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Found 18 results

  1. dissolvedgirl

    Moving To The Gold Coast - Countdown!

    Hi all! So I've been really intrigued to read everyone's reports of moving over to Oz, so I thought I'd start my own countdown thread, detailing all the many trials and tribulations that I'm sure I'll have to go through to get there! A bit of background first...I'm 24, moving with my Australian OH, and will (hopefully!) go over first on a WH visa, and then get approved/get the ball rolling on a de facto partner visa while I'm out there. We're looking to move our little Persian cat, too, so starting to sort out everything for him (what a costly nightmare!!). The OH will most likely be walking into a job (he's an accountant) and I'm happy to do anything initially, then maybe get some admin/reception work. Near future goals are: Rabies jabs, bloods, and micro-chipping of kitten! Apply and pay for visa (along with getting it approved) And to start my 'get thin for Australia diet.' Would love to chat to anyone that would be moving to a similar area Helen
  2. runslikeafish

    The Final Countdown

    Hi all, I've not been on here as much as normal over the last few weeks. To say it's been a bit hectic would be an understatement! Anyway, there are less than 3 weeks to go before we arrive in Hobart :jiggy: as I'm sure a lot of you know from experience it's a scary and emotional time. I'm regularly wondering if we're doing the right thing (although of course we are!) - I've come to the conclusion that to do something great you need to go outside of your comfort zone. ...and we're certainly outside of ours! :biggrin: So, I just thought I'd post an update. I'm thinking of starting a blog where I'll post things that may be interesting and/or useful (hopefully) to people doing a similar thing. As and when I get time to do it, I'll post a link here. Good luck all, and looking forward to perhaps seeing some of you in Tassie. Tim
  3. I am about to book our flights! :swoon: Can anyone please offer me any useful advice for these last months here in the Uk? :eek: Anything from the booking of the flights, right up until the day itself Thankyou so much in advance :notworthy:
  4. Guest

    Final Countdown

    Hi Everyone, Well this is it...our last week...We fly with Singapore Airlines on the 27th Aug 22:05 flight. We have so much to sort the first week we are there but hey ho...nothing new:biggrin: I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped along the way...I will give a report on my arrival and also update my removals thread on how John Masons performed on the removal. Take care folks:biggrin: Si & Gem
  5. Hi Guys Well only 10 weeks before I arrive in Perth and the countdown is on. Is there any links or can anybody please advise me if you have a What to Do List we can work from so that I do not forget anything that I need to do. I am sure you have been asked this question a million and one times. Any help is very much appreciated. Many thanks Debbie
  6. legoman

    countdown has begun

    well after deciding we will rent the house for a while due to exchange rate etc and lower prices meaning we would lose at both ends of the spectrum so to speak,we contacted a rental agent, 1st visit by poss tenants this morning and they love the house and want it asap. now we can get the move going, we been clearing the house for a while now and boxes are on way to freo, yet as i sit here and glance aroud it seems as if we havn't done a thing!! :err: july we will be in perth, and another chapter begins. :cool: better get onto e-bay
  7. Hi there, in need of some advice please! :unsure: When does the 12 month countdown in which you must undertake a trip to Oz to validate your visa? Is it from when your visa is granted? Or is it from when you have had your medicals? Also anyone know roughly how long applications take to be processed and granted from when you have been appointed a case officer? Thanks in advance for any helpful information that anyone can give :smile:
  8. claireg

    SMP Countdown

    I think it perhaps time we had another countdown to the SMP..... 1st November may be the date when we may see something (we hope) 17 days to go :daydreaming: Let's hope we all get some good news and soon. Claire
  9. Mhags

    It's the final countdown!

    well after ages of saying' yes, were going to Australia' we are actually going to Australia! My last Scottish Monday, spent with friends,in glorious sunshine! We leave home on Sunday & have the busiest week ahead catching up with everyone....won't need to eat for a week once we get there ,all the lunches & dinners we are having. Our container has been on the go for 4 weeks & due to arrive on 4th November so living in a 4 bedroom squat has been worth it! Amazing what you can do without when you have to! We have 4 weeks temporary accomadation sorted then will have to find a new home! Looking forward to setting up home.....as long as I have a pantry & a laundry room ( simple things & simple minds!) Kids finished school last Thursday , dog & cats have been re-homed with family but still hard to say goodbye:sad: We haven't sold our house but will leave it in the hands of estate agents & hope it sells! Will spend Saturday madly cleaning! So good luck to everyone else moving soon & hope it works out well for us all, Mhags
  10. Guest

    3 month countdown!

