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Found 466 results

  1. ATL

    The new training visa 407

    The 407 is a great way to experience Australia whilst gaining new or enhancing current occupational skills. The visa is for both paid and voluntary internships for up to 24 months (the government decide on the length based on the occupation, the applicants work or study history, skills and qualifications, age etc). The sponsor of the applicant is not the employer and is required put the applicant through a skills training program in conjunction with a host employer. The training visa 407 can relate to any occupation on the CSOL list available here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists/CSOL You can read all about this newly introduced visa here: https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/407- I welcome any questions, Ray Daniel Access Training & Logistics (Training Visa 407 Sponsorship Approved) Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  2. Hello I’m about to enter Australia on a multiple entry eVisitor (651) and intend to apply for a student visa shortly after. If my student visa application gets refused will my multiple entry eVisitor then become void/cancelled? Most people I’ve asked have said no it should be fine but just wanting to be sure. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, Not sure if this the right place for this, but I'm in a bit of jumble on what occupation to nominate when I do apply for 189. I'm on a 485 which ends next year and would like to get this out of the way. I'm still drafting my episodes for the Skills assessment. Studied Bachelor of engineering in mechanical engineering and have a masters in manufacturing engineering ( project about solar energy for 6 months) Work experience: Casual customer service for 2 years with university Installation manager for a solar energy startup Operations analyst for a Energy retailer Currently, Operations manager for solar energy startup
  4. hevchick

    UK Student Loan

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody has had any experience of paying back their UK student loan (Student Loans Company) while living in Australia or has any information on this please? I'm post 1998 so the SLC website says I'd be paying back an amount based on my income and that for Australia the earning threshold is currently £18,000. I can pay back via international bank transfer although I'm guessing that this maybe expensive due to charges and currency fluctuations so are there any other options that would be a less expensive way to make the monthly installments? I also heard sometime ago while I was travelling that if somebody left the UK for more than 5 years they would not need to repay the remainder of their student loan - is this true? Sounds too good to be true to me! Any information or advice would be much appreciated please. Thank you very much :biggrin:
  5. Hello , I am in a very difficult state. I need a sample letter based on the situation or if you can suggest me something appropriate. I am on student visa in Melbourne (came on 16th nov 2017) and my husband and baby(15 months) is in India. The baby wasn't adjusting at all there as I came here so we applied for husband's and baby's subsequent visa (application submitted on 8th dec). In India he is not been cared properly as my mother in law has arthritis in knees and could not carry him or can run after him and my father in law goes in the morning for work and come late evening. My husband although has a business partner but has to juggle between work and home and it's getting too difficult. the baby is getting weaker and the visit to doctor is getting so frequent and increasing day by day. I want to write a letter to embassy to speed up the process. How can i write and how can i do that. Thank you
  6. i'm currently on a student visa which is going to expire in september 2017 and i still haven't been able to finish my course not even half way. i have 65 points without nomination(age=30,degree=15,pte=20 261313 software and applications programmer). my question is if i voluntarily cancel my student visa and go back to my country after submitting EOI, will it have any effect on my 189 application outcome? i'm very confused about whether to extend my student visa(going through financial hardship) or cancel my student visa. i don't have much time and any help would be appreciated thank you
  7. I am considering applying for a student visa but as an older student I have dependents. One is 18 and mentally disabled he would be unable to work or study himself and is solely dependent on me. I know the rules regarding disabled dependents has changed Ive spent hours researching but I can not find anything that relates to a student visa and the changes. can anyone offer any advise please. Thank you.
  8. UpsidedownKev

