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Found 5 results

  1. My boyfriend has permanent residency in Australia, I went out there with him for 9 months on a working holiday visa and have recently returned. I want to go back at some point for up to 12 months on the Long Stay Visitor Visa (600£ Will they grant it to me and can I apply for permanent visas once the visitor visa ends? Also are there any other visa that I could do this with?
  2. Is anybody willing to share their reasons for being declined on medical grounds, or if you were referred, then accepted. Id like to hear all different views/cases as I dont think anyone would have the same issue as me, but your stories could give me an idea of my outcome. I'm asking this, as I am concerned my medical may be referred for the following reason. 3 years ago I went into hospital for a minor operation, which went wrong resulting in me having Septicaemia and fluid building up on my left lung as a result of several abscesses. This required me to have open surgery twice. I am fully better now, and have been for the last 3 years. Other than a kidney stone, that I have just had blasted this week. Can anyone tell me if they was referred, or declined, for any of the things I have mentioned i.e scar tissue etc. As I have scar tissue around my stomach, and there may be scarring where my lung filled up with fluid. Thanks for your replys
  3. Hello and good eve or afternoon to you all. Well This is my first post on here so I will just give a brief cap of myself. I work in construction and several years back I worked in Australia, Perth, Adelaide. I then returned back to the UK for employer reasons. Lately we have been thinking of returning to Australia as our visas have only got 6 months left to run, however my question to you all is how good and realistic is the Australian economy ? I am aware that there appears to be a 2 speed economy going on being propped up by mining and I am stunned at the amount if ignorance towards the high dollar being good ! What ? From my research manufacturing and retail is badly hit due to closure and imports from China, 98% of businesses the last Q has reported they cannot compete with China. I am aware that Europe / UK has got problems, but what seems to be the thought from yourselves and Australians alike on the direction on the economy ? How hard is it in Australia for employment , I mean even the basic manual jobs on low wage, are they many chasing each post advertised ? Is Australia heading for a downturn. I know they can be articles on the web to read, but personally I think its the eyes on the ground like those on here that see the real world rather than politicians. Thanks for reading and good day to you all, M
  4. I was wondering what others thought the long term effect of the last couple of years will have on the future for the UK financially and socially. As we all know the UK has been hit particularly hard during the financial crisis. #The huge and increasing debt that will have to be serviced. #The quantative easing by the BOE, i.e. printing money. #The downgrading of the country's financial rating. # Massive growth in unemployment. #Sterling down 20% against the $US over the last two weeks with more reductions forecast. Lots of stats coming from the UK causing food for thought about the country's ability to recover in the near to medium term, and suggesting some desperate measures to come. From the Oz point of view the currency rates are great for a holiday, but I think it will be a long time before the UK improves from it's present situation. Anyone presently living in the UK who would like to give their views ?
  5. Hi all, Now where do we start, if i go on please bear with me anyways, we spoke to hubbies managing director on wednesday morning and LAFHA was discussed but was not clarified if they would be doing it, anyways we recieved the Offer of Employment this morning, and it does not include LAFHA, it does say "just to confirm LAFHA is not offered as part of the terms of employment " now we was really banking on this being offered as we have 4 children and the wages are not great about $55k we have managed to find a school that we do not have to pay the $4500 fees per yr per child and also we can also apply for exemption of govt school fees once we are over there as we have 4 children going to school and husband is not on a high wage, now the question is should we push for the LAFHA before we sign the offer? we hopefully will have about £35/40k when we arrive but we really wanted to use this for a Vehicle and bond etc for rental when we get there, any advice/responce would help me out kind regards Michell