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    186 nomination refused

    You need to speak to a registered migration agent.

    Carpet fitter

    What visa are you going on? I ask as it effect employment.

    Secret Harbour

    What I would say is, wait until you arrive, then go and see different places and keep an open mind until then. We thought we were pretty clear and had nailed it to three areas (1 NOR and 2 SOR). All three turned out to be the places we really disliked. Where we ended up, we loved and was somewhere we hadn't heard of.

    Advice Needed please - Which Visa

    Will just add to the above that, it is important you tally your points accurately as over claiming is grounds for refusal. Also, a 190 requires a state to sponsor you, you need to check if any states are sponsoring your occupation and that you meet any conditions the state is imposing. You should also be aware that some states will routinely refuse 190 requests and instead offer a 489

    Secret Harbour

    It was our first choice before we arrived in WA. It was our last after visiting.
  6. I am confused as well. Did you receive a visa as part of your partners application?

    TSS 482 - any advice regarding my profile

    You / and / company need good advice from a registered migration agent. The entire system is very different to when they previously sponsored. Your situation is complex and the company structure is complex and the department are prone these days to refusals. Expensive and extremely time consuming.

    TSS Qs

    Actually, if you invested in gold early in the last boom, you would still be crying. when you add in compound inflation, gold hasn't generally performed well at all. I am going to add a very big word of caution to your plan if you are coming to work for a miner. Mining budgets change all the time based on a million things, not even necessarily related to the metal price. Though metal price is a factor. But, far from even accounting for 20% of the reasons for change in budgets. These budgets change wildly. I have managed projects which I have been asked to budget $10 million per year, increasing. Then within three months told we have a budget for the year that means in effect nil. If you are going on a temp visa to a miner, you should assume you will be returning home sooner than you think. Source - senior level geoscientist in the mining industry specializing in gold, but with years of other commodities

    family sponshorship to stay in australia.

    Not a lot. If they live in a regional area, and you qualify for a permanent visa, then the 489 family sponsored stream may be open to you. This basically is a provisional visa, which if you then meet certain obligations you can later apply for a permanent visa. But, it isn't actually often a good thing unless stumbling for points for a 189.

    Queensland 190 Questions

    Paul Hand https://www.suncoastmigration.com Raul Senise https://www.ozimmigration.com Both are regular members of the forum and highly regarded agents.

    186 visa work requirements and employer cancellation

    There is an assumption that a 186 applicant will remain with their employer for two years after grant of visa. If they fail to do so, the employer can claim the applicant was fraudulent in their application. You should seek proffessional advice

    Queensland 190 Questions

    You really need to speak to a good registered migration agent.

    timing putting in an EOI for 189 visa

    The former. The co will request both towards the end of the process

    Hi everyone

    A very long time. You should have included them in the original application.
  15. Generally you should assume no public funds will be available and only private care available