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Found 33 results

  1. Hi...me, my husband & our 2 year old daughter are planning on moving to Brisbane in 2015. We had initially looked into migration agents to assist with our 189 visa application however, we are now wondering if we could do this ourselves (to help save some cash for the big move!). Wondering if anyone is willing to share their experiences of applying themselves without an agent & how you found the whole process?? Thanks x
  2. Andries Botha

    Migrate to Australia - Assistance

    Hello All, Please assist if possible. My wife and I want to migrate to Australia. We are looking to stay there permanently. We are both still young. I am 27 and she is 25. I do not have any employment in Australia as yet. I have sent through my CV to several companies. I have a Btech in Construction Degree and a MBA Degree. My wife will have a Bcom Degree in the next 6 months. I will be looking to fill a position in Construction Project Management in Australia. Can you assist by : 1. Reputable Migration Agents in Australia 2. Reputable recruitment agencies in Australia 3. Reputable Construction Companies in Australia Any companies I am to stay away from eg. Scammers etc. I really dont know where to start? What to do first? Thank You in advance. Andries
  3. Hi all I am new to this website but I am hoping to get some help. I moved to Australia from the UK in august 2011 (best thing I ever done) I was granted my temporary partner visa 820 on the 2nd September 2014 me and my partner are engaged and have a 4 month old little boy together I am an only child what options do we have to get my parents out here, I am finding it so hard bringing up there only grandchild without them here to see him grow up and of course I miss them lots. they are aged 48 they have owned businesses in the UK ( I heard there may be a possible visa for them to come over and start a business) are there any visas which will allow them to come over and work for a year to see if they like it out here. what options do we have to get them here with us? can my partner sponsor them? if anyone can please give me this information so I can pass it on to them. if its quite a complex answer can you please simplify it down a little for me lol thank you soooooo much in advanced
  4. dwrodwell

    417 WHV to 189

    So here's my dilemma! Im English and moved to Australia last November on a 417 working holiday visa. I've completed my 3 months of agricultural work so I have the option of applying for another year when this visa runs out in November. However myself and my girlfriend and have decided we would like to emigrate here permanently, she is American and is on a 417 also but is only eligible for a 1 year 417 and can't get the year extension (however she arrived later so hers runs out in May next year.) I'm an electrician and I'm currently working for labour hire, I've been working for the past few months for the same company but obviously there's no long term option due to the nature of labour hire work. My girlfriend has a degree in communications and is working for a reputable company in business with possibility of sponsorship after a 6 month review (4 months from now.) -once again, no guarantees. So my question is, I've heard that I can transfer over to a 189 skilled work visa which would entitle me to indefinite residency? I would rather go down this route if this is true as I'm skeptical about the 457 sponsorship after hearing a lot of horror stories from people in the same situation as me. Please don't shoot me down if I've been misinformed here. The amount of rumours I hear are crazy! So if this is possible, would I be better off using a migration expert or trying to do it myself- and if so, any recommendations on agents? Thanks!
  5. Hello All, Im thinking of applying for Skilled Migration Independent (Subclass 189). I'm an analyst Programmer working for a leading Bank in 457 work visa. I did my BS in Mechanical Engineering but i work in the field of computers. I have 4+ years of experience in my field. I was told that i will require 6 yrs of experience in case i'm applying for Skilled Migration 189 as my fields in education and work don't match. Although my fiance is a Computer grad and had around 3.5 yrs of Experience. She works in the united States. Will we need an agent to go forward or we can do it ourselves? If we can do it ourselves, can someone tell me if you have had something similar and were able to get a 189 visa? Thanks,
  6. Hi, I had submitted my RPL project report for ICT Business Analyst skills to ACS few weeks back and ACS has requested for additional information in brief summary covering the following areas: 1) What you have learned, 2) How the knowledge was acquired, 3) My experience in applying the knowledge in working environment While I have tried to cover the aforesaid points in my RPL report however would like to seek some help on understanding the contents that would meet ACS requirements to address the aforesaid questions in RPL report. Any help in sharing sample report/ contents for ICT Business Analyst skills would be of great help. Thanks in advance.
  7. jbrezovsky

    Could you help with our situation?

