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  1. Hello friends,Would anyone be able to point me to a source where I could see the online application form for the 190 visa, so I can prepare all the answers prior to getting an invite?I searched online found a video showing the 189 questions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBWrg9ksAmo). If the 190 visa application form is the same as the 189 one that should suffice.Kind Regards
  2. Hello! I would like to ask if anyone here has done the ACS professional year program and could share how long it took them to subsequently get a skills assessment from ACS (and to get a 189 visa if you've done that). I am curious as to whether processing after professional year, especially by ACS, would be relatively fast, because it is their own program so I would assume they would not have much verification to do. Cheers!
  3. Yes, that's true, it also seems (according to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_federal_election,_2013#Polling) that "the Coalition" is about to win. And from what I see they're more anti-immigration and I read on their website that they intend to cut immigration from 28K to 17K per year.
  4. Thanx a lot for your advice. I wanted to be a student overseas way before I though about PR, I travelled not long ago in Oz and Canada and liked both of them and thought it would be nice to have a chance at PR. I agree that there's a chance after 3 years I won't even want to stay in Oz. As for the student graduate visa change, what change did they do? It seems like the only change has been for the better, i.e they made it easier to get a student visa by adding the post study work stream. As for the experience, my plan was to get a year experience while I'm in Oz. If you look at the categories in the points test, experience in Oz gives you 5 points even with one year experience. I wanted to get it while I'm on the graduate visa or 489 visa. I'm not sure if work experience is obligatory. I could probably get 65 points even without the work experience (Bachelor degree 15, 30 for my age, 10 for IELTS, 5 for studying in Oz, 5 for studying in regional area) If I score higher IELTS than could get to 75. As you said before, this could all change by the time I finish, but that's just how I would do it if I finished my degree now. By the way, Canada I feel is safer beaus they didn't touch the student visa rules in the alst 4 years as it appears and if they did, it was to make it easier. Also the equivalent of the Skilled Occupation list is much broader and doesn't seem to change so much Thank you again
  5. I know it's a weird question. I'm trying to decide whether to go to Oz or Canada for IT degree. In Canada I most prob. will have a route to PR after. But I prefer Oz for the climate (yes it is that important to me), in Canada I am pretty much limited to living in some specific places in BC as far as places I'd actually want to live. Still Canada PR still has value to me and I do like Canada as well. Anyhow if only I had some way of estimating my chance of actually getting PR in the future if I go to Oz it will make my life a lot easier. I am going to do a Bachelor of Computing or a Bachelor of Science with major in IT. I am going to University of Tasmania which is a regional area. Study is 3 years. Who knows what will be in the end of 3 years. Presumably I'll get a graduate temporary visa Then, If the visa rules stay the same as they are now I can do: 489 visa Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) - TAS government sponsors you if you have occupation on SOL, if you have occupation in CSOL it will sponsor you as off-list nominee. If this works I will almost surely get PR with the 190 Visa, TAS government also sponsors for this if you work there 3 months. 189 visa - Skilled Independent (subclass 189) - If can't find work in TAS (IMO with 489 visa I can do any sort of work, doesn't have to be in IT) but do find IT work somewhere else I can apply for this after 1 year. According to my calculation I should get at least 70 points with the current system. If I manage to get IELTS 8 it'll be 80 but that can be pretty hard AFAIK. Maybe also possible to do professional year but not sure if that year counts as part of my graduate visa and then I won't have enough time left to find work and work for a year (assuming graduate visa is 2 years) I know this is loads of info, but maybe some migration agent will see this and have enough experience to give me an estimate of my chances of getting PR. Thank you
  6. Thanx for your responses, could you tell me a bit what else went wrong? what did they change? Also, could anyone tell me, once I finish my studies and I want to apply for the Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa or the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), do I get to stay in Australia until there is a decision? I mean the student visa ends about two months after study ends, what if they dont have a decision by the time my student visa expires? Also, the Temporary Graduate Visa Post-Study Work stream says "for international students who graduate with an eligible qualification. This stream is only available to students who applied for and were granted their first Student visa to Australia on or after 5 November 2011. A visa in this stream can be granted for up to four years, depending on the qualification". It doesn't seem to say anything about the Skilled Occupation List, do you get this visa regardless of your study subject?
  7. According to this: http://www.acs.org.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0016/7324/Summary-of-Criteria.pdf Recent Oz graduates are exempt from work experience. This plan is getting very dependant on the current immigration laws though. I'll probably first have to apply for the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) or Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa so I can get the 3 months work experience.
  8. Hi, I found the website and it sounds like I could do it. It sounds like you just need a degree. Does that sound right? I'd also love to hear more opinions of whether it's more common in Oz or Canada for students to be let down by visa law changes if anyone knows.
  9. Hi, thanx for your message. I did not check this, can you tell me where I can get this information?
  10. Hi, thanx for the clarification, I believe I can get 65, or even 70 points (30 for age, 10 for IELTS, 5 for Regional area studies, 15 for Bachelor Degree, 5 points for State nomination, and if I work there 1 year than another 5 points). Maybe I can even get the IELTS to a better score and get another 10 points)
  11. Thanx a lot for the reply, this problem I think will be in Canada as well, I'm mainly trying to think which country is more likely to chnage its laws, or just how likely is oz to change its laws. My heart says Oz, I just love that country, but it's scary to think I might not be able to stay after my studies
  12. Hi, the visa I linked to from the Tasmania immigration office shows a pathway for Tasmanian institution graduates which demands only 3 months work experience. My main concern is actually that they will change the immigration rules, I hope someone who has some experience can tell me how volatile the immigration rules in Australia are, and how likely is this to happen.
  13. Hi, I plan to start Uni. in July in Tasmania, I applied for a student visa both to Canada and Australia, just in case (Been accepted to one uni. in both). I love both countries and been to them and this is a very hard decision for me, because wherever I go I'll probably and up staying if possible. but I want to increase my chances as much as possible. There is a PR route in Tassie which seems very promosing: Migrating to Tasmania | Subclass 190 The conditions are graduating from a Tasmanian Institution and 3 months work experience. But how volatile are the visa rules in Australia/Tasmania? Is it probable that this visa route will be closed by the time I finish Uni which will be in three/four years, or that my major (IT) will fall off the Skilled Occupation List? I don't know if I should count on that, of course I'd like to study abroad even if it gives me no path to PR, but this is still a big deal for me and if I'd find that I'll be able to immigrate to Oz after the end of my studies I'll be the happiest man on earth Thank you for any advice on this
  14. fiftyeight

    Lifestyle in Cairns

    Hi, I've seen hurricanes on the news. But I'm not entirely sure what it means for the residents. Are the hurricanes in Cairns dangerous? do they kill people? Should I be worried about it if staying in Smithfield? Do you have to stay inside for days? I'm just not sure what to make of it
  15. fiftyeight

    Lifestyle in Cairns

    Thanx for the advice guys, the humidity and heat do not scare me that much, mainly because I've been in very humid hot places before for extended periods, and of course I'm not a big fan, but I can deal with it. I've been in Cairns in end of April-May and it was indeed humid, but IMO I can deal with it. I'm more worried about the rain/cyclones thing really and I'd love to hear how bad the rain and cyclones and flood thing is. Is it so bad that you have to stay inside. I will be staying in Smithfield if I live there, is it and the city center affected much by these factors? And also in general, how bad is it?