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    How To Get More Points 190 Visa

    ILETS or one of the most common ways of getting points. Most (the vast majority of applicants from the U.K. take it) Do though make sure you revise for it. Do not assume you will just pass it because English is your language. We regularly see things such as English teachers fail it.

    300 PMV missing processing times on Immi

    Temporary off shore visas are not being processed at the moment.
  3. I would do it when the case officer requests it.

    Points for PhD clarification

    I would speak to a good registered migration agent.

    189 questions needing answered please!

    Just going to emphasise what Marisa says on ILETS. Do not underestimate it. We have had English teachers fail it and I know of at least one person with a phd in English fail it. You will need to revise. There are a lot of resources online to help. Yes, you can, once you obtain a visa work in whatever occupations you wish. There is no requirement to stay in the occupation that you used for the visa. My strong advice would be to appoint a good registered migration agent.

    491 visa

    My recommendation is to appoint a good registered migration agent

    Primary School Teacher

    Totally impossible to say. The skilled list will change massively by then and probably the entire system. The advice I always give is never change career in the hope it leads to a visa. It is too risky. Change career because it is something you want to do and if down the line you find it leads to a visa, then good. If it doesn’t, then you are still happy in the career. Though, be aware, even if you qualify for a visa, it doesn’t mean the occupation is actually in demand. At the moment and for a long time when primary teacher was on the main list, the chances of getting a job anywhere you would want to live was and is tiny
  8. I am not sure what your question is. You have about another 18 months to wait for the partner visa to be processed

    Bridging from WHV to 835 Remaining Relative

    You can apply for work rights if you can show hardship. However, be aware that employers don’t particularly like employing people on a bridging visa. This visa has a processing time of 50 years. During which time, you would have only access to limited health care under the reciprocal arrangement. You would have no access to state benefits. And, as the Australian government has done previously, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is abolished in the future. This would mean potentially having to suddenly leave Australia. At the moment, it is moot anyway as Australia is not processing temporary offshore visas and not allowing entry to anyone that isn’t a permanent resident or citizen. You would be far better looking at the skilled route.

    190 IT support


    Is anyone else concerned about the Australian economy?

    As someone from a gold background, unless you REALLY are an expert in it, don’t consider it.

    Any information on a visa for gardener (general)

    They need to speak to an agent such as Paul above
  13. There is no point doing medical yet as the visa could take 18 months and the medical is only valid for 12 months. So, a good chance you would have to redo it.
  14. As mentioned, 80 points will be of no use as although the technical minimum is 65, nobody will get an invite for a 189 on less than 90 points. However, all is not lost. I would strongly recommend a consultation with a good registered migration agent as there are likely other options

    Just a general chat on visas

    I will just say though, you are very young and plenty of time to develop a career which might let you have more options in the future

    Perth or Sydney?

    I have lived in both. We started in Sydney and then spent 8 years in Perth. I would say if you like city life, the Sydney. Particularly coming from London. Perth has its pluses, but it is very small.The city itself can be walked from end to the other in 15 minutes. Beyond that it is just suburbia with identi kit shopping centres.
  17. You will all get it at the same time as there is an option to link the applications. That way you all attend the same ceremony. It therefore makes no difference on whose application the children are listed

    Partner visa - 309 vs 820

    You need 12 months of evidence of living together to apply. Applications processed in the U.K. are significantly quicker than those applied for onshore

    Coronavirus and Partner Visa (820)

    At the moment, there is no way for you to enter Australia. You would be better applying for the partner visa from the U.K. and it is substantially quicker anyway.

    Moving a cavalier King Charles

    Speak to Bob at Pet Air. You need to do this sooner rather than later as it isn’t a quick thing to do. It takes some months
  21. Yes it does. A 187 can be cancelled if a person leaves their employer. The OP needs to see help from a migration agent such as Raul.

    Few Questions From First-Time Traveler

    Since the pandemic. Australia banned none residents from entering. How long will it last? Who knows. Nobody knows how the pandemic will play out.

    173 or 143?

    The total costs are a good bit above that. On top, you need to factor in the moving costs. Then factor in the fact that British pensions will be frozen, so they need enough income to top that up.

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    There are flights going to Australia now and if you have PR, you can fly.

    Bridging Visa Work Rights from 457 Change Start Date

    You should speak to a migration agent urgently.