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Found 34 results

  1. Its very early days for us, we have only been here three weeks of our three month reccie trip but Hubs and I have already been talking about the possibility of making the move a little more perm. His employer also wants to talk to him in the next couple of weeks re the possibility of migrating so you would think that we would be really pleased. However whilst we were chating about this possibility, Hubs told me that he would consider moving for a max of two years but that he would never see Australia as home and would want to return to the UK. So now im in two minds, do we make the move and just enjoy the two years here, hope that we both fall in love with the place and that we both end up wanting to stay. Or do we put a stop to things now and return to the UK and consider other options i.e. maybe moving somewhere different within the UK as we have already desided that we do want a change. I think the big stumbling block for my husband is that he is very close to his parents but they would NEVER fly to Oz to see us. I know some of you may say that they would once we are out here but this is a def no - they wont fly. Obviously i would miss them too, they are like parents to me but i also want to make the most of my life and trying this different way of life / experience i think would be a great thing. What would you do? Emma x
  2. I got SA State Sponsored 176 visa this year and arrived at Adelaide 2 months ago. However, I can not find a job related to my profession in Adelaide. But I got a job offer from another stage which is related to my profession closely. Can I move to another state before he 2 yrs is up? Do anybody have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? What can I do? Or must get the endorse (like green signal) from Immigration SA? Dos any negative affection on my citizenship application? And what the role does the state pay during citizenship application? Any successful case before? Hopeing for experienced answers.
  3. Hi, I have to fill in form 80 in conjunction with my 856 application. There are many stupid questions on the form, one being 'please give details of visits outside Australia in the last ten years' My passport is fairly new so no record there. I have been to a lot of places in that time and don't know any dates or exactly where i've been. Does anyone know how to find this information? Thanks Andy
  4. Paul and Louisa

    22 Yrs Experienced Carpenter asking for help

    Hi All I am just collecting my OH paperwork together to apply for a Assessment Skill Test now that he has decided that a carpenter fits him best. Tax assessments, P60's form when he became Ltd, accounts for the last 8 years, photos of work, refences from customers etc etc. This last bit I have found tricky as some you file in very safe places never to be seen again but i have to say the tax office on this occassion have been very helpful!!! My question is do I send all the documents in by post ie accounts which are origionals or does my OH take these to an assessment and hand them over along with a check list that the instructor could sign to receipt? Aalso if anyone has recently sat their assessment can they let us know what was required on the day as the links that I have found are pre July before it changed. Does he need to take tools and any idea how long it is taking for assessments to come through? Sorry to ask so many questions DIY is such a lot to take in and my husband is 45 in June 2012 so time is ticking but we are hopeful
  5. I read that in The Australian today - an Aussie company is a partner. They do not know yet if it is properly viable to extract it. And also in the news in OZ that HUGE mine in South OZ - Olympic Mine - cd be the largest open cut mine in the world.
  6. maybe going to Brisbane to see my parents in FEB 12 i'll be 21 at the time so what is there to do ??? I want something exciting and something to do I wouldn't of done in England? xx:wubclub:
  7. tonyman

    90 yrs old Grandma Robbed

    My Grandma was robbed this week in the uk by two bastards posing as workers , they knocked on the door and said , we are working next door and they said you are a lovely woman who wouldnt mind us turning your stop tap off .....my lovely Grandma welcomed the bastards in .....one took her to the back garden and the other bastard riffled the house , the tin of money , the lot .and it was only days later she realized the money had gone .....luckily she is ok ...im not as i would love 5 minutes with these creatures ,ive gotta keep my words down but if i had some time with this type of animal i would happily mutilate the beast and i would enjoy seeing them suffer ....:mad:
  8. Hi I'm a 44yr old with over 25yrs exp. Clean, fast, reliable and hard working. Preferably looking to join existing gang to learn the ropes or team up and and form new gang. Willing to travel anywhere in Brisbane area. Barry 0479157211
  9. rockola57

    You at 10 yrs old.Up to what?

