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Found 36 results

  1. Bernies88

    Need a dentist

    Hi I'm looking for advice on dentists in Melbourne. I'm based in brunswick and I need a few fillings. I've been quoted $150 per filling. I'm on the working holiday visa. does anyone have any recommendations for a cheaper dentist or is that about average here? Very expensive compared to the UK
  2. Hi forum members, this is an invaluable source for perspective whilst pursuing PR visa to Oz', so wondering if I can leverage site expertise with a 'migration agent challenge!' Me and my partner have a 189 in situ, (started in March this year) pending skills assessment outcome (skilled list Dentist route) that will allow us to move to next stage APHRA registration and then, fingers crossed Visa/EOI and approvals. Cognisant of time frames (November/December at the earliest, if extremely lucky), I'm looking to proactively seek employment via a working holiday visa (I'm 25) and utilising networking contacts and friends within the industry with a view to obtaining a dentist role (Melbourne ideally to start), and thus running this in parallel with the PR, rationale being I finish my UK dental post in August leaving me a finite window of time to get my dream role in Australia before things wind down, which I believe is normally Oct/Nov period. Here's the the quandary - our migration agent (we've had a lot of issues with these guys, glaciers have been known to move at a quicker rate), believes this tact will impact outcome of the PR visa on the basis that our defactor status (we have been in relationship 2yrs & living together for 1yr, with the documentation to validate) would prove an issue as I (the main applicant) will actually be in Oz seeking work (shocking conduct eh!) during the evaluation stage of PR application. I'm at odds with this 'intel', by the point of PR EOI, we will have all of the qualifying content in place to proceed with PR, surely the fact I'm going to seek work can't be viewed negatively? I'm looking to fly out in September, with my partner coming out a month later... Anyone encountered this issue at all, and if so, how did you deal with it? I believe it's stalling tact from the MA's, but would love any advice & counsel from fellow forum members - however trivial, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :err:
  3. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/bid-to-keep-out-dentists-fails-in-visa-shakeup/story-fn59noo3-1226953823161 From today's The Australian newspaper: The Abbott government will slash the number of foreign accountants able to get permanent visas but local dentists have failed in a bid to impose new restrictions on their overseas counterparts working in Australia. The government decision to cut the number of foreign accountants came after the Australian Workplace and Productivity Agency rejected a bid by the Department of Employment to have accountants removed from the Skilled Occupation List. The agency recommends annually which occupations be added or *removed. Foreign workers whose occupation is on the list can apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor. Documents seen by The Weekend Australian show the department told the agency that its research showed “there continues to be a surplus of qualified accountants’’ in Australia. But the agency said the department’s was the only one of seven submissions it received that called for accountants to be removed from the list. Among arguments in support of foreign accountants was that changes to taxation law and regulations would increase demand. “Pending repeals of the carbon tax and the mineral resources rent tax were cited as examples of initiatives which will drive further demand for accounting services, along with changes to superannuation laws,’’ the agency said. Under the general skilled *migration program, professionals and other skilled migrants can enter Australia without being sponsored by an employer. While they have to nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list, there is no obligation for them to work in that occupation. The government has capped the program at 43,990 skilled visas next financial year. For each of the professions on the list, the number of positions available is capped at 6 per cent of the occupation’s workforce. After the agency agreed to *reduce the cap for accountants to 4.5 per cent, the Assistant Minister for Immigration, Michaelia Cash, said the government had decided to reduce the cap further to 3 per cent. Senator Cash said the new *occupational ceiling would limit the number of accountancy places to about 5000 next financial year. “Lowering this ceiling will not only ensure that the allocation of the program remains appropriate to Australia’s ... needs, but will safeguard other in-demand occupations ... from being crowded out from excessive *accountant applications,’’ she said. The government has backed the agency’s recommendation to keep dentists on the list and maintain the cap at 6 per cent, meaning up to 942 foreign dentists will be able to obtain permanent visas next financial year. About 15,700 dental practitioners are employed in Australia, with non-citizens making up 15.2 per cent compared with an 11 per cent average across all professional occupations. According to the agency, there has been a 41 per cent growth in dental employment over the past five years, with employment growth expected to rise 20 per cent over the next five years. But the number of graduates employed full-time has fallen 20 per cent over the past years, including a 6.1 per cent fall between 2012-13. => If you are an Accountant and want to migrate to Australia, I suggest you secure an expedited skills assessment, and ensure you are claiming all the points you reasonably can if you are not going for a State sponsored skilled visa. Best regards.
  4. Hi, was wondering if anyone on the Gold Coast could recommend a good dentist to me. I've just chipped either a filling or part of my tooth away, and have to get it seen to. I went to a dentist when we got here, but he had worked in the NHS and seemed to hate the UK and everyone from there, very patronising, AND expensive. Runaway Bay is the nearest suburb to me, but if anyone knows of a good one I'll travel:notworthy:. Cheers, Jo x
  5. stockersmc

