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    Urgent Move to UK

    Also be aware you must meet the financial conditions of either savings or employment.
  2. I haven't lived there, but visited many times. Lots of issues with drug addiction (meth / ice) and the subsequent issues stemming from it. Also a fair few issues with miners - posting as a miner myself - guys getting trashed, getting into fights and general boga.

    187 visa

    You need to speak to a registered migration agent urgently.

    Moving on a skilled visa

    Just going to chip in on the visa costs. The cost for YOU as main applicant is $4045. It is then a further $2020 for your husband. Then a further $1015 for each child. So just under $9000 for you all. This doesn't include skills assessment, medicals, police checks and agent fees. Also note, this is only a small cost in the total involved in migrating.

    186 visa

    It is essential that you and the company use an agent. This visa now has a VERY high refusal rate.

    2 possible skills for 189 Visa

    You would be very wise to you a good registered migration such as one of those posted above. You would be very silly not to. Not only does a refusal mean loss of fee. It can mean a ban on reapplying
  7. The current minimum for an invite for a 189 is 95 points
  8. You probably didn't spot, but I am one of the moderators of the forum and have read thousands upon thousands of posts. I have replied to nearly 12000. I have seen many an application fail medical criteria when an agent would have got them through it. Dont forget, if you fail, you lose that fee. I held three different visas before gaining citizenship. My advice is it is always good money spent to use an agent. Yes it costs, but in the big scheme it is a drop in the ocean.

    190 Project administrator SA

    If your not living in the state, probably not
  10. Very hard to say as they have not sponsored for a while

    Info on Moving to Australia

    From my experience. If your not outdoor now, moving country won't make you. If you can't get fresh healthy food now, well... Laid back? You are aware Australians work some of the longest hours in the developed world and generally have less annual leave? If you are running from something, in my experience, it tends to not just catch you, but put you in a worse position. But this is all surplus. You need to qualify for a visa. What are your occupations and qualifications and experience?
  12. When there is a health complication, a good registered migration agent is vital. Jlook up George Lombard who is an agent that specialises in visas with medical complications
  13. Most policies do not exempt a temporary visa holder from the surcharge.
  14. I don't know if it is still the case, but BUPA were the only ones that provided cover for temp visa holders that met the requirements for tax

    189 visa - waiting for invitation

    Have you looked if any states are sponsoring your occupation for 190 or 491?
  16. Your employer should be using a registered migration agent

    NT EOI Time frame

    Somyou are currently on a 491? If so then the visa won't be coming to an end as such. If you are on a 482, can your employer get in a new application?

    NT EOI Time frame

    I am afraid all you can do is wait. Everyone would have been off over Christmas, so obviously there will be delays

    NT EOI Time frame

    Are you currently living in the NT?

    Evidence for cash work

    You really need the advice of a registered migration agent.
  21. The eve, we are not going out, but just having nice meal - mainly seafood and have ordered hand dived King scallops and oysters which I will collect on the day along with a few other bits like prawns and some fish. Will probably dona salad to go with them. One of the joys of Scotland is the seafood. New years day, doing a roast of rib of beef with a range of sides - Yorkshire puds included obviously. Then a triffle.

    Separation / Divorce before PR

    Your marital status has little bearing. What is your occupation and qualifications?

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    We booked two weeks in a holiday cottage through Airbnb and were looking at places around Windsor and ascot. We found that plenty of time and saw about 4/5 we liked. From telling the agent we wanted it, to getting the keys was less than two days. From memory, we did the viewing Tuesday evening and had the key's Thursday morning.

    Going home soon (Personal Diary?)

    Book flights ASAP as they will get more and more expensive the longer you wait. Start having a look at things like Airbnb for temp accomdation, there should be some good deals available as it is mid winter and well out of tourist season.

    EOI advise

    Before you lodge an eoi, you must have all your ducks lined up. So, you need to have a positive skills assessment. If claiming points for English, you need to have completed the appropriate exams and passed to the legal you are claiming for such as ILETS. You also need to be very clear on what your points are as over claiming can lead to a refusal of visa (and loss of fees and potentially even a ban on reapplying). My advice would also be to speak to a registered migration agent such as Wrussel who has posted above.