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  1. CMF713

    Technical Interview for Diesel Mechanic (HEAVY)

    Hi, my technical interview was pretty straightforward. It was done on Skype with power point. The bloke doing the interview asked me about what I did and put me at ease,then we started. The format was he would show me pictures of things (starter motor etc etc) and ask me about them. I made sure I answered with as much technical information as possible and incorporated health and safety, Engineering hygiene etc etc into as many answers as possible. All in all it took about an hour and three quarters. Sure you you will be fine, as long as you know the basics and can explain how things work and workshop practices. good luck.
  2. CMF713

    How much Tax

    Hi all, Was wondering what the tax rates are like in Australia and where to look on the net for the information? Rgds
  3. CMF713

    Get Going Migration Agent

    Emma, as a tight bloke from up north I did it all on my own without an agent for our family. its straightforward just takes a little dedication and time spent researching, saying that we got it all done in 5months (190 visa). It means you can save a couple of grand and put that towards the actual move. all the best
  4. CMF713

    Technical Interview for Diesel Mechanic (HEAVY)

    Hi Rita, the whole skills assessment took about 12 weeks from sending the application off. I first sent all my certification off and got that part back with an invite to apply for the technical interview. Once I applied for the technical interview I had about a 3-4 wait before I had the interview I got about a weeks notice of the interview. When ever I was getting anxious I normally just got up super early and gave them a ring to check on my progress. Hope this helps Cheers Chris
  5. CMF713


    We have book our removals (20Ft Container) and have now got the dilemma of choosing either the movement companies own insurance or to shop around and find another insurer. Can anyone please shed some light on what we should e expecting to pay and who to steer clear of etc etc etc. Cheers
  6. Hi All, We are moving from Suffolk to Perth and want our own 20ft container any one got any advice on who to use and how much we can expect to pay? Thanks for reading CMF713
  7. CMF713

    June lodged 190 Visa

    Sorry I got it wrong as my wife (like usual corrected me) our medicals were on the 12th Aug 2013 not the 19th
  8. CMF713

    June lodged 190 Visa

    Hi all,Well woke up this morning with the usual excitment of checking my emails to get dissapointed that i have heard nothing, however this morning i had an email with our Visa Grant couldn't believe it our time line for wasILETS 23/03/13Skill Assessment Apllied for 25/03/13 (Heavy Diesel Mechanic)Sucessfull skills assessment 04/06/13(Heavy Diesel Mechanic)EOI SUBMITTED 28/06/13 with WA SSVisa applied for 28/06/13Police checks 15/7/13Medicals 19/8/13Grant 30/8/13We only had one email from the CO asking us to confirm some info during the whole process. We didn't use an agent and have done it all on our own.Good luck to everyone won't be much longer i'm sure.
  9. CMF713

    July 190 visa lodged gang

    Hi All, We got our CO assigned 20-Aug-2013, we lodged the application on the 28th June 2013. Fingers crossed won't be long now?
  10. CMF713

    July 190 visa lodged gang

    For your signature click on send a private message then on the right hand side of the screen there will be a link for "edit signature" and do it in there. Good luck and hope this helps
  11. Hi everyone, Just after a little info and to get a rough idea how much shipping is to Perth for both 20ft and 40ft containers so we can decide how ruthless we need to be with our stuff Thanks CMF
  12. CMF713

    June lodged 190 Visa

    5 weeks today for us, the wait is driving me insane. Surely we will get a case officer soon as I can't keep my fingers and toes crossed much longer.
  13. CMF713

    June lodged 190 Visa

    Hi all, waiting for a CO to be assigned, we lodged and paid for the application on the 28th June just before the price changes (phew). dose anyone have an idea of how long the wait is for a CO and do you get told viva email?? good luck all and thank you.
  14. CMF713

    June lodged 190 Visa

    W lodged ours on the 28th June, just in the nick of time before the prices and process changed, Have uploaded loads of certified evidence and sent off for the Police checks, not sure how to go about h=getting health checks done without being invited, any help would be fantastic??
  15. If there is a set process for getting the health checks done, which involves waiting to be told what your health requirements are. How do you go about getting them done and pre loaded onto your application. We have our Application lodged(WA 190) and have uploaded loads of certified evidence (qualifications , skills assessments passports birth certs etc etc). We have also had the confirmation email of the verifying our application. However there is no link to booking medicals all it says in "Next Steps" is that the health requirements have not yet been determined. Is there a way of getting the medicals done and uploaded off your own back? Sorry for rambling on, any advice or pointers in the right direction would be fantastic Chris