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Found 45 results

  1. NSW RegionsOrana - List updated on 2nd July 2018Riverina - List updated July 2018Murray - List updated July 2018Northern Inland - List updated on 2nd July 2018Far South Coast - List updated on 18th June 2018Southern Inland - List updated on 23rd March 2018Mid North Coast - List updated on February 2018All States:Qld - List updated on 2nd July 2018Victoria - List updated on 2nd July 2018Tasmania - List updated on May 2018NT - List updated on 12th April 2018ACT - List updated on 18th March 2018NSW - List updated on February 2018WA - List updated in 2017SA - List yet to be updated Do update this thread as the lists change / get edited. Cheers! ?
  2. Hi all :chatterbox: I know there are numerous threads devoted to this visa, but I thought I'd start a new one to share experiences and timelines as I can appreciate the frustration of trawling through lots of threads to find that snippet of information. I am a secondary applicant on my partner's visa and have applied for both the 457 that we are currently on and the 186 permanent residency visa that's just been submitted. Our visa was applied for without the use of a migration agent and so was not decision ready. However, I did submit all the required documents at the same time as the application, with the exception of the medicals due to their time limitation and expecting nomination to take longer than it did. Most of the documents were gathered, photocopied and certified before the nomination submission except the Aus police checks which were sought just after. I visited my local pharmacy so many times for certification of documents that I'm now on first name terms with them! :goofy: It would be great to hear other people's experiences. My timeline so far- Employer Nomination submitted - 2 October 2013 Visa Application submitted - 19 Oct Acknowledgement letter received - 22 Oct Nomination approval - 3 Dec Request for medical examination by CO - 3 Dec Medicals booked - 9 & 11 Dec 2013
  3. I've been keeping up with everyone's experiences and thought it time I shared mine. I'm travelling on a 457 as a secondary applicant, my partner is an academic who has been offered a job in Melbourne. We lodged the application ourselves after the visa nomination was granted. In retrospect we should have applied earlier as I didn't realise until after it was lodged that you can submit the application before nomination has been granted! Submitted all the documents at the time of lodging, paid the fee and waited. As a healthcare worker I knew that I would need a full medical, x ray and blood tests and arranged this just after submission. My OH who has a medical condition was requested to have a medical later. Here's the time line so far: Application submitted 29/05/11 Fee paid 29/05/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 2) 29/05/11 Medical examination required 29/05/11 Medical results received 23/06/11 X ray results received 23/06/11 Hep B, Hep C, HIV results received 28/06/11 Application processed further 14/06/07 Further information required 14/06/11 Health requirements outstanding (person 1) 14/07/11 Further medical results referred 14/07/11 Blood tests referred 14/07/11 The question I do have is what is the difference between my medicals results that are shown as received (submitted through ehealth) and my OH's who are shown as referred (sent by snail mail). Have mine been looked at yet or is that still to come?:realmad:
  4. Has anyone had there Medicals referred in the last couple months and had there visa granted now. if so please could you share your experience and time line. I had my Medicals referred and I have been waiting only a couple of weeks but its driving me mad already. I've heard referrals are taking upto 3 months to complete. Can anyone verify this? Has anyone had there referral completed quicker than this? thanks in advance for any reply's
  5. hilz1986

    2013 timelines? partner visa.

    ​Hey... I am currently getting ready to sent the partner application after months of gathering and sorting and researching. Who has recent visa application times? 2013 uK partner visa applications. How long did it take you to get approved? Or any link to an answer would be great xx
  6. Helloooo, I've decided to apply for a 176 visa and am wondering how difficult this will be and whether I should pay for an agent? I am 30 yrs old, fully qualified accountant (ACCA) and have 5+ years of relevant work experience, plus I am from the UK and can only speak English so I assume I will have no problem proving my English skills?! I also have an uncle and aunty living in Cairns (they both hold perm resident visas) and when I took the test online I scored 75 so looking quite positive I think so wondering if the app will be straight forward in turn? I do plan to apply for a de facto spouse visa for my other half who is also from the UK but his occupation is not on the SOL so he will not qualify for any points... I've looked at one site so far called NationalVisas.com.au and there are a variety of services ranging from all inclusive end to end service for $4k AUD to 180 day access period with personalised app guide for $600 AUD to 15 day access period with personalised app guide for $110 AUD.... I know I have to be careful about finding a registered agent and avoid the dodgy ones, I will def do my research and background checks first before handing over any money! So if anyone has an opinion I'd love to hear it Also from a few threads that I've read on here I am getting the sense that 176 visas apps are being processed a lot quicker than the 12-18 mth guidelines so any thoughts on that are welcome too! Many thanks
  7. smitsav

    Child Visa 101 Timelines

    Hi, We have our GSM 176 visa and must validate before October 2012. My wife is pregnant and due Feb 2012. I need to apply for a new child visa 101 when the baby is born does anyone know the timelines to receive this. Also can I apply for a UK passport for the baby with the babies foto taken at just a few days old? Thanks
  8. Hi I lodged my online application for a GSM 176 visa with family sponsorship on the 16/03/2011 for WA. The E-Business Systems online application progress checker says 'Processing commenced' is 4 and a half months normal to have heard nothing back? I'm worried I should have done something and maybe it's being held up. Does anyone have any experience of this who can help? Thanks
  9. Guest

    Nurse Midwife timelines!

