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Found 56 results

  1. JugkalAU

    AU Student Visa

    Hello, I've been trying to find forums and topics on individuals currently applying for a student visa. My brother is already accepted to his chosen school and program but we can't find any leads moving forward, does that mean his visa is approved? when can we expect his visa to arrive? etc. we did go through an agency but all they're giving us is "we'll keep you posted" which is very frustrating and not really re-assuring. Anyone here going through the same thing or can point me in the right direction of what to expect or where to go next? Thanks!
  2. Hi I am an Indian passport holder, currently in Australia on a student visa. However, it will be active for few more days as my degree is officially complete. Since I could not submit an application for a work visa while I still had a student visa (due to IELTS being pushed during the Corona pandemic), I have applied for a tourist visa in the interim period. The bridging A Visa will be active once my student visa expires. I will apply for a working Visa once my IELTS exams are done (due in the last week of this month). I have few questions in this regard. 1. If and when my tourist Visa is granted, can I move back to India and apply for a Work Visa from there? Of course only after completing the health check, police check here in Australia. 2. What should be my next course of action if my tourist Visa application is rejected and I have still not applied for Work Visa? 3. Can I work in Australia after submitting an application for a temporary graduate visa? Best, Meghna
  3. Hi guys, me and my partner want to apply for the student visa(SC 500) through an immi account, please advice me on the below situation... My brother is an Australian PR holder paying taxes in Australia from 5 years, he has 7 family members in his immi account on active visitor visa (currently 3 onshore). He is also the sponsor for my education. My question is at this stage do I need to create a personal immi account for me and my partner OR is it good to apply through my brother's immi account. What will be more effective from DIBP point of view for the grant of my student visa (SC 500)? Please advice me...
  4. Amanda Natascha Sundstrom

    Student visa to SHARED student visa?!?

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little bit more then 1 year now. Lived with each other ever since day one, have mural bank account etc. Im born in Sweden and my partner in Brazil. He has been here for three years on STUDENT visa and myself two years WH visa and now first year STUDENT. His visa expires in July 2020 and doesn’t wanna go back on student visa and mine expires July 2021 (what’s gonna happen after that is another mystery lol). So our little plan is that he jumps on my visa which I assume would work?!?! Correct me if I’m wrong. BUT. We are having a wedding to attend on in Europe in August and I’m a bit worried if he’s gonna be able to go since he will apply for student with me in July and can he travel and leave the country while he’s waiting?! Some Bridget visas doesn’t let you leave the country u til you’ve got it approved. Please help! Cheers
  5. How’s you doing friends, Actually I was wondering should I assess my Australian work experience or it will accepted without as I need to assess my degree that done overseas. I will be thankful that if anyone can let me know should I assess my experience with my degree or not because I am about to go thru this process. Regards Garry
  6. Asking this question on behalf of a friend who is very concerned that her 22 yr old son has been manipulated into marrying an overseas student who only had the aim of marrying to stay in Australia. Yes, the son is an adult but a naïve and immature one - lived at home until after the marriage, never had another girlfriend and just finished his studies. There were a number of red flags when they were going out including the girlfriend (now wife) exceeding the 20 hour working limit, not attending classes and lying about her age, her job, her previous marriage overseas and her children from that relationship. My friend and her husband only found out about the wedding by accident - it was kept secret from them. The son and wife have now applied for the 820/801 Partner visa. It seems they have both claimed in their supporting documents (relationship statement) that the girlfriend was living with the son at the family home and that she would interact with all the family - cooking dinners etc - all fibs. Does anyone know how thorough or detailed reviews by case managers are? Would they contact parents and family as a matter of course? My friend has considered reporting her concerns online but her husband is very against this. In that context, the easier option for her would be for any action to be out of their hands. She knows either path will end in unhappiness but ultimately is hoping to protect her son from long term heartbreak and financial devastation. Any advice welcome - thanks.
  7. Parth Patel

