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Found 76 results

  1. Hello all, I'm Harriet - I'm 28 living in London working as a Lawyer. I've just got back from 6 weeks travelling in oz, and looking to move to do the two year visa from September. I have the Oz bug But I have another reason for wanting to travel to Australia, I'm looking for my big brother, Martin David Roberts. He Moved to Oz in 1991, and became a fully fledged resident in 2001 or so. My family and I last heard from him in 2004. His main base was in Sydney, Stanmore. I have registered with Salvos who recently closed their file after 6 months. When I travelled to Oz I searched the electoral roll, knocked on doors, searched the death register, did a search with the police of criminal history, an immigration search, and had a campaign circulating via a independent search service called Australian Missing Persons Register. I've had no luck, but I'm not giving up. I'm going to be asking the local news papers in NSW to run "Seeking ads" with his pictures, and when I go to oz I'll be racking my brains on what I can do next to trace him. My biggest worry is that he is not just untraceable, but that he is actively missing, and because of his lifestyle (backpacker - free spirit) that this has not caused alarm. I hope this is not the case. This is the link to the campaign on facebook,message me if you would like details All that I have available to me is spreading the word, hence me posting here. Please can you take the time to share the above post on facebook, and if you have been travelling around Australia in the last decade please take a careful look at the pictures in case you may have met my big brother on your travels. Thanks all for your time HarrietMartin.pdf Martin.pdf
  2. Hi people, I don't know if it's right place to post on this forum but i hope so. Here is a little story. And I'm sorry already for any typos I'm making since I'm from Sweden and english is not my main language. Last year i've met a girl online and we started to chat and soon we felt huge attraction between each other. We already talked about who would move where and she told me she would move here. I've decided to go and visit her in Australia and i really liked Australia, but when i came there 2 weeks after she told me she couldn't move from Australia since she was too attached to her parents. She told me she would like me to come to Australia and we could live anywhere. So i came back to Sweden and thinking what to do. 3 Months later we met again in Thailand and had great time and then she told me she couldn't move anywhere in australia except to be in the city where her parents lived. So that a short version of every thing. Now the ball is in my hands. I could get off 6 months of work to work there and i have already applied for working visa. I have really good job in Sweden, working as project manager for big company, having good sallary and having alot of friends and quite attached to my family. I've asked her if i didn't like it in Australia would she move with me she said no. I've asked her what if we have kinds and i don't like it would she move she said no. That means it's one way ticket to aussie country. I'm thinking australia as warm country and that's whats in my mind compared to Sweden where where you wake up and you have a cloud above your head. What i like about sweden is that we have a free healthcare and free schools, including university. But i hate alot of things with Sweden also, actually i hate more things then i love them. What would you do? I imagine Australia as i did when i was on hollyday, but i guess all those palms, treas, kengroos, oceans become everyday life which you don't think about as i do now.. Would you leave everything for a person knowing it's one way ticket? She is already talking about kids. Also everybody is telling even if i go for 6 months i will be stuck since she will do everything to make me stay and that i would regret it after couple of years. Those who have moved there, do you miss your family alot? What is your opininion.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15799571 I found this really interesting article on the bbc website and just thought it would be interesting to see what other people make of it??
  4. NowPerth

    Pet microchip registration in Oz

    Just for info. Anyone bringing a pet into Oz will have had it microchipped. The uk personal details won't show up on the Aussie database if your pet is found and handed to a vet, ranger or RSPCA etc over here. You will need to reregister your microchip no and personal details over here in order for them to contact you if your pet is found. (You don't need a new microchip). We just did this through our vet and it cost $25 per pet.
  5. tracy123

    what is Australia missing

    Now we could go down that boring road of putting things like culture etc but really, lets be fair it does have culture but it's Australian it does have comedy but it's Australian you can't knock a place for having it's own unique brand or take on things Things that surprised me that the UK is missing are - being able to set the amount of fuel you want at the petrol pump. - Dim sims I'm sure there are loads more. So what was it that you would of thought Australia would have, that you took for granted in the UK?
  6. cassy

    Missing home already..

