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Found 52 results

  1. All of Australia and NZ will experience a total lunar eclipse on Dec. 10th It will be late (11pm) in the eastern states. http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/LEplot/LEplot2001/LE2011Dec10T.pdf Cheers, Bobj.
  2. Hello Everyone!! So my partner and i are lodging a defacto visa at some point in the next 6 months! My questions are.. * How much is it in aussie dollars? *What is the processing time if lodged in NZ? *Can i still apply whilst on a tourist visa if in Auz, or whilst on a working holiday visa if we are in NZ? * Is it easier for me to have a medical in the UK or Auz? *Will they ask me about my previuos time spent on a holiday visa in auz, inc farm work etc? *Will i have to proove i have funds in my bank if only getting a 3 month tourist visa? Basically we have been together for three years in April, lived together for over 2 years and have all the evidence to proove our relationship is ligit. We have been in the UK (where i'm from) for the last 18 months. He flew back yesterday :sad: to surprise his family for his sisters birthday :smile: i will be joining him on Dec 29th!!!! :jiggy: Our plan was for him to work for the next 4 months in Sydney doing a job which pays pretty well, after i meet him i may do some volunterry work until march when our friend is meeting us in NZ. We were then BOTH going to work for 6 months in NZ until our visa gets granted and we finally settle in auz!!!! What are your thoughts on where i should lodge the visa? Is it cheaper if done in NZ? Sorry there are SO many questions!!!! I'm sure we've all been there!!! hehe.... Looking forward to hearing your responses!!!!
  3. Hi all, Has anyone got a copy of the latest Australia & New Zealand magazine? We had our copy delivered then it went walkabout before we had chance to read it. :arghh: It'll be here somewhere, so we will find it eventually, (we hope), but we wondered if anyone could give us some details of an advert in there. It was a boxed advertisement regarding transporting a car to Australia. There was a telephone number to ring for advice and questions. Please could someone reply with the name and contact number for us? Much appreciated, :yes: Jon & Trace
  4. is it a great load of trouble to take your car with you when you emigrate, and what is the overall cost if the car is only worth £2.000 thanks for any help you can give me samsav:goofy:
  5. Shamefully, I haven't posted on this site for ages. Mainly because I made the move and have been busy settling in and working hard. A while back, I helped a couple of people moving to Australia find jobs which was really rewarding as I know only too well the mammoth task of moving to the other side of the planet and resettling in a country which at first appears simlar but underneath, is actually quite different. I'm working back at Oracle and would be happy to hear from IT Sales, Pre-Sales or Consulting people, thinking of making the move in case I can help them when they get here or even before. Oracle doesn't really sponsor people so only those returning back to Australia or part/all way through getting PR would be eligable. Good luck with all your plans and here are a few hints/tips from me that might help: Be flexible when it comes to salary, until you've proven that you're staying in Australia, long-term. Yes your experience is transferrable but not everyone settles and it's costly and time-consuming for employers to find and train people. Therefore, their risk = lower salaries for you, sometimes. At least until you prove yourself. If they headhunt you, that's another matter. Employers in Australia pay 9% superannuation into their own or your chosen scheme. When you're negotiating a salary, make sure you understand if it's including or excluding super. 