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Found 32 results

  1. We're getting Pickfords to move us (NEXT WEEK!!!!!) and the last thing to sort with them is the insurance. I don't know what to take out. Itemised, or total value! It seems so complicated and I have no idea what either are likely to cost - Pickfords can't say until they see what we want to insure. So, what did you take out? Anything?:wacko:
  2. got all of these companies coming to give me a quote in the next few weeks from UK to Melbourne. Who have used and what was the service like this end (UK)
  3. Dorsetgirl1


    Hi, Just thought I would post how great Pickfords were...great staff, very through and proffessional and were also the cheapest. Also, Pickfords will deliver the other side too so you have a continuation of service. Stuff not arrived yet but VERY happy with service so far
  4. So far can only say a massive thumbs up to pickfords. From start to finish have been absolutely fantastic. The guys turned up on time, they were happy and very accommodating. Drank loads of tea and squash but worked really hard. At one point yesterday we had 5 guys here packing. Container arrived today and the 3 of them started to load but one of them wasn't happy about the container. So rather than not careing and just packing it to get the job done they unloaded and refused the container. So after lots of wrangling between the haulage company and pickfords the container was sent away. Our insurance isn't with pickfords so they didn't have to do this so hats off to them. They added more work on for themselves and time organising a replacement. I can't comment on the other end yet but if it's half as good as we've had so far we will be more than happy. Also for those still to ship it's not that bad, I was really stressed about being organised but didn't need to be. Anything we didnt want shipped either went in the bath or had a note on it, so the only thing that went that shouldn't was a carrier bag full of carrier bags lol! Great experience well recommended.
  5. we have pickfords coming to pack our belongings up beginning of october. am starting to wonder now if i have made the right choice now. the sales guy who came to my house was great, but their office staff are not filling me with confidence, when i call them i get fobbed off as they dont seem to know the answers to my questions. i bartered them down in price and managed to get a full 20 foot container from yorkshire to nsw for £3700, which i thought was good. getting worried now, wish i had gone with john masons now, but john masons quoted us £3675 but that was for approx 700 cubic feet, but their staff seemed really knowledgeable. please help, i know you cant name and shame but anyones experiences with pickfords would be greatly appreciated via pm, before i part with my hard earned cash. thanks nicola
  6. The removal men: Pickfords is on Channel 5 today (6th July 2011) at 20:00 Not sure if anyone else has posted about this but I thought this might be of interest to anyone else who like us is trying to work out which removal company to entrust with shipping all our treasured possessions over the other side of the world! Not too sure what kind of a light it's going to portray Pickfords but as we've never used a removal company (always a Luton and our own muscle power) it'll be of interest to us. :wink:
  7. neilharrison_253


    Any feedback? PM me if needed as need to know good and bad..
  8. Guest

    Pickfords vs Doree Bonner

    Hi Looking for some advise please.... We have had quotes from both Doree Bonner & Pickfords, and both are competitively quoted, but wondered if anyone had any experience of either company? We are moving from Glasgow to Brisbane in January, and although I have read the threads from the previous Pickfords vs Doree Bonner discussion, I wondered if anyone had any more current comments? Cheers!:confused:
  9. We have booked Doree Bonner to come and pack our stuff on the Thursday 10th December 2009 they have quoted us £820.00 for a 142 Cubic Feet container. But only today we have had a phone call from Pickfords Removals, who has now quoted us £750 on a 145 Cubic Feet Container. So I telephoned Doree Bonner back and they mentioned to me that Pickfords are going through insolvency and chasing debts and that they are in finiancial difficulty and we should not go through them. So I telephoned Pickfords back and mentioned this to them and the representative said there is nothing to worry about and they had some difficulties in February 2009 but everything is ok now. What I am asking, has anyone got anything to say about this and has anyone used these most recently, is it worth going with Pickfords and saving us £70.00 or staying with Doree Bonner.
  10. We have the above 4 shipping companies in with very similar quotes and really cannot decide which to use - any advice or recommendations would be great!!! Sorry the last one left off the title was John Masons.
  11. Koala Chloe

    Pickfords vs Anglo Pacific

    We are having real difficulty in deciding between Pickfords and Anglo Pacific for our removals, and hope someone may be able to offer any experience/advice. The rep from Pickfords who came out was really un-dynamic, and didn't sell his company very well at all. But Pickfords get a good name on here for removals, and we used them about 10 years ago for a domestic removal and they were really good. The rep from Anglo Pacific was really impressive, enthusiastic, and had much more of a 'can-do' attitide, nothing was too much trouble. But the reviews about AP on here are really mixed, with various posters saying not to touch them with a barge pole! The dilemma is - Pickfords - Un-dynamic salesperson - but the company may be good at delivering our belongings = versus = Anglo Pacific - Dynamic saleperson - but the company may not be as good at delivering our belongings. How do we decide who to choose? We are so unsure about which company to choose. Price is important, but all we want is peace of mind that our belongings have the best chance of getting to Oz safe and sound! Does anyone have any positive experience with AP that they could share? I feel as if we go with Pickfords and its a disaster than I will blame myself as our experience with them so far this time has been mediocre. Any thoughts? Thanks! KC
  12. RobandCatherine

    Pickfords have been and gone!!

