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Found 31 results

  1. kellyjamie

    setting up costs please

    Morning, well we only have 16 weeks left till we head off to oz and im starting to get all my "lists" sorted and id like to find if anyone can tell me initial costings please such as, changing driving licences, medicare cards and anything else. weve budgeted for, rental white goods car school uniform everything else like our flights and shipping etc are already paid for, its just the first few weeks of things i need ti find out Thanks Kelly
  2. For so long we have been looking forward an "fantasising" about our new life in Perth, and now were all booked up to go, the worry is starting to set in, were asking ourselves have we done the right thing ????. did anyone else go through this ? Any advice ?
  3. Guest

    Setting up a buisness

    Hi, Does anyone know how or the route you take to set up a business in Australia. Also is it possible to set the business up before we arrive. If you can give me any info i would really appreciate it. Thanks Jason
  4. Hi Anyone know if it is possible to setup a company name from day 1 for billing purposes? My partner's current UK employer wants to take him on as a contractor for the first 2 months we are in Oz. He is a .net developer and is working on some high profile projects at the moment. We are leaving for Oz in October and they really don't want him to go. So he just needs to setup a company name so that he can bill them for the work done. He has every intention to get an Oz job and has already been in talks with various recruitment agencies already but we thought if his current employer is wanting to give him work for our first 2 months then it takes some of the pressure off. if anyone can give us some advice would appreciate. Thanks
  5. Hi all, So we,d hoped the house would be on the open market this weekend but cut a long story were having issues with our home report. The valuation is about £8k below what we were originally told before the actual report was done, and given that just now houses arent even going for the valuation unless the surveyor ups the value we cant sell just now. Also the surveyor has been an arsehole and has put the most ridiculous things in the survey such as missing ironmongery in the kitchen, which is wrong its a cupboard above the extractor fan which doesnt open!!!! So anyhow if this isnt sorted we will pull it from the estate agents, which only leaves us the option of renting, which we could do fairly easily. But all our money is in the house. We have to validate by march next year, so our plan b is this save like mad as much as we can until january then head out Feb for good with the house rented and what ever we have saved? We dont have jobs yet so i know the obviuos pit falls. Jamies going to book a course from here to do asap we arrive for his forklift licence to hopefully get work that way? weve just handed our car (58 plate vectra)back to the lease company and been given an old R reg volvo for free by jamies brother in law (mechanic) to drive around in for now so thats saving us £250 per month, plus were sitting down tonite and going to consolidate all debts and live off bread and milk till new year and hope we have a good stock? stupid stupid housing market!!!:arghh: what do you think? k x
  6. Hi guys I have been searching the net and to be honest I am struggling to find decent information regarding my situation so I was wondering if anyone on here can help. My story is - I am on a defacto visa and heading to oz in Jan. I resigned from my perm job in London recently and they have asked me to stay on with them as a self employed consultant. I would not be salaried but would earn money on successful projects I deliver on. They have asked me to do this to assist them as they havent found a replacement for me in London. I have agreed and had thought it would be similar to here in UK, where you go to agencies like "first contact" and just set up a limited company very easily and contract through that. I would be self employed but would use their brand behind me. Has anyone got any information on what I will need to do or options for me? Thank you so much if you can help or at least provide guidance.
  7. We have just started to build a house in Lilydale Melbourne (Bellbird Drive) (Google it). The location is just by a lovely lake/park so plenty of room for dog walking etc. I just LOVE dogs and have always walked them for the RSPCA. I was was just thinking if there was a market for looking after pets whilst people go on holiday. Or if pets were going to be shipped on ahead then I could collect them from the ports/airports so they are ready and waiting on arrival? We are looking into the house being complete by July/August next year. Let me know if anyone is interested. Karen:smile:
  8. Firstly, Hello! I'm new here so go easy Seems like a really friendly and helpful forum so I thought i'd ask some advice! My names Jim and i'm a 27yr old currently based in Manchester So I'm moving to Australia for a year to work for my company (international transfer) and to see some family and friends. I will be moving from place to place but I will initially arrive in Sydney for a couple of days before heading up to Newcastle for a couple of months. My question is this: I'm with HSBC bank over her in the UK, and I know they have HSBC branches in Oz and a load in sydney, how easy is it for me to just walk into a branch and set up an account and what sort of documentation will I need? Thanks in advance for any advice, From an excited (but pretty nervous) Jim,
  9. Elliott-Family

    nerves are setting in

    Well after 2yrs of waiting we exchanged contracts on our house sale yesterday. Good job really cos I fly out to oz tomorrow heading for mornington, vic. my wife, son and 2 dogs fly over in Oct. had our leaving party last night n I've got hangover to prove it. it was really sad sayin goodbye to friends but I'm really not lookin forward to sayin bye to my family. until now the nerves haven't really kicked in but now... its a different story. all of a sudden I'm feeling the enormity of our move.
  10. Guest

    Cost of setting up.

