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Found 29 results

  1. Would the secondary applicant of the 489 visa be able to stay in Australia and apply for permanent residency if the couple were to get divorced? They have a child also. Thank you.
  2. Recently, Australia announced the introduction of two new visas to allow skilled migrants to move to the regional areas of the country. These visas named Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) and Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Visa (subclass 494) became available on November 16, 2019. These two visas will replace existing visa subclasses 489 and 187. In this article, our focus will be on visa subclass 491. Visa subclass 491 is a work visa that will give skilled workers the opportunity to move to Australia, work, and live in regional areas for up to five years during which they can apply for permanent residency. A lot of skilled migrants are highly interested in this visa, and since its introduction, application numbers keep rising by the day. Features of Visa Subclass 491 i. It is a temporary visa that allows skilled workers and their family members to work, live, and study in regional Australia for five years. The visa is point-based, and an applicant must have either a sponsorship from a family member who lives in designated regional areas or nomination by a state. ii. Applicants must live and work in regional Australia for a minimum of three years before they can be eligible for permanent residency. iii. The visa supports a wide range of occupations, and every year, they allocate 14000 places. iv. The set age limit is 45 years. v. Regional areas of Australia are anywhere excluding Melbourne, metropolitan Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Gold Coast. vi. The holder of this visa can move from one regional area to another. vii. The application fee for this visa is $4,095, and for applicants with partners, the fee is $2,025. As mentioned above, Visa Subclass 491 is a point-based visa, and IELTS is part of the priorities that make up the points required to get the visa subclass 491. IELTS is a standard used to measure the English language proficiency of people who want to migrate to an English-speaking country. What are your obligations at the point of application? • You must have a relevant skill or occupation in the skilled occupation list. • You must have a nomination to apply from a state government agency or sponsorship by a family member. • You must satisfy the points test with a score of 65 or higher. • You must have passed a skills assessment test for the occupation or skill you claim to have. • You must have an invitation to apply. • You must be 45 or younger. • You must satisfy Australia’s health requirements. • You must satisfy Australia’s character requirements. How are the Points Calculated? • Applicants with a skilled partner or spouse will get 10 points. • Applicants whose spouses or partners have English competency will receive 5 points. • Single applicants receive 10 points. • Applicants nominated by State or Territory receive 15 points. • Applicants sponsored by a family member living in regional Australia will receive 15 points. • Some STEM qualifications will receive 10 points. Pathway to Permanent Residency Visa subclass 491 is a temporary visa that can lead to permanent residency for eligible applicants. Once a holder of the 491 visa has resided and worked in a regional area of Australia for three years, they will be able to file an application for a 191 visa, which is the visa for permanent residency. The pathway to permanent residency will be available from November 16 2022. How Flexible is this Visa? The visa holder cannot work and live outside the designated regional areas, but they can travel from one regional area to another. They will also not be granted any onshore partner visa or permanent skilled visa for three years except the circumstances are compelling. Visa applicants are also advised not to get shady or dodgy at the point of application to receive extra points. Some applicants may separate or divorce so they can get extra points. Once an applicant files their application, their entire profile will be placed under scrutiny again when they lodge their permanent residency under subclass 191. Things You Must Do When Traveling to Australia If you are not in Australia and your visa gets granted, you must be in Australia at an earlier date than what is specified on your visa grant letter. Before leaving for Australia, check through your travel documents and make sure you have a valid international passport and a valid visa to enter Australia. When you get to the border, you must complete the Incoming Passenger Card.
  3. How’s you doing friends, Actually I was wondering should I assess my Australian work experience or it will accepted without as I need to assess my degree that done overseas. I will be thankful that if anyone can let me know should I assess my experience with my degree or not because I am about to go thru this process. Regards Garry
  4. Hi, I have one relative (Woman) who got visa under 489 Skilled visa through Tasmanian as a secondary applicant. Present Situation: - They have got married 2 years prior in India and since her husband was living In Tasmania, Australia both of them went there back. - Last year the husband applied for Visa under 489 and got the same and as his wife was secondary applicant in the same and, she also got the visa under 489. - Later on due to several dispute both of them came to India to solve it through family intervention but suddenly with in a month time husband without Intimating his wife went back to Australia.\ - After reaching there the husband applied for cancellation of her wife visa so the she can get there and treated the wife that he will be cancelling her visa and remove her name as a secondary applicant. And she will not get Final PR under 887 visa. - Then after one month in last weak the wife also went there by booking her tickets directly and reached at the husbands house. But the husband does not allows to enter her in the house and throws his baggage out of the house. - Later on she called the police, but the police told that since the lease agreement is in the name of Husband he has the right to do the same and the husband also told the police that he wants to file for the divorce. My Question is: 1)What can be done by the wife so that husband allows her to stay in the home and What police is telling is correct? 2) Can husband file for the divorce in this case after 12 months as in this case wife has to compulsory say at some other place as his husband is not allowing him to stay at home? 3)Can husband cancel the provisional-PR of his Wife that are obtain under 489? 4) Will wife be eligible for 887 visa? I will request every one to please help as she is presently not having enough fund that she hire a consultant and does not have any other contacts in Tasmania. Currently she is also not having any good place that she can stay and is struggling there. If any NGO or Authority can come forward to help her then it will be very helpful.
  5. Seethalekshmi

