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Found 30 results

  1. Hi all.... I arrived in perth 2 days ago, and its now time to start looking for a school for my kids: 9 & 6. i know of 2 primary schools: Brighton and one in currambine (France's John). does anyone else know of any other good catholic schools please?
  2. For those who are in Sydney, you may want to go to Mary Mackillop Chapel in North Sydney and avail of the free entrance on the museum on April 29 only. Address is 7 Mount street, North Sydney. Details @ http://www.marymackillopplace.org.au/news/index.asp
  3. Hi, we are looking at secondary education for our eldest son (would be starting Year 8 in Feb 12) and have been recommended Kolbe College in Rockingham. Has anyone on here sent their child there? If yes, what do you think?? Many thanks
  4. Im looking at schools around the Duncraig/Sorrento area as we like the look of that area and when i want a catholic school for both I always find in each suburb there is a catholic primary or a catholic Senior not both?? Seems odd as Id want my children to go both. Anyway my oldest is only nearly 4 so i guess i can look at that when im there.... Does anyone know any different??? Help would be really appreciated Cheers. Nichola
  5. Hi , we are moving over by March 2012 . I am looking at catholic schools around the shire area (caringbah /miranda/ sylvania)and possibly the hills areas. We have a Boy age 9 born 04/2002 and Girl 7 born 06/2004 and as they are currently attending a Cofe school here i wanted them to attend a catholic school over there. Does anyone know what chances there are off getting them a catholic school place mid term next year? I know our local uk church school is full and the waiting list is extensive but thought as you have to pay for the church schools there maybe there would be places or is that being optomistic?:smile: Could anyone also advice what school year they would be in ?? I think eldest would be year 5 on arrival and youngest year 3 is that correct?? My youngest is nearly 3 born 12/2008 could anyone tell me when she would be due to start kindergarden? And again what the waiting lists are like for preschools over there?? Thanks in advance for any help (finding it hard to get my head round their schools ):biggrin: Mandy
  6. Hello, My family and I migrated with my work to Melbourne 4 years ago, but we feel like a change and so will be moving to Perth at the end of the year. We have secured a rental in Woodvale (Northern coastal suburbs), but think would like to eventually buy in Duncraig or Marmion in a year or so. I have been looking at the MySchool website and the local school websites, but wondered if anyone has children at any of the Catholic schools in the area. My children attend a Catholic school in Melbourne and we are pleased with the level of education, so would like to continue with that kind of schooling. I have emailed a couple of schools, but they don't seem to answer.:cry: Does anyone know about the reputation of the following Catholic primary schools? St Lukes - Woodvale Liwara - Greenwood Whitfords Catholic- Hillarys Our Lady of Grace - North Beach St Lukes will be the closest, but as we will be moving when we buy, I would rather have a longer journey to drop them off to school initially and at least they (hopefully) won't need to change schools again. Thanks in advance for your help.:smile: Mairi
  7. Does anyone have any views on this school, and the area. Thanks.
  8. Hi - we are looking to move to Melbourne at the start of 2012 and are looking to move into east Melbourne somewhere - suggested places include Toorak, Armadale, Malvern, Brighton, east Malvern, Glen Iris and Hawthorn. None of these places mean much to us (at the moment!) but we are looking for an area that has a good Catholic school for the kids (primary and boys/girls) and you can walk to the shops/cafes etc. rather than having to jump in the car. The other key thing for is an easy to commute to work in town and good family houses. No doubt a number of people have been in this situation before so would appreciate nay thoughts. Also how do you go about getting your children into a school when you don't currently live in a catchment area? Many thanks, MVB
  9. Guest

    Catholic schools

    I would like to apply for my child to go to the local Catholic primary but we are non Catholics (actually I am agnostic) for reasons that I think it a good school,agree with the fundamental principals of the wellbeing policies and being a small school can be good for my boy. IF we do get in do you think it a good idea? Would he have to attend Mass etc. and if he didn't would he be singled out by the other kids? Could it cause confusion for him? Have any other Non christians had any experience of Catholic schools?
  10. Hi there, My family and I are moving to northern Brisbane on Wednesday (woop!) and I've been looking into school options for my soon-to-be 5 year old. She will be starting Prep in January. Having got my head around the Ozzie schooling system and got to grips with myschool website, I'm still a bit confused about the core differences between state and Catholic schools. Obviously, Catholic schools offer a religious education, but is this the only difference? I can't seem to see a real difference in performance of the kids? Maybe the difference is more obvious from Yr 7 upwards? I'd be really grateful if anyone can point out the benefits of Catholic school above state schools, as if there is a real benefit, we would be happy to pay the smallish fees for our little one? We are Christians, but not Catholics, so would ideally like a form of religious education for her, but not necessarily a strict Catholic one? Very confused, as I feel as if I'm missing something obvious! :twitcy:
  11. Hi Guys Can anyone give me some pointers/recommendations? We are moving and want to be near a good school for my 5 yo. Any tips gratefully received!
  12. deanthebrickie

    Sydney Catholic school fees

    Hi I've been trying to do a bit of research for high schools and have come up with a possible school, Corpus Christi Catholic High School, Oak Flats. Has anyone any knowledge of this school and its fees. The school website doesn't mention anything. I found via another PIO link (thank you) for 'my school' and I found their financial report which mentions parent contribution £2400 (approx). Is this correct. It also mentions underneath private contributions per student of £7,900 (approx). What is this. Is this another parent fee!!! Please help. ta:confused:
  13. Guest

    Catholic schools??

