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Found 297 results

  1. Hello everyone! I thought of starting a discussion with people who migrated from Dubai to Adelaide in the past few years! People who have already applied for their skilled visas and are waiting to migrate are also welcome to join The idea is to connect with folks on topics like: 1) How do you find Adelaide vs Dubai? 2) Looking back did the move work out for you? 3) What are the things about Dubai you still miss dearly? 4) How did you manage landing your first job? 5) Any advice for people who will be migrating soon? I applied for my SA 489 visa along with my wife and baby in Jan 2019 and I’m currently waiting for my grant. Part of us is excited but another part of us is also anxious! Our reason for the move is to hopefully provide a better environment for our baby growing up and of course get PR at some point. We do live comfortably in Dubai but it is starting to get expensive (especially raising a child) and our careers are stagnating. This is what prompted us to consider migration Your contributions will be invaluable to us and I thank you all in advance!! Cheers!
  2. Hi Everyone – Me and the family have literally just got off the plane from Oz ( two hours ago !! ) having done a reccy on where we might want to live. We had an amazing time looking around ( even though it honked it down for much of the time !! )Much of our focus was on the areas around Maroochydore but we also took in Redcliffe because of its proximity to Brisbane. We really liked Scarborough / Newport very much. The lush grassy areas and cycle ways that flank the whole peninsula overlooking the calm waters look absolutely fantastic. We can just imagine taking the dogs for a walk in the parks or riding around on the cycle paths etc. I know the houses are pricey compared to some areas but we are OK in that department. My questions really revolve around the community itself. Is it a friendly and safe place to live ? Are there a few places to go out on the night ; nothing too racey but any restaurants / bars - Does the area have the equivalent of the Surf Clubs found on the Surf beaches ? Is there much for kids to do ? Mine are two girls 10,8 and my boy is 5. Also, as they grow up ; is there stuff to do for teenagers ? Finally, my kids are Catholic and the Catholic schools ( Southern Cross Primary & College ) look nice enough but does anybody have any kids there or know anything about these schools to give us a ‘heads-up’ ? We hope the PIO community can help us out here and especially if anyone has lived or is living in the area Thanks a lot Iain
  3. HI, Just want to get your point of view... My profession is an Engineer for Oil and Gas Engineering Company. Currently, I have a permanent job in one of the Oil and Gas Company here in The Netherlands. I am also a permanent residence (SI 189) of Australia. I need your honest opinion if I where in your place, Do I give up my permanent job to start my life in Australia and I will stay here for good? or I will try my luck and "hope" to find a suitable job in Australia. Every time I am thinking that I will give-up my permanent residency, there is always been a part of my mind that regretting that thoughts. Thanks!
  4. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    Hi, I'm looking to hear people's experiences of living outside the major cities. I have previously been sent as a nurse to a tiny NSW town called Molong for 6 weeks and loved it and had such a sense of community Can you tell me about life in the small town you live (in any state)? whats the job market like? what is your house like? what do you do for fun? How accessible is it to the next major city? Were emigrating back next year and i cant face living in a big bustling city again - we now have 2 dogs too which makes it impracticable - thanks
  5. Hi guys, we are thinking (for the second time) about a move to Perth but are worried about the cost of living and potential salary when bringing up a small family (kiddies are costly at the best of times At present, my hubby and I own a flooring a furniture shop in Norfolk. He has 14 years flooring experience (fitting and retail) and I have a degree in Graphic Design and a small amount of flooring knowledge. We have two children (3 and 2 years). Does anyone know the type of salary hubby could be looking at for fitting in the Joondalup or Mandurah areas. He fits carpet and vinyl and is soon to start a course in safety flooring. In comparison, Mandurah appears cheaper to rent etc - does that mean salaries and general cost of living are less too? Any answers will be grateful! This is our second time round of looking into Oz - the first time we got as far as reserving flights for a reccy trip - then discovered we were having our second baby! So, here we go again!
