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  1. Trust of the viewer and his colleagues i suppose. The nature of the program too. Would be hard to interrogate guests now.
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-12131993/Schofields-lover-just-15-met-Schoolboy-asked-Phillip-job-Morning.html
  3. He was still married and living with his wife when the affair happened.
  4. This Philip Schofield guy is attracting lots of attention. Quitting because he had an affair with a young male colleague. It is even in The Age in Melbourne today how he has quit ITV. He probably only came out because the young guy threatened to expose him (verbally speaking). It is all quite salacious reading. But do people really care what the TV personalities get up to in their private life.
  5. I always have my fish grilled these days.
  6. Have to say the photo in the article doesn't look that appetising. My local in Melbourne. I get a grilled snapper, minimum chips and 1 fried dim sim for $18. Delicious. Hasn't gone up much in the last year either maybe $1. My local Indian restaurant for example i get a takeaway lamb curry with rice and naan bread. That has gone from $23.50 to $30 in the last year.
  7. Parley

    The Voice Referendum

    what do you think he wants?
  8. Parley

    UK Pension Transfer to OZ SMSF via TorFX

    NAB already have their own Foreign Currency Accounts https://www.nab.com.au/business/business-bank-accounts/specialised-accounts/nab-foreign-currency-account Every bank will offer the same type of accounts. You just need to ask. Eventually they will probably convert a citibank account to their own NAB closest product.
  9. The trouble is the woke mob want to cancel everyone these days who dare to disagree with them Now it is not just Nazi war criminals and paedophiles being cancelled. People are being cancelled for their opinions expressed years ago. Sharon Osbourne was even cancelled for supporting Piers Morgan in his criticism of Meghan Markle.
  10. He is standing up to the woke mob. So yes extremely impressive. So few have the cajones to do so these days.
  11. Gary Glitter is still played regularly at football games, and in the movies. Love this still.
  12. Pot.. Kettle. How often do you apologise for trashing someone's dream. Did you apologise to cheery thistle?
  13. These days i don't think it is homemade. In Australia it is generally packets of cigarettes smuggled in from China or similar countries. No health warnings and usually about $20 a packet instead of $50. Lots of Asian shops will sell it under the counter to regulars. Vapes will end up the same way soon.
  14. I think Mandy Smith would not press any charges against him.
  15. Yes he was acquitted by the High Court who found a huge miscarriage of justice. Do you remember that bit?