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  1. Hi all.... I arrived in perth 2 days ago, and its now time to start looking for a school for my kids: 9 & 6. i know of 2 primary schools: Brighton and one in currambine (France's John). does anyone else know of any other good catholic schools please?
  2. Ozpom82

    Process Time for 190 Visa

    If you look at my signature, I have put it all down as I was going along.
  3. Ozpom82

    TRA Ready to send....(I think)

    You send the payment with the application. if you look through the guidelines, you'll see who to address the international cheque too. I can't remember who to address it to, I just remember I only just fit it onto the line of the application...
  4. Ozpom82

    visa sub class 190 application and CO appointment

    I thought I would give a quick post, if you look at my signature you can see my time line.. i went ahead and organised my medicals, and my case officer was assigned once the medical centre had loaded my reports online. if you contact australia immigration in Adelaide they will inform you if you have a case officer. regards, and good luck
  5. have you booked your medicals? once I had completed my medicals, my case officer was assigned. I don't know if this was coincidence or luck, but I have seen this on a few other signatures. Can anyone else confirm this.
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    maybe they haven't gone through your application yet... I'm not sure as mine was there straight away. is the 'organise medicals' not further down the page, under the window where you upload all your documents?
  7. Ozpom82


    If you have completed your application, you should have the link 'organise medicals'. You can book your meds using this.... I just went ahead and booked mine
  8. Ozpom82

    Referred Medicals: processing times

    Sorry, scap that thought. I have just received my visa grant through this morning.
  9. Has anyone had there Medicals referred in the last couple months and had there visa granted now. if so please could you share your experience and time line. I had my Medicals referred and I have been waiting only a couple of weeks but its driving me mad already. I've heard referrals are taking upto 3 months to complete. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone had there referral completed quicker than this? thanks in advance for any reply's
  10. Ozpom82

    Question about medicals

    By the sounds of things, the organise Medicals part online disappears when they receive your medical reports. Contact your case officer and ensure they have received them or not.
  11. Ozpom82

    Question about medicals

    I found out about my grade by ringing the hospital that carried out my Medical. just found out last night, my medical was referred. Gutted, but I expected it really. i haven't commented on the other points, as I don't really know enough about this stage myself.
  12. Ozpom82

    Question about medicals

    thanks for your reply. Do they refer all grade 'A' medicals with a history of any medicals, or just a selection? How long does it take to sort the medicals out once referred, I heard a month. Is this correct anyone?
  13. Ozpom82

    Question about medicals

    I have previous medical conditions, and a current minor issue. both of these problems were mentioned, and I went with current documentation to medical assessment at Manchester. I have been graded 'A', and as I believe this is good news. but when I log into my online portal, the link to organize medicals is missing for my wife and two children, but mine (the main applicant) is still present. Does this mean they are still processing mine, and it has been referred? Do they even refer 'A' graded medicals? If the medicals get referred with a grade 'A' status, are they processed quicker than 'B' grades? Please can anyone shed some light, or share similar situation. thanks in advance
  14. Ozpom82

    Documents needed Certified - TRA

    I thought I would just add that my skills assessment with TRA cost $300, with an extra £30 to have all my documents certified by a solicitor. While you are going through certification process, you may as well get all the documents done for your main application. If you want I can give you a complete list of everything I had certified.
  15. Ozpom82

    uploading docs for 190 visa help

    Thanks for your reply. That's a relief as I've already sent mine and my wife's off on Friday. As I have lodged my visa now and have a TRN number, am I right in thinking I can book Medicals now for in a couple of weeks time, as this would allow the 10days for a case officer to be assigned. or should I just wait?