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Found 101 results

  1. Hi Folks I'm having a bad day, please bear with me! Well I'm not sure if I'm just imagining all this, being a neurotic woman and all!! But I can't help but think that just lately, my friends and family are beginning to withdraw from me. And I'm really beginning to feel hurt. (But then I suppose its nothing compared to what I'm puting them through.) I try really hard not to talk about Australia and the Visa when I'm with them. But thats difficult when they're the ones that bring it up! As you all know, this process throws all sorts of unexpected emotions at you as it is and I'm finding having to deal with this one is really tough. I'm beginning to feel alone, and alien in my own country. (well if nothing else its good training for when I really am an alien!) I'm really not sure how to handle it, does anyone else feel this kind of thing happning to them?? Or am I truly alone :cry:. I dear.... i do sound pathetic don't I!! Help......
  2. G'day, this is my first ever post. My husband has just been granted his spouse visa 2.12.11, and we are now seriously considering the Big move. Dilemma is we have a great life in Yorkshire, live in a very picturesque rural market town with 3 kids and really want to waste as little time as possible trudging round Oz waiting for somewhere to grab us. We have visited Gold coast a few times and love it but not sure that's where we want to be based long term, I'm thinking is anyone out there between Brisbane and Byron living the dream? Any advice is warmly welcomed....x
  3. UK is in winter, Austraila is in summer,how do you feel when you move? When you move, it means you will through two winters or two summers. Does your body can adjust to this enviroment?
  4. This is NOT a thread that is meant to start the old Aus v UK crime thingy again, just an attempt to ask fellow PIO'ers about some possible suggestions please. My eldest now works at a junior school and last night was the schools carol concert,:notworthy:, mums/dads/brothers/sisters/uncles/aunts all rocking up to see their family members drop the little Jesus onto the stage and have many memories,:jiggy::notworthy: Anyway, while she was helping organise it several lovely chaps/chapesses decide to try and break into her car which was parked in the SCHOOL car park. Door locks were forced, side panel keyed ad they even tried to nick the petrol. Personally I know Christmas is a time for giving, but I really want to 'GIVE' these muppets a Christmas present they will remember. Castration without anesthetic (if boys) followed by several hours of torture, if girls then I would obviously have to let my good lady deal with them, (with instructions from me,:cool:) So please fellow PIO'ers, suggestions please, nothing sensible like let the police deal with it,:no:, your own personal suggestions on a suitable punishment please.:notworthy: Cheers Tony.
  5. Everybody seems to be in a christmassy mood but ive just not been able to this year! maybe its been the unusually mild weather and the fact that i havent been working thats put me off, i was dreading buying presents :sad: but now that im working i seem to be a lot better! some muppet at work was singing a xmas song earlier n i actually found myself humming it to myself on the way home :cute: going to get all my xmas presents in when i get paid and try to stop being such a scrooge! think it upsets my mum a little when im not that bothered cos she puts a lot of effort into it and who knows.. maybe this will be our last xmas together if i move! oh and todays weather definitely made it feel like proper winter.. rain, hail, sleety snow ( seriously!) and its freezing!! dave txt me saying it was howling with snow at his work, i thought he was winding me up untill i got out from work and it was even snowing a bit in Wishaw! everybody else in the xmasy mood? :jiggy:
  6. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/a-frosty-reception-for-coca-cola-s-white-christmas-cans.html Personally, I think the new look is cool and my psychology could even make it tastier for me... Just can't believe people are so hooked on classical Coke...
  7. I was walking to work today in the hot and humid weather blah blah blah and text my wife to say how lucky we are to be living here away from the cold and wet UK...blah blah blah. She phoned me back to say that we are lucky and its going to be a nice Summer and blah blah blah, so I emailed her later to say that it doesnt feel like Christmas when you live here in December blah blah blah and then it dawned on me how boring I must sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin::laugh::tongue:
  8. The Australians deservedly won the Four Nations World Cup, beating the Poms 32 to 8 at Elland Road.:jiggy::jiggy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2063719/Australia-beat-England-win-Four-Nations.html Cheers, Bobj.
  9. Hi All Well last June we made the leap and moved to the Gold coast , both me and hubby secured good jobs and kids settled in well , then the first big blip of homesickness and i crumbled !! Ended up returning new years eve and within the first few weeks thought oh lord what have we done !!! (Or me)...So now its a case of we realise why we made the jump last year and now are considering a move again .... Will i be more prepared this next time ???
  10. Hi, I wondered if any one in Perth could help , we are due to be migrating over to Perth NOR early next year , I'm not sure if its panic setting in but ..(well it probably is panic because we are seriously doubting everything lol).. I would like your view and opinion on the safety of living in Peth suburbs.. eg Crime near you , thefts ,burgalries ect. Do you feel safe where you are and how does it compare to the UK ?
  11. Harpodom

    How did you feel......