    Hi Everyone. I am going to sound like a real whinging pom, so apologies in advance...but need to get it off my chest.. We have been in Perth for nearly 4mths now, we have a job each, a rental near friends, our 11yr old daughter in school.. sounds good, but........... I hate my job, but it is a perfect location,(10mins walk) its 2 night shifts(care work) and it pays the rent and it fits around my daughter...but its awful. Dread it when work nights come around. Hubby has to travel hour and 15mins each way every day so he is constantly tired.. The worst is my daughter, who is terribly homesick (I have 3 grown up kids bacK in the UK) missing them and her friends.. She is ok at school, but cant seem to make friends outside of school.. have told her to get no's so we can arraange days, but she does'nt. It makes me feel so bad about it all, and at this moment feel like packing up and going home. I know its early days, and tell myself that every day.. but each day I feel worse, especially whe my daughter is shut up in her room. And she is'nt being naughty or anything, just quiet and we literally have to force her to go anywhere.. So any advice from anyone to help us would be very much appreciated. Again sorry for whinging on..
  7. stevie ellis

    missing pals?

    fa div you miss on here? a miss ma wee Tasmanian pal Susie, miss her humor and her kindness, she wis a wee cracker on here and a wish she wud come back:cry:
  8. gsaps

    She's missing the X-Factor

    Right, so we're here and settling (eventually) but the withdrawal from UK TV is setting in. I know there are ways to hide your ISP address so you can access ITV player and 4OD but does anon use a service like myexpatnetwork that charge a fee, if so, how good are they and which one do you use? thanks
  9. Guest51810

    missing scotland... not!!

    hey guys anybody missed me? :cute: holidays great - weathers roasting and the drinks are cold lol. dont want to come home! the only things i miss are the two mutts lol hows everyone getting on? i heard the storm wasnt as bad as people expected - good news! speak to you all when i get back if dave doesnt let me have another shot of the laptop lol cheerio:jiggy:
  10. We had planned that once the visa was through Stuart would fly out first to sort out work and a long term rental before me and our 2 boys went out. He is now on his first flight to Dubai and is due into Perth at 17.25 (their time) tomorrow. He has only been away a few hours and already I'm missing him so much, I know it will be worth it in the long run. Roll on november when me and the boys are hoping to fly out and be reunited. Sorry for the rant, family and friends here don't really understand how I feel but I am sure that there are others on PIO who have been through the same. :cool:
  11. Guest

    Missing : Please Read

    I hope that I am allowed to post this. Alan Spray is my Uncle and has been missing since last Saturday from the St. Albans area. We are trying everything we can to bring his information to people. I know that a lot of the PIO Community still live in Britain so please pass on any info. http://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/missing_alan_spray_a_wonderful_husband_father_and_grandfather_1_986371 Thank-you Helen xx
  12. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...63756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub: (I have also posted this thread on the New Zealand forum)
  13. Shannon Ballinger please help us find her Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=518089058#!/pages/Shannon-Ballinger-please-help-us-find-her/263756680320336 to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station. This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub:
  14. Guest

    missing asda and tesco

    I am really missing shopping in Asda and Tesco, I find it hard to find tasty meals, tonight we got a frozen bbq pizza it was disgusting I couldnt eat it, and it was a main brand name! In Asda the fresh pizza's were amazing as were the ones in morrisons, the variety of food in Uk was amazing!! I am having to learn to cook from scratch to make decent meals and also to cut costs, I cant believe how expensive shopping in Aus is!! Ive gone to these spud sheds and not impressed looks like the off cuts of food!! We have a great chinese by us but no decent family friendly restaurants that dont cost an arm and a leg. Its a shame that in such a beautiful country that these are things that let it down!! I miss get bargains at the supermarket, I miss the variety of crisps, the flavours, the chicken crisps here taste like chewing into a stock cube!! I also hate that when we say we miss things the aussies and some full of themselves brits say well go home, no I still like it here just wish it was more to up to date!! I went to a uk food retailer got excited to see tesco sauces they stated they were out of date no joke the date was 2006 and they were expecting $3 for some of it who buys food a year out of date let alone 5years!! Does anyone else feel like this or am I just being grumpy because its rained for weeks!!!
  15. Hi I was wondering if anyone else was missing going out with the girls for lunch etc since they moved to Perth. I am married, no kids yet, and have been in Perth for two months. We have finally moved to a long term rental south of the river so feel like we r getting settled now. I work as a nurse so do shift work. Would love to meet some new faces so if anyone fancies it then please let me know, I look forward to hearing from you
  16. I am having a problem with the Online Visa Application form. According to the online form, Provide details of ALL your family. Include family members that are not accompanying you to Australia as well as deceased family members. My father left me, my mother and my siblings some years ago. (Technically my parents are still legally married). I have placed my mother as my non-migrating dependent. My question is, do I still need to put my father in the Other Family Members section?
  17. Bibbs

    Skills assesment missing.

