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    190 visa state movement timeframe

    That would be fine. The hard part will be to persuade a state to sponsor you if you are living in a different state.

    I have 75 points for 189 visa. 80 with my wife

    Wait until she has it. But, be aware, at the moment, 80 points may not be enough to get an invite.

    Some advise please?

    Before you do them, I would get some advice about where you are. The time frames are blowing out and there is little point doing them if you are more than a year from grant. Also, I "believe" if you if you have applied offshore you must be offshore at time of grant.

    nominated vs independent (nurse)

    Yes. Just go for independent PR. This is how we would have recommended you move to Oz in the first place. I will just say that visas choices are more subtle and it is money well spent to use a good registered migration agent as there are also a lot of changes just beginning and knowing the best strategy isn't always easy for us mere mortals.

    Very Complicated Case on 190 Visa

    You would be better advised to run your case past a good registered migration agent.

    mr joseph bell

    This isn't a quick, cheap or easy process. For licensed trades, more so. My advice would be to speak to a good registered migration agent. But start with lots of reading at Homeaffairs.gov.au and look at the 189, 190 and 491 visas. This will start to give you some idea. In essence, first, you need an occupation on one of the skilled occupation lists, which I believe your is. Second, you need a skills assessment. This will be a assessment of your qualifications, experience and potentially a practical and theory exam. Third, you need sufficient points. This can be a funny area as it can be a competition for the highest points and so most people find they need to take English exams such as ILETS to claim points for English. Once you have all these, you can lodge an expression of interest (eoi). This is where the competition can start. You then wait to be invited. Then medical and police checks will be requested. Then visa. Staet to finish, allow about a year. But. On arrival, you will not have a license to be a plumber. To obtain this will vary on state. But, may include some college courses and working for a while as a trade assistant - a bit like an apprentice

    Advice on Visa eligibility

    After being on the forum for many many years both as a member and as a moderator. The best advice I would give is to appoint a registered migration agent to deal with the application. Yes, you will pay for this. But, it is sooooo easy now to make a very costly mistake and in the grand scheme of the costs involved in migration, even a couple of grand in agents fees is a drop in the ocean.

    Moving back : how to get rid of possessions ?

    We tried all sorts of different things, but the best response we had was an old fashioned flyer put up on the notice board of a local IGA.

    What visa for Aussie Spouse?

    The ancestry visa is far simpler. A spouse visa would require you to meet one of the financial assessments of either having £64k in savings or you having a job offer paying at least £18600. He may have to pay the NHS surcharge, but may not. There is a calculator on the UK visa page that will calculate this for you. With the children, correct, they are British, so just need passports.

    Dog Insurance

    You won't get one that is transferable. Different risks. For example, chance of being bitten by a snake in the UK, is tiny. No way to transfer that to Oz.

    Is it pointless to apply now??

    No. Wait till requested.
  12. Holders of 491 visas do not pay school fees as it is a provisional visa not a temporary visa.

    Taking partner - 820 via 651

    Correct. Just one thing to be aware of. On entering Australia, if immigration don't believe her to be a genuine tourist, they can refuse entry

    Taking partner - 820 via 651

    Full work rights.

    What visa do we apply for?

    Family can't simply sponsor someone. That was abolished decades ago. Family can sponsor via a points based system, but in some aspects it is actually harder than some other visa options. My advice would be to contact a good registered migration agent such as Go Matilda. You would need to be very mindful of a lot of extra things. For example. Electrical qualifications are often not recognised. The process is like,y to cost 30k and a range of other issues. Alan at Go Matilda is both an excellent agent an a specialist in UK / business and finance