    .......on the day you left for Oz on a one way ticket? I look back at that day (and week) as one of the worst times of my life. It was truly awful. I felt sick to the core with sadness at leaving my family, stressed to the eyeballs (we happened to be completing on the sale of our house the day we flew out!) and exhausted beyond belief. The most poignant memory was in the hour leading up to our departure for the airport, my parents bathing our then 2 year old. The tenderness with which my mum brushed his hair was gut wrenchingly sad to witness. HOWEVER, fast forward 3 years, and all's good.
  12. .......in the minds of family and friends back in the UK? For example, emails... There was a time when I'd take ages to reply to emails from friends etc, basically cos I was lazy and disorganised. Nowadays I'm at the other extreme, if friends email me from the UK, I reply almost immediately and then wait up to 2 or 3 weeks for a one line reply! Yesterday I sent a very lengthy email to all my family with pics. So far, no response. For example, Facebook.... I joined this intially with the aim of keeping my family up to date with photos etc of our kids. After 3 years of minimal or no feedback from them to all the photos I've shared, I've pretty much given up. For example, phonecalls.... I think I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of phonecalls I've had with my brother, likewise my sister and best mates. I suspect I'm not alone in this. It honestly feels like they've 'moved on'. Anyone else feel like this?
  13. Just wondering how everyone felt in the last weeks you had here in the Uk? :wideeyed:
  14. One week away from shipping all our stuff. Two weeks away from moving out of our house. Three weeks away from signing to sell our house. Four weeks away from flying out to Sydney. I'm starting to freak out a bit! So much to do and I'm sure I'll forget something along the way. I think I need a drink.
  15. kellyjamie

    Anyone else feel like me?