    ADC Certification

    Hi all. My partner and i are looking to migrate to oz, fingers crossed everything will go to plan. I am currently pulling together all documents for the ADC certification to get signed by a notary, i have all of the relevant documents but my only confusion is the 'employment history' section, do any UK dentists (or people in the know) know what tax documents need to be supplied? the guidance note states "Certified copy of apporopriate evidence of self employment eg tax documents". Thanks a bunch :wacko:
  6. Guest

    Dentist in Perth

    I'm looking for recommendations for a dentist NOR, preferably somewhere near Wanneroo/Darch. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. rustie

    Recommend a dentist in Bondi?

    Hi, My tooth has cracked, and I'll probably need a crown to fix it. Can anyone recommend a dentist in Bondi, please? Thanks! R
  8. Hi, I am a British Dentist looking to emigrate to Australia, probably Melbourne, with my family. I was wondering if there were any dentists out there who could advise me on dentistry in Australia. I have already registered with the Australian Dental Council so that is one thing out of the way. I currently work in a part NHS/Part Private practice in England. Are there many fundamental differences between dentistry in the UK and dentistry in Australia? What is the average percentage that an associate would be paid? Would anybody recommend any particular agencies to go through/ to avoid when looking for a job? Basically any advice would be appreciated!! Cheers in advance
  9. Hi, My wife and I are considering applying for a 457 visa. To hopefully head off to Australia this August/Sept. My wife is a dentist. We are currently in the UK. I know a lot of these questions have already been asked but this is regarding to a specific sponsorship from DJS (dentist job search). I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with some questions. 1) Does anyone have experience with DJS, if so what was your experience like? 2) We are considering Adelaide, is this a good area for work? What is the cost of living like? Any other opinions on Adelaide? 3) Are we eligible for the 'living away from home allowance' (LAFHA) 4)My wife is a dentist so we understand that she needs a full medical etc. I am not medical considering admin/bar work as a dependant on her visa, any idea what I need to get? 5) How much does the visa etc all cost, do we need a certain amount of cash in our account before we go (like the holiday working visa) and how much will we need between us or each? Much thanks :biggrin:
  10. Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Brisbane please? Preferably with years of experience in more complicated work.
  11. Hi everyone, I just wondered if anyone could recommend any good/affordable dentists around the Varsity Lakes area & surrounding suburbs (Robina/Burleigh/Miami/Broadbeach/Surfers etc). We are bracing ourselves for the cost of getting dental treatment here! Our medical insurance doesn't include dental treatment (new to Oz so actually not sure if you can get dental care on health insurance or you need to get a separate dental plan but I guess thats another question!) Thanks Mark
  12. Can anyone recommend a good dentist in Melbourne CBD, Richmond, South Yarra or Prahran area? Not that keen on full-on, hard-sell cosmetic treatment dentists - I'm looking for very good, painfree dentistry, pleasant dentist, reasonably priced, trustworthy. Cheers.:elvis:
  13. Hi, Is $223 expensive for a dentist checkup & clean in Sydney suburbs? Seems so to me but not had to see one until now so don't know what it should cost. Thanks
  14. Dear all, first of all thank you for taking time to read my post! I am a german dentist that wants to work in Australia. My husband has an job opportunity that gives us a family working visa- so far so good. Does anybody have experience with the ADC exam? How tricky is it? Is there any way to circum navigate this topic??? Is it true, that if I sign up for a postgraduate degree my undergraduate degree will be approved? I am really lost and all the forum threads I find about that issue stop at 2007. Why- is there no need of dentists anymore? Are there any agents that can do the paperwork instead of me? Like translations, etc? Thank you so much for your help! Best Regards Claudia
  15. Harpersgirl

    Dentist SOR?

