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  1. Parley

    Nigel Farage for PM

    I hope he gets to be PM one day. Here is his interview on Outsiders.
  2. Must be named in honour of Pauline Hanson.
  3. Cage eggs are being phased out by the main supermarkets but with a ridiculously long time frame to achieve it.
  4. Free range means they can roam around outside the barn. That is what I buy. How did you manage to read the opposite of what i wrote?
  5. Parley

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    Bitcoin is taking off.
  6. I always buy free range eggs too. More expensive but hopefully the hens are treated a lot better than cage.
  7. Parley

    Nigel Farage for PM

    I confess to watching Eastenders. It is quite addictive. Danielle Harold was on it until recently.
  8. King Charles and Queen Camilla are planning a visit to Australia next year.
  9. Parley

    Has PIO had it's day?

    That is the same on PIO as well.
  10. Parley

    Happy Xmas One and All ????

    Some people go completely crazy. Houses with lights all over them and nativity scenes in the front garden etc. I think there can be a real competition to see which house is most over the top.
  11. There have been lots of cases of assassinations on foreign soil. Putin has killed a few and attempted more in the UK. Recently India were accused by Canada of assassinating a Canadian citizen.
  12. Parley

    How is Kate doing so far?

    I don't think they are her legs. Looks a bit fake to me.
  13. Parley

    How is Kate doing so far?

    Piers Morgan just named the 2 senior royals who supposedly queried the colour of Archie's skin. Who knows whether it is true or not but he named the people referred to in the Dutch version of Scobie's new book, since removed from shelves. Piers doesn't believe it is true or if it is that it is any way racist but he named the people given it was out there anyway.
  14. Disappointed to hear that NZ are scrapping their progressive smoking policy which would have prevented young people ever taking up smoking. We should have seen whether it would have worked. The government is scrapping it to fund some tax cuts.
  15. Unfortunately No. I do know about it and wanted to get it but haven't yet
  16. How long did people take off from work when they were sick with shingles?
  17. I think I only got it about 1 week ago. I don't feel too bad now. Getting on the antivirals early is important they say. I had a very painful eye for 2 to 3 days and extremely tired. Slept a lot then the rash appeared out of nowhere. Luckilly that hasn't been too painful and hasn't really spread. I've been careful to avoid touching it where i can and lots of hand washing. I think touching the rash and then other parts of the body can make it spread.
  18. If you are correct and never had chickenpox you could catch it from someone who has shingles.
  19. I'd go for tennis. Apparently pickleball is a new option quite popular in the US.
  20. Parley

    Nigel Farage for PM

    Nissan bosses have declared that the impact of Brexit on its UK operations is now negligible and urged the country to be more optimistic about its prospects. The Japanese carmaking giant has previously been one of the most vocal critics of the decision to leave the EU, warning of the effect on its investments in its huge Sunderland plant. Chief executive Makoto Uchida told The Sunday Times that while Brexit had been a challenge, the UK would remain his company’s primary European outpost for “the foreseeable future” and still be the company’s most important market in Europe. Speaking as he announced a £2 billion upgrade of the Sunderland plant last week, he said: “If not, we would not be making this investment.” Alan Johnson, Nissan’s senior vice-president of manufacturing and supply chain, added that while leaving the EU had made its operations in Britain “more bureaucratic… we quite quickly adapted. So that is just normal now”. ADVERTISEMENT He downplayed the widespread belief that Brexit red tape would push up UK prices. “It’s negligible. Much more significant are things like energy prices.”
  21. I'm on antivirals - valaciclovir. Taking tablets 3 times a day for a week. Seeing the doctor on Tuesday. I have been very lethargic and had a very painful eye. I wear contacts and had put it down to some infection or other until the rash appeared. I may be lucky because it hasn't been very painful or itchy and seems to be scabs already. I just pop the occasional ibuprofin if it is painful. Pretty gross but i'm hoping the scabs drop off soon.
  22. Thank you. I appreciate it.
  23. IKNWC but I have shingles and feeling miserable
  24. Parley

    Australia mortgages question

    When you start a brand new permanent job with any employer in Australia it is quite usual for your employment contract to include a 6 month probation period. So if you turn out to be useless the employer can easily get rid of you. So banks may well want you to have passed this point before they lend you a lot of money.