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Found 51 results

  1. Hi, Thought this may be of help to someone, some technology is involved but I've tried to keep it as simple as possible so non IT folk could maybe get a nerdy friend to help set it up. Required: 1) A proxy account 2) A games console (I use a PS3 but a Wii, xbox360 or media client should work too) 3) That the games console to be connected to the internet 4) A PC or Mac on the same network as the console Iplayer (and others) figure out where you are by looking at your IP address, which is given to you by your internet provider and is country specific. Its possible to present a different IP address to them (like one in the UK) by using a 'proxy'. Free proxies are available but none I tried worked very well and I ended up paying US$6 per month for a commercial one, I chose hideIPvpn and its working well but others are available and may be cheaper, as we watch as much on iplayer as we do Foxtel it seems well worth it, I'll pare my foxtel account to the minimum as soon as I can. So, you have a proxy account, next step is to test iPlayer works through it via your PC (or Mac in my case), install firefox and then add the Foxyproxy extension, configure your UK based proxy account into it and try iPlayer. Once this is working the next step is to get this working through your TV. First you need to install a transparent proxy on your PC, I started out using 'SquidMan' which is a graphical frontend to the Squid proxy. Its job is to set up a passthrough to your proxy account, I needed it because although the PS3 can be directly pointed at a proxy it cant supply login/password details to the proxy (I'm now just running Squid on my NAS but thats another story). Once the transparent proxy is working, (test with foxyproxy from firefox), point your consoles internet connection at the proxy server running on the PC/Mac (or NAS) i.e. the IP address of the PC and the port the proxy is running on. The console should then be able to play iplayer direct to your TV over the internet, via your local proxy server and your proxy account. I've been using this for a few weeks now and it works perfectly. I've also started streaming Spotify to my surround sound system but that needs a few more steps too, which I'll go through if anyone is interested (paid software involved). Hope this hels, feel free to ask questions (and yes, I already know I'm a sad git or worse). OzP
  2. We are looking for British families who have emigrated to Australia to take part in a new game show, The National Lottery: 5 Star Family Reunion for BBC One. 5 Star Family Reunion is a game show where eight family members play across the globe in a series of general knowledge rounds in an attempt to win a family reunion holiday and a cash jackpot. Four family members must be UK based while four family members live overseas. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws and close family friends can make up your overseas team. All players must be aged 18 and over. For an application form email: family@12yard.com. Closing date is 31st May 2015. More details at BBC - Be On a Show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/beonashow/5_star_family_reunion
  3. Guest

    British TV

    Does anyone if you can watch BBCi and ITVon demand somehow? I know when you go to the website it say's you can't
  4. Guest

    Getting BBC iplayer in Oz

    Before Christmas there was an advert on PIO for a system that allowed you to get iplayer/C4 and ITV on demand in Oz by paying a subscription. Did anyone use it and what is it? Or is there anything else you can do to get British TV on your PC? LOL! Read this back and realise I sound desperate - Only for a bit of Brit TV and so is Oz husband! Everything else is fab.
  5. sadsmile23

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I've been avidly watching the Wanted Down Under series this week. Just want to know if anybody else thinks the same as me tho - the family on Wednesday programme were looking at WA, now they said at the beginning of the property search they had £180k to bring over and would like to buy without a mortgage, lets see what you get for your money. In the voiceover, Nadia whatsername says you can get 4bed family house in Rockingham area for around £200k. Now my ears prick up, coz we fancy that area, sounds a decent price, looking forward to this! WHY oh WHY then, do they show them houses (lovely as they were) for nothing under £260k????? Is it to make the programme look good, fancy newly renovated or new build houses, but what about us that live in the real world and want affordability??!!:arghh: Sorry about me ranting, its just i would really like to see what the average joe bloggs could really afford! By the way, im from yorkshire, got a pretty low mortgage here and we are (apparently) notorious for being tight with money here, so maybe that explains why im so peeved!! lol. :biglaugh:
  6. well its official !!,we have been picked to do the pilot episode for a new BBC show,called 'Wanted Down Under'.Fly from Heathrow to Brisbane on wednesday for a couple of weeks filming all courtesy of the BBC,I cant thank them enough as what an insight this should give us into the life we want to lead ,should hopefully be called for our medicals on our return so i guess its one way of passing time.Will let you all know how we get on when we return ,if anyone has any tips on keeping my 2 and 7 year olds occupied for the journey i would be most grateful cal x
  7. I found this by accident today, downloaded the app and was delighted to discover there's a subscription service available for BBC content which can be downloaded to the iPad. Cool stuff indeed
  8. Hi Does anyone know whilst in Australia are you able to install on your pc and log on to BBC I player and ITV.com to watch recorded uk tv. thanks Rich
  9. Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere on PIO (had a search but couldn't find it!) but I found this article on the bbc website today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15970341 I think it may be the article produced as part of the interview mentioned of this thread but I maybe wrong: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/moving-back-uk/131098-bbc-interview-returning-uk.html Anyway I thought it was an interesting read giving opinions of those that have returned from Oz and those that have stayed. Hev x
  10. Bpremji

    BBC Article...

    An interesting read: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15799571
  11. Hi all I'm a producer with BBC Breakfast TV - and we're looking at covering the story about record numbers of people moving back to Britain on tomorrow's programme. (Wednesday) I'm looking for someone/a family who've recently returned to the UK to come on the Breakfast sofa. If you can help, do give me a call or email and I can provide more detail Cheers, Sarah sarah.stewart@bbc.co.uk 0208 624 9700
  12. Guest

    BBC iplayer advice??

