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      Found 89 results

      1. Hey, I was wondering could anyone help me as I am really stressing over my second year working holiday visa. I applied for my second year working holiday visa at the end of November, with my first year expiring in December, and received an email today saying they require more information, so therefore my application is being investigated. I completed my regional work from the 29th of may to the 29th of September so 4 months all in. The post code and work completed are fine as I was working as a labourer in a regional area. It is the hours I am worried about, I worked between 4-6 days a week, however some days I only worked as little as 5 hours. On the Australian government website it states "One full day of work is defined as having worked the minimum number of hours considered to be a standard day by the particular industry in which the applicant is employed."I'm not even sure what the minimum hours for construction are as I can't find the information online. Has anyone been investigated and had a similar experience or able to provide me with any advice? My payslips state the hours worked in a two week period and not the amount of hours work on any given day. If anyone can offer any help it would be much appreciated, thanks in advance
      2. Tasmania is affected by Australia's reputation for backpacker exploitation resulting in a shortage of fruit pickers this coming season. http://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/5162215/fruit-pickers-give-tasmania-the-flick/
      3. 2nd year WHV taking AGES

        Hello, I’m looking for some advise on the 2nd working holiday visa. I’ve now been waiting for 9 weeks on my application, my boyfriend and I lodged them at the same time and his got approved in 4 weeks! We did everything correctly, supplied ALL documents, got paid enough, worked on a farm for 96 days etc etc. I did get asked to provide more information with a form all about the farm which was about a month ago and I’ve heard nothing. I just don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out and wondering if anybody else’s 2nd year visa is taking this long? Is this normal? I’m in limbo here and losing my damn mind
      4. Hi all I have now been waiting 8 weeks and 4 days for my 417 working holiday visa to be granted and still no answer. The travel agent I purchased the visa through has chased DIBP twice for me and still no response, I have also been in touch with the processing team via email and chased them twice however no response. There is a number you can call on the DIBP website which is 0061 131 881... you usually have to hold for approximately 40 minutes to speak to one of the team. I spoke with a gentlemen called Alex last night and he tried calling the processing team in Queensland however there was no response, he sent them an email and asked for them to email me an update - I'm mindful that they have never responded to any of our emails and that they never will respond. Its a really tricky situation as I've missed my flight, lost out on a job and also lost money on an Airbnb. The process shouldn't take this long and I HAVE NOT been asked for any medical tests, I don't not have any criminal convictions and I hold a British passport (born in the UK) Is anyone else experiencing serious delays here??? any advise on what could be going on and who I could potentially call? its driving me insane no hanging around in limbo Thanks Nima
      5. Hi all, hope whoever is reading this is well, Has anyone had their 417 Working holiday visa denied? I applied for a 417 Working Holiday Visa (I'm a pommie) and on the form it asked if i have ever overstayed my visa in a country, which unfortunately i have done, when i was in Taiwan 2014 (obviously not meaning to- forgot to renew my visa so I went to renew it and turned out I had to renew this visa outside of the country and i had actually already overstayed so I flew home and paid a fine at the airport before leaving). My visa has not been approved/denied yet but I know Australia is strict on not wanting possible overstayers and I've read in many posts people (Brits) getting their visas approved in minutes. So, I am wondering if I'm going to end up waiting the 36 working days to find that my visa will be denied, because of my Taiwan overstay! Anyone been in this position before and had their visa approved (or denied), albeit in the 36 working day processing time frame? I've been granted a student visa before when i studied in Australia for 3 years (2010-2013) and didn't breach any rules on my visa there, so hoping that counts for something? Thanks in advance for any insight on the situation- I'm just very excited to get started on my aussie adventure but now worrying my visa won't be granted! Naomi
