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  1. Parley

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    What a loonie.
  2. Parley

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    You should not assume that rich people are not donating to charities. You have no idea whether they do or don't. I expect they would. If a person is willing to donate to one thing in all likelihood they donate to other things also. Mean people do not donate to anything.
  3. Parley

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Did they ask for donations ? All I heard was a lot of people immediately offering a lot of money to help.
  4. Parley

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    Old paintings need restoration too which seems a bit odd to me. Probably the Mona Lisa has had some technician reapplying paint to it here and there as it degrades. Things do not last forever unfortunately without maitenance.
  5. Parley

    Random Thoughts

    You are one small prick There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding a match online. Millions have done it. That is an old stigma of the 90s that there is anything wrong with it. You should not be defensive about it. Why do you think these apps are so popular. I have a female friend who has just found her man on Bumble.
  6. Parley

    Random Thoughts

    How did you find her ? Swipe right ?
  7. Parley

    Home Brew Club

    Really what is the point ? Perthbum you work in a pub remember.
  8. Parley

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    True if only some people’s parents had used it we would be better off
  9. Bottler, As it is Easter week it is now ok to buy some Hot Cross Buns.
  10. Parley

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Haven't you been reading my comments on here ?
  11. Parley

    Julian Assange arrested

    Obama pardoned him/her.
  12. Parley

    what are you doing right now?

    How are you now @Bulya
  13. Parley

    Winx equals Black Caviar record

    I'm feeling fine. Yes. My state of Victoria is much larger than the UK. I would expect it to have room for a lot more racecourses that an overcrowded small island like Britain. You are probably making some silly assumption that it means they all have races on them every week, which they don't. If 4 racecourses in Australia have one race meeting a month. and A racecourse in England had a meeting every week because there are less courses so what. What on earth does this have to do with Winx anyway ? Why do you always seek to slag off Australia in every single thread that people start when it is totally irrelevant to what the OP want to discuss which in this case is probably the greatest racehorse anyone has ever seen. Go back home if it is so wonderful ?
  14. Parley

    Winx equals Black Caviar record

    Sounds about right. Britain and Victoria are about the same size.