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Found 33 results

  1. I am gathering my documents for my skills assessment with AITSL. I have everything except the transcript for my PGCE. I have contacted the University and they do not have a copy in their archives. They have no record of my module results. I do have the PGCE certificate. I qualified in 2001. So there is no way I am will have a copy!!! Help is there any way around this to get my skills assessment done?? I have contacted AITSL be reply yet. thank you sarah
  2. missbell88


    So... after chasing my PGCE uni for final transcripts they’ve finally admitted they never produced them and have to formulate one due to number of students requesting them, this will take 10 WEEKS- I want to submit and EOI before Christmas! I spoke to AITSL last week before I knew this and they responded with ‘AITSL May consider a statement from the awarding institutions explains why the transcripts are not avaliable.’ Has anyone had a successful assessment with this?
  3. Hello, Just to set the scene... I am a Secondary school teacher working in the UK. I have 10 years of teaching experience, a BSC degree, a PGCE and management experience. I am married to an Australian National and we have three children. We are looking to migrate to Australia within the next six to nine months. Initially I thought that the spouse Visa would be the most suitable, however, after contacting the immigration offices it appears that they are currently taking 10-14 months to process, which is simply too long. So I am now looking into the skilled independent working Visa (189). I am aware that before I can submit the EOI, or complete the Skillselect form, I need to obtain a 'Suitable Skills Assessment' for teaching. So I started to fill out the AITSL form for Secondary school teachers. I can get certified copies of all of the documents they require but I am slightly stumped by the 'Supervised teaching practice' document. This document was not one which was provided by my PGCE course and it seems counter-intuitive to ask for proof of 45 days in-class teaching when I could get my current principal to certify the 10 years worth of teaching!? It seems very strange to me that the form doesn't even ask for current employment status or actual teaching experience. Am I even filling out the correct Visa? Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated, Tom
  4. I need some help with this, I have a bachelor degree from Australia and now I am doing a graduate diploma in Early childhood teacher in Australia as well, now this course is approved by ACEQUA but it is not on the list of Accredited courses by AITSL. I wondering if I will have a positive assessment from AITSL since I am eligible to get registration to work as an early childhood teacher in Australia. Also, on AITSL's website it says something about Initial Teacher Qualification and I am having a hard time understanding the whole things. Has anyone gone through this? if Yes please help me out since if its not gonna work out Im gonna be wasting $24k for nothing! Cheers
  5. patrickc

    AITSL Skills Assesment

    I received an email today from AITSL to say that my assessment has ben processed and will be posted to me. It doesn't actually state if it was successful or not, has anybody any experience of this? I kind of expected they would say it was successful or that I would get asked for more information if it wasn't to be successful. any help would be appreciated
  6. TeacherSkel

    A long shot...

    I’m planning to apply for a 189 as an Early Childhood Teacher (I have a 3 year Early Years undergrad with QTS degree and will finish my MA in Early Childhood Education in August). I can’t submit my info to AITSL until Jan 2018 for my skills assessment, as I won’t receive my MA transcript and certificate until then. I also (randomly) completed 1 year of a BA in English Lit in the 1990s. So, here’s the question: could that 1 year be counted towards the 4 years of university study? If so, I could use that with my undergrad and, rather than waiting until next Jan, I could get my skills assessed and submit an EOI much sooner. I know it’s a long shot and am thinking that I probably can’t count it, as it didn’t result in a qualification (as I dropped out). Just thought I’d ask, as others may have been in the same situation. Thanks ??
  7. Hello! I would like to share my story about the application for my skill assessment with AITSL (Secondary School Teacher). Normally, it \takes 10 weeks to process and I have researched that most of the other applicants received their results in the 10th week. The fastest i could saw was 6 weeks. My case: - AITSL received my application on 11th Dec 2017. - AITSL completed my application on 5th Jan 2018. - Received the mail on 10th Jan 2018. Well.. excluded the Christmas holiday I only waited for 3 weeks to have my application finalised!!! Thanks God!!! I was shocked when i received the email about the completion of my application on the 5th. I wanted to let everyone know that the time frame seems to be quicker I wish you all have a quick result too!
  8. Bran

    AITSL Turnaround

    For those interested, our skills assessment was received by AITSL on 07 August, and just had word that the decision will be posted this week. 5 week turnaround much shorter than the 10 expected!
  9. Anna9879


    Hi Guys, I have a PGCEI, from the University of Sunderland, which was basically the same as a regular a PGCE course but the 12 week teaching practice was not done in UK, hence was not given QTS. I'm considering migrating to Australia and was wondering whether, PGCEI is recognised by AITSL? even though it doesn't have QTS status, its contend is the same and has more than 45 days of supervised teaching.
  10. Phil23green

    AITSL Secondary School Teacher

    To those who by chance opened this post, your help is appreciated. I am a graduate of secondary education major in english and have succesfully obtained the necessary score for IELTS. My only question is about the qualification in AITSL where it says: i. ITE ii. Other higher education qualification I studied for four years, where ITE is included plus the supervised teaching but the "ii. Other higher..." confused me. Does this mean I have to get a masters degree? Your help will be needed for this journey I am taking. Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi everyone I am part-way through the aitsl process for secondary teacher and my application is with them. However, they have emailed to request a document I have already sent them - it was an original from my university on headed paper, personally signed and stamped. I was in the position to be able to send an original as I had two copies anyway. The exact info they ask for in the email is contained on the document they have Can anyone clarify whether they accept originals too? I have scoured their site and all it states is that certified and originals are not returned - implying they do accept originals? Confused. Please help.
  12. Hi there Has anyone got their skills assessment back more quickly than 10 weeks from final documents? They have been ultra pedantic about my documents, e.g. After 5 weeks, saying that my Uni docs saying "postgraduate diploma of teaching (secondary) includes 60 days teaching practice" wasn't sufficient to show my teaching practice and asking me for another letter from Uni. I'm already registered with VIT but this doesn't seem to speed it up any. I'm concerned my current visa is due to expire soon and I won't get to lodge my new application in time. Does anyone have any hints or knowledge about getting it processed more quickly or if it sometimes takes less than ten weeks? i have everything else else ready to submit my EOI and just waiting on this...... thanks
  13. Yolo87

    Student visa - help please!!

    Hi all, I am hoping that some of you out there can offer me some advice! I am a qualified Primary school teacher and want to make the move to Oz. I have already been on a whv so that isn't an option for me. Primary teaching isn't on the SOL, so on a whim I applied to AITSL to have my skills assessed as a Pre-Primary teacher. I got a 'not suitable' outcome because my studies didn't have a sufficient focus on the early years. What my plan is now is...... go to Australia on a student visa and do a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, to hopefully make up the the deficit in my learning on the early years and then get my skills assessed again and hopefully be able to get a skilled visa! My problem is that I have no idea if this will satisfy AITSL's requirements. They leave their requirements vague and won't give any advice on any courses that will help you meet their requirements because they don't want people doing what I'm trying to do.... Do a course to meet their requirements and then apply for a skilled visa! Does anybody have any idea if a Primary teaching qualification along with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care would enable me to meet the requirements of Pre-Primary teaching?? Is the student visa worth a shot or should I give up the Australian dream??? All opinions and advice are greatly appreciated :smile:
  14. This forum has been very beneficial, however I have some questions regarding assessments seeing as how my qualifications were earned in the USA. I'm looking to have my qualifications assessed for Early Childhood Education. I have received my certification in grades K-6 and did my student teaching at a kindergarten age 6. I understand in order to be assessed for Early Childhood Education it is essential that I do my student teaching within such an environment. I am essentially a first year teacher. However AITSL said they do not look at job experience just training and where I did my student teaching. My concern was the teachers program I did was a general program providing the framework and after completion it enabled people to get certified in any area they wanted (so long as they passed the state testing test). From reading the criteria that the AITSL states, they said that my training must be in a discipline specific field of study. My program was general however research based. Where if you were focusing on Early Childhood the workload, feedback, and assignments would be geared in that direction, it would be adjusted if you were focusing on Secondary etc etc. I have a letter from my program director stating that the classes (even though they were general) were focused on Early Childhood because I was doing my training in such an environment. My question, given my circumstances, do you think I stand a chance to receive a positive assessment? Thank You All!
  15. christinaengland

    EOI for secondary school teacher

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could help. I am trying to submit an EOI as a secondary school teacher. However, I'm unsure what to put in the education section. Do I need to put in details of my PGCE or just my degree as that is all I am claiming points for in this section? My PGCE has been recognised by AITSL so does this info need to go in education section as well as skills assessment? Hope this makes sense.
  16. Nigel Hooley

    AITSL advice needed

    Hi all, I am new to the forum posts but have been reading for a considerable time. I have just received a "not suitable" result from AITSL. This decision was based on my degree being a 3 year not 4 year degree. So arising from this I have a myriad of questions some of which shall be put to AITSL directly. I was wondering if anyone here had been through a similar experience though. So my background is that of a secondary Maths teacher having qualified through the 3 year Bachelor of Education route. This is an honours degree. So AITSL are saying I am unsuitable only on the degree length. My questions are as follows: 1) Is there some academic content to my degree that is missing (this may be something only AITSL can answer unless someone here has experience of the same issue) 2) If there is no academic content missing why is the degree classed as unsuitable? Is it seriously just as black and white as 3 years not 4? 3) If it is this black and white issue has anybody every successfully appealed this decision? 4) The biggest I guess is since it would appear I need to do some form of course to increase from 3 to 4 years can anyone make any recommendations based on experience? These can be UK or Australia based since I have family in Australia I could live with during the course of any study. Any help on these initial questions would be gratefully received - I am sure your responses may throw up further questions! Thanks in advance
  17. Well, posted AITSL forms today (teacher skills assessment), so a long wait now until they say yes or no! Their website says 14 weeks........
  18. Hi There, We sent off for the Skills Assessment about twelve weeks ago. We received a confirmation letter after two weeks so I'm guessing the 'counter' starts there. In our confirmation email, we were told that it would be eight weeks until final confirmation but about a two/three weeks ago they emailed saying that one of the certificates was not sufficient and they needed another from my university. I sent that via courier and got it to them three days later. They confirmed safe receipt of this last Monday. I'm just wondering when we're going to receive the Assessment. We're waiting to apply for SS as soon as possible and it just feels like it's taking ages. On their website it states that if they have to ask for more information it could delay our application by up to ten weeks! I'm really hoping that it won't as we have got what they needed very quickly - has anyone got any experience of them 'resetting' the counter so to speak or do they just continue? Thanks for all your help and advice.
  19. Hello, My daughter completed the 3year degree a couple of years ago and now teaches in a secondary school as a chemistry teacher in the UK. She has been accredited by the NSW teaching authority and approved to teach in NSW. Now here is the problem, her accrediation was refused by AITSL as it was on a 3 year degree and the transcripts provided show 440 points and not the 480 points on a traditional 4 year degree. We have provided letters from the uni that this degree is recognized as the equivelant to the traditional 3year chemistry degree and 1 year teaching degree...just that pgce does this in 3 years. Very frustrating seeing all the posts on here showing all the successful pgce entrants when we are having such problems. To make matters worse we are both Australian citizens and my daughter was out here for her year 11/12 and got 96.3% in her HSC. She only went back to the uk to do her degree and get some teaching experince. To make things worse if she had sat around in uk done nothing we would be able to bring her back on a student visa or. Hold visa as a sole defendant, but we can't do that as she is self sufficient and not reliant on us.... Very frustrated, any advice gratefully recieved.
  20. Del70

    AITSL confirmation email?

    Can any teachers out there tell me if AITSL usually send email confirmation that they have received your documents? I sent ours on 19th February, and by the 24th February Royal Mail online tracking said that the package had reached Australia, and had been passed on to Australia Post....... Haven't heard anything since. Do I just hope that they've arrived safely, and wait the 14 weeks AITSL says it will take? Thanks!
  21. EvieL8

    AITSL Help!!

    Hiya all Sorry if there is already a thread covering this but can't seem to find an answer to my question! I am a primary school teacher with a 3 yr BA QTS degree. Having looked into the AITSL skills test I am aware that they do not recognise the 3 yr degree and specify that it must be a 4 yr course at degree level. I have received a draft letter from my university to send as supporting documentation for my skills assessment (if I go through with it all!) which states..... Eve was a student on the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Qualified Teacher Status course (4 – 11 years) at LHU from September 2005 to July 2009. This was a three year intensive professional course (an accelerated version of the four year course) to equip her to teach children of the primary age range. As confirmed by the University External Examiner, she has achieved a pass standard in practical teaching in her completed practices. She has followed practical courses in all the subjects of the National Curriculum and, at the completion of her course, she had been assessed against the Standards required for the award of Qualified Teacher Status as laid down by DfES Circular 02/99 and this was recorded in her Career Entry and Development Profile. Eve successfully completed the course and was awarded the Bachelor of Education (Honours) Degree with Upper Second Class Honours (2:1) in July 2009 having attained the same Qualified Teacher Status as those students who took the four year version of the course. What do you all think? Will this be enough to obtain a successful skills assessment? Any advice appreciated! Eve
  22. Hi all, Thank you very much for stopping by and reading this post. If you could provide me with some suggestions and help, that would be great as I am at a loss at the moment. Yesterday, I recieved a letter from AISTL saying that I am not suitable for my nominated occupation of Secondary School Teacher. It seems to be becuase I did 25 days placement at Secondary and other 25 days at Primary (I was doing double LOTE Japanese at Monash in 2011). However, I am fully registered at VIT and I currently work full time at Secondary School in Victoria. One of my friends who applied for AISTL assessment did not submit a letter with detailed placement information (i.e. name of the school, durations, levels) from our placement office, and she got an successful outcome from AITSL!!! She only submitted the transcrip which mentions that she did at least 45 days practicum (the name of school, levels, accurate duration are not mentioned on that). This is simply because she was afraid they would not give her a successful outcome as she did her 25 days of the prac at the adult education institution. After knowing this, I felt how stupid I was to be so honest and sending a letter with details of my placement. I really do not know what to do. Is it impossible for me to have a second chance? I really enjoy teaching kids here and hopefully I can live here to teach. I am thinking of submitting AITSL new application without a letter from placement office, but do you think they would check the previous documents as well? Or are there any alternative ways for me? I hope someone out there have been through the similar situations or with some ideas...I would appriciate any suggestions/comments with regard to this matter. Thank you again for your time and help in advance. Kind Regards, Junko xxx
  23. Hi everyone. Myself and my wife are desperate to emigrate to Oz from the UK. She is a Mental Health Nursing Assistant and I am a secondary school teacher. As far as we're aware, my wife's profession doesn't come up on the skilled profession list, but mine does. I did a pre-visa points check which came up ok to get a 3 year state-sponsored working visa. "Great" we thought, until the AITSL- who decide what qualifications you need to make it possible for you to teach in Oz - have decided that my Teacher Training Quals aren't acceptable for me for migration purposes to teach there..... GUTTED I've been emailing everyone I can think of - State Depts of Education / British Council etc, but as yet not making much progress. So... was wondering, what other options do you think we have got? - Do you think I could use my (old) Architecture qualifications as a way in? (trouble is, although I gained a degree, a postgrad and a Masters in architecture, I didn't qualify as a fully-fledged architect and went into DJing straight after uni , so dont have any experience in an architect's practice) - Or how does it work if I get a job before I go out? Do I still need to satisfy the immigration/ AITSL to get in as a teacher if I already have been offered a job? Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. Thanks so much, Simon & Nicola ====================================================
  24. EvieL8

    IELTS for AITSL assessment?

    Hiya all I have recently taken the IELTS test and missed out on the all important 8 by 0.5 (grrrr!!) so will have to re-sit the test to try and get the 20 points for our visa but the next test available isn't until 21 Jan! I also need to get my skills assessed by the AITSL and would like to get everything moving quickly as we are hoping to lodge the application before July. Do I need to have the IELTS results before applying to the AITSL for a skills assessment? I am British with a BA degree so meet the minimum requirements, but also need the 20 points from IELTS who assesses that? Do I send the certificate off with the visa application? Any advice would be much appreciated! Eve
  25. Hi I am a qualified teacher . I passed my PGCE a number of years ago through the Open University. The transcript is not very detailed and after a number of requests I have been told that they are unable to provide a more detailed transcript than the one I have. They have been very helpful with all my requests but I am concerned the transcript is not enough. I know that AITSL may want more detail. Has anyone else OU trained had any issues having their PGCE recognised by AITSL? Or has it not been a problem? My visa geezer will be submitting, but as i am 45 in less than 6 months ,we are hoping there will be no problems to hold up lodging the visa.