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Found 152 results

  1. Please could someone give me links to the best places to buy 2nd hand cars in WA :wubclub:
  2. Hey, I need some help please, I have just got back to the uk from oz. I had my 2nd yr working holiday visa rejected on the grounds that I didnt supply enough evidence for my regional work, so i had to leave after my bridging visa expired.my bridging visa is up in a few days. I have my family not long arrived out in oz and I want to go back on a 3/6 month holiday visa to see them. Is my visa rejection going to effect my new application and if I get to the border in australia are they going to want to no any information about my farming or about any thing? please give me some advice. thanks
  3. meme78

    2nd stage partner visa

    is anyone going through the 2nd stage of the spouse visa? any ideas on info required and current processing times? i'm sick of not having PR despite having a child here who is a citizen....i'm trying to get onto a course and international fees are ridiculous.
  4. Hi all Just wondered if you could shed some light on "regional work" for me please. We haven't even arrived in Oz on our 1st WHV yet but we're thinking that if it's as good as everyone says it is we will probably want to get a 2nd WHV! I know you have to complete 3 months regional work but just wanted to clarify exactly what this means? I suppose the obvious stuff is fruit-picking, working on a farm etc but do other jobs count as well if they are undertaken outside of the city? Where exactly is "regional Australia"?!! For example, my boyfriend has seen ads for carpentry work with regional work available so I take it that qualifies? As for me, I'm an accountant...is there any chance I can work as an accountant in some area of Australia that qualifies as "regional"? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hi everyone, hope all Visa lodgements are going well for you all! I applied for my Partner Subclass 309 visa back in March 2009, which was granted by June 2009 and I moved out here in July 2009, it was all fairly straightforward, we didnt hire a migration officer and I double & triple checked everything before it was sent. All that seemed to go through fine, and like I said I was on my way by July. No one seems to really tell you much information about the second stage of this visa, I was advised to contact Immigration 22months after I lodged the application, so that I could continue with the next stage, I have done that and I am waiting on the paperwork arriving, hopefully any day now. When I asked the lady on the phone what it actually is, she said just more paperwork to show that you are still together (which we are, and getting married in July!) :biggrin: Does anyone know what the paperwork is/what kind of questions? is it basically just the first process all over agian? How long does it take to come back? do you get interviewed? And is there another cost involved? Its quite confusing, as you sort of forget after being here for 2 years that you are STILL only a temporary resident! But it does present a few obstacles with things such as loans, insurance etc. Any help would be very much appreciated, sorry for the long post , thanks :wink:
  6. Hi Everyone, I am going to be heading over to Oz next August on a WHV, I am from the uk and am currently 29 years of age. I will be 30 in May next year, so once I arrive will be 30, I was wondering - is it possible for me to land and go straight into doing 3 months harvest work to obtain my 2nd year visa? Am I correct in saying I can do this and get it granted as I am 30 years of age and still under 31. So even though my first year ends once I am 31 in 2013 - I can then stay a 2nd as my 2nd year has been approved whilst I was still 30. Please let me know if poss, I may do this asap as an option to then get that granted so If I truly love the place I have the option of staying a 2nd year. Thanks for the help, Nick :jiggy:
  7. Hi, I got my skills assessed in June 2010 as 2231-79 Computing Professionals (J2EE specialist). During ACS free re-assessment my agent recommended me to request 261399, I insisted that 261313 or 261312 would be best but due to his advice & fear of getting no where if ACS reject my claim I went ahead as agent advised. As requested I received 261399 from ACS but later by reading different forums I found out IT professionals who were given the ASCO 2231-79 (specialization) received any matching IT related ANZSCO code they requested. This fact broke my heart so bad as my letter was very descriptive enough to get me the code 261313(Software Engineer). Later on my agent explained that he wants me to get a state sponsorship and the best way to do so is to be on the SOL schedule 4.:cry: I was further puzzled that IT ANZSCO codes 261313 & 261312 are in both SOL 3 & 4 & getting such code is like getting diamonds & why the hell he doesn't understand! :arghh: I need to have a plan B, and planing to submit a new ACS assessment if all states failed to include the ANZSCO code 261399 (Software and Applications Programmers nec), but I have a big doubt.. When I re-apply (myself or different agent) ACS will check my current ANZSCO code and assessment which I have to mention in the application form, my new documents & old documents will be of few months difference as I submitted the current in April. There won't be any change in my designation (Software Engineer) except few more months of work experience, but there will be a small difference in qualification as I can mention about the master's degree. Based on these facts, will they allocate me the same ANZSCO code 261399? OR there won't be any effect on my new application based on my current code 261399 I'm puzzled please help :goofy:
  8. Tasmania bucks the trend and has seen a drop in unemployment, with the exception of Western Australia it currently has the lowest unemployment rate in Australia. http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2011/11/11/275861_tasmania-news.html
  9. Hi all, has any1 applied for 2nd stage partner visa processing in Brisbane in Nov.? I have submitted my application for 2nd stage PR processing in Nov. on form 80 i wrote the names of my 3 office colleagues as contacts in Aus. if i resign from the company does it affects my PR? I mean if Immi calls thm n thy say tht i used to work with them and now i have resigned, can this have any -ve implication? Also if i resign, do i need to update Immi.abt my job status?
  10. Hello I am not sure if anyone can help but we have received our 2nd stage partner visa documentation ...we hope to submit it tomorrow..we have only been asked for a police check, form 80 and stat decs. Does anyone know if we have to send in other stuff (proof of our relationship) or wait until we are asked. Also i was granted my last visa on the 12th January 2010 So have received the paperwork very much in advance does this mean they won't look at my application until after this date or if a little miracle happened could it be granted before this date? Thank you so much for reading this post
  11. Hi All Well last June we made the leap and moved to the Gold coast , both me and hubby secured good jobs and kids settled in well , then the first big blip of homesickness and i crumbled !! Ended up returning new years eve and within the first few weeks thought oh lord what have we done !!! (Or me)...So now its a case of we realise why we made the jump last year and now are considering a move again .... Will i be more prepared this next time ???
  12. Has anyone got an idea of how common it is that customs might refuse you? My second Working holiday Visa is nearly running out, I applied for the 676 onshore but got refused, and now I'm considering to take a trip to NZ for a few days. I know about the fact that you need to have an ongoing flight. I really like to spend christmas here with my friends and I have got enough funds to support myself and fly back home (Holland) after christmas. I'm about to make the decision to get rid of my rental apartment or take the risk of keeping it till I'm back in the country. I would really like to have a place to come home to if customs do let me cross the boarder. Any ideas? And what would you do in my situation? Move out of the apartment or take the risk? Thanks in advance!
  13. Guys, A little info would be much appreciated. I already have general skilled migration visa but my OH is refusing to go as she doesn't want to disrupt her child's education despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise. By the time she finishes my visa will have expired. I cant find any info on the Australian Immigration website but are there any restrictions on applying a second time round if you didn't use the first one?? Do the department frown upon visa's not being used?? Many thanks in advance
  14. Addison05