    Hello everyone, My friend recommended me Pomsinoz to be the best to ask about migration to Australia. Let me describe our situation. Me and my girlfriend are both 22, Czech citizens, living in the UK. 1) I'm a front-end web developer / user experience designer with 3 years experience in the UK (as a self-employed worked for 5 companies, now working as a permanent for one of the biggest software companies). Before I moved to the UK, I was self-employed in the Czech Republic working for around 50 smaller clients. I finished high school (it's the highest degree you can obtain in Czech before going to university). 2) My girlfriend just started her professional life. Although she's just finished bachelor degree, she found a passion in training people in a gym. She's got 4 years experience working as a personal trainer while studying her uni. We are both looking for a work visa but if at least one of us could get it, we'll support each other. My girlfriend also found some courses she'd like to attend so student visa could work well. Do you think there is any chance I could get a business visa and work as a contractor in Australia? That would be the best case. We looked for as much information as we could but if you point us on the right direction (send us helpful links, tell us your personal experience, tips that can help us) we would be so happy. And of course, you will have a beer/tea/whatever you drink on us :-). We are more than happy to answer and questions that help you identify our situation better. Thank you very much. Jiri & Beata
  8. Our family initially migrated to Australia from the UK on a 461 visa on the basis that I was married to a New Zealand citizen (family of four parents and son & daughter). the Visa was due to expire on the 28th Feb 2013. In 2012 my wife and myself were sponsored directly to permanent residency on a 856 and subsequently we got Citizenship Nov 2013. My Daughter got permanent residency due to De Facto relationship on the 22nd of March 2013 (Citizenship in progress) My son applied for 'other family' "remaining relative' BU835 on the 18th Jan 2013 and on the application he put that his sister was a permanent resident. (She didn't obtain perm residency until 22nd March 2013). His decision was based on the time it would take by immigration to get around to the paperwork! Obviously immigration refused his application on the basis that his sister was not a perm resident at the time of lodging the application. He was offered the option of a MRT to review and challenge the decision. This was held this afternoon, although sympathetic and acknowledging that my son now meets all the criteria required to obtain permanent residency her hands were tied and at the time of lodgement his sister was not a permanent and therefore inclined to uphold the immigration decision. She did say that we should consult a migration lawyer because there was multiple options available..... So what are they? 1. Direct appeal to Immigration lawyer? 2. Resubmit application for BU835? 3. Submit an application for a 461? 4 Do all three above? Any advice?
  9. Hi all, I have a few questions and I am hoping that someone may have an answers for me. I have a degree in Graphic Design from Curtin University, WA (from September 2013) but I do not have at least 1 year paid work experience instead I have some paid freelance graphic design jobs behind me and a year of voluntary design work done for the university. I have written my IELTS and will get my results on Thursday (I am sure I have passed) My questions are: Is it possible to still pass my skills assessment based on the work history I DO have? Has anyone passed skills assessment with little or no work experience but with an Australian qualification? Which migration agent is the best to approach who actually has successfully helped anyone achieve their skills assessment pass mark? I would be very grateful if anyone could help me in this area. Thanks :biggrin:
  10. Hi, I am not sure why but we have spent a long, long time no knowing where we wanted to live in Australia and today someone mentioned Geraldton to us and for some reason I feel like that is where we 'need' to live but I know nothing about it (slightly weird, I know). I did think I could search the internet but then thought this forum is such a wealth of information, I'd try here first. All views greatly appreciated :cute:
  11. I met my partner in 2009 ago in Perth, we worked together for 4 months and we became good friends. I then left and went home to UK and we were online friends for 3 years we sent mail and spoke on Skype regularly. In 2012 in the Feb I flew back to permit to see him as I knew I had feelings for him. We had a two week holiday and decided we want to be together and had to find a way. So I went home to UK after my holiday and he saved up and moved to the UK in September 2012 to live with me. We have been living in the UK for 9 months and we are now planning to apply this September for the spouse visa...... But I am freaking out because I do not know where to start. I can't get my head around it and I've never wanted anything more in my whole life its so scary and I don't want to get it wrong and lose out. Can someone give me some steps to start me on the right track? :-) we have a joint bank account, we have been a couple holidays together and we have long Facebook chat conversations going back 4 years... We have photos and letters sent to each other. He is an Australian citizen by birth and has a house that he owns for us to live in when we get to WA. I have a uni degree but no specific skill. He has met my family hundreds of times, I have met his father once and his sister a couple times. For the statuary declarations I worry that we don't have many strong ones in aus... We have had our relationship mostly in the UK. anyway.... Sorry if I'm blabbing on but I don't know where to start or what is actually relevant. Hilz :-)
  12. hi there, I am interested to apply subclass 476 but i have few confusion: I am 24 years old.have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in wireless and mobile communication system Engineering 20 month ago from university of Greenwich,UK Does my degree title satisfy the degree eligibility criteria? If i apply in my 22nd month of my graduation will it satisfy the retirement, if i launch my application in 22nd month of my graduation the application process may start at 24th month of my graduation does it make any difference?
  13. hi, I went to Australia last month & liked the country so much that i now want to settle down there forever, but dont know whether i'll be able to find a visa matching my existing profile. plz help. regards, cb84
  14. Hey all! Hoping you can help? As we don't seem to get many words from our immigration agent! We've had an email today saying our 'nomination has been approved'. From your experiences what comes next and how long does it all take? My partner and I have been in no mans land waiting for approval for a while and need to sell cars etc! Thanks all!!
  15. lovejarora