    well finally we have the shippers coming tomorrow!! i dont know if anyone else feels like this but i kinda feel like its all a bit plastic, in a bubble just now, i keep expecting this huge wave of something to hit me but its yet to arrive? altho today whilst getting everything together for the shippers i began to get a little excited but honestly nothing specific, i dunno if its becoz were not going till january or if its becoz im expecting too much?? Im hoping i get the feeling when i get the flight and maybe it hits me:eek: i mean i was happy when the visa came thru etc but i wasnt delirious, didnt cry or anything. Jamie reckons it becoz its been such a hard slog to get to this point, weve had so many set backs that eventually it takes its toll?? i mean last year when jamie was offered the job by WA i was going mad with excitement then he had it revoked and honestly ever since i kind of lost my mojo about it. I totally want to go thats not that and i think of everyday , i dunno maybe im expecting too much?:skeptical:
  16. And maybe 2oz each of Winter Mixture, Bullseyes & Pineapple Chunks.
  17. The love of field and coppice, Of green and shaded lanes. Of ordered woods and gardens Is running in your veins, Strong love of grey-blue distance Brown streams and soft dim skies I know but cannot share it, My love is otherwise. I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – The wide brown land for me! A stark white ring-barked forest All tragic to the moon, The sapphire-misted mountains, The hot gold hush of noon. Green tangle of the brushes, Where lithe lianas coil, And orchids deck the tree-tops And ferns the warm dark soil. Core of my heart, my country! Her pitiless blue sky, When sick at heart, around us, We see the cattle die - But then the grey clouds gather, And we can bless again The drumming of an army, The steady, soaking rain. Core of my heart, my country! Land of the Rainbow Gold, For flood and fire and famine, She pays us back threefold - Over the thirsty paddocks, Watch, after many days, The filmy veil of greenness That thickens as we gaze. An opal-hearted country, A wilful, lavish land - All you who have not loved her, You will not understand - Though earth holds many splendours, Wherever I may die, I know to what brown country My homing thoughts will fly.
  18. Well we have 24 weeks before we fly to OZ and its suddenly beginning to start to feel very real, its taken so long to get to this point that i often felt we would never get to this stage but here we are. We have taken the extremely hard and emotional decision to rehome our dog with a wonderful family here as we just cant afford to take him as the house has not sold, £4k out of our savings is too much. So we met them today and they came with their boxer and the 2 of them got on great we are taking dexter thru to theirs on sunday and if all goes well he will be staying, im gutted but also so relieved i have found him a great new home and we will stay in contact so i can see how hes doing. Weve also managed to get the house rented to a really nice family for a minmum years lease but they would like 3 years which is great, huge weight off our shoulders. So we have began packing up what we want to take as we are only taking boxes with personal and important stuff no furniture as we dont have enough to fill even half a container so we decided we will just start new. Packing our stuff up has brought it home for the first time the enormity of what were actually doing and although im happy and excited theres a small part of me thats slightly apprehensive but not enough to have second thoughts. We are going to do a few car boot sales over the next month or so try and sell alot of stuff before we move in with relatives, then we have 3 nights out a night out with all jamies colleagues and my ex colleagues end of oct a night out with my current work mid nov then a big meal with friends and family end of nov, and before we know it jan 10th will be here. Were also booking flights for my parents to come out next Oct for 3 months. So busy times ahead which were finally happy are here,:jiggy: So as of the end of the month im not sure how often i will be on the site but will ensure i get on before we leave if nothing else, so i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us to this point, we are eternally grateful to a handful of people whom without we wouldnt be at this point, also to all those who have offered their support over the last couple of years thankyou your kind and encouraging words have helped us thru some crappy periods of this rollercoaster. :jiggy::jiggy:were actually going peeps at last its our turn:wubclub:
  19. After months of dreaming and hoping we have finally sent the first payment to the migration company for them to start the visa process for us!! I know we still have a long way to go but i finally feel like we have started our journey to Oz! Cant wait to get there!!! Lou x
  20. *** I am depressed! Do we just cancel everything and just get on with our lives?.... It has been nearly 2 years since we started the emigration process and 16 months since we applied for our Visa but with no immediate end in sight. OUR LIVES ARE ON HOLD!!!!! My work know that I have applied to emigrate- so NO chance of promotion for me, family and friends asking all the time if we have heard anything (aarrgghh- we would say if we had!), teenage kids (one of which 'might' be emigrating with us) have no idea when their lives will be turned upside down with us moving and their family home being sold. I just feel that waiting another 2 years like this is going to tear me up, so we should just forget about 'our dream'. Has anyone else cancelled their visa? Have you then regretted it? Should we/can we carry on like this? Can anyone in a similar situation tell me what you have done? *** Firstly, thank-you for all the positive replies I had. I posted this in October... and have to admit that the depression has really took hold now! What worries me more is that being on a 475 visa, my OH is going to be 50 when we get a PR (if we emigrate in the next year). Of course we are worried about him classed as 'old' when job hunting and we are even heading toward the thought of 'will we be able to afford retire?'. I know it's only a decision we can make.... the thought of a new life on The Sunshine Coast, but it is eating me up!!!! I get annoyed when people on PIO moan about waiting 6 months for their visa (nothing personal, just feeling sorry for myself). We could wait 3-4 years and still be turned down. I wish they would look at your visa and say " yes, you will get a Visa.... but you will have to wait, rather than wait, then be told...." sorry, your application has been unsuccessful" Ok, rant over :arghh: still depressed! Hope I am not re-posting this in another year!
  21. tonyman

    I Feel Love..!!

    OMG 30yrs on and i could still smooch dance to this with the right person...............:wink:...but with only the one and only ...........:hug:
  22. ...just went shopping yesterday, but it was a glorious day and the breeze was warm..it made me think of Aus and how being there in the beaut weather just makes me feel top when i go to Freo and walk round the markets, which is buzzing with people from all walks of life and buskers are playing in the bar, or go to Kings Park at the weekend and there's family and friends set to enjoy a day together this makes me just feel good:smile: for my hubbie it would be the green fields and good ol' British pubs... whether it be Aus, England or anywhere, what just makes you feel good?
  23. We all often neglect ourselves sometimes in the general scheme or work and family, so what was the last thing you did for yourself that made you feel good?
  24. Guest

    Do you feel your age?

    I am going to be forty this year :daydreaming: and i think i am beginning to feel it, my old barnet has started to grey :cry: and my temple is not looking as chiseled as it used to:cute:, this getting old lark is not all its cracked up to be:nah:, do you feel your age?
  25. Hi, We have had the everything finalised now for over 3 weeks so with any luck the visa grant is imminent, we've been working towards this for 2&1/2 years so why now am i questioning whether we are ever going to go? The thought of the cost of a 3 week recce trip this year (£4k flights + £4k accom and spending money) is making me feel sick - for the reasons below we must have really good look before we commit. I am looking at the cost of living/ wages and the amount in $ we will have to set ourselves up (the exchange rate was very different when we started the process!) and wondering if we are deluding ourselves heading for a slow lingering financial suicide before a return to the UK with our tails between our legs. I have worked so hard and done so many hours all towards this goal just not sure it will all be worth it anymore.... In a way having our application declined might come as a relief and certainly wouldn't be the disaster I once thought it would be. Am I alone?