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Found 593 results

  1. hi all am wanting to download forms 160EH for chest xray and also form 26E for the medical. want to get organised but on the diac website it always says the site is temporary unavailable. not sure what to do about it. can anyone tell me what i need to do for the medicals. do i need to request medical information from my doctors, passports etc. i have crohns disease (since 2002) but have been well since 2004.
  2. bungeeman

    Form 815 Health Undertaking

    Hi everyone. Verity and I are now in the final stages ofour application with police checks and medicals completed an sent off. From our CO we have now received form 815 Health Undertaking She has been asked to sign it and send it back but we just wanted to know what it was all about. Reading through it, it states that upon arrival in oz we must contact the Health Undertaking Service within 7 days. Looking through the form it does seem to focus a lot on tuberculosis which verity does not have. It does mention "or other health conditions of concern"- welll verity has a prolactinoma (a small growth on her Pituitary gland)- so assume it could be for this? Although to us it is not a concern as all it essentially means is she has a hormone imbalance whereby her would body produce breast milk - even when not pregnant- but this is controlled by a weekly tablet. Has anyone else had this before? Thanks Ben
  3. Dear Friends I was assigned CO on 30th Nov 2010 after been category2 and she asked me for form 80 and other required docs then i submitted form 80 and all other required docs on Dec 28 2010 how i got no response from My CO yet can someone give a brief idea that how long will it take that CO asks for med or ask for next step?i m from HR country best regards OZGuy
  4. Hi, I am in the process of applying for State Sponsorship to WA and need a bit of help on filling out the form. It askes to estimate the cost of relocating to WA I was going to put down cost of flights and removals, is there anything I may have missed? also the cost of living there too and provide the details. Any help would be great. Thank you :smile:
  5. rgrangana

    Form 1100 Please help

    hi Can any one tell how many pages form 1100 does have? Because I've got only one page even though it says to continued on the next page for question 11. Also there is no place to to sign on form 1100. Am i missing anything? Thanking you Rangana
  6. I have read in a number of posts on this forum where some people on hindsight had wished they've been told about completing Form 80 beforehand as apparently it seemed to be requested from the CO days after the de-facto spouse visa application is lodged. I would like to know is this true that Form 80 is requred? We are about to lodge the de-facto spouse visa application and this Form 80 is really stressing us out in a number of ways: 1) It requires the applicant to provide details of every single country he has visited (incl. short stays) OUTSIDE Australia in the last 10 years. My British partner who is the applicant has made countless trips across Europe being an EU citizen it's almost impossible to list every single trip because he can't even remember all of them! 2) It requires the applicant to provide details of every single employer he has worked with after he has left school. My partner has been doing IT contracting for many years. This means has worked with numerous agencies on contracting assignments or varying lengths with more well-known IT firms. Whilst the "host" companies he is assigned to do contract work for are typically large and very famous, he is paid by these staffing agencies which are small. Some don't even exist anymore (closed down or merged or whatever). Also, he no longer has records of the employment periods for every single agency he has been attached to for contract assignments, so it's impossible to list every single agency and their contact details and the length of employment. What can we do about this? We just can't track down the information any more. Any advice will be appreciated, this form is causing us to tear our hair out! Thanks.
  7. Guest

    Partner Visa Help!!

