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  1. Beketamun 0/10 for horrible prejudice more suitable to the likes of the KKK.
  2. A sensible policy is not to try to rationalise discrimination as you are doing. All adult Australian citizens should be allowed to vote. I'm sure you would love to have the job of deciding who is not worthy of the privilege of voting. But the job will never exist so move on.
  3. It should be obvious that not one person agrees with you so just stop with your nasty diatribe. It is obvious you are very bitter about something, maybe Brexit but no one is interested so give it a rest.
  4. Parley

    Delivery Driver Roles

    A mate of mine who is currently out of full time work and is studying has started being a deliveroo driver. He has a Vespa scooter and reckons it is a great job. Work when you like and the trips are usually quite short.
  5. Parley

    Delivery Driver Roles

    You should let Amazon know as they are building the largest warehouse in Australia's history, as big as Chadstone Shopping Centre. Nah it is very popular. Not a bad job for a part time driver i would think although these jobs are not highly paid and you have to use your own car.
  6. Parley

    Delivery Driver Roles

    Google Amazon Flex Australia for Amazon delivery jobs. If you are after that sort of work, Uber, Uber Eats etc and lots of similar things would be available.
  7. This person was serious unfortunately. Really horrible discrimination.
  8. Parley

    New government

    I suppose migration is not just about letting anyone who wants to come to Australia be able to come. Australia has an existing talent pool and supply of workers so migration should be about what does Australia need to bring in that cannot be supplied by the people already here? PS. Not sure what ITA stands for.
  9. Parley

    New government

    Why would the government want to open the floodgates? That should never happen. Really migration should fill skilled roles that in theory cannot be filled by existing Australian supply of workers. I am dubious that Australia cannot fill most skilled roles anyway. Opening the floodgates to cheap labour is not of benefit to Australia or the unemployment rate.
  10. Go away. I'm not arguing the toss with someone so prejudiced. No one should have more of a say. Everyone gets an equal say.
  11. What a disgusting idea you have come up with.
  12. Stop being Ageist. Just as bad as being Sexist, Racist etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because you are younger than someone else doesn't make you better than them.
  13. They are effectively one party for all intents and purposes. If they were 2 distinct parties you would have National party and Liberal party as candidates in each seat. This doesn't happen. You would not have had a National Party candidate to choose in your seat. So you pick either Lib or National depending on the seat.
  14. Well LNP got more votes than Labor. So draw your own conclusions.
  15. They are 2 parties The Liberals and The Nationals. Labor won, if you can call it that, because many Liberals voted for Teal and other Independents. People who would never vote Labor in a million years, but Labor sadly got their vote anyway. Not sure if you realise but the Teal colour was chosen to represent the Blue of Liberal conservatism combined with Green for the environment and climate Blue and Green combined gives you Teal.