20 days holiday is standard in Australia. Dissapointing but it is what it is. Things go very quiet between Christmas Eve and mid-January at least. It's a bit like July in the UK, school holidays and many people are away so job hunting during these periods is a waste of time and quite frustrating. Still a good time to connect with recruiters especially those working direct for companies but you'll have to follow up with them again mid-January onwards when the hiring managers return from leave. In my humble opinion, there are only two websites worth looking at when it comes to job hunting. Seek.com.au and Linkedin. Seek is by far the most used site across all sectors (especially professional) and Linkedin is now widely used by recruiters so I'd encourage you to get your profile set-up and the recruiters will find you if your skills are in demand and online media is common in your sector. You can add that you're seeking a job in Australia on your profile. (One from my partner here) Constructions standards are soooo different in Australia. The weather is dryer and warmer, therefore, building materials are different and the quality isn't always as good as houses are not typically built to last hundreds of years. Be prepared for a shock if you plan to build. Look forward to hearing from some of you. Pj
  6. Hi Guys, I just wanted some opinions on my plan... I have already had my 2 years working holiday visa's for australia, i was due to get sponsored which fell through due to salary. I am going to new Zealand pretty soon, although i'm really looking forward to it, i have a motive to try and find work in australia from new zealand (on a sponsorship) - i have a few contacts in OZ from my time there which im still in contact with, although obviously cannot rely on that. Do you think it's unrealistic to apply for jobs in Auatralia (syd, melb or perth) from New Zealand - i'd obv fly over for interviews and agencies regestration etc, i have lots of friends in australia so will be visiting friends at same time. I also realise the return flights are not cheap. I would be working in Banking by the way. Or would it be more realistic to be integrated and sponsored into a role in NZ and try and get a transfer eventually (assuming im at at big company) Any opinions would be appreciated - just hard to find similar kind of situations online anywhere. thanks
  7. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...63756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub: (I have also posted this thread on the New Zealand forum)
  8. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518089058#!/pages/Shannon-Ballinger-please-help-us-find-her/263756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub:
  9. On the 28th June 2011 a new rule came in that states all pets coming from the UK must do a minimum of 10 days at a quarantine station in New Zealand. Other changes are that the faecal test on both cats and dogs has been dropped, BUT, you are now required to apply for an import permit as well as an export permit:no: There are 5 quarantine stations in New Zealand and some of them have limited space. Pussy Cat Lodge 29 Crowther Street Avondale Auckland New Zealand Proprietor: Mr Gary Burch Ph +64 9 828 3410 Fax +64 9 828 0455 Cats: 24 The following facilities are registered and permitted to quarantine cats and dogs from specific countries: Pethaven Quarantine Services 71a Homestead Road RD1 Pokeno Auckland New Zealand Proprietor: Mrs. Robyn van den Brink Ph +64 9 2336301 Fax +64 9 2336302 E-mail pethaven@xtra.co.nz Website www.pethavenkennels.co.nz Dogs: 17 and Cats: 14 Qualified Pet Services 150 Airfield Road Takanini Auckland New Zealand Proprietor: Mr Raymond Cheung Ph +64 9 299 9539 Fax +64 9 299 9539 E-mail services@qualifiedpet.co.nz Website www.qualifiedpet.co.nz Dogs: 36 and Cats: 32 Canterbury Quarantine Services Ltd Highfield Road Aylesbury PO Box 23158 Christchurch New Zealand Proprietors: Chris and Lindsey Ward Ph +64 3 318 1279 Fax +64 3 318 1289 Email: wumba@xtra.co.nz Website www.canterburyquarantine.co.nz Dogs: 30 and Cats: 15 Shado-Lans Quarantine Facility 773 State Highway One R D 31 Levin New Zealand Proprietor: Denise and John Clark Ph +64 6 362 6184 Fax +64 6 362 6185 Email: shado-lans@xtra.co.nz Website www.shado-lans.co.nz Dogs: 6 and Cats: 4
  10. Is there anyone who would be interested in featuring in the Australia and New Zealand Magazine? I need families/couples/singles who have made the move to Australia and would like to take part in the "Meet the Movers" part of the magazine. It involves completing a small questionnaire and also sending a minimum of 6 high resolution photos. It doesn't matter how long you have been in Australia or New Zealand. Please contact me for further info. I know we have quite a few members who I think would be ideal and who have some stunning photos to share with the world. Look forward to hearing from you, and we need a few so please don't be put off if someone gets in before you, we have room for a few. Kate
  11. tcillc