    Hi all, I am just finishing my 820 Partner Visa application and need help on a couple of things: 1. On form 47SP Q81 re Which countries have I lived in for more than 12 months in total over 10 years? I have now spent over a year in Australia on holiday and my PMV visa but at various addressess. Do holidays count as living here and should I put that? 2. On form 80 Q21 re personal contacts in Australia? Do I list all friends, work colleagues and my partner's family or just 2 specific ones? Any help greatly appreciated!! Also, any tips on evidence and length of statements?? Thanks
  8. hi eveyone, I have just received my wa state sponsorship through post, and I need to send the state sponosrship agreement as well as form 1100 back for confirmation. I have some trouble filling in with the form 1100 hope someone can give me some hint. 1.about the "details of the nominee’s employment prospects" what should I write here? 2.Section 10 ,I need to provide the " this nomination is number __ of 500 ", I do not have this information on the letter they post to me. so, what should I write in here. 3. in section 14, "Signatory on behalf of nominating state/territory government agency" So should I sign it or the wa statesponsorship people sign it. 4. under section 10, they said if I am the offlist I have to send another copy to the following address "The Director Skilled Migration Section Department of Immigration and Citizenship 6 Chan Street BELCONNEN ACT 2617 If sending by email, please forward to: Skilled.Migration@immi.gov.au" if that means I have send 2 copies of the file, one to the wa statesponsorship people to confirm my sponsorship. one to immigration? is that correct, this is so confused. Thanks very much for your time.
  9. Hello there, i am 16 years old, nearly 17. my family are hoping to move to Perth in the next 6 months, and by june i will have completed my first year of A Levels (AS). i am studying Psychology, Sociology and ICT. i heard that the age for leaving school is 17 in Oz and therefore i will go straight into university if we do move in the next 6 months. im just a little confused as to how this would work and how the grades would transfer, if the grades i had would be enough to go to university..would i need to go back a year and go back to the last year of school just to get australian qualifications or..? i would love to stay in england to finish my a levels but my mum refuses to leave me which is understandable. But would it be more wise to stay in england to finish my a levels? if ive missed out any details let me know, i would be very greatful if anybody could help me with the above questions! :cute:
  10. is there is anyone out there who has started to complete their ACS recognition of prior learning with the new PASA form based upon the "Key Areas of Knowledge". ???/
  11. Hi, I have a query about what to answer for two questions on the AHPRA nursing registration form. Question 5. Is your residential address the same as your principal place of practice/employment in Australia? I live in London and working for a NHS trust and I do not have any job offer. I want to register first with AHPRA before starting applying for the vacancies so should I answer "no" and provide my NHS address. Question 17. "Do you commit to only practise the profession if you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place?" What would be the answer for this question. And one more question, if we register in one state and got an offer from hospital in another state will that be an issue or we can work any where in Australia irrespective of where you have been registered. Thanks & Regards, Mansawant
  12. Hi I got my CO last week asked for form 80 only. On the online status:in the document checklist section it shows ON THE SAME DAY All documents to Met! Form 80: Character assesment: MET! AFP Check: Received PCC: Received(Been 10 month since i send it) form 160eh:Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray: met! Form 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa: met! My questions are: Why co asked for for 80 again even though document chelist says met!(is it just to get updated info) And why did i wasnt asked for med or pcc(Cuz i think pcc and med valid for 6 months) How long may it take approximately....my lawyer said 6 months!!!!!! Thank any expert input will be highly appriciated!! Regards reza
  13. dalejaneaustralia

    Form 80 quicky!

    Morning, Just trawling through form 80. On the section where you put family details, is this just the main applicants family? It says 'About your family', I'm taking it as the main applicant is filling the form out and therefore only wants their info, also there is only space for two parent. Anyone know for sure? Thanks Dale Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Hi We are filling in our application form and wondered if any one is around if we are feeling a wee bit lost filling in the form. Should I be filling in the form (aussie wife) or Scottish Husband. When talking about dependant children...is this if they are pommy babies or if I sort them out as Aussies by descent do we need to include them on the form??? There is a question about amount of assests preparing to bring ino Australia. Now we are planning to come on our arses. We are arriving on our arses I am not selling our UK properties although I am selling my Aussie properties to fund a business for ourselves . I am worried about what should be filled in on the application....I do not want us turned back.... SsECONDLY, ON q 38 do you have any children, well we have 2 but I willl be filling in form s to make them aussie citizens.... Lost lost lost...
  15. Guest

