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  1. No use emailing DIBP, they are not immigration advisor's but Government clerks who process visas. Your qualification probably will get your points but if it was not assessed as part of your skills assessment you would need to get it assessed as equivalent to the Australian Qualifications Framework. It would usually be vetasses that did that, more money & paperwork but if you need the points!
  2. _shel

    General questions

    I dont think proof of a joint address is enough. We sent that as a married couple covering the whole period and were still asked for further proof of joint financial information and proof of an ongoing relationship since the date we married though I thought I'd already covered those. So I sent even more documents. No joint bank so council tax bills with both names, tax credit documents, evidence of each of us paying various household bills from our accounts. Also sent evidence of a trip to Sydney after we married and another statutory declaration from a friend we socialised with.
  3. _shel

    189 visa

    Does the qualification not need to have been studied in Australia for it to count?
  4. _shel

    Migration info

    Age is not on your side, so are you under or over 50? If you are still under 50 you still might get the points to apply if you are well qualified and experienced.
  5. _shel

    Wage equivalent UK - OZ

    Dont ring up employers just check out the job ads http://www.seek.com.au/
  6. _shel

    Family Sponsorship

    Having family to sponsor you is only helpful if you have an occupation on the skills list and require the extra points that having a resident family member can bring you. Other than for immediate family, spouse and children, there are no visas for family that do not also require you to be a skilled migrant with an occupation in demand.
  7. _shel

    Working Holiday Visa, 2 police cautions

    That is not true. I have both cautions and convictions pre 17 all of which show up in CRB, DBS and the ACPO check needed for migration. Nothing is actually wiped from your record but there are points at which you no longer have to declare them. For instance if applying for a standard DBS or just a question on a housing or job application etc in the UK if the post does not require an enhanced DBS check or specifically asks for spent convictions such as certain university course etc. http://www.nacro.org.uk/data/files/nacro-2007021302-65.pdf http://www.nacro.org.uk/what-we-do/resettlement-advice-service/reforms-to-the-rehabilitation-of-offenders-act/ Australian migration Law has nothing to do with the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and things must be declared as ACPO do not follow the rehabilitation of offenders act in disclosing your convictions as agreed by you when applying to them. That said though dont worry about it at all. I have 6 offences from 13 to 16 and got my spouse visa just fine.
  8. _shel

    Stupid question 489 visa !

    I'm pretty sure electricians have to do a practical. Is is vetasses who is assessing?
  9. _shel

    Stupid question 489 visa !

    Depends on the occupation? But I wouldnt be getting medicals done until you get an invite personally.
  10. _shel

    anyone got a 457 as a single parent

    As Quoll says, my major issue would be lack of state support in childcare and family benefits as a single parent as they are not available to people on 457. Not like you will have family to fall back on for childcare, baby sitters, someone to pick them up from school ad hoc etc.
  11. No Tasmania requires only 3 months work experience in order for them to give you state nomination required for the visa. You still need to meet all of DIAC requirements for the visa. http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-190/ which includes a skills assessment and requires 60 points, state nomination only gives you 5.
  12. _shel

    Reasons to decline medicals or referred

    Mine were refered for ages, I waited 7 months for my visa when it was taking 2 months for other spouse visas at the time. I have epilepsy, have had brain surgery to remove part of my temporal lobe, take medication and will for life. And other smaller stuff like surgery on my knee twice. I got my visa in the end by convincing them that I was not going to be a drain on Australia. Here is what my CO asked for.... Before giving an opinion on whether you meet the health requirement, HOC has asked that you provide the following further information: A Current assessmenr by a neurologist is required regarding the applicant’s epilepsy please. Report dated 14/1/09 indicates Dr ****** was to review the applicant in February 2009. Please forward further report addressing physical examination findings, diagnosis, management needs (including surgery) for the next 5 years and prognosis. They ask for 5 years because thats the period they assess costs over because you could reasonably be a citizen in that time when costs wont matter any more. I had already sent a letter from my GP and statutory declaration about my health and saying how I worked so would be liable for my own medication etc. So I would advise including similar stuff before being asked. The people I have seen declined have sadly been a lot of kids with development disorders, ASD conditions mainly. And one person who was taking super expensive drugs for a kidney problem, there may be others but you I cant remember. Its all about the cost of your potential treatment including expensive medications, welfare payments, social care support etc.
  13. Pretty much yes, though it should be the spouse with PR or Citizenship claiming for the whole family. Not likely to inform everyone that most waiting periods are done away with for permanent spouse visas or they would want to put the assurance of support back.
  14. There will be no debt raised against the sponsor because the spouse visa has not had an assurance of support for a few years.
  15. Someone on a 100 spouse visa can claim parenting allowance without a waiting period if you have a young child. There are several others people on spouse 100 visa can claim without a waiting period https://www.welfarerights.org.au/find-answers/who-exempt-from-newly-arrived-residents-two-year-waiting-period Family can also get family tax benefit, rent assistance and childcare allowance. The aussie citizen assuming you have lived in Aus for more than 2yrs at any point can claim newstart which will include stuff for kids, rent assistance etc. http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/online-estimators
  16. _shel

