grant notice letter, but just been through all again, Grant Notice document has a bit about Visa Conditions, and it says 'no conditions', for 176 VE skilled sponsored, doesnt mention state. the i have a grant notification document, same visa 176. but the third doc - visa grant important info, says 175 visa. There is no mention on any documents about ss and being obliged to live in sponsoring state. What is going on?? have i had my original visa granted?? any knowledge appreciated, ta muchly x:err:
  16. Arsenal V Tottenham live tonight Pig and whistle..eagle street pier... anyone fancy it ???
  17. Can anyone give me a draft or some tips on what to write? I've never had to write one before so don't have a clue. I'm working in retail and want to leave it to go into care working. Anny help would be appreciated :cute:
  18. Thousands of passengers at British airports have been grounded after the eruption of a volcano in Iceland forced air traffic controllers to divert all flights heading north of London. Volcanic ash from Iceland closes British airports - Telegraph
  19. By now many of you may have read some of my posts and come to the conclusion that I am indeed a winging pom who would rather, for many reasons, no longer be down here! My question - Has anyone out there returned with little or no notice? (I don't want to stirr things up like deaths in the family etc) I have been applying for jobs in London for the last month in hope that somone will give me the time of day over a phone interview. I had one the other night for an old company I used to work for and I said that I can start as soon as I can get a flight. A positive over any other candidate needing a months notice. Nothing is booked yet and it is quite scary to think I am here one minute...but could be back in the UK in a weeks time. Not as scary as the thought of the future here though. Flights are available for around $1100 within the next 10 days. I am living and working with family and so have no notice to give this end, although it would be a shock to family when I say I could be off asap. They do know how I feel though. I had shipped a couple of boxes over which have sadly remained unopened. I have already got a quote to send them back. I have friends in London with a spare room I can rent to get things started prior to hopefully buying. GBP260k now gets more in London than it will in Melbourne. All in all I feel I can just 'get up and go'. Sadly, this dream for me never happened and it is a gutwrenching experience to admit defeat.... however I am just kidding myself, the move back is inevitable and can't be put off for much longer.:arghh:
  20. is anyone free for a coffee and chat tomorrow am (thurs) short notice sorry :wink: but will check on here tomorr to see if anyone interested. If you are then meet at Zarrafas at 10.30am. Tracey xx
  21. Guest

    Did anyone else notice.

    This is not knocking aussies as I have some good freinds...but.. Is it only me or did anyone else notice that aussies seem to tell a lot of porkies and egsaturate a lot....e.g no matter what you have done an aussie will say...hey look mate...blah blah blah...and done it bigger or better.:cute:
  22. 15 years as a Fire Fighter and just handed my notice in giving 4 weeks.. It seems strange that after so long, basically a scrap of paper with my resignation on it ends it all... No thanks or kiss my arse or anything... In life you are just a number so make the most of it and enjoy everybit of it, including the challenges... Im sure a few of them are heading my way.. Loved the job, loved the lads, love the people of the communities but felt that there is more to life for me... I dont know if Australia will be that more! but nothing ventured nothing gained! Bring on the next exciting chapter.. Chris x (5 Weeks... Whoo hoo)
  23. emmaroo

    How much notice for shippers?

    Hi How far ahead of the big move should you organise shippers? Thanks Emma:wink:
  24. Hi Guys Wonder if someone can help me, you know whats its like when you can't find that crucial bit of paperwork just when you need it, then with the time difference in the UK:wacko: OK now circumstances have changed for us, we have let our home in the UK out for one year (ends December) but we need to try and sell asap, can we put our home on the market and then give the tenants say 2 months to vacate the property or do they have the right to stay there until the end of the lease? I think here in Australia you have the right to stay until the end of the lease, but not sure about the UK rights on this one. Hope someone can help Many thanks Kim
  25. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if Penalty Notices show up on the Police Checks that are done for visa purposes?? Does it depend what its for?:policeman: We have looked up on the internet and it seems that they aren't shown when doing a PNC check so therefore won't come up on the official Police Checks? My husband is in the dog house after today so hopefully someone out there might make me open the door, otherwise he is locked away for ever if he has ruined our chances!! :arghh: Your expert advice would be really appreciated!! Nicky x