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  1. Brexit

    After reading a story in it last week in which every single aspect of it was fake news, even the photo, I do have some sympathy in calling it a rag
  2. Extra health cover once resident in Oz?

    Also, dental and optical are not covered by medicare. Dental in particular can be VERY expensive
  3. Teaching Qualifications

    She cant get sponsorship as a teacher as she cant get registration as a teacher with only 3 years of uni. The registration requirements mimic the immigration requirements. What is your occupation?
  4. Teaching Qualifications

    nope. She needs 4 years. Stupid I know, but that's the rules
  5. Average wages for a bricklayer/landscaper?

    Are you a bricklayer or landscaper as very different jobs. Also, where in Oz as it changes massively
  6. Query regarding 187 RSMS VIsa

    No employer is going to get in touch with you by filling in an eoi. No employer would even know you have filled in an eoi. The department of immigration are not a job agency. You need to find an employer willing and able to sponsor.
  7. Do you agree?

    Given that it is becoming ever harder to find a doctor that bulk bills - meaning a visit to a GP will cost about $35, I would take such a survey with a LARGE pinch of salt.
  8. ADF lateral transfer

    They are generally very specific in what they are willing to recruit from overseas.
  9. Hospitality Management

    I think the chances are close to zero.
  10. Health Requirement - Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    Where there is a medical complication it is always a good idea to speak to an expert. George Lombard is a specialist migration agent for visas with medical complications.
  11. Engineers Australia

    Apply for what? A visa? Why would you apply for another visa?
  12. Third party sponsorship

    I have only come across it with IT occupations and it often generates issues. You would be better looking at PR visas if you want to stay in Oz
  13. Heading to Oz before grant?

    Never ever take advice from the department. The forum is littered with people who have and are now in serious difficulty and they have a legal indemnity to give protection for bad advice. When you speak to them, they are just call centre staff with little or no training. If you want advice - and you do need it - speak to a migration agent.
  14. Domestic shipping of pets

  15. Whats your views on Mandurah?

    Halls Head and Meadow Springs, though when we left, Silver Sands was becoming very popular with Brits. But, its effectively just an extension of Halls Head