    Is there any midwives or nurses what have applied on the 175 visa? What was your processing times and how long did it take to get a case officer? Please advise as I was once told these occupations get fast tracked but im now a bit concerned that this is not the case!
  10. To all my NORTHERN TERRITORY APPLICANT friends out there... Lets just gather here and give the updates abouit the Recent time frames of Regional NORTHERN TERRITORY sponsorship and how difficult or easy is to get the sponsorship.Can we assume that the SMP will not change until July 2012? How many weeks does it normally take to get it approved... Get together and say everything abt the NT...Speak your hearts out folks ! Whether positive or negative views...all will be appreciated :biggrin:
  11. Angekins

    NT SS - Timelines

    Hi, I'm currently getting everything ready to submit to VETASSESS & have my IELTS booked. The next step, assuming I cross the skills assessment & English test bridges (keeping all fingers x!) would be to get sponsorship from NT. Does anyone have answers to the following: - How long, on average, does it take for NT SS to be granted? - It says they need evidence of AUD 35,000; can this be shown as equity in a house, or does it need to be cash in a bank account? If cash, how many months bank statements do they need to see? Many thanks for any replies, I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon!! Angie
  12. HG3

    WA ss - timelines

    Hi All Just a question - please be patient as this is my first post! We have applied for our WA SS today and just wondered how long this is taking at the moment? I am impatient already! thanks
  13. Hi, Does anyone have any idea of the current processing timelines for medicals that have been referred? My OH were finalised 01 Jul and mine were referred. This is all that stands between us and the visa. Any advice on here would be appreciated before I email global health with an enquiry. Thanks peeps Yoyo x
  14. Guest

    Tradies, please post timelines?

    I would like all tradespeople who ar applying or recieved a 175/176 to please post their timelines for the benefit of myself and others as u may all well agree it's an anxious wait!!! I'm a bricklayer, succeful vettassess prac may17th and lodgment date was 27th of sept 2010. Thanks to all that post :cool:
  15. Guest

    176 timelines reduced

    Hi last week i was offered state sponsorship with WA. the letter said it's valid for 3 months. Today I got a letter to say I have to sign and send back the letter with a TRN number by the 30th June or it will be scrapped. Not sure if I have time to do the application by then as I need to gather all the info to make sure its all correct and also include papers to proove your in a defacto relationship etc.. If you submit you you get a TRN straight away? Can you scan and email the letter back to WA instead of posting it? Whay have they cut it short so suddenly? They say they tell the DIAC on the 30th June who has sponsorships etc..
  16. Hey all, Just wondering how long a 176 takes to be granted once lodged? Is there a difference between states? Also does anyone know how long family sponsorship visas take to be granted once lodged? Would a 176 be better/quicker/safer option? Thanks, Lucy :hug:
  17. richselina

    Victoria SMP Timelines

    Hi, we lodged our SMP (accountants) application on 1st November 2010 for Victoria and wondered if anyone has had their application granted since this date. Initially, I was informed it could take up to 2 months, so I just wondered if anyone has had their application granted since submitting in November. Thanks.
  18. Does anyone know the timelines for 856 ENS visa's now??? We are currently here on a 457 visa awaiting on a 175 visa to go through but not sure if I should apply for an ENS visa now I am eligible after passing exams for General Electrician License. We original applied for 175 back in June 09 so it will be processed before Dec 11. Will ENS be quicker as my employer will sponsor me??
  19. Guest

    Timelines - 175 vs 176

    Like most of us on here, my family are keen to make the move to Oz as soon as possible. Currently I've had my skills assessment done, and was about to apply for a 175, when I thought of maybe going down the State Sponsorship route. Does anyone know if it would make a difference to the timelines if I went for a 176 as opposed to a 175? If it helps, we're interested in Perth, WA, and I'm in IT. Does anyone have any experience here?
  20. Hi All, I'm very new to this so please forgive me if this question has been asked (and answered!) many times before. I did search first. My husband and I have just signed the contract with our agent and are beginning the process.. Yippee!:jiggy: I have done a great deal of research and am learning a lot but I have recently read a few posts on here where people are commenting on the category they are in. My husband is applying for a 176 as an Urban & Regional Planner and try as I might I have been unable to find a list of skills/jobs and their associated category... any advise would be appreciated. Also, I have looked through a few timelines and the I'm baffled! There are people who have been waiting since 2008 who have only just been granted their visa, and others who applied early last year and are expecting their visa any day now.... so confusing! Although I know I should not expect a quick turn around, when you read of people waiting only a year it's hard not to hope for the same! Please feel free to bring me down to earth! Thanks Robyn
  21. Hi, Any advice on what vaccines, timelimes i need to get done with sending cat to Oz. Have had Rabies inj and microchipped but as Daff website very detailed just wanted a quick checklist if possible. Using Air Pets nyone else used them? Cheers Angie M
  22. redrobbersdog

    457 timelines?

    I just wondered if there was a 457 timelines thread somewhere, I can't seem to find one. Any ideas anyone how long they are taking at the moment? Our agent says that it will be submitted in the next couple of days. :biggrin:
  23. Hi All, I am all set to apply DIAC for one of the above visa. I can apply under 175 subclass OR 176 Subclass (Relative Sponsership). Whats the timelines for both types? is it same? which one will happen earlier?? If apply in Nov 2010 then will it be finalized approx Nov 2011?? Help needed...:confused: -Thanks ManasiK
  24. Guest

    New GSM Application Timelines

    Just released on DIAC's website; Processing priority groups Client Service Charter Cat 4 = timeline infinity
  25. Guest

    new timelines

    we are in the new category 3 group, and understand from yesterdays annoucements that we should be processed by dec 2011, if we get bumped up to category 2 which i hope/think we will, then the diac are saying that they will process within a year of lodgement date. How would that work when so many of us have already been waiting over a year, would that mean a year from the date the SMP is announced or would we all be assigned case officers within weeks/days? anyway at least we all have a rough idea of when we are going and can at least plan for the future, instead of drifting along waiting and hoping. good things come to those who wait (i hope) much love applied;may 09, 176 WA ss