    Work in oz

    Being able to do 'pretty much everything' is not on the skills list. Is he fully qualified in any of the fields you mention with either college qualifications or an apprenticeship that would have to be proved?
  17. _shel

    Entrainment Visa (420) info!

    Have you been offered a role in the entertainment industry by an eligible sponsor? You wouldn't be able to apply for PR 'just' because you have been in Australia for 2 years. You would still need to qualify and apply in the same as everyone else. Nobody can apply just based on time spent in Australia, it is based on skills in demand and you meeting the requirements. Looks to me to have eligibility similar to the 457 in that you have to have appropriate skills, qualifications or experience to fill the position offered.
  18. _shel

    Which idept idiot dreamt this one up?

    Nothing to do with being feckless for most. Its a simple choice between putting gas in the meter and food in the kids bellies or pay the rent. Right now people are not eating properly or sitting in the cold but their rent is being paid. Work for the foodbanks will go down, work for the councils and housing associations will go up dealing with evictions and housing homeless families who they have a duty to house if vulnerable even if they evict them. Just another way for the nasty party to make those at the bottom of the pile suffer and the councils to lose and waste money cleaning up the mess.
  19. _shel

    Which idept idiot dreamt this one up?

    Nasty Party for you. Great idea to free up social housing. Get them all evicted for not paying their rent!
  20. _shel

    Anything else, or any help

    Most people applying for a working holiday visa do not need medicals or police checks. Have you read the requirements on the DIAC web site? http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/working-holiday/417/eligibility-first.htm#b But even if you are required to do medicals and police checks you should wait until asked for them and save your money.
  21. _shel

    Which Visa if even possible?

    It wouldn't. Dependent children are not allowed to join you in Australia while on a WHV. So one of them could go but not both unless they left the child in someone else's care.
  22. We will be going back but not until we have finished studying then saving! Despite now having the Cert IV hubby has given up on TAFE teaching and will look for a uni job or something else based on his new MA. Yes skillsrecognition NSW granted him the certificate. The FE PGCE has exactly the same modules so studying it would have been just stupid. But the TAFEs out there just dont seem to understand that! But you may have to be resident to do that, I think you do in NSW unless you are a citizen which my hubby is. TAFE are odd, they are huge amounts of people on nil contracts. Permanent jobs are few and far between, you will notice on adverts it will say 'we are building a register of staff to be used at a later date'. He applied for one job in NSW then another in WA teaching Art/Graphic Design. When he phoned to speak to them about the roles he found out there wasn't actually a full time job both times. There were a few hours going on several courses which may lead to something. I was mad because that was not at all what the advert said. But apparently its normal, many people said they paid there dues doing a few years of that before getting a temp part time contract then up to a full time permanent but it was a hard slog and a good few years till they got it. Who knows why they do it but seems the Aussie way in TAFE.
  23. What type of PGCE do you have? Which ever I would suggest getting it recognised as this http://www.central.wa.edu.au/Courses/HealthEduCommSvc/Pages/W754.aspx?cookieCheck=true not sure on the org to do this for WA I only know the people in NSW google found this http://www.migration.wa.gov.au/OQU/Pages/ApplyOQU.aspx it should be on there somewhere. They give you a Cert IV in Training & Assessment after assessing your skills. Reason I say this is we came back to the UK as my hubby couldn't work over there. Me neither but I'm a social worker and thats another story. Basically TAFE in all states dont like PGCE, they insist on this qualification. Now my hubby did the FE PGCE and they still weren't interested. Some actually laughed they totally misunderstood PGCE and the different routes. He could have gone to TAFE to study it if I could have got work but alas we came home. He now has his Cert IV by sending off all his course work to skills recognition NSW and as he did the FE PGCE he didnt have to do any other modules. If you did any other PGCE you will.
  24. _shel

    taking an Apple Mac to Australia

    Hubby sent his there and back airfreight. Took about a week each way, was in the original box both times and it arrived without a scratch. Sent with John Mason going as they did the rest of our shipping, sent it back with pack and send which is also in the UK, was quicker and cheaper with them.