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    189 Visa with delayed move

    What you are thinking about has been a discussion point for many years. In reality, not going to happen. Migration is a massive hot potatoe in Australia. No politician would sign up to this as it would be a political death knell.

    Subclass 300 Visa advice please.

    As the department have (unusually) got correct. You apply for an exemption. There are flights, the flights are just expensive and you would need to book a minimum of business class as economy class regularly get bumped off at the moment.

    189 Visa with delayed move

    Yes. Though you have to make first entry within a year of medical or police check, which ever is earlier. Though this can literally be a flight to Oz, go through passport control and get on a flight home. You then have five years from the date of grant to make the move. However, to look at points. Although 65 is the minimum requirement, in reality you need 95 to get an invite. As a result I would strongly recommend speaking to a good registered migration agent.

    EOI waiting

    Forma 189? No, not even for many months before covid
  5. As moderator of the forum. It is my job to ask. Are you a registered migration agent? We have a number of forum rules which apply to registered migration agents.

    Student visa - transferring school

    Then this would be one for an agent as in my years on here, I haven't come across a none adult on a student visa.

    Student visa - transferring school

    Are you sure he is on a student visa and not on his parents visa?

    Calling the UK

    Skype, Teams or Zoom.

    Can I still emigrate to Australia?

    Be aware that economy flights are often bumped off at the moment, often at short notice. Because Australia has a strict limit on people being able to enter, if a flight has too many, it bumps economy in order to fly business and first.
  10. The help of the forum does not replace the help from an agent. Far from it. It is always wise to use n agent and in the current climate it is essential.

    Where to Quarantine

    Be aware as well that booking a flight at the moment doesn't mean you will be boariding the flight. Australia has strict limits on the number of people that can enter. If a flight has more people booked than it can allow entry with, business and first class passengers are given priority and economy are bumped off.
  12. I wish you look but wouldn't hold my breath. Don't forget Australia still has thousands of it's own citizens stranded abroad.

    Australian Tv in Uk

    IT depends on if you have reset the region. Most have a lock that allows you to reset the region a limited number of times (usually 3). If you still haven't reset the region, then yes.


    That doesn't sound bad. Prices are based on size / weight of dog, and back in 2016 we flew our little chihuahua Perth to London and it was about $3000 but throw in the covid complications and that a number of airlines aren't even transporting pets at the moment and I think that is about right.

    Where to begin? Time to return home

    Sorry to hear how this has happened. I can't help with TOR, as I didn't do it. With shipping, I would recommend getting a few quotes from the major international shipping companies such as Chess. It may be worth asking about a shared container. With regards storage, that will depend on when you return as shipping takes 6 to 8 weeks, so you may not need that much time if you are planning on heading back soon.

    Medication prices

    Also, be aware that what in covered by Medicare varies a bit by state. In WA ambulances are private and a trip in an ambulance can be very expensive if you don't have insurance.


    Yes, you should consider doing ILETS or a similar test in order to boost points. Points for 189 visas are highly competitive and in order to get an invite you will need a minimum of 90 and ideally 95. I would also strongly recommend you use a good registered migration agent.

    Need help please on 189/190/partner visa

    My advice would be to speak to a good registered migration agent.

    CANZUK freedom of movement

    The reality is, this was an old news when I joined the forum. Never going to happen. Migration is a massive hot potato in every country. Not least Oz. Heck, I remember protests at Perth airport because of 457 holders.

    CANZUK freedom of movement

    No insurance company is going to offer you a 20 year cover for a one of fee. So, old person takes compulsory cover, then a year later says they can’t afford it . Deport them?

    Anybody instantly regret the move back?

    We are four year back and no regrets at all.
  22. The reality is nobody knows at the moment. There were rumours of some significant changes to the system prior to Covid. It is probably now inevitable and there are likely to be significant changes to the skilled lists depending on how the recession and unemployment pan out.

    Pet shipping from Manchester?

    I will just say that Pet air are the only one ran by vets.

    Pet to Uk without flying (overland)

    Airlines will fly such breeds, but with restrictions. As for other options, the only realistic one would be once the QM2 is sailing its world cruise again as that is the only cruise ship that allows dogs on board. An inside cabin would be about £8000 plus fees for the dog.

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Even without Covid, am application lodged now was always going to take between 6 and 8 years as it has been creeping up for years and then places were significantly cut.