    Need help with getting my ACS

    Hi Everybody, I need to get my skill assessment done but i am a lil bit confused about things. * I persued my graduation from Melbourne three and half a years ago in Information Technology * Since, then i have been working in India in IT Industry in networking. * My joined my first job as a Network Engineer later on i was promoted to Network Specialist. From 06/2010 till 10/2012 * Since then i have been working as a Senior Specialist. Confussion: Need ACS against "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" * I have a total of 3 + years of exprience but i have been told by an agent that when i would file my ACS they would knock off the first two years of my exprience as the exprience after it meets the ACS criteria gets counted. So, i would get my skill assessment but no points for exp. * I have been told that the jobs n responsiblities listed for "Computer Network and Systems Engineer" should match to my jobs n responsibilities atleast 80% of them. I have attached both of the Reference letters, could someone please advise if they qualify or not. Much Appericiated. Regards, Lovej
  16. Hi everyone. I am coming up to my fifth year living in Adelaide. I came here when I was nineteen and am now 24. I have recently gone home for a visit and as usual, the goodbyes are heartbreaking. I come from Northern Ireland, which currently has no opportunities for me right now, and as much as I would move back to be with my parents and family, I have come to love Australia and it is my home now. My parents have mentioned that they would move to Australia, sell up and leave in a heartbeat. I have tried to look at different visas but it is confusing and difficult to see what the appropriate measures to take are. Could anyone give me some advice please? I am a permanent resident and will be hopefully going through the process to become an Australian citizen within the next three months. I do have an agent through which I lodged my application to become a resident, but before I go to speak with him I would like to have a little bit of information and know my options.
  17. I'm in the process of applying for a spouse visa, our children already have Australian citizenship & passports. So, whilst they are my dependants and will be migrating with us, they don't need a visa. Will the fact that I put their Australian passport numbers in the application mean that the authorities know this and I don't need to put them down as dependants later in the form? It's very confusing and the form doesn't seem to allow for this situation, unless I'm misreading it. Anyone else in this situation already got their visa and could shed some light? Thanks
  18. Rowan123

    Entrainment Visa (420) info!