    NT migration

    Hi, Anyone got invitation from December application, how long will it take for them to respond. Pls reply.
  6. Hi All, I was unable to find any page dedicated for a discussion about what to do after we receive visa 489/190 for SA. This page will be dedicated to all the queries related to, "what next once visa is granted". I recently received my visa sponsored by South Australia post which, I am planning to move to Adelaide with my wife around June end. As I am going to start my journey, I am really glad that I found this page which can help this transition be smooth. As we all know, it's a big risk to leave a good existing job and move to a new country and start everything from scratch which is why, I am a little worried/exited/anxious about how should I plan from here and all of you who are going to reply will play a big role in my upcoming decisions. Just a little bit about myself: I am a Tech-Lead (AWS | Azure | Web (Apache|NGINX) | Python scripting | DevOps) with 7+ years of experience with an IT company. For now, I would really appreciate if someone can guide me with below questions: 1. What is the ground reality of job situation in Adelaide for above skill set? 2. Some of you might know that CV/Resume in India and Australia are very different and I have heard that companies in Australia will first filter the resume (ATS powered algorithms) based on the keyword and it's quite difficult even to get an interview by stuffing your resume with the keywords mentioned in the job description; so what is the best way to make my resume to at least secure an interview, in short, any assistance will be heartily appreciated. 3. I need to rent an apartment in Adelaide and I have heard that we need to have some points (100 points is I know by now) to rent an apartment, so how do I manage to get them? 4. What are the documents I need to get a rented apartment apart from points? 5. What are the best websites/options to search a rented apartment in South Australia(specifically Adelaide)? 6. I will consider my self lucky if an IT person is reading my post and can forward my resume to their HR as I have heard contacts or reference are the best ways to secure an interview. In this case it would really be nice if you could drop me an email: prashu.swaroop@gmail.com Thank you in advance for your time:)
  7. Currently I am living in Dubbo, NSW in 489 visa. I am living in a shared house. Please can anyone suggest me what documents will be needed to submit if I live in a shared house. Thank you in advance. Regards, Sarah Mansurin
  8. babala87