    Hi all, I have downloaded BBC iplayer on my iPad but it wants to charge me a monthly fee! Is there anyway of getting around that???
  13. rockola57

    BBC Radio 2

    Just a wonderin'there!:idea:Does anyone listen to the Beebs best over here?I do.A bit of live streaming of choice programmes/shows,and still religiously record Sounds of the 60s and Sounds of the 70s,as i did in the UK.IMO it's the best station in the world,by a million miles.:yes::notworthy:
  14. Hi there, well we are finally here in Perth,well Sorrento beach so not far!! :jiggy: Ok so we have only managed a holiday here so far but we using it as a reccie to see if we would be able to move out here!!:notworthy: I posted a thread before and got some great help and advice from some of you about looking for jobs ect, thanks again to you guys who relpied, we made it out here!!:biggrin: Now this is a bit of a strange request but we would love to meet the Larner family who were on the BBC wanted down under programme as we loved their story and know they are living near perth as we saw their return programme!! If anyone knows them or if indeed they see this themselves then please could we get in touch and grab a coffee and have a chat about their experiences ect! Also it would be good for our kids to have a chat with some others of simular ages for them to find out about what goes on for them!! Coz as you know us adults know nothing!! :goofy: We are staying at the Quality resort Sorrento Beach and would love to meet up or have a chat with the Larners so if anyone can help that would be great!! I promise we are not stalkers!!! lol. Just keen to find out as much as we can in the short time we have here!! We leave for the UK early on the 27th June so we just have a week!:frown: Thanks in advance to anyone who can help Best wishes to you all, wrags - Kim and the Crawford family!! xx
  15. barnabus72

    BBC Wanted down under

    Hi has anybody applied for the next series of WDU, we sent in our forms in April, but not heard anything yet, just wondered if anyone else heard back yet ?
  16. Sad I know but can I watch my programmes on bbc i player etc?!!!
  17. Hi, I present a radio programme which airs on all the local BBC stations in the midlands.. well, most of them. I'm looking for ex-pats from the midlands to chat - by Skype - about what it's like to live overseas. The time would be 00.30 British Summer time on Saturday. It's last about 10 mins. if you can help, please drop me a pm I'd be massively grateful! Thanks, Dean BBC Coventry & Warwickshire BBC Derby BBC Hereford & Worcester BBC Leicester BBC Lincolnshire BBC Nottingham BBC Shropshire BBC Stoke
  18. liniloo


    Hi Is it possible to watch bbc i player or any other channel from the UK on the computer?? tv here is pretty dull !!! sorry Oz friends. I think my hubby is missing his footie!!!we dont have foxtel either! has anyone else managed to work out how to watch it? xx
  19. Guest

    BBC Iplayer

    HI ALL Bit of a random quetion.......... Has anyone found a SAFE way to access the BBC IPLAYER? Seems to be a few options online, but not sure how reliable they are? Any help much appreciated Thanks MacnBlondie
  20. Hi there I am a producer for BBC Radio Solent looking to find someone who is planning to emigrate - we don't mind where to! But you have to be living in Hampshire, Dorset or the Isle of Wight now! It's for a lovely feature following people who are undergoing a big life change in 2011. Would anyone like to be involved? Please private message me if you are Emily
  21. For those that miss seeing BBC programmes, iPlayer is going international next year. BBC aims to gain from global iPlayer - Telegraph BBC iPlayer For iPad Will Cost International Viewers £6 Per Month | UK Gadget and Tech News, Reviews and Shopping If they have even a limited package (as in CBBC, CBeebies, BBC3, 4 and so on but perhaps with not quite the quantity to choose from) its a great step forward IMHO.
  22. Guest

    BBC and all ITV channels !

    Not quite sure if im posting this in the right place :confused: I have recently come across a product that is exactly like your normal free view box in the U.K. It's all live English channels on your tv, but uses the internet connection which is plugged in at the back of the box. You can view up to 7 days missed TV and watch live TV, also function to pause rewind and record. Theres a subscription of 19.99 euros a month and a price for the box, im trying to find out the price of the box?? The company name is TV demon, if anyone wants the info then PM me and ill give you the info i have, or if anyone has used this box and knows the price then also let me know please. Regards Aaron
  23. pau1evs

    bbc !!!!

    ok bear with me xxx i have been here a year and cant get any bbc shows unless i pay more money xxx i want to see the programs but all i get is nicky chapman !!!!! talkin about people she has never met !!!!
  24. 'Call Kaye' is a phone in morning discussion programme on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Kaye Adams. We are keen to hear your stories about having left the UK and settled in Australia... What makes your life more happier? Would you recommend it to other people? We will be talking about this at 09.30-10.00BST on Tuesday 8th June , so it would still be a reasonable time of day for us to call you there. Send us your thoughts and a contact telephone number Look forward to hearing from you and having you on the show!
  25. 'Call Kaye' is a phone in morning discussion programme on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Kaye Adams. We are keen to hear your stories about returning to the UK after living in Australia... Why did you return and why did you come back? We are also happy to talk to people who are still living in Australia but thinking about coming back... The programme is on air 08.45 - 10.00BST, so it would still be a reasonable time of day for us to call you there. Send us your stories and a contact telephone number Look forward to hearing from you!