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  1. 804 follow-up

    I would strongly recommend you take professional advice. There are major issues to consider. For example, you would be eligible for reciprocal health care, but not full Medicare. This is very different. For example, need a joint replacement down the line, then it would not be covered. At the same time you would no longer be eligible to come back and receive nhs treatment. There are also issues with areas such as pensions.
  2. 804 Closing of this visa

    Impossible to say if they will and if they did how they would do it. But I do tell people to be very cautious of possible negatives in this respect. About a year ago, they closed a visa class known at cat 5. These were skilled occupation visas for low priority and so very long processing times. They announced without warning that people who had applied would have their applications cancelled and would need to provide original receipts for a refund and that was that. Many had been living in Oz on bridging visas for years. I think given that they have announced to cut the visa classes dramatically next year I think it very likely this one will get the chop.
  3. Visa options

    Yes in theory, but have you checked you are eligible for a visa? Very few occupations are able to pass the skills assessment without post qualification experience. I know you mentioned studying nursing. But a diploma will not allow you to enroll as a nurse in Australia
  4. Skilled visa

    You need to research on border.gov.au what occupation you are intending to apply under and then research what is required for the skills assessment for that occupation. A random diploma on its own doesn't mean much. It needs to be what is your actual occupation. Normally, experience in the occupation is only counted for points.
  5. Tasmania 190/489 visa

    The big thing you need to be aware of is that in order to register as a nurse - and get a visa - you need a nursing degree. This would be a very expensive way of doing things
  6. Visa help?

    A student visa is not going to lead to you staying long term and as mentioned, international fees can be very high and the visa comes with restrictions on how much you can work. If you are only looking for a long holiday, then a 600 visa might be the best way. There is a none contributory visa, but this has a processing time in decades.
  7. What to do!!

    I think if I had a partner who was prepared to make me very unhappy in order to spend a few years in another country, it would tell me everything I needed to know about them and how high a priority I was in their life.
  8. Things to do in the UK

    how about the Magna Science Centre? Aimed at kids of that age and looks fun
  9. 457 to residency

    I am afraid I am not hopeful. First, the occupation seems to be no longer on the list. Second, pretty much all routes to pr have been closed to anyone over 45. I would run your case past a good registered migration agent to get a professional opinion and if you send me a private message (in case I forget) I will send details of some of our members who are respected agents who do free assessments. But, at the moment I would say you should be prepared that you will be returning to the UK at the end of the visa
  10. What to do!!

    The first thing that neither of you may not have considered is you have not emigrated. You hold a temp visa, which, assuming he is older than 45, means there may be no route to stay long term. Sooner or later, the visa will expire. Next, have you, as a couple discussed how you feel?
  11. 457 to residency

    The majority of people on the forum have pr never haven any previous visa. It will depend though on your occupation and ability to pass the skills assessment as there are a number of occupations eligible for a 457 but not eligible for any pr visa. Also depends on age. if you can tell us the following: Occupation Qualifications and experience Age
  12. Marketing Specialist - 190 Visa

    The states regularly change their lists, so you need to check them yourself to see if any are sponsoring
  13. Aussie man with very, very homesick UK wife. HELP!!!!

    Agree with the above, what about a compromise of the UK but not London. While London is a great city, I wouldn't want to live there either. One of the nice things about the UK is its size, so even if she has friends and family in London, she can get there easily from pretty much anywhere - we live near Glasgow and can be in London in 45 minutes by plane for £35.
  14. Nurse skilled independent 189

    So, if you are claiming 20 for English, you have sat ILETS and scored the maximum on ILETS?
  15. The weather 😁

    It has been glorious sunshine and blue sky all day here. But very cold. This morning at 11am it was -7. I don't know what it got down to overnight but when I went to de ice the car my can of de icer, which I leave in the car had partially frozen! But an amazing day walking through the park with the grass white as snow.