    New Zealand travel on Oz PR

    I understand that Australian permanent residents are issued with a residency permit on their arrival to New Zealand. My question is that do they actually put a label in you passport or just a stamp?
  12. Guest

    New Zealand Ban grrrrrrrr

    Hey guys, Just a quick one need a bit of help here, my brother in law has been banned from re-entering New Zealand but I want to invite him to our wedding in oz. We wanted to know if you get banned from entering new zealand does that also ban you from entering oz for a couple of days on holiday????? Any feedback is massively appriciated:err: :-) x
  13. hevchick

    Police checks from New Zealand

    Hi Guys and Gals, Have any other globe trotting Brits had to get police checks from NZ? I spent exactly 12 months there so I've got to get my record checked there as well as the UK. I've seen the form I've got to fill in but I'd like to know how long it could possibly take to get it back, how much it might cost and how I can pay for it? I'd love to hear from anyone whose's experienced this. Thanks for your help hev x
  14. Got a dilemma in as much as i have received my skilled 175 subclass visa for oz, and now i got a liking for new zealand after visiting Perth and not liking it. So is it possible to transfer it through a reciprocal agreement that these countries may have?
  15. Close to 30 people missing in mine blast My thoughts go to the Miners, family and friends! Susie
  16. Guest

    New Zealand Work Visa in OZ

    Just a quick query all....... If I applied for a New Zealand visa (and it was granted), can I live and work in Australia straight away? Or would there be a requirement, for example I would have to live in New Zealand for a number of years first!? It seems that a lot of job adverts request a work visa from either New Zealand or Australia. Any advice would be much appreciated. cheers, cm
  17. PommyPaul

    New zealand eathquake

    jeez just seen this on the news!! looks like a big one! Quake causes widespread damage: Journos - Yahoo!7
  18. firebladebally

    Australia and New Zealand Magazine

    Hi all, i have 13 issues of Austarlia and New zealand magazine if anyone would like them, they are quite informative, tell you all about places, thngs to do, prices etc............ free to a good home, they are in garforth, leeds. Private message me if you want them, Cheers :biggrin:
  19. What is the best time to visit New Zealand and what are best sight seeing places ?How different is the climate in new zealnd climate from Australia ?
  20. DIAC introduces ANZSCO on 1 July 2010: ANZSCO (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations)
  21. tonyman

    congrats to New Zealand

    A great start to there world cup , there first EVER point in the would cup too , thats the way to do it ............
  22. Hello In all the time I've spend looking at living in Australia I never ever considered that New Zealand might be more like our perfect destination and I'm quite excited by the prospect! Thanks to the most recent series of Wanted Down Under that's just finished in the UK and the research I've been doing online I think our family would be best suited to AUCKLAND or HAWKES BAY (mainly because of I'm fed up of rain and no summer so the South Island might be just a bit too like England!). I was worried Oz would be too hot in the summer. We don't cope well in too much heat so the New Zealand cooler summers teamed with the option of skiing in winter sounds just wonderful. I'm going on a bit now, sorry, but just wanted to express my thoughts and wonder if anyone has experienced this change in direction. Can anyone tell me what it's really like living and working in Auckland and Hawkes Bay? Thanks for listening. Jo x
  23. Just thinking ahead, we will need to leave the country at some point to validate out ens. i cant find any direct flights to New Zealand, do they exist?
  24. Hi All We have had a request for more "Meet the Movers" the Australia and New Zealand Editor has asked for me to find more people who are willing to answer some questions on their move to Victoria and for it to be featured in the magazine. We are hoping to get some people in for the next edition so if you are happy to answer some questions and have some photos of your new life in Victoria please contact me asap. Thanks Kate
  25. Hi friends: I was wondering if there is some rule or restriction against applying for Australian and New Zealand residences at the same time. This is because according to the recent changes there is not way to predict the succes of an application anymore and life passes and oportunities fade away rapidly. Thanks in advance and I'll really appreciate any help.