      6. Hi all - new to forum, signed up especially as hit a new low following the ATO's WHV tax rebate rules. looking for people in similar situation. As per the ato website WHV holders who have earnt $18,200 or more between Jan-Jun 2017 will get essentially NO TAX FREE THRESHOLD on any income received Jul-Dec 2016.Say you earnt $18,200 in Jul-Dec 2016 and $18,200 in Jan-Jun 2017: this means you pay 15% on WHV income which also in turn erodes the tax free threshold on earlier income resulting in paying 19% tax on $18,200 PLUS 15% tax on $18,200. This can’t be right surely?????? I've gone from overpaying my Jun-Dec 2016 tax by $2-3k (pro-rata threshold / previous tax rules) to not only having that eroded by income earnt in 2017 but I now owe tax apparently, even though I've been consistently paying 15% tax in 2017. (FI I earnt approx $24k 2016 and $15k 2017 paying $7k in tax in total)
      7. So I'm wanting to move to Australia, permanently. I plan to get a two yearly working holiday visa, and then after this - what are my options? I'm an exotic dancer so I really don't have a career path. While in Australia I'd like to do some beauty courses. Ultimately I'd like to set up my own business which is very doable, weather it's mobile, in home or small store.Is there a visa for me to start a small business and stay in Australia after the two year working holiday visa? Or what are my options, if any, to permanently move and live in Australia?
      8. Hi Everyone, I've been reading through this forum for a little while and know that you can all offer really helpful advice! So I have a question which I have tried googling and looking through pomsinoz for, but can't seem to find a concrete answer for (no doubt somebody will tell me I've been blind! ) Myself and my husband (me as main applicant) are looking at applying for the 190 skilled independent visa with NSW state nomination. I am a chartered accountant with 4 years post qualified experience and would get maximum points for age. If I aim for superior english results in IELTS (I'm sure this is no mean fete) and my husband can get his skills assessed (15 years in IT but with few notable qualifications) then I am hopeful of 80 points (inclusive of the 5 for state nomination). Even so I am aware of the length of time this can take and was hoping to be over there by the end of the year, so finally I get to my actual question - could I get a working holiday visa whilst I am waiting for the 190 and go to Sydney and be finding work on that? I am still within the age range, and it was the original plan to just go out on a WHV and hope for sponsorship, but with recent changes to temporary visas we are looking at setting the ball rolling on a pr visa now. But I would still like to be getting out to Oz sooner rather than later. I am sure I have seen that people go out on a WHV and then apply for pr whilst onshore, so I assume this would be no different? I just haven't found a case of somebody who applied for pr from the uk, then applied for a WHV and travelled to Australia whilst awaiting the pr visa outcome. Has anybody done this, or known somebody who has? Sorry for the rambling, I just hope somebody can help me shine a light on this. Many Thanks
      9. Hi, My name is Ken and I moved to Australia with a Working Holiday visa in 2014. It's been quite a ride, but a great experience too! I actually managed to get a 457 visa now, so I'm really happy. I learned a lot during my time in Oz and thought I could share my experience so that other working holiday makers get a job in Australia and manage to stay there too. I wrote a Working Holiday Jobs guide and thought I could share it here. I explain where to find a job, how to write an Australian cover letter, how to get a second year visa etc. I apologize in advance to the moderators if I'm not supposed to publish this link here, but it's a free resource to help fellow working holiday makers, so I thought why not Here it is: How To Find A Working Holiday Job In Australia Good luck with your new adventure!
      10. WHV Approval

        Hi! My partner and I recently applied separately for WHVs (in the last week of February roughly), I'm from the UK, he is from the Rep. of Ireland. I got my approval through within 48 hours. However, after a week they asked him to supply a copy of his old passport (from when he was previously in Australia when he was 2yo). He did so, and they thanked him and said they can continue to process his application. Its now been 4 weeks, and the only time frame the bureau gave us was "weeks to months', before he gets a response. Additionally, I have also been to Oz before when I was younger, but was never asked for my old passport. Has anyone (from Ireland or otherwise) ever been in this position, and know when I can expect to hear back from them, or why his application has taken such a different route? They said they have no reason to reject his application, but theres some nervousness that makes me wonder why they are taking so long! We are very keen to book tickets, look for accommodation and start sending off CVs etc, but the wait means that everything is getting delayed (and more expensive) as we are planning on going in September. Thanks
      11. Visas after working holiday?