    UK Student Finance

    Hello, Myself and my girlfriend have just moved to Sydney. She has a student finance loan that we would like to pay off, and we are looking for the best way to do this. Has anyone recently had the same issue with a loan issued after 1998 and before 2012? She earns over the UK threshold for Oz workers. Can we pay into an Aussie account, and can we claim the tax back on this or have it taken pre-tax as we would in the UK? The worry is that we have to pay 295 pounds a month (minimum payment) after tax and after financial exchange rates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello again.This case is so complex that not even Immigration or the police knew what to do, and that's why I'm in a delicate situation now. I just want to find the better option and then hire a MARA Agent to help me with the caseAs I posted a few months ago, I overstayed my tourist visa for 3-4 months. The reason is that I lodged a Student Visa application on shore and it was invalid because I sent the documents to the wrong email address. During those 3/4 months I attended to my school and I have a certificate proving my satisfactory school attendance. So that means I had genuine intentions of studyingThen I was granted a Bridging Visa E which would give me a 3 year re entry ban once I leave the countryBefore I could leave the country I was charged with Break and Enter and Steal crime by the police. They confiscated my passport so that I couldn't leave the country. I pleaded not guilty and the court date is on June.Immigration has been granting me BVE's every month since then. I even got working rights approved 2 months ago because of financial hardshipThe BIG PROBLEM is just about to happen. Immigration has been pressing the police to either give me my passport or grant me a Criminal Justice Visa, something that they are not going to do as it is too expensive for themTurns out that the police has applied for a Bail Variation to give me my passport back, and once this happens I will be asked to leave the countryNow I want to know what options do I have to come back to Australia. I can just think of- Apply for a Student Visa and try to waive the 3 year ban.Main problem is that it will be too expensive. I would need to pay for the visa + first term which is already $2000 and then flights, MARA agent...- Apply for a Tourist Visa and try to waive the 3 year banI could probably get the 3 year ban waived with the excuse of needing to be in Australia in June and going to court. Then I could try a Student Visa on shore again. Not sure if that would work thoughEverything looks difficult at this stage, but one of the biggest reasons that makes me want to fight so hard to stay here is that I love soccer and here in Australia I've been working as soccer coach for many different teams and age groups. It's well paid here but I'm currently doing some volunteering for youth clubs too and I will let them down if I leave and never come backI think there might be some arguments to use in my favour- Coaching and developing soccer in the Australian community. Families, kids, players... 90% are Australian citizens- Satisfactory school attendance (genuine studying intentions)- Pending court date (not guilty) and I'm really confident that I will win the case- Unfair treatment leading to financial hardship (not allowed to work or leave the country for 4 months)
  10. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  11. Guest

    help this mature student please

    How does one go about studing in oz as a chef at the age of 35 is this possible? please any help would be great on how to go about it and money involved. lyn:spinny:
  12. Dear all After a few sleepless nights and lots of worry I have decided to write a thread and wondered if anyone had any advice. To give you a bit of background, I am here on a student Visa and am on my second year, last year i did an Advanced DIploma in Events Management and this year i have just started a Diploma in Small Business Management. I am in Australia with my partner who is on a Business Owner's Visa (163) which is a temporary visa and she will be applying for PR in a few years. My dilema is that although they have changed the rules for Same sex relationships on new applications for the 163, it does not apply for existing Visa holders, therefore come December when my student visa will be nearly up I am really uncertain as to what I can do? I really do not want to go back to the UK and wait till she gets PR to be added on as that could take years. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do? Before we left the UK, the visa process took a few years as most of you will know, and my visa agent back in the UK throughout the process suggested we just wait and see whether the laws changed and they never did, that is why my only option was to study as I had been out here on a WHV in 2001 so could not have another one. I hope someone can offer me some advice, I am feeling really low and worried at the moment and have no idea what to do :cry: Thanks for reading this thread Nat xx
  13. First Post!! I am about to leave for Wollongong in 3 weeks and I am incredibly nervous! I am 20 and will move to Wollongong for the year where my mum is unable to fly out and visit me during the year due to money, I am so scared about saying goodbye to her and the rest of my family at heathrow and despite being so thrilled with the opportunity to study there for a year as a an exchange from my home university of Exeter, I am feeling so nervous about it all!! Apart from living away from home in Exeter during term time, the longest I've gone without seeing anyone from my family is about 2 months tops! Does anyone have any tips of advice to help make me feel at ease about my move for the year? Between November - February I have to move out of halls and will look to go travelling if I have enough money, but this is another cause of why I'm feeling nervous as plans for this period are completely up in the air until I get to Wollongong and settle in! If anyone has any knowledge of Wollongong and what they think of it as well as the university itself, and student life in Australia that could help to make me feel more at ease! Jen
  14. Alix Fisher

