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Found 29 results

  1. LFrance

    Northampton PGCE Top Up Course

    Has anyone ever been successful with an AITSL skills assessment having completed the Northampton PGCE top up course? TRBWA have recommended the course and said they recognise it but AITSL have information on their website that they often do not accept Top Up courses for PGCE as the initial teacher training completed is not a recognised programme. I have QTS gained via school direct. I have academic transcript of the course as well as a letter from the university stating that I did 120 days placement of supervised teaching practice. Any help is appreciated as I need to know whether to go ahead with this course.
  2. Hi All I have had mixed responses from immigration consultants. I am starting a PGCE next school year and then looking to move with my family to Aus, so that I can start teaching there. Once I have done the PGCE, do I need to do a year of teaching before applying? Also are there any specific requirements or criteria that the PGCE needs to meet in order to be recgonised by the Australian teaching board? Thanks Darren
  3. StaceyL530

    Teaching qualifications

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is or has been in the same boat as me that could offer advice. I am a primary school teacher in the UK. Worked in education for over 10 years and in my 5th year of teaching full time. Have a 1st class primary Ed (BA honours) degree with Qts. I know qts isn't valid in oz, so I have been looking into doing a pgce top up course. However, I am aware that my UK qualifications must be equivalent to 4 years. This top up degree will be another year but part time. Designed to work alongside my current work. Would this be sufficient? I grew up in Sydney as a child and gained citizenship via my parents but would love to go back but would love to continue my profession. I'm aiming for Jan 2023. So I will need to start the course this year ideally. I don't want to do it and find out afterwards it isn't enough. I would really struggle going back to uni full time without the wage etc but keeping my options open. If anyone could point me in the right direction of who to ask that would be great. Smart teachers advised that my qualifications be 'equivalent to 4 years' my degree was 3 years plus the part time 1 year top up? Would that work? Thank you xx
  4. Hello everyone Please can someone help me with my Skills Assessment applicaton to AITSL. I am a secondary teacher with 3 years experience, I completed my PGCE with a University alongside doing a SCITT with a teacher training organisation at the same time. It was a joint course where the university and the teacher training organisation worked together. I completed my PGCE which consisted of three modules each worth 20 credits and my supervised teaching practice (45 days plus) at a secondary school was completed through the SCITT. I am worried I will not be accepted by the AITSL as my 45 days + surpervised teaching practice was not completed wthin the PGCE but within the SCITT. After checking the AITLS website it says that they require a transcript from the University outlining my supervised teaching practice. I have this from the Teacher Training Organisation who ran my SCITT but not the University who provided the PGCE as they wont provide me with one. Has anyone had any experience of completing their skills assessment witihin the same circumstances or have any advice they can give me? Thanks
  5. Guest


    Hi Guys, I have a PGCEI, from the University of Sunderland, which was basically the same as a regular a PGCE course but the 12 week teaching practice was not done in UK, hence was not given QTS. I'm considering migrating to Australia and was wondering whether, PGCEI is recognised by AITSL? even though it doesn't have QTS status, its contend is the same and has more than 45 days of supervised teaching.
  6. Hey guys, May be a bit of a silly question but just want to double check. When filling out the skills assessment form for AITSL as required for teachers, would the “duration of supervised teaching practice” (picture below) be the 120 days I carried out during my PGCE as apposed to the 10 months or so that the course took in total. Just want to make double sure that I’m filling everything in correct. If anyone has filled the form in and has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  7. Hi, EOI can anyone advise? Where you fill out the education section on the EOI, do I need to list my GCSEs, A levels and PGCE or just my BA Hons degree for which I will be claiming the points?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm currently in my second year of my 3 year degree (BA Hons) in Early Childhood Studies. There are a small group of us who are doing Early Childhood Studies with Early Years Teacher Status, which we had to pass the QTS tests to get onto, and I think is a reasonably new thing. Now that we've started our second year, we are starting with the EYTS part and getting our teaching portfolios together. My plan since starting at uni has been to finish this course, then go on to do a PGCE in Early Years, giving me the 4 years required for the 189. On speaking to my tutor this week, I have found out that the PGCE in Early Years is the same thing as the Early Years Teacher Status that we are doing alongside the degree! So basically I think I need to drop back and just do the Early Childhood Studies degree and then go onto the PGCE for my forth year. The main thing that worries me is from looking at the universities website, the Early Years PGCE is only classed as part-time? Would this matter if I am still getting the required amount of teaching days? (I'm not sure if it's only classed as part-time because it is only 1 day in uni but 4 days in a setting). My tutor has also suggested I stick with the course but then do a primary PGCE, as then I'll have covered all bases, which may be the case for the UK but I'm sure I've read that for the skills assessment the PGCE must be Early Years based? She has advised me to speak to the Aus government about what to do and try to get something in writing, but from looking at the AITSL website they won't advise on courses because the requirements change so much, so I have no idea who I can ask for advice, so if anyone could give me any guidance I would appreciate it so much! Been trying to look into it all day online and still haven't got any closer to finding an answer, it's all so confusing. Thank you for reading :-)
  9. Hi there, I have a 3year BSc Psychology degree already and I am ideally hoping to do a PGCE in Primary Education in September. Would I be able to apply as an Early Childhood teacher if I had at least a 45 day supervised placement in a classroom with children of the appropriate age whilst on my PGCE? For example in a reception class where the children are aged 4-5? Or would I be required to do the Early Years Education PGCE which covers only children aged 3-7? I am hoping to migrate to Australia but due to family circumstances cannot fully commit yet. Therefore I am apprehensive to do an Early Years PGCE as I feel it would limit my career options in England more if I have to stay, as surely primary schools would rather hire someone who is qualified to teach all years rather than just the first few years? Anyone with any experience here who could help me out would be doing me a massive favour. Thanks!!
  10. Hi All, My wife is a teacher with lots of experience, she has a BaHons teaching degree (includes PGCE), at the time this was a 3 year course specialising in Resistant materials (now migrated into the heading Design & Technology), she currently teaches food (home Economics) and has been head of Dept. Does anyone know if this is valid as some literature says you must have a 3 year degree PLUS PGCE or a 4 year course including PGCE. Any feedback welcome. Many Thanks
  11. :sad: My wife recently had her teaching skills assesment back from teaching australia which came back unsuccessful. She was being assessed as a Secondary school teacher. She has been working in FE colleges (16+ years age group) for over 10 years now and is more than capable of teaching in secondary schools. She has a degree and Masters degree in her subject but the problem is that in Australia the secondary school years run from 12 - 18 and in the UK its 12 - 16. As my wife teaches 16 -18 year olds we thought she would fit into this category and have been told by various agencies that this would be fine. Teaching Australia didn't accept this because she completed her PGCE fulltime based on 16+ students. Is the only way round this for her to give up her 40k a year job to do another PGCE based on 12-18 or do a PHD and then get 3 years experience in a Uni? It seems like all people who have done this PGCE and have many years expereince are being turned away because it doesn't quite fit into the Australian education system. Surely there is something she can do in the evenings to enable her as qualified without doing a fulltime year course. PLEASE PLEASE help we are so deflated by this and are desperate to take our 1 year old daughter and 5 year old son to Australia. Is there anyone who has had the same issue or does anyone know how to get around this? Many many thanks for reading and any help would be greatfully appreciated. Jack & Laura
  12. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that with the wealth of experience and knowledge of all the members on this forum, I might be able to clear up some of my confusion. My partner and I attended the Down Under Live expo in Glasgow recently in the hopes that it would answer all of our questions. Although it did provide us with a lot of information, it through up a lot more questions which I couldn't get answered. A little about me; I am 34 and currently studying on a PGCE course in secondary education in Design Technology and will qualify in June. Previous to this I studied a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course at uni for a year in D&T due to my 3 year Bachelors degree being in History, so needed to gain the relevant experience in D&T before teaching it. I spent nearly 2 years in Oz on a WHV back in 2006. Some of the questions that I hoped to have answers for are; 1) if granted a PR visa (such as 190 or 489), can I work in any other type of employment whilst looking for teaching positions (due to the lack of teaching positions from what I hear). If so are there any time restrictions? 2) Who decides if the type of PGCE that I am studying is accepted? Also, will there be any issues of my degree being in a different subject to my PGCE? (by the end of the course I will have spent 5 years at uni) 3) Am I required to do the academic IELTS due to going into teaching? If so anyone have any experience with them? Obviously I hope to get 8's across the board for the extra points! 4) Is it possible to register with multiply teaching agencies in more than one state at a time (to have the option to teach in any state where I can find work) 5) Finally (for now!), what is the situation with NQT and teaching in OZ? is it required? Do I need teaching experience in the UK before I can submit the EOI? sorry for the long message and thanks in advance! Andy
  13. Hello. I am just finishing my PGCE and looking into the process of emigrating to Australia. I have been advised by an agent that I can apply as soon as I have finished my PGCE and do not have to work for a year as I previously thought. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Thank you for your help.
  14. Hello, My daughter completed the 3year degree a couple of years ago and now teaches in a secondary school as a chemistry teacher in the UK. She has been accredited by the NSW teaching authority and approved to teach in NSW. Now here is the problem, her accrediation was refused by AITSL as it was on a 3 year degree and the transcripts provided show 440 points and not the 480 points on a traditional 4 year degree. We have provided letters from the uni that this degree is recognized as the equivelant to the traditional 3year chemistry degree and 1 year teaching degree...just that pgce does this in 3 years. Very frustrating seeing all the posts on here showing all the successful pgce entrants when we are having such problems. To make matters worse we are both Australian citizens and my daughter was out here for her year 11/12 and got 96.3% in her HSC. She only went back to the uk to do her degree and get some teaching experince. To make things worse if she had sat around in uk done nothing we would be able to bring her back on a student visa or. Hold visa as a sole defendant, but we can't do that as she is self sufficient and not reliant on us.... Very frustrated, any advice gratefully recieved.
  15. Hi I am a qualified teacher . I passed my PGCE a number of years ago through the Open University. The transcript is not very detailed and after a number of requests I have been told that they are unable to provide a more detailed transcript than the one I have. They have been very helpful with all my requests but I am concerned the transcript is not enough. I know that AITSL may want more detail. Has anyone else OU trained had any issues having their PGCE recognised by AITSL? Or has it not been a problem? My visa geezer will be submitting, but as i am 45 in less than 6 months ,we are hoping there will be no problems to hold up lodging the visa.
  16. Hi I am a qualified teacher . I passed my PGCE a number of years ago through the Open University. The transcript is not very detailed and after a number of requests I have been told that they are unable to provide a more detailed transcript than the one I have. They have been very helpful with all my requests but I am concerned the transcript is not enough. I know that AITSL may want more detail. Has anyone else OU trained had any issues having their PGCE recognised by AITSL? Or has it not been a problem? My visa geezer will be submitting, but as i am 45 in less than 6 months ,we are hoping there will be no problems to hold up lodging the visa.
  17. Having spent the last 2 years on a working holiday visa in Australia it is now time to return home & join the rat race! However, my boyfriend has actually been offered sponsorship in WA & I think we'd be crazy not to go for it. The problem is though that I had planned to return to the UK to undertake a PGCE (post-grad certificate in Education). Being almost 30 I don't want to put it off much longer, so was wondering if anyone knew my options for doing a similar course in Australia. I already have a degree so am hoping that a teaching course, much like the UK, will only be another year of study. If anyone has a suggestion of where I at least start to look Id be very grateful. Thanks Amy
  18. I thought I would post a thread to see if anyone could help me and my husband with our current situation. I am from the UK and have been over here for 2 years now with my husband. He has done a Dipolma in Web Design and is currently doing one of these crappy courses to get us by and staying here at the moment. I did the GTP which isn't regonised over here therefore I am doing 2 modules from the Masters to get the PGCE from the uni I did the GTP at. I haven't taught for 4 years now and I'm worried that once I complete the course and get my skills assessed that I need to have had some kind of teaching practice. I taught in the Uk from 2004-2006 and have done some casual teaching over here but feel that the skills test may come back negaitive! I have my own dance and drama school here (that is what i taught in the UK) but I am only teaching kids up to the age of 12. The plan was for me to finish the PGCE get my skills assessed and fingers crossed I would pass and then apply for residency as secondary teacher as this is on the SOL. I know this may take time and people are telling us all different things therefore I thought I would post a thread on here to see if anyone could help me and my partner out! :no:
  19. Guest

    Studying a PGCE in oz..

    Hi, First post to this forum. I didn't know where else to post this as the education section seems to be more orientated towards good schools for kids etc. Anyway, was due to come over to Oz in June time to do a year and then maybe the second year on a working holiday visa. However, after spending six months back in the Uk I feel i need to further my education more specifically towards a field of work but am desperate to visit oz soon! So, my question is has anyone studied in oz? How did you go about enrolling on your course? And, how did you find living costs, cost of study etc.? Thanks, Rich
  20. swifty99

    PGCE clarification needed

    Hello, My family are due to move out to victoria within the next 18 months, but will be leaving my son here as he is due to start university in september. he will be doing physical education so he can become a PE teacher, my question is he wants to follow us to live in australia but is it worth him doing his PGCE which is a further year study additional to the 3 years degree to get teacher status in the uk or come over to australia to complete his studies to get teacher status as we are unaware what is the best for him to do, so all help would be very grateful Thanks
  21. Guest

    PGCE funding

    Hi everyone My wife is Australian and I am British. We are thinking about emigrating to OZ within the next year or so. I was wondering, if I were to study for the aussie version of a PGCE (teaching qualifications), would I be given the necessary funding, instead of having to pay international fees? I only ask this as I would be allowed to reside in the country under a spouse visa, and wondered if my circumstances would be make my case an exception... Thanks in advance Simon:idea:
  22. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help i am just about to complete my PGCE post compulsory and i need to know wether this is recognised in Oz. Also do i need to do my QTLS or would i be able to do this in Oz. I am starting to think i have done the course and that i should have gone into primary teaching as all my experience is within Special Educational needs. I have worked with Autistic children, EBD children all aspects of learning difficulties and physical disability. My degree is in Special Educational Needs and Sports studies and my PGCE specialism is Disability studies and British Sign Language. I am also qualified to Level 3 in British Sign Language. Can anyone tell me what my job prospects are, wether i need to do further training in Oz or what my options are?? Thanks a million Lindsey x:hug:
  23. Hi everyone! Could do with a little help please . . . Mine and Chris's plans have recently changed and so I will now be staying in the UK for a year or so, whether or not the visa is granted (we will just go for a holiday if it does!) My problem is tht now I may bve doing my PGCE here and I'm worried it's geting a bit late. Many courses are filled and I some of them have lower primary places left which I would be happy to do as a career anyway. I can't find anywhere that says whether this will be an accepted qual over in oz, along with my 3 year bacheloe degree? please help!! Thanks, Lucy x
  24. Im a Brit currently living in Hong Kon but I want to come to Oz to study for my PGCE. I just want to know if anyone can help me with which university offers the programme and which ones are considered to be the better ones? Cheers!