    Visa Expiry Issue

    Hey, I am on visa subclass 573 and I have an issue about travelling to India. - Exams end on 25th October- 2018 - Results released on 09- November 2018 - COE expires on 09- November 2018 - Student Visa expires 15-March 2019 - Award date of degree sometime in December 2018 I want to travel after my exams end i.e. from 25th October 2018; I want to know till when can I travel can it be till the second week of December i.e. after my results and coe both end. Would greatly appreciate anyone's help on whether they allow rentry into Australia after coe expires but student visa is valid. Thanks
  8. Hi All, please could you help me out. I am aware that students are able to work for a maximum number of 40 hrs per fortnight during semesters. And each semester is considered including exam periods. My university had advertised as below Final assessment period : Saturday 16 – Saturday 30 June 2018 I had unintentionally started working 40 hrs in one week on the 25th of June (before ending of the exam period). However I had already finished all my assessments. I am now worried that I’ve technically breached my visa. And what will happen to me? It was really an unintentional mistake, as I thought I was allowed to work unlimited hours when I’m on holiday. Please advise! Thanks kevin
  9. Hi there my Coe was canceled once and I got a new one from university, should I update my student visa immediacy ? its same university and course, and my enrollment is delayed. I know that I have to extend to my visa before expire . just I'm thinking its possible to extend my visa later? or not thank you
  10. Amyrobstar

    Worries re student visa

    Hi all, I have been in a relationship with an aussie since October 17. We met in the UK when he was on holiday and I decided to come to Oz on a tourist visa in December 17 and have just left oz after my first 3 months. I had just started uni in the UK (studying paramedic science) but deferred my place to follow my heart and see whether this relationship was going to work. I was initially going to apply for a prospective marriage visa but we don't want to rush getting married as we've only been together for 5 months. I have now applied to study nursing diploma at TAFE because this is cheaper than uni and will allow me to work and actually meet people and get out of the house. I don't actually really need to work because my partner is very well paid and is paying all rent and food etc. My question is whether it is likely my student visa will be granted as I will be living with my aussie partner and therefore they may say that I am not a genuine temporary entrant. Any advice from former experience would be greatly appreciated.
  11. mohammad ashfaq

    My student visa option.

    Hi, I will be applying for Australian student visa. However one of my family member have has 3 year travel ban to Australia. However he is not in Australia any more. Will his record affect my visa application? Really need to know if it will affect me. Thanks
  12. Hi, Along with my parents business account bank statement and savings account statement, can i show Bank loan FDR Receipt as proof of financial statement? This is because my main proof of finance is the fdr receipt which. However is showing bank loan fdr a negative point for my student visa? Thanks
  13. Hi, Along with my parents business account bank statement and savings account statement, can i show Bank loan FDR Receipt as proof of financial statement? This is because my main proof of finance is the fdr receipt. However is showing bank loan a negative point for my student visa? Thanks
  14. What I Love About Australia Hi there. My name is Fatima Khan, I am a migrant from Pakistan and currently reside in Sydney. I am now a permanent resident of Australia, married and have started a family. Here’s my story! When I was living in Pakistan, I just knew it wasn’t the place where I could pursue my dreams and aspirations. I wanted to improve my education, career and lifestyle. There were many problems living in Pakistan such a transportation, quality of education being delivered, pollution, lack of freedom, economic instability, political issues, etc. I then started to do some research and landed on this website Pomsinoz.com. It gave me all the information I needed to kick-start my future dreams. I browsed through different articles and forums relating to international students in Australia and found many useful resources available to help me migrate to Australia. I chose to live and study in Australia due to the fact that I could acquire quality education from a prestigious institution and live a better life. I then finally applied for my student visa back in 2012 and I got my student visa grant approval. That was certainly one of the best days of my life as I strongly believed that my life was going to change for the better. When I came to Australia, it was absolutely amazing to be part of such a friendly society and culture. Almost everyone here in Australia greets you with a friendly smile and respects diversity. The weather in Australia is so amazing, I mostly can never complain about it. In most of the areas you get to enjoy sunny climates and mild winters which is just perfect for outdoor activities. I was also surprised to see that there are many recycling and environmental initiatives in place to create a more sustainable and healthier atmosphere. When it comes to daily transportation, there are many options available such as the train, bus and ferry services which makes life just so much easier and quicker. I was able to get to university and work right on time. There are also many places to visit such as landmarks, beaches, restaurants, museums, zoos, water parks, theme parks, etc. The first place I visited in Australia was Luna Amusement Theme Park located in the heart of Sydney. It was so much fun and the Park had a Ferris wheel, thrill rides, bumper cars and much more. I also got to see the Sydney Opera House and The Harbour Bridge on the same day. I had such an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. When I went to university all of my teachers and classmates were very welcoming, kind and helpful. This made it much easier for me to adapt to the learning environment, different teaching styles and new curriculum/syllabus. I had a very pleasant journey completing my degree and made lots of new friends along the way which also included meeting my future spouse in Australia. We fell in love and got married in 2014 and I then moved from being on a student visa to a spouse visa! Again Pomsinoz.com came to the rescue for me to gain useful information/insights on how to smoothly transition from being on a student visa to a spouse visa to then becoming a Permanent Resident of Australia! I love Australia as there are just endless options and opportunities for everyone here whether when it comes to finding the right educational course or finding a career that best suits your skills and qualifications. There are also many part-time and casual jobs available around Australia that makes it easier to earn some extra cash. Being a resident, you can gain access to many benefits such as Private health insurance, Government support, Childcare and Medicare, which is such an advantage to have. My husband and I live very close to the beach with our daughter and reside in a beautiful suburb in Northern Sydney. I absolutely am in love with the wonderful beach life culture here in Australia which I just cannot get back in Pakistan. We have many friends from different backgrounds and love how Australia is so multicultural and diverse. We get to attend different events and festival activities from time to time such as Vivid Sydney. In terms of leisure, accommodation, career growth, education, rules, safety, security, stability, healthcare, etc. I would certainly say the standard of living in Australia as compared to Pakistan is much more advanced and improved. There are many facilities and services that we can have access to that improves our lifestyle. I am very fortunate to be part of such a beautiful country and having countless opportunities available that in real talk would be very difficult to attain back in Pakistan and in other countries. In conclusion, I can definitely say that ever since I migrated to Australia, I have experienced a better and positive change in my way of life and would highly recommend others to also experience the wonderful life Australia.
  15. mohammad ashfaq