    The time has come. I can skirt the issue no longer. I must see a dentist... :wacko::twitcy::wideeyed: We're in Winthrop so can anyone recommend a dentist somewhere SOR? Nice, gentle, kind, understanding and reasonable if possible!!!
  16. Guest

    Noble Dentist Cover

    Just wondered if anyone had heard or joined Noble Dental Cover - on-line service - offering discounts for dental - single or family membership instead of private health cover - was going to join as we decided not to take private health insurance out but have since heard some bad reviews - thought would ask 'real' people out there! Also if anyone has any recommendations for a dentist around Welly Point please. Thanks, Claire
  17. Guest


    Hi all. I have a flight booked to brisbane on the 13th of november! I have been to dentist today and i need a operation to remove a tooth/cist. I am wondering if i am covered by the nhs in oz or if dental costs will be out the window. Any help would be much appreciated. Luke
  18. Hi, Me and my wife are planing to head to Oz next year on a 457visa. My wife is a dentist and have been working for the last 3 years in the UK. She is currently grossing £92k. I have checked:- http://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Dentist/Salary but this does not reflect how much they earn. I know it can be varies between different states. But any reply will be appreciated. Also she have been in touch with a dental agency which charge 16% and with the higher cost of living in Oz, will we be better off?!? Cheers :wink:
  19. Guest


    Hi can anyone recomend a reasonable priced, gentle dentist in Townsville! Ta Momma
  20. Im looking to find a good dentist in the canning vale area needing to get a tooth out!! Can anyone recommend 1 that they have been too!!!
  21. gaz n family


    What did you do when you arrived in terms of a dentist? We have asked the dentist for our recprds, they have said it is not nessacary as they will want to start from scratch. How did others cross this bridge?
  22. andromeda9

    Dentist in oz

    Hello to you all, not been on here in a while, warning to potential people wanting to come to oz permanently, make sure you have your teeth the best you can before leaving the UK, just had one crown fitted cost of $1600 didnt really need doing, was the dentist that suggested it just converted the cost to 1,060 British pounds maybe I have lost track of UK cost, wouldnt mind as much if it was a tooth was seen,will make sure I ask the cost next time, good luck to you all hoping to move here, we have no regrets at all (apart from dentist fees) ha x
  23. Guest

    Dentist in Manly/Wynnum area?

    Hi Can anybody recommend a dentist which they have used in the Manly/Wynnum area? We have no private healthcare, and it's just a check up for me,hubby and 2 year old, so Id like to be recommended one from experience before I just pick a random dentist :wideeyed: Thanks in advance! Rachy
  24. Guest

    Regional skilled move

    My husband and I are both dentists looking to take advantage of the new increased age limits this July with a move to Oz. Need to move to a regional area with state sponsorship to secure the points we need but keen to live on coast. Bringing our daughter with us and she will need a place at a regional uni (looking to read criminology). Loved WA but some people have told us better to head to east coast. Love the sun so considering Sunshine Coast but not keen on mozzies! Thought of Geelong in Victoria but worried that weather may be disappointing. Totally baffled by our choices and would appreciate any advice or comments. Working with an agent, Skills Assessment submitted to ADC, IELTS booked for early March but need to apply for state sponsorship next..............help!:yes:
  25. chapmans

    Dentist / Orthodontist

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has got any experience they can share regards dental treatments and Orthodontists? Our son needs a brace and was wondering what the cost for orthodontic treatment is here? We are in Melbourne so any recommendations would be gratefully appreciated as would any ones that should be avoided at all costs! Thanks in advance Vanessa :smile: