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    Australian based agent for free consultation?

    If you look through the forum you will find a number of agents that post regularly, all of which will give an initial consultation. For example wrussel and Alan Collett

    Visa Specialist Recommendations?

    I agree with both of the above.

    Moving to the UK with a Dog

    Are you using a pet shipper?

    Unfair dismissal

    I would say that is far from certain. I would recommend you speak to a registered migration agent ASAP.

    190 skilled visa

    Which state has sponsored you?

    189 visa new passport

    No, once you get new passports, you will need to update immigration.

    Troubles return to N Ireland.

    Just a word as a mod. I don't normally mod much in here as I haven't the patience for it. But am this weekend. My lack of patience means I am not inclined to issue little infractions. It is to hit the special button we have that results in permanent ban and auto delete of all previous posts. Now, it is Easter Sunday, a day we should all be nice, so I am hoping to see lots of it rather than the above.

    Easter Sunday food?

    Roast pork loin - with lots of crackling, roast potatoes, braised cabbage, roast parsnips, mashed swede, Yorkshire pudding. Then rhubarb and custard for puds.

    Skilled visa changes??

    I think you are missing the point of the 482 and its previous incarnation, the 457. The idea is that it allows an employer to hire someone when they can't find the skills locally and gives them enough time to train someone into those skills. Hence the requirement for a training benchmark- a rough attempt to get the employer to do that. The idea being that the local newly trained member of staff then takes over the role.

    Parent Visa help

    If the main reason for the visa is to reduce tax on your super, it wouldn't be worth it given that two visas will cost about $120,000+
  11. Let me put it like this. In a average 12 month period, the Australian government, the minister and the department will make over 2000 changes to migration law, rules and regulations. Out of that, the department will maybe publish ten on its web site. It is not unusual for its website to be totally wrong. It is also very common for the department to give incorrect information and over my years I have come across masses of people who have caused themselves massive issues because of this. At the same time, the department has a legal indemnity for this. In other words, you can rely on their information, apply for a visa, get refused. There is nothing you can do about that. You can of course complain, at which point the department will simply point out that you should have consulted a registered migration agent.
  12. No, it is not the state's job to screen people. It is up to the individual

    Recognition of prior learning

    I would strongly recommend you use a registered migration agent.

    Suggestions please and update

    House. Personally, I would recommend sell as trying to be a landlord from the other side of the world is potentially a headache. Fine if all goes well. Pain if there is a problem. Dog. We used Dogtainers who were excellent. Shipping I think is a bit of a muchnesss. All similar. Get a number of quotes Jobs. UK currently has highest employment rate in decades. Once you know when moving, start applying
  15. Lots of potential reasons. Overclaiming points. Similarly, claiming points for English when not haven done the required tests prior to the eoi. Failure to obtain a skills assessment prior to eoi Fail medical Fail character The best way to prevent. Use a registered migration agent.