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  1. Parley

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Okay Will England beat Australia ?
  2. Parley

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    Getting an excuse ready ?
  3. Parley

    Israel Folau

    If it makes no difference you have nothing to worry about or disagree with. He says his preaching is done out of love and to try to save people. But the real issue is his freedom to practice and espouse his religion. A slippery road if that becomes un Pc. We will head down the path to living like they do in China where all the churches are underground.
  4. Parley

    Israel Folau

    People know they could be next if they dare not follow the PC line, or if they speak about their religious beliefs and the boss doesn’t like it.
  5. Parley

    Israel Folau

    There has been a massive outpouring of support with Australians donating $1000 per minute since the new fund was created. so far $750000 in less than 1 day. Probably unprecedented
  6. In the interests of balance. He is doing great obviously.
  7. Parley

    Moments to Remember

    Definitely 9/11 and also when Diana died
  8. Parley

    Moments to Remember

    You mean freed
  9. Parley

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    What happened to the court case? Did common sense prevail?
  10. Parley

    Israel Folau

    Looks like Israel will raise even more money due to GoFundMe’s actions. This type of thing makes even more people want to donate.
  11. Parley

    Israel Folau

    Which of his ex teammates do you know ?
  12. Parley

    Israel Folau

    So now we have a company deciding what adults can spend their money on. obviously everyone who donated felt strongly about the issue and voluntarily chose to donate. It was their choice.
  13. Parley


    With RACV you can call if not a member and join if you need immediate service. However they charge you quite a bit extra. I expect the other states are similar. I doubt they would refuse your business just charge you a premium
  14. Parley

    Israel Folau

    Very disappointing news.