    Radiographer help!!!! :)

    Hi.. I am qualifying as a Radiographer in the Uk in June 2015 and I am coming on a WHV in September. I have been looking at doing locum radiography work within Australia. I have a few questions!!! I need AHPRA - first of all, Will i be classed as a 'graduate' and should I apply under this as I have no experience apart from the three years of my degree on clinical placement? When applying for a radiation license, is there one that covers all states or will I need a seperate one for each state - basically should I pick one place to work? I have been looking at locum jobs and most accept WHV, I am not looking to be a skilled worker as of yet either so no point in applying for that visa as for AIR registration and skilled worker you need 3+ years experience in the UK so not poss atm. Any help would be appreciated!!!! Alix x
  15. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Hi Everyone, I browsed through the previous topics, but I couldn't find a similar thread. I am a PhD student and am expecting to finish my studies by the end of 2013. My visa (postgraduate research) is valid until 01/12/2014. My goal is to apply for a State Nominated Visa as a Victorian PhD graduate under occupation 234599 (Life Scientist). 1) Am I able to stay on my visa until it’s validity date, even after I graduate? If yes, can I undertake employment as well? I think the answer to this is yes, but I can't find it in writing anywhere. All answers I am able to find are about situations where your visa expires before you finish study, not the other way around. 2) If VETASSESS is evaluating my PhD, can I apply for assessment before I obtain the degree, or do I need to wait until I’ve finished it? 3) If the answer to the above is that I have to finish my PhD first and then evaluate it, what kind of bridge visa do I need to be on during VETASSESS’ evaluation time? I still would not have applied for PR, so I cannot be on a bridging visa. 4) My Bachelors degree is in the same field as my PhD and applicable for the same ANZCO code. If I evaluate it through VETASSESS (because I can do so without waiting to finish the PhD), do I still need to evaluate the PhD as well? Thanks! Nicola
  16. Hey all! Very new here and trying to, but ultimately failing, settle back in the UK after two years working holiday in Australia. Though I would have been kicked out of the country in September anyway, I did come back here to start my MSc in Forensic Psychology with the goal of being able to apply for skilled independent visa at the end of it. Not sure where my head was at when I figured this would work but after three days religious researching, it seems I am highly unlikely to even be considered if I don't have sufficient work experience, even though I have a 2:1 with honours and will hopefully have my MSc degree at the end of September. There is no question about moving to Australia. It is now considered home and my New Zealand boyfriend of a year (why could he not have been an Aussie?!) resides there, so I have to go back! My question therefore is whether I proceed with my original plan and apply for skilled independent, taking the IELTS test to gain extra points and trying to get experience during my MSc, or whether to take on another masters in Australia focusing on professional psychology which would then give me another year of experience before I could apply for general registration in Aus. Seems like a hell of a lot of work and with a loan being taken out for my MSc this year, another 50,000 pounds to study in Australia seems to be something that I can only see in my dreams. Even if I did go this route, would it even be possible for me to stay after my degree is finished? Would I find employers to sponsor me for residence? I'm feeling very stuck and very lonely over here with my partner on the other side of the world, so any help or advice would be incredibly useful! Thanks all :unsure:
  17. johnhamilton

    Staying in Australia after graduation

    Hello everyone, next year I will have the opportunity to study in Australia for one year in order to complete my bachelor in computer science. I thinking of staying there after I graduate (the climate and beaches seem amazing) and I was wondering what my opportunities are. The occupation that I'll graduate to is in the "Occupation on demand" list, I have also looked at the Point Test online and my score would be of 60 points once I graduate. However I was wondering if I would have to leave Australia while processing the "permanent residence" visa or if there is a way I could stay in Australia after my student visa expires. I read there is a temporary graduate visa, however I don't think I can apply to it since it requires two years of study in Australia (I will only be doing one). So yeah I just want to get an idea what my opportunities will be to stay in Australia once I graduate (if any ). Thanks
  18. briggs

