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      If you’re applying for an Australian visa, you want to know how long it’s going to take to be granted. This is understandable as you’re eager to start your new life in Australia. Having such information will also allow you to get on with other crucial steps in the immigration process. That's why, after feedback from our members,  we've launched our Australian Visa Timelines Tracker https://ww.australia-visa-timelines.com The tracker allows you to enter key dates about your visa application and compare them in tabular format with other applicants around the globe. You can look at who’s applied for the same visa as you, the same dates as you, from the same country, occupation etc. This will allow you obtain greater insight into the likely time is will take for your visa to be granted. We've still a couple of changes to make over the next couple of weeks, but the site is now online and available for use.


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  1. The skills assessment prefer City and Guilds or NVQ3. In Oz, as used to be the case in the UK an apprenticeship is at least three years. As a result, they are likely to deduct not just the two years for your apprenticeship but one or two years more to allow for that.
  2. Unmarried couple

    Yes, but the single thing all of this is trying to establish is that a couple are de facto. The department regard someone as de facto as a couple who have lived together for at least 12 months in the case of PR visas. There are exceptions, but these are rare. The list you have provided is the evidence that they can use to establish that they are a de facto couple. But they are not.
  3. The first thing is to read a lot of border.gov.au and in particular the skills assessment. This will determine if you are eligible. Points to consider are that any experience you have must be post qualification. So, if your seven years include two years doing your NVQ, then you only have five. In addition, because you only have NVQ 2, they will make a deduction of experience in allowing for the difference and a full apprenticeship. You also need to see how this affects your points.
  4. Mixed emotions!! But have got our big break!!

    Lol. Yep, we did a bit, and didn't think we would do it at first. Had to sell all our stuff, arrange for the house to be sold from the UK, get the dog arranged for his flight. I got the job offer on the Tuesday evening and had to fly on the Saturday as a condition of the offer was that I could start on the following Tuesday. I was still having a garage sale an hour before I had to head to the airport. It was a mad time and a mad couple of weeks after landing - we had no long term place to stay and owned pretty much nothing. But, that was last march and now, our eight years in Oz feels more like a dream and the UK is home
  5. Citizenship questions

    I can't answer all your questions, but do check your spam folder as emails from the department can be sent to it.
  6. Mixed emotions!! But have got our big break!!

    Well done. Try not to stress as it will fall into place. We were very similar - job came up and wen for it. Except we only had 4 days!
  7. 457 with a recent DUI

    Generally, it should not prevent you getting the visa. It may result in the visa taking longer though and you will need to submit an explanation similar to what you have written
  8. Just need a chat

    I am afraid not. There are other options in theory, but they take decades to process. For example, there is a last remaining relative visa, but it has a processing time of 56 years! Even the contributory one costing $55k has a fairly long processing time - close to 3 years. It also requires that the majority of her children do not live in the UK
  9. Current 457 visa holder to 186

    If you obtain a skills assessment and both you and the company qualify then you could apply now.
  10. Skills visa partner on visa- not married

    It may be worth speaking to a migration agent, but to be honest, I think it is unlikely you will be seen as a de facto. A de facto is a partnership that is effectively man and wife in all but the piece of paper (marriage cert). One of the tests is you have lived together for at least 12 months.
  11. No entry/exit stamp - Autralian PR first entry

    Correct. It is now all electronic.
  12. Just need a chat

    I can fully understand. Both me and my wife had gone through it more than once. I know it is hard to see at the moment, but it is does get easier. While we were in Oz, my daughter from my first marriage committed suicide in England. I had brought her up as a single dad. Then, out of the blue, my mum died. Totally unexpected heart attack. Then, not long after, my wife's dad who had cancer but was being treated and we were hopeful suddenly went down hill and we got a call to say he had 24 hours. Luckily my wife just made it. It will take time and you will have the occasional "day" but that will get less and less and become just the odd moment. With regards the practical side of visas, your mum may be eligible for a parent visa. It is a long and expensive process - about $55k and three years and there are other aspects of qualifying such as if you have any other siblings.
  13. Visa landing question

    Yes, but your wife - and dependent on the visa - still has to make first entry within the specified time. Normally 12 months from the medical or police check which ever was earliest.
  14. Feeling trapped

    First don't panic. Life is never as dire as it seems. We were in a similar position last year. We owned a house in Mandurah and we're moving back and couldn't pay the mortgage anymore. We spoke to the bank and told them the situation and put it on the market and made the move. We ended up accepting an offer for less than the mortgage but had mortgage insurance which covered it. It was sold after we made the move and it just meant a trip to London to get documents stamped at Australia house.
  15. 187 Nomination refusal

    You need an agent. If your current one isn't helping then you should contact another. All those that post regularly on here are suitable.