    Have some friends who are going through a 175 visa, they haven't got their "skills assesment" and their CO has just asked where this is. They didn't do it as it wasn't on their list of things to be done (they have done the rest inc police and medicals). They have been told that they need to basically do this and re-apply. Is there anything they can do? They have come over to Aus, on a 12 month working visas, and both found jobs.
  18. Declan has been missing from the Cairns area since the beginning of March. He has not made contact with anyone, not taken his bank cards, mobile and has not accessed his FB. There are no leads at all as to where he may be, we are unsure if he has been kidnapped OR if he has run away. At one point it was thought he may have been heading down to Victoria, so can I ask all of you to keep an eye out for him in the hope we can reunite him with his family soon. I just can't imagine the heartache his parents must be going through. Thanks everyone:notworthy::hug::wubclub: Kate
  19. Close to 30 people missing in mine blast My thoughts go to the Miners, family and friends! Susie
  20. We have been here 3 months this week and time really has flown, I am started to feel settled now and do not miss the UK as a place or my old life but I what I do miss is the familiarity of things, I miss not being able to pop over to people’s house for a cup of tea, collapsing on the sofa at my mum’s when I’m hung-over, roast dinner on a Sunday etc. I am going back at Christmas for 2 weeks so it will be interesting to see how I feel. I don’t feel ready to go back as it would have only been 4 months but I am excited about seeing everyone but that’s about it! A bit of a pointless post really but just having a missing familiarity day and thought it would make me feel better to write it down!
  21. Guest

    New point test- missing point

    Sorry to start a new thread, Administrators please feel free to merge it with another thread, if you would like. I can see people really missing the most important bit in the new pint test. 1. Do you think that DIAC is going to give 15 points for any university graduates from overseas. ( DIAC says, overseas recognised graduates- All of us need to wait and see which all the university from each country will be selected) 2. If somebody completed a Masters in Australia, whose is originally graduated from a university which is not recognised, what will happen When I saw the new point test this is the point came to my mind, for which I expected so many discussions, but people take it granted that every universities will get selected. Thanks and Regards
  22. Guest

    VIC website 176 missing

    Did anyone notice it? Are we supposed to fill under 886?>
  23. inception

    DRC with one missing police report

    I have lodged an onshore 885. I have all my documents in order including the UK and Australian police reports. Medicals are done as well. However, I still have not received my Malaysian police report. I lived in Malaysia for exactly 12 months. I was wondering if I would be eligible to use the DRC with my Malaysian police report missing. I have evidence that I have applied for it which is an acknowledgement receipt from the MAlaysian High Commission. Would it be useless to use the DRC since I don't have the Malaysian police report as it will further delay the immigration process anyway with missing documents and defeat the whole purpose of the DRC in the first place or even worse, risk my DRC getting rejected or even the 885 visa ? I was told that it would take more than 3 months to obtain the Malaysian PCC. I applied for the Malaysian police report in September. Would it be better if I wait till I receive the Malaysian police report before even considering the DRC? Any valuable feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  24. Guest

    Am I missing something???

    :unsure: Hi everyone. My husband's entire immediate family are Australian citizens but we are struggling to get a visa!!!! My husbands parents have been Australian citizens for 4 years now and his only sibling, his sister and her daughter are citizens for a few months now. My husband lived, worked and studied in Oz for 3 years but that was about 7 years ago. We have applied for a Family sponsored 475 visa but we are on the old SOL list, not the new one. And thanks to the new priority list we have been told that its probably going to take years to get a visa, if at all. We need to get there soon as his parents are retiring and we want to be there for them to help take care of them. I just dont get it though..... why is it so hard... surely the fact that his entire family are citizens means it should be easier????? Am I missing something? Help please.... :unsure:
  25. Guest

    Spouse Visa - Medicals Missing

    Hi all, I must say that this forum is the most up to date for spouse visa time lines, as i do understand the frustration that many of us faces during this process. So here is our story........ I am an Australian citizen and my wife is an Indian national. We married earlier this year and applied for her spouse visa (309) at Delhi high commission - 26/03/2010 - Did medicals before hand (Medicals sent to Delhi high commission on 30/03/2010) 1/04/2010 - Sent Application front loaded with everything except police clearance 15/04/2010 - CO assigned (Requested Indian police clearance) 3/05/2010 - Sent Indian police clearance along with the original passport 31/05/2010 - CO calls my wife and is asking if she has done her medicals yet or not? She advised her that she already did her medicals on 26/03/2010 and has confirmation from the doctor that it was received by Delhi high commission on 01/04/2010. Over the phone the CO tried to check their system for my wife's medical report but nothing came up. She advised my wife that she will look into it and will get back to her. Now the dilemma is what if the CO is not able to find out the medical report and ask her to redo it again. It will than take time upto 6 weeks again. So it seems that it doesnt pays to do your medical before hand, one should only do it once its requested. We both are keeping our fingers crossed as to the CO finds the medical reports so we can save some time............ Any of you guys had issue in regards of the medical where DIAC was not able to find it out??? Any comments or suggestions are highly appreciated as we all are sailing in the same boat...... Cheers, James