        hi my names Sam. I'm currently on my 2nd working holiday visa. Living up on the qld border with my girlfriend. My visa runs out in December but hers ends in September 2016, We are planning on driving around oz after we have saved up. I am looking into visas after December, but it's confusing. Is there anyone here who had a working holiday visa and got a tourist visa afterwards? Or any other visa I can get
      12. Hi all I am about to get a new job, which I desperately need to pay for my next visa. So… I am currently on my last 5 months of my Working Holiday Visa, and will be applying for the Partner subclass 820 visa. Whilst I am on a bridging visa am I still eligible to work??????
      13. WHV to Permanent Visas?

        Hi, My wife is a qualified nurse and we wanted to emigrate to Oz however we don't want to give up our jobs here in England without secure employment. What we want to do is come out on a Working holiday visa, Keeping our jobs open back home, and then if we find suitable employment. applying for permanent residency. We wondered if anyone on here had done this and how easy and cost effective it was to move on to skilled residency visa from Oz. Thank You
      14. Hi all, My fiancé is a carpenter/joiner and we qualify for subclass 189. We have the funds aside to apply for our residency and come to make a go of a life in Perth. My mother's best friend lives in perth and we are starting with her as a base. Our question is... do we take the plunge and go for a 189 visa from the UK having never visited the country before? Or do we go on a Working holiday visa and if we get there and fall in love, apply straight away? I know it can be done from inside oz. Any advise is much appreciated!! Thank you Katie
      15. Hi there, I am almost halfway through my first WHV and have started researching farm work etc today. I am finding it difficult to find jobs posted which I can rely on - I have heard many horror stories where backpackers have been exploited or have had to hand over accommodation money before finding work. I am a young girl planning to do the farm work on my own, hopefully in the Bundaberg area or anywhere along the Queensland Coast...and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? Or know of any areas/farms/employers who are safe to work for? Any advice would be appreciated thanks!
      16. STA Travel - opinions?

        Hello all, I've been doing a lot of research into the WHV and STA travel keep popping up. Im very happy to sort everything out on my own however I am worried about not being able to secure work as I have financial obligations back home. STA offer various packages helping people to secure work for at least 3 months which I am inclined to take if they are worth it. I'd like to know if anybody has used these packages from STA before and what did you think of them? Are they worth the investment? Any feedback is appreciated and thank you for reading! :cute:
      17. 2nd year working holiday visa?

        Does anyone know the time scale on a 2nd year working holiday visa i sent my application in with my regional work, all signed off and with a reference. ITs taken a lot longer than i have expected I've been waiting 3 weeks now, with no news whatsoever just the confirmation of a bridging visa. does any body know how long this is going to take, I'm starting to get nervous.
      18. Hi, I've already had a tourist visa followed by a working holiday visa, but want to get another tourist visa whilst me and my boyfriend prepare to apply for me as his de facto partner on his 457 visa. We keep hearing that this might not work... Does anyone know what my chances are? Because that obviously affect whether he takes his sponsorship. Are there any requirements we can fulfil to ensure I get back in the country, or any other option to come back in with him? We want to reenter together so we can get a home and tenancy evidence to support our de facto application, which won't work if I can't get back in the country. Thanks, Rosie
      19. Radiographer help!!!! :)

        Hi.. I am qualifying as a Radiographer in the Uk in June 2015 and I am coming on a WHV in September. I have been looking at doing locum radiography work within Australia. I have a few questions!!! I need AHPRA - first of all, Will i be classed as a 'graduate' and should I apply under this as I have no experience apart from the three years of my degree on clinical placement? When applying for a radiation license, is there one that covers all states or will I need a seperate one for each state - basically should I pick one place to work? I have been looking at locum jobs and most accept WHV, I am not looking to be a skilled worker as of yet either so no point in applying for that visa as for AIR registration and skilled worker you need 3+ years experience in the UK so not poss atm. Any help would be appreciated!!!! Alix x
      20. Awesome Working Holiday selfie video

