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Found 22 results

  1. BRISBANE is knee-deep in Pommies, who are spurning migration to the southern states in favour of a life in the Sunshine State's capital. A survey commissioned by British bank NatWest has found Australia has displaced New Zealand as the top destination choice for Brits abandoning the mother country. Brisbane has also overtaken Perth as Australia's most popular destination for migrants. One in ten Brisbane residents are British ex-pats | Courier Mail
  2. Hi, I have to fill in form 80 in conjunction with my 856 application. There are many stupid questions on the form, one being 'please give details of visits outside Australia in the last ten years' My passport is fairly new so no record there. I have been to a lot of places in that time and don't know any dates or exactly where i've been. Does anyone know how to find this information? Thanks Andy
  3. I'm trying to come up with a budget for a ten month stay in Oz, and thought I'd see if I'm way off the mark or not My girlfriend and I will be in Oz from January - probably in Melbourne for a couple of months, then Brisbane for another couple, Cairns area for four months and down the west coast for a couple before flying home. She is able to work on a working holiday visa, but I'm too old so we'll be relying on a combination of her wages and my savings. So... does three thousand dollars a month sounds reasonable to take with us? Add that to whatever money she makes and I figured it was about right. Could be completely off the mark though so wanted to check with folk who know a lot more about it than me!
  4. What is your current desktop picture ? If you could go forward in time or backwards in time - which would you choose? What name would you choose if you could name yourself? If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? If you had one way to help others, how would you? If you could be given any special gift/talent what would you choose? What words do you like the sound of or the way they are spelled? What animal do you wish you could turn into for a day? What is your favorite song? What makes it special to you? If you could have a magical mirror that allowed you to see all of your wonderful attributes and helped you see your struggles as something to work on - how would you react?
  5. Just thought i'd mention it,top drawer docu last nite on the royal anglian regmnt in afghan,troops wore cameras for the footage for this docu,a "bit" like being there but obviously without the danger! Young kids on their first tour,chaos in combat,tragedy with the death of a young squaddie and his familys reaction,and the squaddies honest opinion on the wars they've been involved in,one of the officers said pretty much the same as i'd been thinking,he said "in Iraq i thought we were part of the problem,HERE(Afghan)i think were doing some good",i dont for one minute think "the allies" are in Afghan for the sake of the Afghan people,BUT if a side effect of them being there is that women and kids are now getting educated/have more freedom etc then thats a good thing to me,easy for me to say i know,ive no family/kids over there in the services,but the lads on the ground over there all seemed to be convinced they were doing a worthwhile job and took a pride in it,anyway....besides your views on the rights and wrongs of us being there its well worth a watch,think next weeks is 9PM tues on BBC3,or Iplayer should have repeats of last nite
  6. found out my 457 had been granted this morning and there are no 101 things buzzing round my head as i only have 5 or so weeks to get everything sorted... I've not really been terribly proactive (didn't want to jinx anything) in the lead up to this moment (although i have done my research) but wondered what the most important things i should be concentrating on.... 1. flights 2. accommodation 3. leaving party 4. removals/shipping 5. new job 6. bank/finances 7. passport (visa stamp) etc etc - in no real order but what do you think.... I'm bound to forget something!!
  7. Guest