    489 Visa Pool

    342313 : Elec Eqpmt trade worker Age- 30 points* PTE 50+ each - 0 Points Diploma- 10 Points TRA Positive skill assessment- 15 (10th Sep 2018) EOI submitted(55+10points) VIC- 24th Sep 2018 (489) Any Suggestion goes for 190 visa or stick with 489 with Estimate Waiting Time.
  9. Hi there Does anyone know if the following is possible? We are 2 adults and 2 small children, all with a 489 SS visa already granted March 2018. We visited and validated in July just gone. But our house is still on the market and there doesn't seem to be much interest. We also now have my hubby's mums house being renovated and will on the market in a couple of months, so there is a delay for us there. Am I able to go ahead of my husband (I was the primary applicant)? I feel this is not what we'll do, but I am worried that if we don't get to Adelaide by March/April 2019, it means that 1 whole year has dropped off our 4 years to get the requirements needed to apply for the permanent visa. Also, if my husband did find the 1 year of work and we applied for the 887 Permanent under his name (is this possible as I was the primary applicant), does he need to do an Ielts test? Any advice appreciated. Maybe I'm just being silly and worrying about nothing. Many thanks all Sarah
  10. Hi All, We have just filed for 489 Visa, South Australia On Sept 4, 2017 with 75 points. (Management Consultant Job Code) We are done with our medicals and getting PCC on coming Friday. Any idea about the existing timelines for CO to be assigned. And visa grant timeline? Thanks in advance. Also, I would like to connect with any members on the forum who are already in Adelaide for clarity on certain things like expenses, jobs etc.
  11. Hi members, Anyone who have applied for subsequent 489 visa nearby may 2017, I have applied in the month of May it's been 4months and I am still eagerly waiting for the outcome of the visa application. Any reply will be of great help and support. BR Shail
  12. Hi All I am currently in Tasmania on a 489 skilled regional. part of the PR visa that I can apply for in 2 years is that I need to show I worked full time for 12 months of the 2 years of my 489 visa. does this have to be in my skill or just full time work in general. I can't find any wording that it is to be in the skill nominated. It just reads ( full time work ) only asking as its hard to find the work in my skill in Tasmania and recently didn't get a job because I was on a visa even though I have nearly 10 years experience in the field. trying to decide if to retrain is an option. any help would be appreciated.
  13. hi guys I've just received a email to say my 190 visa has been rejected even though i meet all the criteria and this will not be considered again but northern territory have now offered me a 489 visa , is anyone else on this visa who can break it down into layman terms for me as I'm confused as to what this visa allows be to do , thanks for your help . laura x
  14. villainrage

    489 Visa Question

    Hello, So after a few months I finally got a Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (subclass 489). However, I've been having difficulty finding work due to my lack of local experience. I have a relative who might be willing to offer me some help with training or apprenticeship so I can get some local experience for better employability, however my relative is in another state. My question is, since this is not going to be a paid job but more of a training, would this be allowed with my visa type? According to http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/pages/489.aspx - I should "live, work and study in a specified regional area of Australia specified regional area of Australia". There is no mention prohibiting me from going to another state for training, so I wonder if this is allowed. I do not plan to stay there for a long while, just for a couple of months to train if the visa allows me to. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, we are on 475 regional state sponsored visa. We already met the visa condition of 1 year work :biglaugh: and we need to live only 6 months to complete 2 years stay condition. Some months ago we had to go back to our country for family reasons and we cannot move again to OZ shortly. Our visa expires in Sept. 2015 and we would like to get an extension in order to have more time to arrange our next move. Our questions are: - can we apply from overseas for 1 year extension (489 visa extended stay pathway)? - If it is possible, do we have to wait for 489 to be granted before going to OZ ? Or can we continue using our 475 visa before its expiry date ? Thanks a lot in advance
  16. Dear friends, We are family of four with two kids 9 and 13. We are holding visa 489 for four years and we are moving to Darwin , NT on June. Does anyone know if we are exempt of paying international tuition fees or not. Could not find any information about it. TIA.
  17. Can someone help me with this Me and my my wife are on 489 state sponsored Visa from last 9 months . I am main applicant & I am working as casual not getting 38 hrs & its difficult to find full time job. Where as my wife is working full time. After completing 2 year stay and 1 year work in allocated regional area to apply PR , can my wife apply for PR on her basis by fulfilling requirement of 1 year work with her work experience 38 hrs week with 52 Payslips. OR this has to be fulfilled by main applicant. Thanks in advance & if u can share some reference links that will be really help full ... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Occupation Cook | Onshore | Received invitation to apply on 17/2/2014 for Regional Southern Inland NSW 489 VISA |Visa Applied on 18/2/2014 | Case officer 25/3/3014 & received email related to delay on same day | Visa grant : 2/4/2014
  18. nishma2006