        I made a time-lapse video of my year Working Holiday in Australia: I completed 3 months of farm work, and also traveled to South East Asia for 2.5 months. The video also includes the West coast road trip from Perth to Darwin, to Alice Springs. Enjoy!
      21. Advice on WHV/Banking/Medicare etc

        Hi, I am new to this forum and need lots of advice!! I am applying for my WHV (subclass 417) and at the moment I am a student radiographer up until June 2015 - I am hoping to come in September for a year / two years.. it asks me on the application what my occupation is? - What do I put? That I am a student radiographer until June then I am unemployed until I come to Oz??? I am looking for farm work, I want to apply for this BEFORE I come to oz as I don't want the messing around when I am there - my plans are to fly from UK to Sydney and spend a week or two relaxing and such .. I am wanting farm work also in order to earn money and eventually to be able to apply for my 2nd year visa .. Where should I start? How soon should I apply for work? ETC. Does anyone have any websites that I can do a welcome week in Sydney - Similar to OzIntro but I want to compare a few.. I am wanting to open up a bank account before I come so I can start transferring money into it from the UK - how easy is it to do? What are the different banks, will I be able to pick up a bank card asap when I arrive in Oz? (I don't want any that offer me a minimum of so many dollars to be able to open it.. How do I apply for Medicare? As I am from the UK- does this entitle me for free health care.. Would this mean I don't need to get travel insurance that covers me for health care? Do I need to get it still to protect my belongings etc as I will be bringing my iPad/Go Pro... Sorry for the long long post but I really need some advice on it all - many many thanks in advance and safe travels Alix
      22. Hello all! Does anybody know if you can gain permanent residency off a working holiday visa? I know you have to work 3 months on the land in order to extent the visa for two years and you are able to work only 6 months for each employer, but are you able to get sponsored by that employer and then move to a temporary work skilled visa (457)? My job is currently on the CSOL list but I'm only needed in the Northern Territory (I don't really understand this as after looking on seek there are only 25 jobs needed in Darwin in comparison to 1200 in Sydney, 400 in Brisbane and so on). Could I work in a larger city if I find an employer to sponsor me rather than the state sponsorship? Next issue, what are the possibilities for a person on a working holiday visa to get a job in an office such as a property manager? Thanks for reading!!
      23. Moving my UK based Business to Australia

        Hey everyone! In September 2015 I'm moving from the UK over to Sydney for 1 year to experience the country, but also to expand our UK based Digital Marketing Agency in Australia. Currently we run everything in the UK, with several online stores and many UK based clients whom we work for. My question is whether there's any restrictions to setup a Business in Australia, seeing as I'm on a 1 year working Visa. Also whether there are any extra difficulties when compared with setting up a Ltd company in the UK, or if you have any helpful advice. Primarily our business is B2B, but we also have several consumer based products we wish to launch in Australia. Appreciate any advice or guidance!
      24. WWofing

        Hi guys. If you have done wwofing in a part of Australia that is on the accepted postcode list to qualify for you second year visa does your wwoofing host need to have a wwoofing host number? Or is ABN enough. Will my visa be accepted with just the farmers ABN number? Thank you, any help is appreciated
      25. Hi all, I am an electrician with 5 years experience in the power station industry (including 4 year apprenticeship program). I am thinking of applying for the one year working holiday visa for Australia, as I have heard of very good opportunities out there in the mines for electricians. What are the steps/processes I need to start to get the ball rolling? Some of my qualifications are; NVQ level 3 in electrical engineering technology maintenance HNC level 4 in Engineering City and Guilds level 3 wiring regs BS 7671 (2382) City and Guilds level 2 medium risk confined spaces Could anyone tell me what category of electrician I would be in Aus? Also would I still have to carry out the skills assessment for the working holiday visa? Thanks Jim