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    Desperate to allow this visa to process

    You need to speak to registered migration agent urgently. You have 60 days from the end of your employment to leave the country or find an alternative sponsor.

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    It is very different today Bob. When I was job hunting I did everything, did some labouring, worked as a drillers off sider, spent 8 hours every day doing applications and sending out CV's. All my contacts were themselves out of work - up to director level. I qued in Mandurah to be in a line to hand in my cv for a job at Macas. The second last mining gig I was on was in Wiluna, I was working alongside the chairman of the Aus IMM. The head of the entire Oz mining game. He was there on minimum wage for 3 weeks with nothing to go to after. Plots of roles require a certain ticket, even the most basic. For example, want to serve coffee in a cafe, well, you need a barista, want to serve a beer, a ticket. But, when you have no cash and you know there are loads of applicants applying for the same job, which ticket do you pay for with very dwindling cash reserves.

    Moving to Australia from UK, help please :)

    At the moment, nurse, is on the skilled occupation list. However, it will be several years before your partner would be in a position to consider applying for a visa and there is no gauruntee that it will be then. Likewise any trade you chose to retrain in as the skills lists change regularly and are getting consistently shorter - over 200 occupations have been cut recently. Also, with trade, you can't just do a NVQ2, you need at least NVQ3 and then several years experience. If either of you are going to retrain, then do it in something you really want to, regardless of if it results in a visa or not. A forklift license is t going to be of any assistance or even recognised in Australia. Student visas are very expensive as you pay international fees, so you will be paying very large amounts for a course you could probably do at home with no guarantee of any further visa. Most international students have to go home after the course.

    Moving to Australia from UK, help please :)

    Never look at list that are not the official lists at homeaffairs.gov.ai

    UK Business - visa options

    I would advise you / the company speak to a migration agent. Though the safest way for yourself would be to obtain a independent skilled visa.

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    It has been a lot better than Australia for us.

    Anyone had tomove back to UK for financial reasons?

    Yes, in mid 40's. We left in 2016 after 8 years in Oz, but with the last two sucking away our savings to the point we arrived back with a suitcase each and nothing. But we are now doing "ok" but nothing like we would have been if we had taken the decision to return a lot earlier.

    Feeling Stuck in Australia

    I am not sure why you think the NHS would be poorer. We returned in 2016. Shortly after, my wife noticed a odd looking mole on my back. So, I went to see my GP who didn't think it was an issue but best to be cautious. I was sat there expecting a referral in months. Nope, same day I was in hospital having tests. Dermatologist also didn't think it was much but also though caution and said best to be removed. Within 2 weeks I was in surgery. That would have been quicker but I changed the hospital to be more convenient. Last year, I was driving to work and felt huge chest pain. As an older guy I went straight to hospital. Was seen by a huge number of specialists in moments. Established it wasn't a heart attack but a chest infection. But did pick up I had high cholesterol and should see a specialist. I was refered and saw him that day.mmore tests and a consultation. Have been seeing him monthly since and having tests including a look at having gene therapy. Prescribed a range of drugs (all free as NHS Scotland don't change for prescriptions) Had my last consultation a month ago and tests show now back in normal range. My wife has had on going long term dental issues. Spent over 10k in Oz after insurance. Pretty much resolved here at a cost of about 100.

    Immigrating with a child on the spectrum

    It isn't an immigration lawyer you should speak to, but one of the agents mentioned.


    Will just add, that all dependents must pass police and medical checks (children are exempt from police)

    Transerable skills

    I am not sure what you mean by your skills are not transferable. If you are looking to migrate, then you would best looking at skilled migration. Look at the homeaffairs.gov.au web site and at the 189 and 190 visas. The 189 is the better option. First, check the occupation lists. I believe electrician is there. Then check the requirements for the skills assessment and check you pass it. Then, look through the other criteria such as age / medical / character. Then go through points. You need a minimum of 65, but the more the better. Most people at this stage realise they need to sit an English exam such as ilets to get more points. I don't recommend sponsored visas as they are usually temporary and come with a lot of issues.

    143 visa enquiry

    There only valid for 12 months. Wait until requested as it doesn't speed up the process by doing them early. If the visa isn't granted within 12 months she will have to do them again.

    Validity of Medicals

    Medicals are valid for 12 months.

    Nursing in Oz

    I am afraid you have missed the boat for migration. The age cut off is 45. You could obtain a short term work visa for up to 4 years.