    Failed 2nd IELTS

    :sad:Hi guys, Does anyone know with the IELTS if all the scores of say 8 have to be on one test please? Husband failed listening by .5 last time and passed others. Now he's passed his listening and dropped a point on his reading. We are gutted as most of the centres are full now and our visa is all ready to go off to our agent. Any advice please? Thank you
  15. Bordy

    Mornington Meet up 2nd October

    There is a Britvics / PIO meet up in Mornington park on Sunday 2nd October. I will get there about midday or before to put up a Scottish flag so anyone going for the first time can see where we are meeting. Don't be shy, come along for an afternoon & bring a picnic or BBQ, we will be close to the kids play area. If you need any more info feel free to pm me. Bill. PS This is the day after the AFL Grand Final.
  16. Guest

    2nd stage spouse visa timeframe

    Hello, My husband applied for a spouse visa in June 2010 and it was granted a few months later. I was just wondering when he will get the info for the 2nd stage processing? I have heard that it is a few months before the 2 year date (since application) so I'm guessing around March-April next year. Would it be possible for him to send in the info say a month or two early? He is really keen to get back to uni to complete his science and medical studies and we can't afford international student fees so I would hate for him to miss out by a month or so. It's a bit frustrating as well since we were 6 months off the 3 year defacto period (for straight PR) when his temp spouse visa was granted. Thanks
  17. zidden

    1st and 2nd Installment

    Am I correct in assuming that as we were being born in the UK and having lived here since birth (both of us competent in the English language) that we do not have to pay the second installment towards our 176 visa?
  18. YIPPEEEEEEEEE I got a letter in the post today granting me my second stage partner permant residence (801) Eligable date was 3rd sept. I got a letter from them at the end of June asking for a stat dec from my partner & I, a police clearance for me & a completed form 80. I sent it all in a couple of days later to Melbourne and received an acknowlagement card about 10 days later. Then heard NOTHING......until today granting me perm res. Thought I'd post this so those still waiting get can an idea of current timelines. Zoe
  19. Just heard a 32 year old American man has been killed off Rottnest Island, my thought go out to his family and friends. It comes just 12 days after a man was killed swimming off Cottesloe beach in a suspected shark attack. My son is now saying when we get there, he wont swim in the sea, has anybody living there changed their bathing habit in light of this?
  20. Guest

    2nd Working Holiday Visa

    Just a quick question.... Having been in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, can you go back on a Tourist Visa and while there apply for a 2nd Working Holiday Visa?
  21. Hi folks, This is just a quick post to say I'm back from my time in SA doing my regional work and to those people I met in Transport before I left I apologise for my lack of contact up until now but thought I'd wait till I got back to re-connect! As I said, I got my visa which is grand, and I'll be in Melbourne till xmas at least I think Just need to get settled again with work and a place to stay (looking at St Kilda) but will be happy to meet people again once I've found my feet again Hope everyone is well
  22. According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia's trade surplus surged in August as exports of coal and other minerals increased despite concerns of a global slowdown. Shipments from Australia grew 8% from the previous month, while imports rose 3%, the ABS said. That resulted in a trade surplus of 3.1bn Australian dollars ($2.9bn; £1.9bn), the second-largest on record. The data comes amid concerns that fears of a slowdown may hurt demand for Australia's mineral exports. "Export volumes are really kicking along and that will be a big fillip for the economy in the quarter," said Brian Redican of Macquarie. Analysts said the fact that a huge amount of Australia's mineral shipments head to Asian economies has been a big factor in ensuring that its export sector sustains its momentum, despite global slowdown concerns. They said that as economies like India and China see more people move from rural to urban centres, the demand for minerals will continue to rise. "Both these countries have more than 1 billion people, and that is a big factor", said David Lennox of Fat Prophets As these countries undergo rapid urbanisation, they will also need to boost their power generation capacity in order to meet the increased demand for electricity. "That process is not dependent on what happens in the US or European economies," Mr Lennox said. He added that given these factors, exports of Australian minerals to the region will continue to grow.
  23. Hi As there is a few threads about meeting up, thought we would suggests drinks and rugby this Saturday at the Belgian beer cafe in the Rocks? England is playing Scotland We'll be there from about 5-6pm. If you are up for a few drinks this rainy long weekend come join us. Cheers, Andy & Cecilia (-409315918 pls replace dash by 0)
  24. :hug:Hi, we have just secured a rental and we are short of key things, washing machine, fridgefreezer, lawn mower, garden stuff etc. If you are going home and are looking to get rid, let us know. We are in Sydney (Wahroonga).
  25. nicandjay

    Who has lasted 2nd time round ?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone ping ponged but lasted on the 2nd attempt ? what was so different that made you stay ?