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  1. paul1977

    Should a UK General Election be triggered?

    Redding through post on here and the EU referemdon post what people are forgetting is that they can move freely to an EU member country and live under the EU again. Can't see a problem, if you don't like it leave .. Simples
  2. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    That's way way off.. The way people are talking the country cleared over the weekend .
  3. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    How will demand fall..? There's 2 years of negotiations first.. Demand won't go away for a long time. The same pressures that were there last Wednesday are still here today
  4. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    How will house prices fall when there's a housing shortage ..?
  5. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    London is the finance capital of the world and that will never change.
  6. paul1977

    Urgent advice needed

    passport arrived, panic over... heathrow bound Tuesday.. 5 years here and its time for a fresh start
  7. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    then we use the Dublin agreement and send everyone of them back
  8. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    Plans for an EU army will be on the table next week if we vote to stay in. Watch this space
  9. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    maybe if the uk paid a decent wage then all the doctors and nurses would come back to the NHS. Went to hospital in Perth and every person from the receptionist to the doctor was british
  10. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    That's not true, the way to grow an economy isn't by numbers but by investment
  11. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    Well I'm sure if a couple of million people dumped themselves in Perth the effects would be the same. Just wait till the China agreement gets going in full force and it will be the same
  12. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    As long as the uk can handle 300 thousand a year and the school,housing,NHS crisis improves
  13. paul1977

    eu referendum update

    One thing you can assure is 200-400 thousand people coming to the uk every year. It will take the uk government to build a city the size of Coventry every year to house and look after these people. No amount of being in the EU will be able to do this, that's right a city the size of Coventry every year to be built
  14. paul1977

    Urgent advice needed

    Certainly does mate.. We're on a flight on the 27th to Heathrow .. Watch this space
  15. paul1977

    Urgent advice needed

    Did you declar you was leaving the country in Australia for good