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    1. The Acting Industry in Sydney or Melbourne

      I would suggest that you check if there are any visa options for you to stay beyond the WHV as I am not sure there are. There are special visas available for things like actors such as the Talent visa, but these have some fairly major asks in qualifying as there mainly for high profile actors.
    2. The Acting Industry in Sydney or Melbourne

      Then it is very important to understand what this is. You are not moving to Australia. You are going on holiday. It is what it says on the tin. Its just that unlike a normal tourist visa it comes with some limited work rights (You can only work for one employer for a maximum of 6 months)
    3. Immigration agent in the UK

      It doesn't matter where they are based as it is all done by email. All of the agents that post on here are good
    4. New skills occupation list (2018/2019)?

      Sometimes a couple of days before, but most of the time on the day
    5. Employer won’t sign PR after 3.5years

      I am afraid many companies have policies of not sponsoring PR. I have worked with a couple that introduced it and I only got mine a matter of weeks before they brought in a none sponsorship policy. There is nothing you can do about it. I do understand the stress as we had fallen into the same mind set of thinking we were emigrating on a 457 then two weeks after starting work to be told the entire team I was in was to be made redundant. I was lucky, but many were not. You will not be treated as a special case in the eyes of immigration. They will simply point out which bit of the visa titled "temporary" didn't you understand. On the forum, we always stress to people on a temp visa to always assume you will be leaving at some point. Have you looked to see if you are eligible for a independent or state sponsored visa such as a 189 or 190?
    6. Electronic Instrument trades worker (general) 190 NSW

      Why are you doing the PTE academic?
    7. Onshore partner visa, police check question

      Do not do the police check yet as it is only valid for 12 months and given the processing times, likely to expire
    8. Any nursery workers applying?

      If you are applying under early years teacher, you will need a degree and that degree will need to be a 4 year degree, not the UK standard of 3. Or a degree and a post grad pgce.
    9. New 457 after March

      Kids? What the heck? You are contemplating moving from one first world country to another. Same issues. Same crap. But you stand to be at best 10's of thousands worse off. At best! What in gods name does your husband think will be better for the kids?
    10. If you are only planning on going for two years, it is unlikely to justify the costs. The visa costs are a drop in the ocean of migrating.
    11. What does your skills assessment say?
    12. First steps

      First, accountants are not being invited at all at the moment, regardless of points and the occupation is again flagged for removal. Second, if you have submitted an eoi prior to skills assessment and you are invited, you may get a refusal.
    13. Sponsored visas. Is it true?

      Employers do make offers and arrange visas for people outside of Australia, but usually only arrange a temporary visa - the new TSS as of tomorrow or what was the 457. The majority of 186 and 187 are sponsored by employers for staff already working for them on a 457. You do not need an employer for a 190. If you are an engineer, you may be better looking at 189 or a 190. The 189 doesn't need any form of sponsorship, a 190 needs state sponsorship.
    14. 143 visa timeframe

      The visa cost is a LOT more than that. Over $60,000.