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  1. I doubt it, the definition of de facto is that you are man and wife except for the paperwork / ceremony. I second Marisa though that a chat with a good agent would be vital.

    Not declared convictions

    That is a fairly serious issue. Not only are they likely to refuse, but also cancel the WHV and issue a ban on further application.

    TSS partner working status

    He can not be self employed. He must work full time for the sponsor and can not work for any other employer.

    I need any advice or suggestions

    For a 190 and you have obtained state sponsorship?

    I need any advice or suggestions

    If a state is willing to sponsor then that will get an invite for a190

    TSS partner working status

    He would have no restriction on working. Have you got a company willing to sponsor you? You can not just apply without that. Are you aware of the issues surrounding temp visas?

    Your favourite city in the world

    I think Bangkok is a favourite. Particularly 20 years ago when it was much less tourist. But even now, it has a vibrancy and life that is hard to beat. Oh, and a amazing food at every turn. The other is Lima. It has the Spanish laid back, but with a exuberance of South America. Amazing people. Amazing food. Amazing sights. I will never understand tourists to Peru who don't bother with it.

    help lost

    Potentially, yes. But and is is a big but. If the department believe she has married purely to obtain a visa, the consequences could be very serious. For her and you. What visa is she currently on and what is the issue the department have raised?

    An inspiration

    I know most of you are well travelled, but, I also know most of us can, particularly as we get older get a bit nervous of it. I guess it's true of most Hingis in our lives. But, I watched this last weekend and found it very inspirational. He is a guy travelling the world 122 countries in. Often on a tight budget, relying on couch surding ( agreeing on line with someone who offers you their sofa for a night or two to sleep on for free). Just one thing. He is 80% deaf and 100% blind. So, imagine landing in east Africa, travelling overland through some "iffy" places and not being able to see! https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/n3ct5t7s

    Why aren't raincoats showerproof any more?

    Two suggestions. The first, based on my career working outdoors in all sorts of climates is North Face. Go for a gortex shell with zip out fleece. That way, you have a lightweight breathable for when it is warm, but wet. It will be 100% waterproof. Or, if cold and wet, add the fleece. Or if just a chill, such as a autumn evening then just the fleece. The second, is a more classical. Barbour. They are expensive. But last forever. Are 100% waterproof and given are designed with Scottish game keepers in mind, will certainly take what weather you are likely to face. Very British classical and most pictures of The Queen when at Balmoral will show her in one.

    Go home to uk or build retirement in Melbourne?

    Basically, what we have found with the NHS is that when you register with a GP and things you will be asked if you are a resident and have been for six months or more. If you answer no, you will simply be asked a couple of questions and it's as simple as that. If you need more extensive treatment such as hospital care, they will ask for evidence if you haven't been resident for six months such as tenancy agreement.

    DOL : september 2018

    Splice visas from low risk countries are about 12 to 18 months. High risk closer to two years.
  13. Any of the agents that post on the forum would be a good choice

    Trades Recogniition Aus (skills assessment)

    Did you come,etc a formal apprenticeship? If not, then time of experience is deducted to make up for it.