    Student Loans

    Hi, I have a student loan repayment in the UK, Would i still have to pay this back if i migrated to Australia? Thank you fro your help
  19. Hey PIO, This forum is certainly the most extensive for all things OZ but I can't seem to find the best discussion for this topic. I am Currently in Oz on a WHV 417...this is my second one and expires on the 15th Nov. My plan is Study (Graduate Diploma of education Primary) and whilst studying get Defacto Visa with my current Girlfriend..then live an amazing teaching life in OZ! BUT Since the course would start in Feb/March 2015 I am wondering what happens for me between 15th Nov and the start. If I get a visa granted would it start from the course start date or the acceptance date? AND It states clearly on the Immi website no work can start until your course does, is there any way to stay on the bridging visa I really need to keep on working to save for the mammoth amount I am paying for the above visas and course! Any thoughts, suggestions and questions would be appreciated, I am a little at a loss! Thanks David
  20. Guest

    Student Occupational Therapist

    Hi, I'm retraining to be an Occupational Therapist, I'm 34 and want to move to Australia as soon as possible once I qualify in July 2010. My partner works in website managment and editing. I'm not sure whether to wait until I'm qualified and try and get sponsored or apply now for residency. Any advice would be much appreciated! I'd be really interested to hear from any OT's already working in Australia. Thanks x
  21. Hi im a 3rd year student childrens nurse and will qualify in september this year and hoping to migrate to Australia as a newly qualified nurse. Im bit confused as im aware you do need experience before moving but iv also been told by a coordinator from the perth childrens hospital that they do take newly qualified nurses. I really want to move over to Australia once ive qualified but im very confused and not sure where i can get any advice from. Could anyone help me please? thanks dani
  22. dh06111

    Student Visa advice

    My wife and I are looking to move to Gold Coast as she is keen to study Early Years Education/Pre School Education with a view to gaining employment and sponsorship when she has completed her studies. She has been offered a place and we now have to apply for the Visas. We have looked at various areas to move to (the College is in Southport) and we are keen to hear from anyone who lives there and those who have made the move on a student visa. We will be looking to rent a 2 bedroom property but I can see some people have had issues in securing a property, is there anything we can bring form the UK to assist or any other advice? Naturally, I am apprehensive about the move on a student visa so anything to help put me at ease is also welcome!
  23. I was granted on 835 visa after a student visa.I got a bridge A visa with work-limited.Now I am be a student for 1 years,and i have no enough money to continue my study.i just want to withdraw the student visa(that means i wont go to school) and continue staying in Australia,will the DIAC allow me to do that?How can i deal with this situation to let me stay in Australia and be entitled to work here?
  24. adityaa

    TR 485 and Spouse visa Help !

    Hi, This is my story , i graduated with 2 years study and have all required documentation to lodge 485 visa. I got married to a girl(International Student) in Australia and she is currently on her student visa. Now that we are married she wants to cancel her student visa. So i want to apply her as part of my 485 visa. I am aware that she will be granted Bridging visa E. My question is , as a Main Applicant will i also be granted BVE or will be as usual a BVA? Thanks Aditya
  25. Hello all. I am new here and this is my first post. I have been doing some research on my case and found it hard to get any positive answers. I am hoping to receive honest and sincere answers so I can be aware of what problems I may face. I'd appreciate your answers and comments. I am just going to give you an outline of the problems I am facing. I. substantial criminal record A. total of 8 arrests - 6 were possession of paraphernalia - 2 felony convictions B. served 1 year on a 4 year sentence II. Deported for the charges above These arrested were all drug related. No violent crimes or of that nature. I was an addict for a long time and just couldn't get off it. But now it's been 10 years since I have used any kind of drugs. And my last arrest was in 2002 on a violation of probation and got sentenced to state prison. After serving my time I was deported from the US on Nov. of 2003. I lived there for nearly 25 years, since I was a baby. Immigration didn't consider me as an american citizen because I was not born there and I didn't apply for citizenship. What I am hoping for is that DIAC considers the transition I have made in my life. 8 years ago I didn't have anything but a small luggage and the clothes on my back in a foreign land (S. Korea), and didn't even know how to speak the language. Now I have learned the language, got a descent job, own a 3 bedroom house, a car and a family with 2 kids. My criminal record will become an issue for me but I hope that they can consider the changes I have made. What do you think my chances are? Anyone with a similar case? result? Thanks