    My student visa option.

    Hi, I will soon apply for my student visa. However i wanted to know one thing. If suppose i have a family member/sibling who is currently living illegally in Australia, do i declare him in my visa form? And if so what status should i give for his visa if he is not under any? And if i do what are my chances of getting my visa rejected ? What should i do i am confused. I really do not want to lie in my application. Thanks
  16. samsid

    Visa Info

    I'm in this situation applying for student visa in Australia and I'm facing DUI charges in US..not convicted yet, but had to left States due to family emergency. Had a court date but missed it. Being an Indian citizen my question is should I need to declare in the student visa forms about DUI charges OR knowing that the laws of AU aren't after DUI conviction to grant a visa, it may not necessary to disclose on the forms? Much Appreciated Response.
  17. Hi all, I would like to know if it is allowed to get a student visa between 457 and application for 189. Currently I am on 457, expiring in 8 November this year, and in the process of preparing to apply for 189. I have sent required documents to the assessing organisation and were received on 17 July and process time is up to 10 weeks according to them. This means that it might not be until the end of October that I will get the assessment (if positive, of course), leaving about 2 weeks to send EOI, get invited and apply, which is pretty ambitious. So, I need to do something so that I don't need to get out of the country and the only option I can think of is a student visa. Does anybody here know if it is OK (or not OK) for me to do that? Or, does anybody have another idea? Thank you for your support in advance. Sayaka
  18. Hello forum, I am a US citizen and will likely be applying for a student visa (class 573, for medical school) and will be eligible for streamlined visa processing (although I will be applying from Colombia). My husband (who will be included in the application) is a Colombian citizen and while in the United States, he plead guilty to a drug crime and was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day in federal prison. This was more than 20 years ago. He paid his time and completed probation. He has had a clean record since. Because of this crime, he was ordered removed from the United States, but he left on voluntary departure and has complied with all of the terms set forth by immigration authorities. I understand that to pass the "character test", the applicant cannot have been sentenced to 12 months or more (this is considered a substantial criminal record). My husband was sentenced to 12 months and 1 day....more than 20 years ago! Also, I AM PREGNANT with our first child...going to Australia on a student visa without him would be devastating. I am trying to finish medical school in my husband's company and Australia seems like the right place for us, for many reasons, which I won't go into here. My question is... I know that ministerial discretion may be applied if an applicant fails the character test... but how do I go about this??? I've read about sending a statement, etc... but I am unsure how to go about this. Is this sent with the original application online? Does anybody have advice on how to prepare our application in such a way that will help us obtain discretion? How would I prove (on my initial application) that my husband has rehabilitated and that he deserves a chance to be in Australia with his pregnant wife who is going to be doctor? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Hello everyone, I'm currently on a 417 visa which expires on the 18th of April. I have decided to enroll at a school in Australia, and can either start on the 27th of April or on the 6th of June. I would prefer starting a bit later as I have things to take care of that will take a bit of time. I was wondering if I will get a bridging visa (A) in between the end of my 417 (WHV) and the start of my student visa 572 (so either 27/04 or 06/06) ? I obviously do not want to have to go back home for such a short time, especially cause I'm trying to save money. Also, if I do get a bridging visa, what about the 28 days expiry date after the decision on the 2nd visa has been made ? And finally, if I do get a bridging visa, would I be allowed to work full time or only 20h/week like on a student visa ? Thank you very much for your help !
  20. We used to have a business in Sydney and a young Turkish couple (the husband worked for us) became our close friends. They married in Sydney and we were unaware that she overstayed her visa. He then overstayed his visa too and finally they both handed themselves into authorities. They were taken to Villawood detention centre and a decision was made that they be allowed to go back to Turkey. We paid for their return tickets and they were allwed to stay with us for the 10 days prior to departure. They were subject to the normal 3 year exclusion from returning to Australia. We are interested in having this couple come back to Australia and sponsoring them (or him) as we have a country hotel and we can trust them. My question is... I need a cook. Can he come over here and study to be a cook, have me sponsor him? If so what visa should he apply for? He is Thailand at the moment teaching English and she is in Turkey as her father just passed away. His current qualifications are as a sound technician and she is a journalist. I can't see how their current qualifications and my needs in the hotel match up. That's why I came up with a cook. When can his wife join him? How do I find an institution to train him? What courses does he need to do? Their exclusion is over in March 2015. Does anyone have a better or simpler idea?
  21. Stuart Edwards