  6. Hi, I am considering a change of career when i emigrate to Oz, hopefully by the end of this year. I am a hard working 43 year old male who has worked in IT for a number of years but has always had an interest in most aspects of DIY. Is there anyone else out there who has gone out to Ox and retrained completely, if so how did you find it? I was thinking of a trade like carpenter or electrician, a lot of retraining I know but I'm sure anything is possible thanks graham
  7. Hi, Two reasons to post really: 1) I saw an advert on the C4 website a few days ago about a revisit to the families featured on the program a couple of year ago. The idea is to see how they are getting on and if they've moved back to the UK or not! Meant to start in July. Could be very helpful. 2) Does anyone know how to get hold of copies of the original series/s as I've tried quite a few places; News Groups, 4-On-Demand, DVD Stores etc.. ?? Cheers. Doug
  8. Hi I'm 15 years old and doing GCSE's in Maths,English,Chemistry,Biology,Physics,History,Geography,Photography,RE and Food Technology at my school. I'm quite academic at school and hope to go to university. My Family are very keen on leaving the uk and moving to Adelaide . I could be out there in weeks or months as people in Australia really want my stepdad to work for them and are keen to get him as soon as possible although I have the option to stay . My ambitions in life are to go and live in America but to do that I need good qualifications (dont know what career I want to take yet so have left it quite open).My questions are ....What's the education like there.is it good ? Is it better to stay in the uk? Are kids in Australia nice around my age? Would I suffer from the move as I have already done a quarter of my exams ? Thanks
  9. hi all, I have 2 questions that i'm struggling to find answers too... LIFE INSURANCE 1 - I want to take out life insurance for my family and I - I've been living in Oz for the past 7 months and i'm on a 457 sponsored visa. no-one will insure me from the UK that I can find as I dont have a UK address in my name. are there any companies out there who will provide this service? PAYING TAX IN OZ 2 - my company is a UK based company who are sponsoring me. they pay me in £GBP each month and I play the exchange rate game of transferring my money over to Oz. I'm paying Tax in the UK as normal but not paying anything in OZ. should I be paying or is it fine to be paying in the UK? any advice would be greatly appreciated! Andy
  10. Hi all... Just thought I'd start a thread to clarify to those who aren't sure about Oz what it's like to live there... Anyone who has made the move, feel free to outline your opinions of the land of plenty and why it is such a great place to move to... It will certainly help persuade my family and I'm sure many others... Dan x
  11. Ok. So firstly hello to everyone. I have lots of questions, the first being do you think Australia offers a better way of life than the U.K? If yes, please give details on areas which you think are best. We are a young couple, both 21 and are seriously considering migration to Oz within the next 5 years maximum (i.e once both qualified, my boyfriend, an Accountant and me, a Chemistry teacher). How hard would it be for us to get visas, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being absolutely no way and 10 being we already have it in the bag) :cute: Also if we are able to get in, what would be the average salaries for us both and what kind of house could we afford to live in on those salaries, as I've heard that living Australia is very expensive. One last thing is what accounting qualifications are accepted ( e.g AAT, CIMA, ACA or would it have to be an accounting degree) and would I be able to teach Chemistry or Science in a Secondary school with a BSc in Chemistry/Chemical Sciences and a PGCE in Chemistry or would I need a different type of teaching qualification? Any help or advice would help greatly. Thanks Jess
  12. whoiam

