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  1. ghost

    Do you regret moving back?

    5 years today since we arrived in oz, and been back in the uk 4 years. We love things about both countries, but don't regret coming back. We do miss it some wet miserable days, but there's so much here to do. Just had a weekend in Manchester with friends, probably do another city break later in the year. Done regret going or coming home.
  2. ghost

    Why do people want to rain on your parade?!

    Hi happyheart i don't visit the forums very often, but I occasionally come back to see if I have any words of wisdom I can offer some unhappy soul.
  3. ghost

    Experiences/prices movers Perth -> Uk ?

    I used grace, they were excellent.
  4. ghost

    Sell your car the last moment?

    One I sold on the autotrader , the other I sold to a dealer, lost lots as they were brand new 7months earlier. The dealer one went the day before I went home so was just easier.
  5. ghost

    Why do people want to rain on your parade?!

    I'm back in the uk now, and I mIss so many things about Australia , but I know if I lived there again I would miss so many things about the uk. There are great things about both countries , it's just too bad people just can't try to understand things from your point of view. good luck and enjoy the journey. England's so much nicer when you've been away from her for a while.
  6. All the best mate , I know it's no easy ! And your so right about the big dream !
  7. ghost

    ANY advice welcomed! Should I stay or should I go?

    Think of it as moving forwards not backwards !
  8. I had a bit of trouble with my lg tv. I told it I was in newzealand , it downloaded all the channels but the guide doesn't work.
  9. ghost

    Moving back to uk from perth in 1 month

    Dont worry Tracey! Be positive and hopefully it will be all you dreamt of!
  10. Not at all! Loved my time in oz, still miss aspects of it of course, but overall we like the uk better !
  11. ghost

    Financially Trapped Desperate to go!!

    Agree with the others maybe selling the cars will pay the loans. You could pay off you credit card bill with a uk loan. Interest rates will be much lower and you should still have a credit history. hope you can sort it out.
  12. I found the 3 month mark particularly hard, it got better, having said that we came home after 8. Maybe it was knowing we were coming home made it easier. google buggy buddies. It's a group for people in perth with young kids, they always have things going on.
  13. Don't beat yourself up about making the wrong decision, you would never know if you hadn't given it a go. And whatever happens next wouldn't have happened had you not moved to geralton. hope you can make it work.
  14. ghost

    Will OZ landline phones work in the UK?

    Ours did , its just the transformers that are the issue
  15. ghost

    Beautiful Warwickshire

    It's been a lovely cold sunny day today. You do forget how pretty the uk can be when your in aus!