    Just wondering what the approx costs are on setting everything when you first arrive? We have done loads of research on average spending when first arriving but thought it would help us and others if people who already live in Oz could give some approx costings on things? Thanks for any advice :wubclub:
  11. Can anyone help! I've just got a rental lined up and suddenly sitting here thinking hmmm, what do I do about gas, water, landlines and broadband etc. I'm guessisng with landline and broadband I can search for 'packages' with telstra and places???? Haven't got a clue with stuff like gas and water etc - should I contact the rental or are there fixed companys I need to contact. Feeling a tad stupid!
  12. steve goz

    posh outdoor setting wanted!!!!

    anybody selling a wicker outdoor setting either couches or daybeds cash waiting for quality gear in perth.:yes:
  13. Guest

    Setting up a business!

    Hi all - just to let you know we're loving it here, been here over two years and everythings going great! We've just started our own business too setting up a small business in Australia is incredibly easy and there's been plenty of people to seek help from - something I never would have dreamed of doing in the UK! Best wishes to all and hope you're all having as much fun out here as we are!
  14. Hi I originally posted similar info to another thread but Julie 495 said I should post it as a separate thread, so here's an edited version. Opening a bank account in Oz My first bit of advice is, if you can, wait until you move to Oz. Why? 1) It gives you a chance to decide which bank is right for you. For example many banks charge ATM fees if you use a competitors ATM. Therefore you don't want to open a bank account if they don't have an ATM by your new work/home. 2) Opening an account when over here is so much easier - all you need to go is walk into a branch with your passport (that is all the ID you need - I know I worked in a bank) and they will open one whilst you wait. This saves you trying to open one in the UK and trying to contract Aussie banks in London, etc. If you've got money you're waiting to transfer from a UK account, you can always deposit a UK cheque although this can take a few weeks to clear. If you need the money quickly then you'll need to give your UK bank the full details of your new Oz account and they can wire it to you - but ask your UK bank what the procedure is for wiring money before you leave the UK. 3) Tax File Number - you do NOT need one to open a new Aussie account - although you are recommended to give it to them when you get it (as the Australian Tax Office (ATO) can take a few weeks to provide you one). Further info on Aussie banks: Be aware that many Aussie banks charge account fees & ATM fees - this comes as quite a shock for those coming from the UK. However there is some good news - more and more banks are NOT charging any account fees. For example, ING have just launched a completely fee free bank account that will not charge any fees for ATM or electronic banking. It's called the Orange Everyday account.Orange Everyday and it's giving the banks a run for their money. There are plenty of other accounts that don't charge fees, especially if you deposit a salary into them. SO NEVER OPEN AN ACCOUNT THAT CHARGES YOU ACCOUNT FEES. Alternatively there are heaps of other accounts that offer fee free banking. The major banks - ANZ, CBA, Westpac, NAB and St George (owned by Westpac) all have a major retail high street presence. But you should also consider credit unions. These offer much more personalised services and much cheaper fees. The credit unions also allow you to use any NAB ATM so they have one of the biggest fee-free ATM networks in Oz Whatever you decide on, just remember that Aussies, like Poms, love bank bashing so you're unlikely to hear too many good things about them! Hope this is of use - You'll love Oz!
  15. :v_SPIN:Hey Gday Guys, Just wondered if anyone has any advice on setting up a bank account? Is it best to do it online with Westpac or Commonwealth etc... or do you recommend doing it through your bank account in Britain?(into an aussie account) If anyone has set up an account or is about to would be great to hear some advice. Hubbie and I put big application in last month, so gathering info at mo, and gettin the house ready to sell up, its all quite nerve wracking, but exciting!!!!:jiggy:
  16. Hi all, My visa has been granted, our house has been sold and the flights have been booked. We've even got a house to move straight into in Sydney. My current employers have even offered me a job working from home even though they don't have an Australian office. However, I've just been told that I'll need to go self-employed and work on a contract basis rather than remain as an employee (Risk/Health & Safety Managers have got involved!!). This doesn't worry me as it's only Compliance people sticking their noses in. However, does anyone have any advice as to how I can go about getting set up as a self-employed person? Is there anyone I should talk to? Not having ever done something like this before any help would be appreciated......
  17. Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me out on this one. I am currently a freelance translator English into Dutch living in the UK. My business is currently set up as a limited company, as my accountant has told us this is saving us a little money on tax. We believe we will be able to go to Perth later this year on a 176 visa, WA State Sponsored, and I am now starting to look into how to setup the business side of this. My questions are: 1) Would it be better for me to setup my business as a sole trader or as a limited company in Oz? 2) I believe, the same as with migration agents, you can only find a good and trustworthy accountant by word of mouth, it's no use just checking the yellow pages. So, does anyone know of an accountant in Perth that may be able to help me with the setting up of my business in Oz? Cheers, Karin
  18. I would like to set up my own shop and am trying to research whether it is a feasible idea or not and am finding it difficult to get all the information on the internet and thought I would post on here as there are so many knowledgeable PIO people, perhaps some of you maybe able to help me.:notworthy: So, I was wondering if anyone in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast already have dealings with shop rentals could give me some advice on availabilty, rental costs and agent details for these areas. We actually only need a small shop nothing too big. If anyone has any dealings in renting shops out what are the pitfalls we may need to consider, and insurances we need to take out if running a shop in QLD. And if hiring shop staff what payments would we need to make for them apart from their salary? Do the government give any assistance into setting up your own small business? Tax relief etc... It is such a minefield when trying to investigate something like this when we live to far away!. So any information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Tasha :wubclub:
  19. We are in Melbourne & my husband is a bricklayer. He has found work for other builders & is getting a day rate of about $240 a day. There is work out there direct for the house building companies that pays a lot better but as a brickie on his own it is not a lot of fun. Are there any other brickies / labourer looking to set up a gang in Melbourne? We are in Donvale but he is willing to travel for work. Marriott Waters seems to have heaps of on going work with another 3 years left on their project. Please get in touch if you are interested or have any helpful words of wisdom on doing this. Cheers Jaq
  20. Hi. We hope to be in Adelaide SA in September and was hoping after lots of research to start a small Glass shop. I was just wondering if this can be done on a 475 temp visa and how hard it is.
  21. Guest