    Ten Pound Tourists

    On reading the forum I can see how easy you lot of new arrivals have it these days. When I arrived as a five year old in 1954 we did it tough let me tell you! :laugh: Seriously, most of what I remember was good fun, we were on a passenger ship for four weeks and I have fond memories of the trips ashore in Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Bombay (now Mumbai), India. When we got to Perth one of the stewards came down with smallpox, so the ship was diverted from its planned route to Melbourne and we landed in Adelaide where the main Quarantine Station was. It was on a place called Torren's Island, but my two year old sister and my self had chickenpox, so our family had to be quarantined from all the other passengers. When we finally got to the city we were dumped in a migrant hostel at Finsbury, now Pennington, which wasn’t fun at all. My father got a job quickly, he was a qualified wood machinist, a trade much in demand, but there was an acute housing shortage. He got a new job in the south east of the state at Mount Burr which came with a brand new timber built house. I started school there and soon settled in. Migrant kids were almost in the majority, we had Poms, Dutch, Italians, Greeks, various Balts, Yugoslavs, even a couple of unlucky Germans. But we all eventually got on. There was no TV, only the radio, and we played in the pine forests and scrub land. On weekends we went fishing and hunting with our fathers. Gathering firewood for our wood fires was also a regular activity. My father was a returned RAF airman and joined the RSL and we had an active social life. He bought a car, a Morris 1000 van, and we went camping around the country during the holidays. I just hope that the children of all you new arrivals have as great a time as I did as a new kid in Australia!
  8. Cerberus1

    Ten Pound Poms TV Ads

    ImmiTV (DIAC's Youtube channel) have posted the original £10 pom tv commercials online. [YOUTUBE]TA_0B2yXMDU[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]JoY29Y6Y_lQ[/YOUTUBE]
  9. Guest

    Ten Pound Poms

    I'm writing this due to a conservation I had recently with another member of PIO, and they raised a very valid point in my opinion. Firstly this is NOT a thread that is meant to start yet another argument, I hope it is taken in the way that it is meant. I used to work with a fella by the name of Kevin, we worked together in Hyde Park, Perth, a great time in my life and one that I really enjoyed, I have digressed again, sorry. Anyway it turned out that Kev's parents were one of the original ten pound pom influx. He would often make me laugh, and at times the stories he told me about the sacrifices his parents made me really think about what had gone before. I and I guess some of us forget what it must have been like back in those days. (Created as part of the "Populate or Perish" policy, the scheme was designed to substantially increase the population of Australia and to supply workers for the country's booming industries. In return for subsidising the cost of travelling to Australia adult migrants were charged only ten pound sterling for the fare (hence the name), and children were allowed to travel for free, the Government promised employment prospects, housing and a generally more optimistic lifestyle. However, on arrival, migrants were placed in basic hostels and the expected job opportunities were not always readily available) The above was nicked this from Wikipedia as it explains much more about the actual policy than I can, sorry for that. Anyway, what I am trying to say is this. From my conversations with Kev, and having read nearly every book about Australia and the ten pound poms I have come to realise that maybe, just maybe we do not in this present day realise how bloody lucky we are to have been given the opportunity to live and work in Australia. I know we can all have a moan and a bitch about Australia, I will be the first to admit that I occasionally find something to moan about, but in the main I appreciate what Australia and the Aussies have given me. Lets face it, we are 'generally' far better of monetary wise when we emigrate. The job opportunities are far greater, (well at least greater than back in the ten pound pom days). We are far better equipped to deal with the transition, both emotionally and financially. And in no small measure we should remain thankful to the 'original' ten pound poms for the trail they blazed. I realise that we can all find the whole process rather daunting and worrying, but compare your own situation the 'tenners'. Very often they were promised far better jobs, housing, health care, etc. But in reality they often found themselves in a country that was not what they had expected and for 'some' it became a living nightmare. No blame is being put here, none, but I think we can lose sight at times of how good Australia has been to us and how far we have all come in a several decades. We have every right to say that some things in Australia may not be to our liking, BUT. I think at times we forget that the Australian authorities 'DID NOT' have to let us in. If we go with preconceived ideas then that is not the Aussies fault. To a degree the ten pound poms were given unrealistic expectations of their future lives, BUT. They endured far greater hardship upon their first arrival and most of them got their head down and made a life for themselves. The grit and determination this must have taken at times is I expect beyond our imagination. Migrants owe an awful lot to Australia and the Australians, but more importantly we owe a great deal to the original ten pound poms. Fair play to them, after hearing and reading a lot of their stories I admire them greatly, and realise the next time I want to have a 'whinge' or moan I should take a step back and be thankful that Australia is now the country it is now and has given us opportunities that our ancestors could only dream about. Cheers Tony:wink:
  10. rach28