    We're leaving for Oz in 3 months!!! Any words of advice now would be most appreciated from anyone who has recently gone through the same. We've got a 'to-do list' for the 3 month countdown but would love to hear what other people thought we're the 'biggies' to get sorted this close to leaving!!! (btw work don't know yet so that's on the list!!!) Cheers Stretch&Costa x
  11. Dawny

    Its the final countdown!

    Well just two days to go now till the shippers come, Can't believe how quickly the time has flown by, The house is a complete mess, looks worse than a jumble sale at the end of the day lol, One more tip run, (i hope), we move into a holiday let on friday with no access to the internet :mad: Also with 3 kids and two dogs, which is not good, so will be popping into macdonalds on off to check mail over one very long coffee, Will try and get on as much as i can, flights are booked 11 th May, so its all systems go, Starting to panic a little now, really hope we don't forget any thing!! speak soon, love Dawn xx
  12. Guest

    Final countdown to Oz

    Hi folks, Haven't been on for a while as have been busy moving house and trying to cram 3-bed house worth of stuff into a few shipping boxes and my old bedroom at my parents' house. We're on the final countdown to our flights on 20th July and I wondered if anyone could give me some advice/list of things to do before we go. I have a big folder of qualification certificates, copy of final mortgage statement etc. But what else did anyone else take that was useful (or didn't take that they wished they had !) Cheers Lisa p.s. does anyone have any suggestions of places to visit outside Perth in WA, we'll be hanging around for a couple of weeks in WA waiting for pooch to get out of quarrantine. Then we're campervanning it over to sunshine coast (via margaret river, albany, esperance, nullabor, adelaide, blue mountains and waterfall way to byron bay then up the coast to mooloolaba. Any ideas for places to visit/avoid welcome.
  13. Guest

    3 months countdown!

    I cant believe i go in 3 months the time is going by really quick now, im going to Perth and would love to meet friends simular age to me over there (28) i also have a 2 year old son, be great to meet some people going through the same things as me!:hug:
  14. Guest

    It's The Final Countdown!!!!

    Have handed in my notice at work!!:biglaugh: Felt sooooooooo good!!! My last day is Friday 13th of Feb! Hope nothing happens on that day. lol So on the final few weeks of working at a job ive been at for 5 years, just the annual conference to look forward to! (NOT!), then the leaving party for friends & Family, then of to OZ on Feb 26th. Will be staying in Jimboomba with friends for a couple of weeks, which will hopefully give us enough time to find the perfect rental. Really cant wait now, Still got the packing to do at home tho :confused: Dave&Nikki
  15. Guest

    the final countdown

    this is our last few days in uk and it is getting hard now...saying our goodbyes to long time friends and relatives just seems so hard but i know we are doing the right thing....gonna be really hard leaving stepson behind but i think i know he will follow us out when he has finished college..i still have no second thoughts about going i just want it to be as smooth settling in as it has been to go through the process of getting there.....we fly out from manchester on the 27th with singapore airlines at 9.10 am is anyone else on this flight? thanks for all the info you people on here have given me and we will have a barbi and a beer when we get settled:emoticon-signxmas:
  16. Guest

    Final countdown

    God we have only got 1 more week in our house and 5 more weeks left in england. So much to do and so little time left to do it. Anybody in the pio land that knows of any good pyciatrists, nows the time to come forth and spread the knowledge cos I thinks I might be in need of some counciling.:wacko:
  17. Guest

    final countdown

    Just had CROWN in today...absolutelty brilliant,top notch blokes from start to finish,this time next week well be in sydney,just got another 50 leaving drinks to squeeze in....yeeeeha:jiggy:
  18. Guest

    It's the final countdown!

    Hey!! This is my last week and I am sooooooooo excited :!: My life is in three bags, an iPod and a memory stick :!: I'm flying out next Monday after dropping daughter off at Uni on Sunday. Goodness knows what I am doing on the pc right now.. there is sooooooooo much to do - I will have travelled the length and breadth of the country by Monday and I'm absolutely bush-wacked but keep going somehow Paid all my dues today and feel virtuous. Had last supper with parents tonight though, which soon wiped the smile off my face! What a roller coaster.. one minute grinning from ear to ear, the next, mopping up tears. One good thing, though.. got to be at Heathrow by 9.00 am, so hoping to sneak out in the dark and avoid lengthy goodbyes! See you all soon Down Under