    Student Visa / Defacto Visa Confusion!

    Hi all! I'd been tearing my hair out trying to find answers to my conundrum! I hope there's someone out there that can help! Right - My girlfriend and I are both Brits on 417 WHV. We're both working full-time and would love to carry on our lives here in this beautiful country! Our visas expire in August and we're heading back to the UK for a visit. I'd like to come back on a student visa, preferably part-time and carry on working where I am now for 20hrs per week. - Are international student courses/visas hard to to land and set up? Are there reputable courses that don't cost the earth?! - If I was on a student visa, could my girlfriend apply for partner defacto visa? - Could she study full-time if she was on a defacto visa? But not pay international student fees? It would be great to hear some stories of people who have had similar experiences! We're both skilled and committed, but our background/experience is lacking so skilled migrant/sponsorship visas opportunities are limited... Cheers everyone! Stu & Eloise x
  22. Hello I have been in Australia for almost two years on my WHV. I met my Australian partner here, we are now engaged and life is good. The only problem is that he had an ex girlfriend from Brazil and they had a partner visa together, which means we can't apply for a new partner visa until 5 years after he applied for the one with her (there are nearly two years left). So my question is... should I stay here on a student visa or should we go and wait it out in the UK? The international student fees are very expensive so I can't afford to study anything I am actually interested in, just an online Business course (the cheapest option). It will be a struggle for me to get by, but it is doable. However, would it be easier to go to the UK? What is the work situation like at the moment? Any advice for an Aussie settling in the UK (I feel like the drop in wages and weather could be issues for him). Any experience on the process of getting a spouse visa for the UK? Thanks for any opinions / advice.
  23. Hello, My question is, me and my friend came to Australia on student visa, luckly my friend applied for job and he got the job, now the company is ready to offer 457 Visa but the problem is in his CV, when he applied for Visa he showed the different experience and to his employer he showed different experience which is real. If he apply for 457 Visa and provide genuine experience will the case officer verify and check his previous CV? if yes will it effect in his student visa if 457 visa get refuse.
  24. Hello everyone!, I am new to this forum. However, after checking the responses that users got from here, I am sure that there is some one who can help me or at least advice me regarding my situation. Well, I completed my undergrad from Australia, Monash University. However, I overstayed my visa for two months and imposed a 3 years exclusion period. The exclusion period expired on 30th of June 2014. However, I applied for student visa again before my exclusion period ended. As expected, visa got refused even after showing all the compelling reasons as breaching visa was not my intention in the first place. My question is, If I apply now ( after the exclusion period), what is the possibility of getting a student visa ? will the 3 years exclusion period impact on me if i plan to apply for a PR ? Or is there any success stories where people applied for a student visa after the exclusion period and successfully manage to get a visa? I will be eagerly waiting for a response! Thank you advance everyone! Cheers.
  25. This video was shared with me over the weekend from my friend in Sydney which was interesting as I am trying to get my PR in much the same way as well. May be of interest to some of you but at least it looks real. I think its interesting to hear how difficult they made it for her just cause she's from Brazil. tez