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  1. My examples include south east England and Newcastle. I will add my dad who has multiple health issues including social care requirement - he has dementia but chosen to live at home alone - has received amazing care. My sister in law is a physio and leads the team for three of the most deprived areas of London and has just been given an awars for leading the most advanced physio program in Europe.
  2. It wasreported last week.
  3. So you have children living in Australia? Are any of your children not living in Australia?
  4. It is worth doing together, though be aware that in order to complete registration you will need to present in person at an office in Australia within 12 months.
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum. The first thing to do isn't to look at jobs, but to look at visas and see if you are eligible. Visas are based on occupation and Australia lists specific occupations it wants. The starting place is and look at the two occupation lists. If your occupation is on one, then the next thing is to check the skills assessment for that occupation to see if you can pass it. This will be a mix of qualification and experience.
  6. No you would not get the fee back and be potentially be barred from other visas, even tourist. You need proffessional advice from a specialist such as George Lombard.
  7. We booked ours on a Wednesday and filled it on the Friday, but had to take our stuff to their depot. So, had a friend with a trailer help. We had also already marked out on the floor of the garage and measured out how much we could fit. We only had boxes though so it was easy.
  8. We flew from Perth, so not sure how it works from Sydney, but the Perth flight barely has any time in Doha. It was off one and on to the next. So didn't see much of it. Didn't even see a shop as never left the arrival / departure area. It seemed very quiet by international airport standards. But, if you think going via Singapore would be better do your oldest, then I would opt for that, even if it means a bit extra cost. Though, I think the journey would be easier and probably quicker without having to get an extra flight from London
  9. I agree with the others about him staying. It is well known that partners of 457 holders can have issues getting work and I think it would be worse for a young person as how many employers are going to pay for an apprenticeship only for him to leave when the visa expires, or possibly before. Then, when he returns to the UK, he would be classed as an international student if he wanted to go to college or university until he was back three years.
  10. Getting a ETA is likely to cancel your PR! The rule is that a visa cancels previous visas. However, I would say you have a very strong case in the immediate term for RRV, but yes there could well be an issue going forward. As a result, I would speak Tina good registered migration agent for their opinion on the long term. However, you would need to be aware that the rules change all the time and at the moment, the political climate is one of tightening the rules a lot. There may though be other options for the father of a permanent resident daughter, such as parent visas. As a side, never take advice from calling the department. All you speak to are barely trained call centre staff. We regularly see people on the forum getting into a big mess due to following their advice and they have a legal indemnity that protects their bad advice.
  11. They need to be in full time education.
  12. Very few people have private insurance in the UK. As a percentage compared to Aus, the market is tiny and those that do, it is usually just a perk that some employers offer - I have it through my work. Wait times aren't as bad as made out, at least not in my experience of three different areas of the UK. For example, I went to my GP just after Christmas with a mole that was itching and I was concerned about. I was seen by a consultant at the hospital the same day. She didn't think it was serious, but thought it should be removed for safety sake and they would contact me with an appointment. The appointment letter arrived a couple of days later and for an appointment the following week. When we lived in Windsor, I had a bad leg. Went to the GP and he made an appointment to see a specialist. Again, was seen the same day. One of the guys at work has a bad knee as a result of years of running long distances. He went to his GP, was refered to a specialist whom he saw a couple of weeks later and then a couple of weeks after that, was seen by the surgeon and is expected to be having a knee replacement in the next 8 weeks.
  13. No, VAT isn't charged on online purchasers. If you want to see more of Europe, then keep an eye on the sales that the low costs do and promotions. They do some amazing offers. For example, a couple of years ago a friend mentioned she was going to Berlin for the weekend. I asked if there was any specific reason and she said that she had got a flight for 1p, so why not! If you are selling a lot of things, then we found Gumtree pretty good, though by far and away the best response we had was an advert put on the local IGA notice board
  14. Meant to say, we flew Qatar last year. I have been a regular flyer with over 1 million miles flown with Emirates and I was reasonably impressed. I think their economy class is better than Emirates
  15. Hi Sue My wife is from Peru, but was living in the UK prior to moving to Oz. When we returned last year, we were not sure where to live and we have ended up in Scotland, which we had never thought about, but have fallen in love with. I know Peterborough reasonably well as we lived in Leicester prior to moving to Australia. It is a nice place. I have been to Aberdeen a few times and was very impressed. The city has a lot going for it and there is some stunning countryside around there. We are also aged 48. One of the great things about the UK is if you don't live near friends and family, it is still easy enough to visit. For example, we have family in London and I cant get a flight from Glasgow to Heathrow for under £20 and it only takes an hour, so can even do it as a day trip. There are so many hidden gems though as well. I am working away on a project at Gateshead at the moment, though I have my wife and dog with me. On Monday, while I was at work, she visited South Shields. Now, many people think of the north east as being industrial and grim. But, she found South Shields so pretty she actually started crying just at how pretty it was. We live just outside Glasgow and to go to the shops we walk through a woodland with a waterfall that is so pretty it feels like you have stepped into a magical realm. There are just so many amazing places to see and visit