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    New house add ons.

    We built in WA and this is what my observations would be based on that. First check with the builder what is included.mwe got a very good deal that included a lot, pretty much everything except curtains. However, there were still a fair few extra costs. For example, the land wasn't perfect and needed some work, which cost us about $5000. The standard package in WA for the electrics in the house only included one single socket per room. There were a series of small, but necessary "upgrades" that we had to do. The total including the extra work to lay the pad was about $18000. I don't know SA, but do not underestimate how much the landscaping can cost! When I got quotes for turf, I thought they were quoting me to lay solid gold. Check any requirements the land has as these can be expensive. There was a requirement in our area that boundary walls had to built and built to 2m using limestone blocks. This was VERY expensive. A not on your visa situation. I would be very careful going through this on a tourist visa. The processing time for a contributory parent visa is currently about five years, but signs this may blow out. If one of you were develop a medical condition in that time that means you can't pass the medical, the department will not have sympathy. Also, visa changes can occur and I personally wouldn't be surprised if some visas that currently have long processing times get scrapped. (Migration is a hot political topic in Oz as much as anywhere else). They have previously done this retrospective. For example, a little while ago there was a class of skilled visas called Cat 5. Many of these applicants had been living in Oz for years on bridging visas. Then one day out of the blue the department announced they were retrospectively cancelled and applicants had 28 days to leave. So, be careful. Long term bridging visas are, in my opinion, rarely a good idea.
  2. First thing. The pets. It isn't a migration agent you need but a specialist pet shipper. Pet Air are highly recommended and you can chat to the owner on the forum - Bob. You need to start this ASAP as it is a six month process. Be aware, this isn't a cheap thing to do. For example, the cost of shipping our chihuahua from Oz to UK was nearly $4000 and it is cheaper going that way as no quarantine. With the house, there are a number of options. We sold to one of those companies that gauruntee to buy your house. We did it because we had to move quick as we were company sponsored and needed to be there ASAP. At the same time, like you we couldn't move without selling as we were totally broke - the day the house sold, we didn't even have enough cash for the bus to the bank to get the money. We flew the same day! Another option, is to sell and rent briefly in the UK in a furnished rental. This allows you to send off your furnishings. Then, arrange flights and a short term rental in Oz such as a holiday home. I always recommend this regardless as it gives some time to learn the area you want to be. It again also gives time for your furnishings to arrive while you look for a longer term rental.
  3. George Lombard is regarded as about the best in this area. Agents charge for their service. They are a business

    Just Landed - Medicare & Doctors

    Google Medicare and the name of where you are. There will be a Medicare centre near you. You pop in with your ID, fill in the form and they will provide a temporary number you can use until your card arrives. for doctors, again, just google the doctors near you. It isn't like the UK, you can just go to any. Pop in or call them and ask for an appointment. As a new patient you will just fill in a form on arrival about your medical history. Do be aware that there are two types of doctors, known as bulk billing and none bulk billing. If they bulk bill, then there is no out of pocket cost to you. If they don't bulk bill, then you will pay a fee - usually about $70 from which you get about half back from Medicare

    457 visa waiting to get granted.

    There is nothing you can do but wait.

    Anyone here from Rutland?

    We lived not far away in Leicestershire. It is a stunt place with lots of small towns villages. Very much a country living place. The weather is pretty reasonable, same as the rest of the Midlands. So, fairly pleasant. Cost of living is higher because of house prop ices are more expensive - rent / house price will be fairly high. One of the highest in the Midlands. It has Leicester and Nottingham on the doorstep so, employment and things to do means plenty to do and work options.

    133111 Construction Project Management

    His contact details are in the signature at the bottom of his post.
  8. You probably need to check with a good migration agent if she can pass the skills assessment. She would then need to be the main applicant.

    Most friendly/welcoming town or village to live in England?

    It is actually not bad that way as flights from Glasgow to southern England can be had for £30 and take 30 minutes. The pluses are that lots of very nice small towns and villages, but house prices are much more reasonable. Also things like no prescription charges in Scotland is a plus.

    489 Visa for Victoria

    States do have the option of sponsoring off list.

    Refrigeration engineer moving to Brisbane

    Your skills assessment doesn't get you a state license to work in your occupation. It is a licensed occupation and each state will have its own rules. As a rule of thumb. You will need to work as a trade assistant, a bit like an apprentice and undertake some college courses.

    Most friendly/welcoming town or village to live in England?

    Loads of places. Look around Yorkshire, Derbyshire, even the Midlands - Rutland springs to mind. I live in a little village a lot smaller (don't have a shop or anything) but very community based. The nearest town is Strathaven which is very much like what you describe, though not as multicultural. But, the weather here would be maybe too big a shock - we get snow, lots and lots of snow.
  13. Do you have the required qualifications
  14. Do not assume either will give rise to a visa.

    489 Visa for Victoria

    Generally, yes. If you want to be sponsored by a state, then it has to be on that states list.