    Need your help for 489 visa

    Hi Guys, Good day! I need your advice for applying 489 visa for NT. I received a positive assessment for Community Worker recently. However, I am having following issues for which you can help. [ I dont have 7 in each band :{ ] 1. I am thinking to apply for 489 visa for NT but I need to complete 5 years to get all the points. My reference letter says i started in 15th Feb 2010 and I am completing 5 years on the same day in 2015. But vetassess assessed I started in Feb 2010 [no date mentioned]. So When is the earliest possible day for me to lodge the EOI? is it 31st Jan or 16th Feb? 2. My category is now only in NT under low availability. Do you guys think it will last for 2-3 months or more? Thanks heaps. This forum is really helpful Nish Thanks a lot.
  19. Hi All We have an immigration consultant applying for our Visa for us (which they previously messed up BIG time last year and now trying again on a different visa as previous one is no longer avail!!). We are now able to apply for a family member sponsored visa for Aus. My sister is the sponsor with PR, she will be living in Sydney. The visa consultant is only getting back to us next week with our query but wondered if anyone could answer this beforehand as the anticipation is too much!!! From looking at the government website, I believe that we would not be able to live in Sydney it's self if we get the 489 family sponsored visa. Does this mean that my sister as the sponsor must not be living in Sydney too - or could she live in Sydney, sponsor us and we live outside of Sydney into the designated areas. OR must both of us NOT be living in Sydney and both of us live in the designated. If anyone has any other advice/suggestions or info with the 489visa I'd love to hear from you! I know this is a new visa since July so not sure how many people have it yet... Thanks in advance
  20. Hi All I have below set of question regading 489 visa. Could anyone answer below questions? Thanks in advance Since this is a 4 year visa and I need to stay 2 years in Australia to be eligible to apply for a PR; can I keep my family in Australia for the first 2 years and later joining for the remaining 2 years. If I complete the first 2 years (rather than waiting for the whole 4 years to complete) can I apply for PR. Are there any concessions or support from Oz Gov for kids’ education and medical expenses As per the Visa condition I should work 1 year full time to be eligible to apply for PR; what does this full time means (How many hours per week, does self-employed counts.) Under this Visa can my wife work?
  21. Hi guys, I have lodged 489 visa for ACT state on 16th June. My ACS skill assessment is expired. Before applying EOI, I enquired with ACS whether I have to apply for a new skill assessment or should I submit my expired one. ACS guys replied that I can apply to EOI with even expired assessment report. But apparently, I have got an email from the SkillSelect that from 1st July all EOI should accompany with a valid skill assessment report. I am confused now. Usually how long the 489 visa processing time is? I will apply for a NEW skill assessment now. When I get my report, should I have to apply a new EOI or just update the report details in the existing EOI (if I haven't been invited). What do u guys suggest? any ideas please?
  22. Hello all.... I am new to pomsinoz. I started by VISA related work from November last year (Skill Assessment - by Nov; IELTS- by Dec; etc) Now, have applied for 489 VISA with regional sponsorship by 12th March. This has been a long stressful and strenuous process. Now the waiting kinda killing me. Some of my mates who filed their VISA late last year got their case officer appointed in a week or so and luckily got their visas in 2 to 4 weeks. Now it is my turn; and cant wait to get the visa and rest for a few days with some of the worries wiped off. Will any of you please throw some light on me? How long does it take these days for a case officer to be appointed and the visa to be granted? Has anyone applied during this time? Thanks in advance :hug:
  23. 1. My PCC & Medicals expiring next month , do i need to spend money for them again ? Case officer did not asked anything in that email. 2. How long does it take & as my occupation is cook how can i check how many remaining places are filled and how many left ? 3. Does delay email by case officer mean just waiting for quota than just to grant. Thanks for reading
  24. Robbouk

    Skills Select and Qualifications

    Hi Confused again, Visa 489 Does your 'highest qualification' have to be in your nominated profession for the points to count? The Australian Computer Society has already said my BTEC in Business & Finance does not count as towards a professional qualification when they are assessing my skills for a nominated Visa, which I cannot argue with, BUT completing the 'Expression of Interest', you are asked to enter your highest qualification, so is that for 'general education'? This is the passage that concerns me from http://skillselect.govspace.gov.au/2013/03/07/points-for-educational-qualification/ "Any other qualificationYou can receive 10 points for any other qualification or award which is recognised as suitable for your nominated occupation in your skills assessment by the relevant assessing authority." They certainly dont make this easy!!!!!!!
  25. dh06111

    Migration Agent Needed!

    My wife and I looked at the Student route with her studying in QLD but after reading other posts and information, I feel this may not be the best route as we hope to eventually gain PR in Oz. THe other option may be to apply for ACT nomination as my occupation is listed (Financial Investment Manager). I'd be keen to here from those who have moved to Canberra about your views on the area, job prospects for me and typical timescales for ACT nomination if possible?