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    801/820 Onshore Partner Visas and Bridging Visas

    Yes, partners can get an exemption to travel. A bridging visa would come into play at the end of the visitor visa. But yes, as you say, you would not have work rights until then. If you lodge a partner visa onshore then the bridging visa will come in automatically as soon as the visitor visa expires. The big issue with going at the moment is lack of flights. Be prepared to have to book at least business class.

    Can we apply for 804 visa while 600 is still processing?

    Never ever take advice from Home Affairs. I know that sounds odd, but the people you speak to are not experts. They are just call centre staff who have had minimum training and often provide bad / wrong answers. In the cases you get wrong replies there is no redress as the departments formal policy is you should have spoken to an agent.

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    Two things. It depends on your life. We lived in the highest lockdown area in Scotland (Central Belt) which may go into the highest level available. But, to us, in our day to day life, it is actually easy to not notice it. We live in a rural area. The village has no shop or pub, so don't notice pubs being closed. We rarely go into shops in normal time other than to buy groceries once a week and other than we wear a mask these days, we don't notice too much of a difference. Second, it is impossible to know how things will be in the UK and Oz going forward. For example, only a couple of months ago Scotland was down to averaging between 0 and 4 cases per day. The WHO came out at the time and said we would be one of the few countries to eradicate it. Now we are averaging over 1000 cases per day (though currently reducing). Take Melbourne. It's entire recent outbreak is thought to have originated from one family. As Oz opens back up, it runs a risk of a new outbreak. This things is too hard to call anywhere now.

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    There are small risks. But, it is a question about assessing the risks. There is a chance I will be hit by a metiorite today. But, I don't take insurance for it.

    Can we apply for 804 visa while 600 is still processing?

    I would run it past an agent. But, what is the rush as the aged parent visa has a processing time of 30 years.

    Moving to the UK in Weeks – Questions!!!

    With travel insurance, to be honest if it is just for flights, I never bother just pay for your flight with a credit card. There are loads of pre pay options once in the UK, pretty much every provider offers something. My wife uses Vodaphone.

    Borders to.open Nov 14

    The evidence though is that it wasn't England that was the problem. It was Spain. Lots of people went on holiday in August when restrictions eased and brought it back.
  8. If you are not already using a registered migration agent, this is a good indicator you need one.

    Borders to.open Nov 14

    I hope it goes well for WA, but, i do worry for them given what we have experienced in Scotland. Here, we were down to just a few cases per day just a couple of months ago. The WHO came out and said we were on track to be one of the few places that would eradicate it. We are now averaging about 1200 cases per day and lots of semi lockdown. Here in the central belt which includes Glasgow and Edinburgh pubs and restaurants are closed and lots of other restrictions in place.

    s56 Request for more info & Hep C & B

    Generally yes. Visa grants are normally fairly soon after uploading police and medicals.

    189 Visa with delayed move

    What you are thinking about has been a discussion point for many years. In reality, not going to happen. Migration is a massive hot potatoe in Australia. No politician would sign up to this as it would be a political death knell.

    Subclass 300 Visa advice please.

    As the department have (unusually) got correct. You apply for an exemption. There are flights, the flights are just expensive and you would need to book a minimum of business class as economy class regularly get bumped off at the moment.

    189 Visa with delayed move

    Yes. Though you have to make first entry within a year of medical or police check, which ever is earlier. Though this can literally be a flight to Oz, go through passport control and get on a flight home. You then have five years from the date of grant to make the move. However, to look at points. Although 65 is the minimum requirement, in reality you need 95 to get an invite. As a result I would strongly recommend speaking to a good registered migration agent.

    EOI waiting

    Forma 189? No, not even for many months before covid