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    Skilled Occupation List

    This page outlines the eligibility requirements for the Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 121) visa. [h=2]Eligibility requirements[/h]To be eligible for permanent residency under this visa, you must meet the following requirements at the time of lodging an application. You must: be nominated for a position that relates to an occupation listed on the Employee Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) See: Skilled Occupation Lists (formerly known as Form 1121i) You must also either: have your skills assessed as suitable for the nominated position by the relevant skills assessing authority. A list of assessing bodies can be found in the ENSOLand unless exceptional circumstances apply, have at least three years full-time work experience in the occupation before the visa application is lodged or have been nominated to fill a highly paid senior executive position with a salary of more than AUD250 000 per annum (excluding superannuation or allowances). You must also: have an employer who is willing to sponsor you for permanent residency demonstrate that you have the appropriate skills, qualifications and/or experience to fill the position meet any mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements that allow you to work unsupervised and without further training be under 45 years of age provide a letter of appointment or a contract signed by both the employer and yourself have Vocational English language ability.
  2. Andy & Kelly

    Gold Coast Trip

    Went there just before christmas, even though the weather was shocking we still loved the place. Theme parks were disappointing to say the least.
  3. Andy & Kelly

    What do we need to do to just migrate???

    Even be careful with the 'reputable' agents. I felt very let down by one in particular on here and the other wanted money just to see if i was eligible. I ended up doing it all myself and now have P.R. Agents are generally robbing b*****ds in my opinion.
  4. Andy & Kelly

    Advice needed urgently

    Agent sounds like he/she hasn't got a clue.
  5. Andy & Kelly

    Help - unusual 457 queries!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi, As far as i'm aware nomination once approved is valid for 12 months. If any of your circumstances change, such that an answer in your application or information given to the department is no longer correct, you must inform the department as soon as possible.You must continue to advise the department of any changes in your circumstances until a decision is made on your application – or, in the case of a visa granted outside Australia, until you travel to Australia and are cleared by immigration. You can provide this information by writing a letter or email to your case officer and including any additional documentation that is required. You must identify yourself in your correspondence by quoting your Client and/or Permission Request ID, Transaction Reference Number for electronic applications, and your file number. This information will be provided in your acknowledgement letter. Important: Your visa may be cancelled if you give incorrect information or fail to advise the department that some information is no longer correct. Examples of a change in circumstances include: new job new passport new member of your family discovery of incorrect information in your application change of address or contact details. I think once your visa is granted you are expected to start pretty much straight away. Andy
  6. Andy & Kelly

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    First thing i knew about having one is when they requested more documents.
  7. Hi, The immigration office is on Wellington St, next to harbour town. If you're on a 457 you can stick with your U.K licence if you want. Andy
  8. Hi, Thanks for the replies. I have no english bank accounts now so getting the info may prove hard. As for my passport, lost the original a few years ago and in the period it covered i clocked up a few miles here and there. My memory isn't good at the best of times so trying to remember where and when i went is impossible, especially when you spend most of the holiday ****faced and forget you were ever there!
  9. Hi, I have to fill in form 80 in conjunction with my 856 application. There are many stupid questions on the form, one being 'please give details of visits outside Australia in the last ten years' My passport is fairly new so no record there. I have been to a lot of places in that time and don't know any dates or exactly where i've been. Does anyone know how to find this information? Thanks Andy
  10. Andy & Kelly


    I've just had root canal done on one tooth, $1800 total cost, that includes porcelain cap. Slightly expensive!
  11. Andy & Kelly

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Where did you apply? Was it decision ready? I applied for nomination and visa in June. The only thing that has happened so far is my bank is two and a half grand lighter!
  12. Andy & Kelly

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi, That is correct, ARTC is for residents only. It's bullsh*t to be honest. It's just another way milking money out of people. It's actually not good enough to use as a migration assessment, so why the hell would it be good enough to use to gain licence in your trade???? I did mine a couple of years ago and the questions asked were a load of bollo*ks.
  13. Andy & Kelly

    Perth Winter Weather

    I wear shorts 365 days a year, to work and around the house. It does get a bit chilly sometimes, anything below 17C and i decide to put a jacket on as i work outside. It's funny how quickly we have acclimatised. We went back to England last August which is summer. I went to the pub with my mate and he suggested we go sit in the beer garden. It was a sunnyish day around 16-17C and all i did was sit there and shiver my balls off. We ended up going to sit inside. My mate couldn't believe i was cold as this was one of the warmer days they had during the year. Even had to put the central heating on!
  14. Andy & Kelly

    457 questions...

    Hi, You may find it impossible to secure a job without at least coming to Australia and introducing yourself to potential employers. Be prepared to come out here on a holiday to do interviews etc to show you are serious about what you are doing. It all depends on what field of work you are in, some employers are happy to interview via skype. Good luck! Andy
  15. Hi, It can be a bit of a minefield as there is no MOT so you will see a lot of sh*t heaps, but that depends on your budget really. Second hand cars are generally more expensive than in the UK so be prepared for a shock. You also have to pay a tax which is a proportion of the total cost of the price you pay (can't remember the rate). We found that Aussies don't generally give their cars a good clean and polish before selling them, so we saw many cars with crisp packets and sweet wrappers all over them. Eventually we found our first car which was an xtrail. It was dirty but under the dirt we could see it was a good car. A year and a half later we sold it but gave it a bloody good polish and clean and we actually made a profit on it. You can get inspections carried out by the RAC i think, if you require piece of mind. Andy