    Just thinkin' there.What was i up to when i was a rough and tumble kid,around about 10!I reckon,as it was School Hols,i'd a been out with me mates,climbing trees,playing "King of the Castle"on the grass slope by us,exploring,fighting,collecting blackberriies and wondering about tasty young Helen,who sat alongside me in Class.What's your memories?:wink:
  10. Hi, my visa was granted yesterday :jiggy: and I am planning to move out soon. I am looking to see if anyone is looking to hire a fully qualified joiner/carpenter. I have extensive experience in all aspects of joinery work. Please feel free to ask if you need to know anything or you know of any positions. Thanks :notworthy:
  11. Hi Guys , I'm coming to Perth in Aug on a 457 sponsored visa.. my question is about PR I am responsible for all my PR costs if I decide to go down that route after two years. Anyone any idea of the costs/whats involved ..my company have already paid for 457 ? (I'm tied into 3 yr cost recovery contract if I leave) My position is permanent though ! Also I'm 47 now ...I'll be 49 in two years will this be an issue for PR ? My family wife and son (15) come under my 457 visa as dependents How are they in relation to PR ..thinking particularly of my son who will be 17 at that stage ..is he able to apply for PR independently ..(Thinking Uni Fees !!) Many thanks FT
  12. Woohoooo!!! I got my VISA... Thank you team6. The journey started on the 25th of June and after 2 long yrs got the approval on 23rd June. Thanks one and all for your suggestions and support in this forum. Good luck to those who are still waiting. Your number is next. Thanks :yes::cool::wink:
  13. Hi I am just over 2 yrs into a 3 yr student visa, for a doctorate in clinical psychology in Oz finish Feb 2012. How long for pr if I do NOT go the route of employer sponsorship? Any advice appreciated Cheers
  14. hi as title states i am a midwife with almost 2 years post reg experience. I am hoping to be in australia by the end of this year. we have applied for a 175 visa based on oh trade (boilermaker/plater). when we eventually get there i want to be able to work as a midwife, will be either nsw or perth area. i havent applied for the ielts yet. numerous posts that i have read state conflicting information. some say you dont need it if you trained/worked in uk. THEREFORE CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CLARIFY ONCE AND FOR ALL. do i need to get this booked and passed. or would it be better to wait until we get our visa, get over to australia and apply for it over there. my second question is when is best to apply to APHRA. now or when i get over to oz. i really dont know what to do for the best. please help before my head explodes. thanks nicola
  15. Hi All, We are in Adelaide on 176 visa. We came in March, and it's been 5 months but have not able to find a job till date. We are really worried now. Do anybody here have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? Waiting for suggestions. Regards
  16. Hi, I'm a 23 year old quantity surveyor, I have experience in refurb with my first firm and surfacing / minor Civils with 2nd. I'm up to HND construction with my qualifications but I think my work cv speaks alot better as I've had quite the opertunty for high value works and a quite a range of contracts for what you'd probably expect from someone at my age. I've got a visa so I'm just after what is the process to finding jobs over there while still being in the UK or any tips to how much current work is out there, will I be ok with my background and anything else you have to offer. Thanks
  17. thekevjones

    2 Yrs 8 Months Later

    That's how long it is since I joined this forum and started the long visa application process! Wait no more young man, your wish has been GRANTED today. Despite the drama over the years and cost of repeating our medicals of late, I thought judgement day would be an anti climax. How wrong can one be? Very wrong....:biggrin: It's here in B&W, the visa valid for 5 yrs so we're planning a holiday in 2011 with a view to looking seriously at property, jobs...etc and all that goes with the Aussie lifestyle. OMG - wipe that bloody smile of my face will you! You'll have a job mate. Best Wishes to all and hang on in there. Those still waiting. Your time will come. Also BIG thanks for all the advice and guidance that people have provided. Kevin & Family
  18. Hi we are selling our king size mattress and base it is 3 yrs old from snooze - have downsized and no room for it! It is a gelato base (almond colour) (sort of fawn colour - i can send you photo) and body system no 2 from snooze not sure if they still sell that model but you could check it out. Collection from buderim mattress has protector and is in good condition. Cost us $6,000 - offers? Pm me for more details. Cheers
  19. tonyman

    twins ,two yrs old tantrums

    we have two yr old twin boy as well as 3 girls .........the twins are forever screaming being nasty and the lot that goes with it , dont matter if it me or my wife that is around......the girls were great had no probs what so ever ....anyone else had probs and can give us some twin advise .........
  20. Guest

    Post 4 yrs on 457 visa

    Hi, I am currently on a 457 visa for the past 2 yrs. The max period for 457 visa is 4ys - with the new changes to immigrtation does anyone know what my options are after 4 years - does the completion of 4 years entitle me to PR?? I have looked into applying for PR now but the duration of my contract is not long enough for ENS PR Would love soem advice as DIAC website is not giving me enough info Cheers
  21. Hi, just about to migrate to Australia and we were wondering if you actually have to stay in Australia for the full 2 years without leaving the country? What if we have to come back for a family emergency (our parents are old) within the 2 years will we loose our right to a RRV/citizenship because we have left the country within the 2 yrs? We were granted the Visas nearly 3 yrs ago. Thanks
  22. I'm currently in my last year of sixth form and hoping to become a teacher, i was wondering for those out there, is it easy to adapt to an outdoor lifestyle after being a couch potatoe? Would you reccomend me going back to a sixth form college for social reasons as well as a taste of the education system? If anyone around my age has moved to the land down under can you email me on Nintend01@hotmail.co.uk
  23. Hi,Im wondering if anybody else out there is in same situation as myself. Im on a Subclass 820 Spouse Visa which i done through immigration agent.Has anybody went through the second part themselves as i would like for us to do it ourselves if not to much paperwork etc involved as i dont really want to pay out any more money? Im guessing it cant be anywhere near as much paperwork as the first part but maybe im wrong. Any information would be appreciated..
  24. Guest

    65 yrs

    Can some clever person please make my day by sending me a glittery birthday greeting. Thanks. Jackie
  25. Hi Does anyone know where i can open an bank account for my daughter, we initially will be putting a substantial amount in at first then a regular payment thereafter. Are there trust funds like the UK for kids? Cheers Graham