    Pickfords have been at the house for 2.5 days and they were great! The 20ft container cost £3750 (not incl insurance). We waved our lives goodbye just after lunch and that was it they were gone! The guys were polite, hardworking, careful and fun!! Admittedly, we have only done 50% of the transaction - gotta receive it all yet, but so far a definite recommendation!
  13. Brilliant, id recommend. They came in at the same price as all the rest of the quotes in the UK - 4 bed house with garage and garden - 20ft container = £4300 + $400 when in Oz. You can insure as one bulk load and claim for single items which we found so much easier than doing each single item, they keep you informed, they pack well and get it across the sea safely. The Oz side were great, full of communications and on the day of delivery 3 lads arrived at 730am and emptied a 20ft container (145 boxes and white goods)in less than an hour :err: and after they left a van turned up with more staff to help us unpack and take away any rubbish - we didnt even ask for it. For service quality - excellent Breakages - inevitable - 1 glass and a ornament so far
  14. Guest

    Pickfords are here!!

    Oh my! Furniture is getting packed. The removals are doing an excellent job. Very excited today! Yesterday i was teary. Don't know what were going to do got no chairs table settee etc. Got one tv so not too bad. My son doesn't know how he will cope without his x box and wii, it will do him good, told him we will play traditional board games just pulled a face at me. Anyway need to make more tea for them cheers joe
  15. Wow how final it feels having the removal guys here! They arrived at 9.30am, 3 strapping young men. Very friendly who all introduced themselves and told us the plan for the next 2 days. I am keeping them filled with tea and bacon butties as there is nothing else for me to do!! OH is bored and likes being in control so is itching to dive in and delegate and boss about but he can't so is banished to the garage to mess about!!! We are sending our container early as would prefer to struggle this end with bits and bobs we need than in Oz. I am sure tomorrow when all is done and gone we will feel lost and maybe a bit emotional!!! Will let you know. So far we would HIGHLY recommend Pcikfords, lets hope it stays that way!!! TTFN
  16. Its all happening. Pickfords arrive today to start the packing with a plan to finish off tomorrow and load onto the container. Have yet to finish packing clothes and still havent sold the motorbike, which is currently parked on the path outside the house with a for sale sign. (you cant fault me for my optimism) All too stressful, already had tears this morning and to top the lot IM STILL WORKING. Having to continue working until tomorrow PM. Boss hasnt suggested i can take the time off. Have no annual leave and am -4 hours in toil. So have left hubby and 4 yr old son at the house to direct the removals team:err: :arghh:
  17. Suprised that Pickfords quote has come in the cheapest out of 6 - has anyone any good or bad experiences they care to share?! Branch we will use in UK is Gateshead (Team Valley) and using 20' container, going to Sydney. Cheers!
  18. restfamily

    Allied pickfords - good or bad?

    Hi Just had a few quotes and despite being the most expensive I think I am going to go with Allied Pickfords. I have looked all over the site and have only seen good stuff, but I thought I would just check. Anyone had anything other than good service from them? Ta
  19. jvm


    Hi Just wondered if anybody had used this firm to ship their stuff? We have pre booked them but any feedback would be grateful before we sign contracts etc? Thanks in advance Val
  20. T-bone

    Pickfords v Crown

    I’m in the process of arranging quotes from removal companies. I have had both Pickfords and Crown sales reps in for their “Survey” and they seem to both be in the same ball game. The figures quoted for a 20’ container are approximately £4,000 - £4,500. Anyone used either of the above, if so whom would you recommend? I personally cannot make up my mind between the two of them and would welcome any advice. Thanks
  21. Guest

    A huge hands up to Pickfords

    We used Pickfords to send our stuff to Oz. As their container did not fit down our drive, they came with different size lorries for 3 days, with 3 really great blokes. On the 4th day they emptied everyting into our container, which left the UK on 4 July. It arrived here in Perth on 5 August. Had cleared customs and quarantine by 15th and was delivered to us today the 20th. Just want to say they come very highly recommended. Only one thing broken but that was something that customs had removed, but it was worthless, so not too bothered. Three blokes arrived at 11:30 and were done by 2:30. They unpacked all the big, heavy items e.g. suite, tellies, beds and tables, fridges etc. So if anyone is looking for a company to use as far as we are concerned they were excellant. They kept in contact with us all the time and always returned calls straight away. They also take all the boxes and wrapping away. The fact that our container arrived in 4 weeks after we were told 7-9 was brilliant. Just thought you might be interested to hear a good view. Claire
  22. Guest


    Has anyone used Pickfords recently for their move or is considering using them? Just want to know if you had any comments. Thanks Maria
  23. Guest

    Has anyone used Pickfords?

    Hey Guys!! Went to the Leeds Expo last Sunday and was talking to a guy from Pickfords removals company, has anyone had experience of using them and how would they rate them? We were really impressed with what he had to say, I gather they are not the cheapest company to use, but we liked the idea of 1 company (Pickfords) dealing with your move from start to finish...he said that Pickfords in Australia then continue your removal process and even unpack for you on arrival in Australia. Any words of experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance :yes: Jenny
  24. Guest


    Hi can any one help since the news of pickfords has any one used them we have had four quotes and pickfords are the cheapest dont no what to do, when we got the quote we didnt hear from pickfords since the news he has stopped calling he told me it doesnt affect them, they are still trading, dont no what to do can anyone help me please.
  25. Hi everyone I have been away, my Dad has been desperately ill & I flew to Durham in the worlds smallest plane (BMI) OMG I hope the ones to OZ are bigger! - I dont think I can keep my eyes closed for 22 hours!! Anyway when Ive got back I had a letter from pickfords but OH says "dont use them" -he read that they have been sold off by their US owners & the staff has been made redundant & that they will not be the same any more? Has anyone else read this ? I was really pleased with their response to our quote queries & they where my front runner for shipping at the moment. Take care Rachel