    Today is a new day...

    Today is a new beginning, a new day, a new life. Though the burdens of the yesters are oft cosier to embrace Lets shed them at dawns door and embrace the new lite.
  13. Hi guys Hope someone could offer some advise My family moved down under to gold coast in feb we moved into holiday appartment had neighbours / body Corp from hell (blamed us for parties were young family in bed by 8pm!) Moved to rental - thought did good research about area etc yet shock horror neighbours from hell take 2 (parking on our drive noisy parties shouting drunk people bottles on floor etc) Hubby has spoken to them twice they don't care have zero respect for anyone, have called police few times they never come out just say they will and don't show On top of that the house has many issuses told agent they told owner who turned up on doorstep said fix it ourself!! They refuse to sort problems called Rta who said could issues them with form to get sorted but with neighbours can't wait to move only 2 months left don't want to give them reason to deduct from bond Hubby was lucky enough to find work but people he worked with were idiots to be polite found new job they promised the earth but changed pay / hours than promised (can't prove it as was conversation when contract came through questioned it was told that's what was agreed ) We had ozzy friends here who seen us alot when we arrived yet it seems the novelty has worn off as don't contact us for weeks now everytime we invite them out they say will get back to us - hubby said we must of offended them asked them but they said just really busy The locals are not the friendly Ozzies but rude and ignorant. Customer service does not exsist here (I brought pram from toys r us broke month later took it back with receipt was told it was my fault as hadn't looked after it - still looked brand new- asked for manager he was Brit! Confirmed there was nothing he could do asked about my rights he laughed said I had none not in uk now!! Another example brought expensive DVD player from jb hi fi wasn't working called them up bloke said can't pre programe it as it's a machine how can you expect it to know what to do, said that's what I paid for he said well your in oz now surely you know technology isn't as good here??!! We have been to oz before we moved here did alot travelling to research areas Chose GC initially to be close to 'friends' We are not home sick at all don't want to return to uk can anyone suggest area that is suited for young family, these are the main issues with GC could you let me know if we unlucky with area or this is what oz really is - Driving really bad here drive like idiots so fast and bumper to bumper - no customer service - not friendly at all - alot of 'crime/robberies' dont feel safe out on my own - schools have bad rep - no good food places at all I want a nice place to raise my family but have no idea now we have looked up north but places we went to the first thing you see is the local hoons I know all places have these but after experience we had so far don't want to do big move to end up in same position Thanks in advance
  14. can anyone help and advise me please, we are due to come over to Brisbane in May and were going to the sunshine coast which is her my brother lives, but hubbies job is south brissie so we are now looking at the Gold Coast as an option BUT what i need to know is if he were on the min wage $42000 would we be able to afford to have a decent life we have 2 children and i will be getting part time work of some kind. Its just i am getting so many different storys i just ned to know what to expect before we sell lock stock and barrell move the family to the other side of the world we dont want to not be able to afford to have a good quality of life, in other words if e are going to struggle we may as well stay here and do it.pleas will someon give me some straight and honest answers.........
  15. Hi, We inspected the Panorama estate in Glenfield, Sydney and liked it. We are a small young family of My husband, 2 year old son and myself. Does anyone know how is life in Panorama, Glenfield.. We had heard Glenfield is one of the suburbs to be avoided, but, after visiting Panorama estate, we kind of liked. The budget suits us well.. We have a fixed budget of 450,000$. These are the points which mainly attracted us: 1. Within our budget. Its a semi detached 3 bed/2 bath/2 garage house. 2. Close to train station 3. Only 50 mins travel by train to City for work. 4. Look and feel of the whole estate. 5. Heard there is a good catholic school in Prestons, or nearby. Please let us know what you think about it. //Shilpa
  16. Guest

    Life in Northern Beaches

    HI All I have just received confirmation of a job offer and sponsorship for a company in Cromer / Manly We are now planning to do a full recce late July / early august to get a good feel of the place and the suburbs Is there anybody out there who could give us some feedback on good areas to live in - and to visit while we are out there We are aware of the expense and do not mind the travel upto 30 mins to get to work if needed Anybody who may want to meet up and swap stories would be great as well , we have 4 kids (2 boys / 2 girls) 13 / 12 / 9 and 8 Many thanks for any information KamlaK
  17. In this and age there are so many travesties, much unfairness, hypocritical companies/countries that how do you go about living a life that in some way stands side by side with your morality/code of ethics in everyday life. I would imagine it is nigh on impossible to live a 'completely' ethical life. For instance, China, it's human rights record is very dubious, so when you want a new TV/Cooker and the like do you not by Chinese? If you are an adamant anti Daily Mailer/Sun and you see an advert on TV that the paper is doing special holidays to the Med for a tenner do you buy the paper or stick to your guns? I have many things that I rage against, but still find it impossible to live a life where my morality can be sustained 'without' going against something I hold dear. Probably the best example and the simplest without getting all high falooting is that I can't stick British Airways (long story and I appreciate other views differ) BUT if I saw them advertise a flight for HALF the going price I would be sorely tempted to purchase one to get to Australia,:mad::embarrassed:. The same could be said for just about EVERYTHING in our lives I guess, consumer goods are made all over the world, and to live a purely ethical life I imagine is impossible to achieve. So are you like me or couldn't give a flying fig. Do you try your best to live by a certain code and find yourself often falling short or is it a fact of the modern world that to try to hold to certain standards is to whistle in the wind and bugger it, just go for it? Cheers Tony.
  18. I am 22 years old and my boyfriend is 23, we are currently living in the East of Melbourne. We are in Australia on a working holiday visa and are both working full time at the moment. We are both graduates from the UK and love to travel, we have both explored a vast amount of South East Asia and quite alot of Ausralia. We both love to socialise however due to the nature of our jobs we are finding it hard to meet people to hang out with, (drinks, dinner, cinema). So..... if anyone is out there in a similar situation please get in touch!:biggrin:
  19. Guest