    £10 flights to oz

    Dont know if anyone has heard this, but there is going to be a limited number of £10 flights to oz. Heres the link with the news paper report. STA Travel releasing limited number of £10 flights to Oz | Travel | guardian.co.uk Rachael
  11. Hi All There was some interest at the Perth Girls' night out at Chutneys for there to be a night out ten pin bowling in Rockingham, Western Australia. Just thought I would gauge definite interest and get some days of the week and which month people would like to go bowling. So let me know if you are interested once you have checked out the info on the website AMF Bowling Rockingham, Western Australia They do a number of packages from $35pp for the one below to a $55 one or even a $75pp one. Any extra drinks are able to be bought individually :biggrin: 2 games of bowling and shoe hire • Classic hot dog • Crispy calamari rings • Mini spring rolls • Fresh vegetable bites and dips • Tempura fish bites • Seasoned potato wedges • Beverage (your choice of a bottle of beer, glass of wine or soft drink) I'll inquire with the company in Rocky to see if there are any minimum numbers etc. Look forward to hearing from you re when and on what night you'd like to have this event held on. Anyone travelling a fair distance from outside the area - I do have a spare room with a nice queen sized bed (as long as you do not mind dogs as we have 4 of them) but they have their own beds in our room. The spare room is a dog free zone :biggrin: Cheers Julia
  12. Guest

    Ten Pound Poms needed!!!

    Hi I am in my final of Uni in the UK and have chosen to do my final dissertation on Ten Pound Poms. Several members of my family emmigrated under this scheme and I would really love to hear other peoples' experiences. Please let me know if you would be interested at all! Thank you very much!! Hannah
  13. For those in Manudurah, I have just been sent this.. MUSICAL MEMOIRS OF A TEN POUND POM An Australian Story Starring Hilary Henshaw Friday 5th June at 8pm A funny, nostalgic musical journey that began in 1964 when twelve year old Hilary Henshaw set sail on the “SS Canberra” bound for a brand new life in Australia. A captivating story with sensational music – this show is for everyone, from every place, who can relate to facing changes, choices and challenges... And life in the swinging sixties! Hilary invites you to re-live this exciting era for all Australians when more than a million immigrants set sail for this wonderful land of opportunity. “Beyond my expectations. The diary entries made the show even more interesting and different. Audience response was extremely positive. A charming show exploring themes of migration, growing up and an innocent life. Highly recommended” Mark Fawcett – Arts and Cultural Team Leader, Whitehorse Centre Tickets – Adults $30 – Concs $28 – FOMPAC $25 Tickets available at the Box Office or by calling 9550 3900. Or on line at Box Office: 9550 3900 for the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre - Whats on in Mandurah ~ Boardwalk Theatre ~ Fishtrap Theatre ~ Serpentine Room ~ Murray Room ~ Plays ~ Production ~ Local Theatre Group ~ Friends Of The Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
  14. Guest

    ten pound poms

    :jiggy:I have just ordered a book called the "ten pound poms" about migration to australia in the 60's, just want to read about their experiences?? Do you think they should do the £100.00 pom today? If they did, would their be anyone left in Britain? Any ten pound poms on here?? Tell us all? Your thoughts please??
  15. Guest

    Ten Pound Poms

    Hi Folks, im researching a TV show for Channel 4 in the UK and im looking to talk to any peoiple who emigrated to Australia on the 'Ten Pound Pom' assisted passage scheme. If you sailed into Melbourne and stayed in the area i'd love to hear from you. ross.sinclair@hotmail.com Many Thanks
  16. The Duds

    TRA Ten days ?