    Might be a stupid question but do kids have to be Catholic to go to Catholic schools? Cheers
  14. Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone can help on this one. We have done alot of research on schools for my 13 yr old daughter in Canberra and have decided to go with a Catholic School. Based on the rentals we have seen online and the schools we have decided that we will probably settle somewhere in Belconnen - Inner North and South seem a bit run down when it comes to rentals and dont have the famous central heating i want :biglaugh: . There are 4 Catholic Schools/Independants to choose from: Francis Xavier in Belconnen, Daramalan in North Canberra, St Clares(north Canberra), Merici (south Canberra) - I think they are the areas! Im just wondering about travel times to the schools if we were to settle in Belconnen. Currently my daughter goes to school and leaves at 7.30 in the morning and it takes her 45 mins of a bus ride. I would like to send her to a school that would be closer to where we live but dont (not a 45 min bus ride) but I dont want to send her to a school that wont suit her needs. Ive had a look at the ACARA website and it seems that all of these 4 schools come in about the same as regards results etc so on paper they all look pretty much the same. We want to get Sarah into a school immediately aswell and we wont have a permanent address so do you think this would be a problem with the Catholic Schools? Being new to a country I dont fancy putting her on a bus on her own for the first while because she is a bit nervous of going anyway. If we were to live in Aranda for e.g how long would it take her to get to school if she was to go to St Clares or Merici? Or how long would it take me to drive her? I noticed that the schools have a bus service - is this a public bus or just serviced for the schools? Any help would be great ! Cheers Suzanne
  15. Hi, We have just been granted State Sponsorship in Victoria our next step is PR Visa - we are on the Priority Skilled list so hopeing it should not take too long from when we put app in. I have two children one 7 and one 4. I am wanting to send them to a Catholic School when we get over we are looking at setting up home in Alamander, Point Cook. Can anyone give me any onfo on the schools please. Many thanks Nicky
  16. Hi we are looking to move to perth in the next couple of months, we are looking at staying in secret harbour. I would like to know what the nearest catholic high school is to secret harbour as I have a 13 year old who has just started year 9 and a 11 year old who has just started year 7, i do realise that they will have to start these years again in february. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm going round in circles. Thanks
  17. Hi there After some research on primary catholic school near Cleveland, we decided that we wish to send our 4 year old princess to the Star of the Sea. Does anyone sends their children there? Whats your opinion of the school? We will be applying this week (from Europe!) and hope all goes well. We're still waiting for our visas to be stamped in Germany and that's why we haven't applied yet (yes, they need a copy of the visas) We're a bit worried that there won't be any place left since people enroll them early. Our little one will start end Jan 2011 if all goes well. Does anyone know if there are still available places left? I'll write the school an email today, I'm just asking here to see if any of you guys know something Thanks!!!! B!K3R
  18. Hi, Does anyone have any info on Guardian Angels Catholic Primary in Ashmore? It looks like a good school but should I be totally paranoid about applying there as it's so close to ashmore gun / pistol club? Literally almost just across the road! I don't know anything about the security of gun clubs or what motivates people to go to them so unsure. And any info on St Francis Xavier in Runaway Bay too. Thanks
  19. HI can anyone tell me where the nearest Catholic school is? we will be living in Clarkson, any help appreciated cheers joe
  20. Guest

    Catholic Schools Perth

    Hi What are the good catholic Schools in Perth.We plan to live in the Northern Suburbs.
  21. Hi, Not sure where to put this.... can anyone advise me on teaching in the private catholic schools? My husband is a depute head and has religion as part of his degree. He has also got experience in teaching in special needs and a behavioural support unit. It seems that he wouldnt be in demand in the regular state schools and it would be hard for him to get a job if we took the plunge. Is it easier to get into the private system and would there be senior teacher posts for a new imigrant?? Any ideas ta carol
  22. paulimouse

    Canberra Catholic Schools

    Does anyone know how easy it is to get into a Catholic Primary School in Canberra if you are not Catholic?? We are Anglican, but I have heard that the Catholic Primary schools are great. Also can anyone suggest any good ones. Looking forward to any advice. Thanks
  23. Please can anyone recommend a good catholic primary school on the sunshine coast? I have the names of three, Stella Maris, Siena and St Joseph's but other than their own websites, cannot find any information about what they are like. Any feedback most apreciated. Thanks!:laugh:
  24. Guest

    Catholic Colleges in Perth

    We are looking to move to Perth in February 2009 and are looking for a Catholic College SOR for our 13 year old daughter. Does anyone have any experience of any? Thanks Jo