    Setting up costs

    Wondered if anyone could advise of the potential initial cost of renting a property on the Sunshine coast eg. how much deposit and any costs to rental agent, bond etc. We were hoping to sell before we move but after 14 months on the market we are looking into renting our house and taking the plunge but are trying to cost setting up at the other end. Also could anyone tell us what sort of cost is involved in using the services of relocation agents which may be useful as we are a large family and will have alot to sort out. Thanks
  22. Guest

    Setting up in Brisbane!

    Hello All. Planning to move the family to Brisbane this summer (July). Need husband to secure Town Planning job first, so any leads, suggestions welcome. Also need to secure eldest daughter in a good school also. Can anyone tell me what the equivalent A'Level's are out there and any good schools in the area. She's confident, sporty and keen on Geography... any direction would be useful (especially social life!!) Many thankyou's. H
  23. Hi What a great site, I wish there was stuff like this when I came to Oz in 1981. I'd just like to say to any new migrants, welcome, it is a great country with many opportunities. ( Great! this site has spell check ). The first 6 months to a year are always the hardest, just stick with it, stay focused and you will get there. There has always been an unwritten "law" that we Poms look out for our own, no matter which end of the country we come from. To the point though. If you are thinking of starting your own business in Oz, have a look at this website Business & Entrepreneurs Asia Pacific Group (BEAP Group) (Brisbane) - Meetup.com You should be able to copy and paste the link. Like this site it's free to register the meet up and the idea is to get like minded entrepreneurs ( that's got to have been a French word! ) together. it doesn't hurt to look and register, it may be that you have something to offer too. I'm in Brisbane, originally from Gillingham Kent and I'm happy to answer any questions and give advice from new or potential migrants. All the best Mick
  24. Just a quick post to let everyone in Brisbane know I am setting up my own building business if you are looking for someone to complete your renovation jobs. I am an qualified, experienced builder and carpenter and have been in Australia for just over a year. I live in Brisbane's inner north. I know it can be hard to find reliable contractors here and so I wanted to post my details. If you would like to discuss any projects then please contact me through the pm system or the in site e-mail system.
  25. Hi there, I have been running a cafe for several years and am wanting to set up my own cafe in Sydney once we are settled and found the correct location ect ect... Can anyone tell me if it is easy or not to set up your own business in OZ....any experiences or advice would be great whilst im researching everything for myself.... the person with the most useful insight or information will receive free coffee...for a year!!! hahah.