    Form 80 & 1221

    Hi, How long after you submit your forms 80 and 1221 that you get your PR granted? Thanks
  16. Guest

    electrician vetassess form

    help what is meant by how would you set up and perform a correct circuit test and also electrical apparatus does this mean appliances ? thanks guys girls and felow humans lol
  17. Hi all I'm keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help me. My husband and I are (depending on visas) moving to Sydney, he has been offered a job in the RAN. We applied for a visa on form 47ES, which is what we were told to do by the RAN, we tried to get our medicals sorted before sending off for our visa but were told by the medical center that applying for a medical had changed to being done electronically and we needed either a HAPP ID,TRN or HRR number. We have not been given this and to be honest not sure where to get it. We have Emailed department of immigration over and over but no reply, asked people who have joined the RAN and were told that they didn't need such a number and Google is coming up with nothing. Is anyone else going through this or does anyone know what we should do? Please HELP :confused:
  18. Guest

    Printing out form 47ES

    I've just printed out all 27 pages and when I went back printer has run out of blue ink so it's all just in black and White, will it matter?
  19. Hi, I have to fill in form 80 in conjunction with my 856 application. There are many stupid questions on the form, one being 'please give details of visits outside Australia in the last ten years' My passport is fairly new so no record there. I have been to a lot of places in that time and don't know any dates or exactly where i've been. Does anyone know how to find this information? Thanks Andy
  20. Hi, our shippers send us this customs form where they ask all these question of things you need to declare? Do you have to mention the feather duvets? How much detail do they want at the question of wooden items? Do you write ALL things wood from beds and tables to wooden kids train set and little wooden fruit bowl or little wooden paper organiser? I am so scared I miss something off that should have been on there. I have asked our shippers a few things, but I don't agree with not mentioning certain things. We have bedside cabinets with basket drawers and was told just to put bedside cabinets. I'm not sure that is the right thing to do. :no: What did you folks declared? Cheers.
  21. Guest

    filling in spousal form query

    hi, I'm just filling in my part of the forms to sponsor my wife ready to emigrate to oz. One of the questions asks for my last 2 yrs of employment details, should I be providing proof of income or is it just to proove that I havn't be sat on my back side for the last 2 yrs? I've been self employed and in employment on and off so its being a bit of a pain to gather all the info however will be worth it in the end! Are imigration wanting to see if I can support my wife when we get there?. To start with she will be the one with the main income with me finding work when we get there. Sometimes we find it hard to know what they expect when answering some of the questions, hopefully we're filling it all in correctly, fingers crossed! cheers Andy
  22. hello guys! i just hope no one would mind as this is my 1st post. :wink: i got some confusion. i need a piece of advice so i can have this resolved as soon as possible. i lodged my 175 application ONLINE on june 2011, declaring my mother as my dependant; Form47A was filled-up, printed, signed, scanned, and uploaded along with pertinent documentation. yesterday, i happened to have read in one forum that though you are an ONLINE applicant, you still have to send by POST/COURIER all the hard copies to Adelaide Processing Center. am i doing the right thing here? nowhere in the Form47A that says so, neither in the query/checklist, but only this > "Forward the completed form and any requested documents to the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre within 28 days from the date you lodged your application." all along i thought this should be done ONLINE since i am an online applicant. i missed having read the one mentioned in the DIAC site. should i send the original copies or maybe a notarized certified true copies are just enough? anyone here who had the same case...delay in sending the hard original or notarized copies? what happened to your case? will this jeopardize my application? i hope an expert on this matter could help me, please? thank you very much.
  23. pete2011

    Help with Form 47 ES

    Hi has any one got any advice with completing the form 47 ES, it would be much appreciated.
  24. paulswin

    AQUIS form????

    Hi! JUst filling in the aquis form and it says to list all wooden furniture I'm taking lots ie table, bedside cabinets, mirrors and desk etc do I need to list absolutely everything? Also has anyone else took lots of wooden furniture or is it just me being tight as want to buy as little as possible when we're first there!!!!
  25. dinkydoo

    form 80 question

    Who has to fill out form 80? Is it just the main applicant or everyone on the application?