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    Working Holiday Visa, 2 police cautions

    Thank you again for the replies! I just have one final question ..... I am planning on applying some time within the next month. I was going to do an online application, and where it gives you the box to explain what offenses you've been arrested for, was going to mention the theft and ABH, then attach a document with a letter explaining the circumstances leading to the incidents, how out of character they are, how they will not be re-enacted etc. Does this sound like the about-right thing to do? I just have no idea about visa's and nor does anyone I know! Also, does everyone have to send them an ACPO certificate, or is that only if they ask for it?
  2. jomax1991

    Working Holiday Visa, 2 police cautions

    That's reassuring! Did you reply for it quite recently then? I really want to be able to write them a letter or something explaining the incidents, like I don't want them to look at it and read 'cautioned for ABH and theft' and write me off straight away without an explanation. Anyone know if this would be possible/if they would read it? Thanks for the replies
  3. jomax1991

    Working Holiday Visa, 2 police cautions

    Ok, thank you for reassuring me that it will be alright! :smile:
  4. jomax1991

    Working Holiday Visa, 2 police cautions

    Thank you for your replies! I think I was 15 when I got the ABH caution, but may have been 16 when I got the shoplifting caution. I had to have a CRB check 2 years ago when I was working with brain-damaged people, and it came back clear... but apparently you have to mention cautions even if they do not show on the CRB. So do you recommend that I do not mention the cautions at all? Or that I declare them and explain that I was young and stupid, etc?
  5. Hi everyone.. About 6-7 years ago, I fell into the wrong crowd at secondary school. I was caught stealing a pair of earrings and subsequently cautioned by the police, I paid a fine and the case was settled. A short while after, when walking home from school, I was attacked by another girl from my school, I retaliated and managed to push her off me. 2 days later I was arrested and cautioned regarding ABH, even though the other girl started it, the policeman who interviewed me said I looked harmless but had to caution me anyway. Anyway, I'm now 21, almost 22, and am worried that these 2 cautions may affect my application for a WHV. Although the visa asked you whether you have ever been convicted, I am unsure whether the cautions count under this heading. Does anyone know if these cautions may affect my visa application? I'm really worried they will, I've been planning this trip for ages and will be gutted if I don't get accepted. Do you think I should offer to attach some character references? I've never stolen or been in a fight since those 2 occasions, and have gone on to earn a Psychology undergraduate degree, and held down a number of jobs, so I was hoping if I explained that then they may see I have a 'good character' and grant me a visa. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks for reading, I'll be grateful for any advice!