    Hello there, I'm currently working for the BBC and looking into different routes into Australia where I lived and worked a few years ago. I've got some questions about the Entertainment visa (420) having got completely lost stumbling around the internet searching for answers! So if anyone has any advice/information please let me know. My first question is can you apply for permanent residency once you've worked on a 420 visa for two years or more? My second is, can you still apply for a 457 visa after working on an entertainment visa? The Third, do you need a particular amount of experience to be sponsored on a 420 visa like you do on a 457? Any info would be great! Thanks
  19. wsdt

    ICAA skills Assessment

    Hi I have recently submitted my application for Skills assessment. I am a full member of the ACCA although I was exempted only for stage one as I had completed my Certified Accounting Technician Exams (CAT) all of which is clearly indicated in my transcripts. I am worried about my chances of getting a positive assessment. Please share your views with me as well as those who were in a similar postion as I am and got a positive assessment. Kind Regards, wsdt
  20. James Gardiner

    Migration options?

    Hi, I am currently looking into possible routes of migration, whether it be initially on a temporary basis with the view to permanent residency, or permanent. My situation is that my trade isn't directly included on the SOL, I'm 23 and I'm English. What are my options in regards to migration? My sister is also a permanent resident. Ideas? Thanks.
  21. Hi. I wanted to apply for a 175 visa today and found out this message: "1. The Department has ceased accepting applications from applicants for Subclass 175, Subclass 176, Subclass 475, Subclass 885, Subclass 886, Subclass 487 and Subclass 487R visas. For more information, please see: " Does anybody know if the deparment will reopen so that I can apply or is it ceased for ever? Or is there another type of visa that is kind of similar to this one?
  22. Hi everyone! My partner and I are applying for working holiday visas (subclass 417), to start in March (ish). We do want to move to Australia permanantely, and are hoping to do a bit of travelling around the country, find jobs and get sponsors (easier said than done, I know!). I was just wondering if anyone can answer me this though - the visa we are applying for means we can work for one company for a maximum 6 months, but if we get a sponsor in that time, what happens then? Would we still have to move on? Is there a better way, in your opinion, for us to go about this? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks! We are: female, 23, Arts graduate with experience in broadcast tv production, admin, social media, sales and retail and: male, 24, Business graduate with experience in marketing, export within the beer industry, his brother is currently a permanent resident in Melbourne (3 years), with application for citizenship underway We've been living together for three years, and are confident we will be classed as defacto.
  23. Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some thoughts/ advice on this! Myself and my boyfriend are looking to move to Australia early 2013. I have applied and been accepted to several Uni's in Australia to study a graduate diploma in Education (primary). I'm main dilemma WAS choosing between Perth and Melbourne (Perth uni is more expensive but apparently easier to get teaching job) but from what I have heard it seems that there is a significant lack of jobs over there! I'm now considering changing to an Early Childhood teaching course but don't want to be completely ruled out of teaching at Primary schools as it's what I really want to do. Would this be advisable? I'm looking into the long term of living there permanently so getting my foot in the door is really important and a GDE is so expensive. I don't want to waste my money on a job that won't lead to migration. Can an Early Years teacher still teach at Primary (eg Reception to year 3) these are the years i am most interested in teaching. Also is the pay less for Early Years? and if I ended up returning to the UK would it be a useless qualification? Also My partner is coming over with me on a 2nd Year WHV and looking to get a job as an arborist/climbing tree surgeon. He has his chainsaw maintenance and arial rescue/climbing tickets. We have found a few jobs online that offer sponsorship but seem to want a few years experience (He has only been doing this for 6 months). Any advice or experience on the best place to find jobs/ sponsorship would be greatly appreciated. I would love to hear any thoughts you may have as i'm becoming increasingly stressed out about this! :smile:
  24. Guest

    plan to migrate need help

    I am interested to be assessed, but I have several questions. Please help me advice with my doubts. What is overseas mean in "overseas skilled employment"? Do it mean employed in other country outside from my country of origin? Or employed outside Australia including my country of origin? What are the evidence needed for paid employment skilled occupation? Do it need notarized? :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  25. Hi guys im 21 and me and my girlfriend would like to move to australia. my dad crunently lives in victoria is there any advice you would be able to give me please