    'Second Life'

    Just been watching a doco on 'Second Life'.:shocked: It is a website where you can 'Virtually' reinvent yourself and become a whole new you. EVERY aspect of your 'life' can be changed, clothes, name, sexual habits, more habits, seriously, you can change EVERYTHING about you and your life, a WHOLE new persona. Very interesting it was, though a little worrying at times. Some took it to such an extent that they would be in front of their computer 20 odd hours a day, flirting, changing, marrying fellow 'Second Lifers' all kinds of stuff, and in some extreme cases the participants virtually ignore the 'real' family and played out their 'cyber' lives in each and every detail. I guess it could be viewed as harmless fun, but when such lengths are gone to such as the ones I have explained it does become a bit shocking. Is it a sign of the times, where people are unhappy and 'live' their lives through virtual reality. I guess to an extent some of us can live our lives a little in 'pretend' our own thoughts are as private as anything, but more often than not these thoughts are just harmless escapism, and fair play. But the doco outlined a few cases where peoples lives were drastically changed and not for the better. So is it harmless fun or a dangerous aspect of our busy, hectic and sometimes unhappy lives? Hopefully the pics above will give you an idea of what I mean. I know it all looks a bit 'cartooney' but from the doco it is very realistic, if you know what I mean. PS. I daren't go 'into' it, I have enough problems already separating fact from fiction.:goofy::biglaugh: Cheers Tony.:chatterbox:
  20. mtlboi

    life and craziness

    Wow... life is crazy sometimes...:wacko: So, it took 4 days to be allocated a case officer and for a medical to be requested. Fingers crossed, things will continue to move ahead quickly. I have to let you know that I am TERRIFIED of anything "Doctor" related. I really don't know how I'm going to get through this part of the visa process. I keep thinking of all the things they could possibly find wrong.... Totally hypochondriac, but nonetheless. I've read a gazillion posts about the medicals are really nothing to be bothered about, and yet I feel an immense anxiety and the slight thought of even having my blood pressure taken. I guess I really don't have a choice but to bite the bullet and just get on with it. I'm going to have to go to Edinburgh and since I live in Oban, it looks like I have an excuse to spend a couple of days in the city.... LOL... I say life is crazy because 6 months ago, my partner and I were in Canada and moving to the UK because he found a job here. Within these few months, he was treated like dirt by his employer and found a job that pays twice as much in Australia. So, I remain here in Oban trying to sort out all this visa nonsense... You never know in life where you're going to end up.... Well, that's my little entry over with... hope everyone is just great!!... by the way my CO is SV... Any feedback? 309/100 application received 22/11/11, payment taken 22/11/11, CO Assigned 25/11/11 and meds requested....
  21. Hi there, I guess I wanted to write a post as we have only just started to put things in motion for our move back to the UK and we are both very excited and nervous at the same time! The house goes up for sale next week and fingers crossed we can sell up as we need the money for the move back home. I have read posts on here about Christmas and I cant wait till we are back with family again and experiencing a "real" Christmas, my main concerns though are the economy and job prospects. We are going to try and secure jobs before we go but I think others have made the move anyway and things have worked out. Sydney has become too expensive for us as a young family and commuting times are just ridiculous, I so hope we are doing the right thing but I guess if you go with your heart and gut instinct you cant go wrong (I hope not anyway!).
  22. We were discussing this at work and someone made a comment about how strong I was after what I have been through recently and I said it's just life throwing me a curve ball and that I would not know how to deal with things any other way! So, are you the type of person that when life throws you a curve ball that you put your head in the sand and hope it goes away or are you a what does'nt break you makes you stronger type person???:eek: Emma :hug:
  23. rockola57

    Knackered!It's a hard life .

    Buenos Noches Mi Amigos.Time for ZZZZZZZZZ!
  24. Hi all, I'm currently considering a FIFO in WA. Having never worked FIFO before I'd really appreciate it if some of you could share your experiences. The rota is 3 on 1 off. I'm a married guy, late 20s no kids. How do the wives cope? Do any of them live near to the mines? Thanks in advance. :biggrin: