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1 hour ago, Nick Perth said:

I certainly will be lobbying them all.  Under the current rules the 457 visa and PR both count to PR as long as you have one year PR and a total of four years here. I can't see why this should change or at least there should be transitional rules. 

Its nothing to do with a 457 really. The rules allowed for 3 years of 'temporary residence' - that encompasses far more than just 457s.

Take Spouse Visa holders for instance. Some arrived on a Prospective Marriage Visa, and therefore will have usually done more than a year of temporary residence before even getting their provisional spouse visa. Two years on that at least before getting PR (sometimes three or more depending on processing time). Then a year on PR. Even under the old system many were here for 5-6 years in total before becoming eligible for citizenship. That will now become 4 years on PR, making many Spouse Vosa holders wait 7-8-9 years from arrival before becoming eligible. 

And other visa holders are impacted too, those who started on student visa for instance.

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