    I know this may sound trivial but we have alot riding on a successfull TRA. My trade is on the MODL list so we have been told by our agent that we will know in ten days the result. Is that ten working days or ten calender days ? Hope its the later as the wait is going to last forever. Fingers, toes. arms, legs & anything else crossed, if I fail the only option left is a sponsoured job.
  17. Guest

    Ten Days to go

    Hi'Ya Well we are now into our 10 day countdown,befor we fly out to Melbourne and still so much to do,our dogs fly out the day befor we do and we are still waiting for confirmed test results for them,to come back from the labs:arghh:. Anyway we did a car boot sale at the weekend and sold a fair bit of stuff,we also took photo's of the white goods and furniture that we needed to sell and placed then on a big notice board so that people could see them,we sold all 2/3 of our bedroom furniture and sold all three white goods items ( weasher,dryer,dishwasher),people took flyers and phone no: and we did the bizz:smile:. Our Boxes are awaiting loading at the docks ( we packed ourselfs) we used a self packing company (saved £0000's)who provide you with all the boxes,paper,tape etc,and then they come and collect it when you are done,do the inport paper work and send it on it's way right up to your new address if you so wish. Well thats about it for now,hope to meet up with ex-pats in and around Melbourne soon as we have settled in and got on internet when there. PS We are going on a 121 sponser visa and did all our own paper work,forms etc,no agents. It is hard but worth while doing it,it only taken us from posting our form off to getting the YES answer back 8 months,includes all stages (TRA,sponser forms,police checks.med forms) Thats just our case. Good luck to everyone and don't give up..:smile: ClanMackay
  18. wattswalkaboutgang

    Ten pound Pom program!

    Hi Everyone, Did anyone watch the program on BBC2 saturday night at 8.20pm about the Ten pound Poms? It was great and interesting to see how everyone got on! Watch it on BBC - BBC iPlayer - Home if you missed it.. Nice for me as my uncle who is still in Aus went as a Ten pound pom in the 70's, he now lives in NSW as would never come back to the UK to live.
  19. Guest

    Top Ten Places to Live

    BBC NEWS | Business | Vancouver is 'best place to live'
  20. Guest

    The ten pound Poms ABC TV

    On the 1st November at 8.30 pm (Sydney time) the ABC is showing a Documentary on some of the poms which came out on the Ten Pound trip ------------- It might be of some interest For those of you who are in the UK you may be able to watch it by going to the ABC tv site and seeing if you watch over the internet it after it been broadcast In the TV high lights it says 1 million made the trip 250,000 returned to the UK and 125000 of these returned to Australia
  21. Guest

    Gutsy 'Ten Pound Poms'...

    ...just been reading a bit about the history of the 'Ten Pound Poms', as i was one myself back in 1966. My Dad was a brickie and they were fed up with the weather here and always chasing work, so they applied and went in '66 with my two elder brothers and myself. I was only three at the time, so no memory of it, but i think they had a lot of courage to leave and go to Aus, only i think knowing my Dad's uncle. By all accounts they had a very tough start and i think my Mum would have come back the day they arrived! They stayed for 11 years, coming back when my Dad's Mum took ill. My childhood was there, so it has never really been out of my system, and now my own family are all permanent residents. My two elder brothers are out there and also my younger brother, who was born there..it's had a long lasting effect down the family line and i am so grateful to my parents for their great courage in showing us a fantastic part of the world, who i now in turn can show my family..:smile:
  22. THis came from my sister in Oz. Ten Thoughts to Ponder for 2006 Number 10 Life is sexually transmitted. Number 9 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Number 8 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. Number 7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. Number 6 Some people are like a Slinky... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. Number 5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. Number 4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism. Number 3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200.00 and a substantial tax cut saves you 30¢? Number 2 In the 60s, people took 'Acid' to make the world weird. Now the world is weird and people take 'Prozac' to make it normal. AND THE NUMBER 1 THOUGHT FOR 2006: We know exactly where one cow with Mad-cow-disease is located among the millions and millions of cows in Australia but we haven't got a clue as to where thousands of illegal immigrants and terrorists are located. Maybe we should put the Department of Agriculture in charge of immigration. Gill