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  1. Citizenship Timeline for years 2015-2016

    I wonder if its worth my wife giving them a call? but i suppose her turn will come,she could have applied last june but put if off due to new rules. Once we knew it was all going possibly back to old rules she applied 3 months later 5th or 8th of sept not heard anything since. Im seeing and hearing approx 9 months might be the wait just to know your test date is this about right,come march she be 6 months so far. And even then i believe test dates are months later to include being approved and even cermony. Certainly changed since i did mine last year and took 6 months and this was even due to an error on there part with my daughter still down as temp when she was supposed to be pr. It took them a month to sort an admin error that had my daughter still as temp when was really pr and you needed pr to get citizenship. I had option of getting her off mine to speed it up and could add to mums later but i was happy to wait. Glad i did keep her on as she be playing the waiting game like her mum. Is it worth contacting them as maybe her application is sitting there forgotten about. Or is this just the norm now.
  2. Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Sorry its Thursday i do it not weds i keep saying weds for some reason lol.
  3. Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Thanks for the answers might need to read up about some of that, parallel line not sure if was something i did back in the day as a pipefitter was so long ago. Having done mig welding,only tig tacking and little bit of stick it's not really a strong point of mine. And getting these to work right is trial and error pending on thickness of material etc etc. As goes with gas pressures again trial and error just play around on scrap metal. i have done so many things over the year and a lot of the technical side of it was so long ago which is easy forgot if not used often.
  4. Vetassess Assessment- Metal Fabricator

    Hey guys I'm probably a bit late in asking nervous as hell as got my technical interview on weds. been in oz almost 5 yrs now and have had the odd jobs but knocked back on way to many and probably down to not having this metal fabricator qual. im a Pipefitter and have done a little bit of welding but not much but I'm just worried what I should study up so I kind of know the answers. i been in the industry as a Pipefitter for 24 yrs and before that 3 yrs in a workshop using various machines,bending metal in furnaces,using power press machines and lathes. As well as tons of other stuff. in regards to the pipe fitting from fabrication of spools to make pipe supports,drilling and marking out steel,installing panels in bulkheads,pressure testing, torquing to even dismantle of sea water lift pumps and fire pumps etc list goes on a lot of years offshore as well as site work and odd workshops. Or site made workshops on site. A lot of years experience but a lot of stuff I ain't done in a long time. I'm getting this qualification to see if it really makes a difference in gaining some work as it seems these days it more of a requirement to have it. So be great to know what you guys was asked on the day, I have cert for Pipefitter and nvq from way back one of the first guys to be put through the nvq back in uk at the time. i see you guys might have more plating or welding backgrounds which I have done a bit of both but my work more involves pipefitting and mechanical side of things.
  5. Wondering if any pipefitters who have done so before moving to australia got the australian qualification through vetassess as metal fabricator. Or anyone already in australia thats done it;lets just say i have been putting it off for several years now and have decided i better get it. Sent in my stuff start of new year and have already got a date booked for me technical assessment which i must say bit nervous about. Any pipefitters been through this and what was you asked,did it really take 2 hrs and do you know of anyone thats failed it. Im just curious on what they ask, i know questions asked could be different from one person to another and depends on assessor but be good with a heads up.
  6. I have probably asked this a million times im a pipefitter from uk with 23 yrs experience. Been in australia 4 and half years and had the odd job but nothing like when i was in uk. A lot of jobs i got knocked back on and even with my experience and qualifications and background it did not matter. Some guys i have worked with have been here 25 yrs and still dont have it and others i met little bit longer than me and again same. Yet i have spoken to managers who said its not really needed and some employers saying its needed but never really said just was asked if it had. What gets me is im applying for pipefitters job am a qualified pipefitter but yet i cant or dont get it due to no australian qualification lol. I know there is a downturn in work in wa at the moment but there have been jobs that I applied and never got even though my background and experience is right up there. I even questioned an employer i got knocked back on about a month ago regarding why i was,guy looked at my details and said was not sure why I was rejected and would i still interested. So i said yes they called next day and said we would love to take you on but its down to the client if they require the qualification and are waiting to hear back from them. I know where this is going to go a second time knock back from same employer but who knows. So as much as i hate to get a qualification that really proves nothing and finding it's becoming more of a wanted or requirement i thought i better get it. I have been out of work 18 months possibly longer and tons of rejected jobs and yes should have been something i should have got from day one coming here but that was down to me being silly. My question is im in wa im out of work and do i get some sort of help towards getting rpl which might get me employment and is there any places that can provide this qualification like in a day or two if you have enough evidence etc etc. I know there wasva guy few years back who did this but no longer doing it. I was going to use and maybe will vetassess but can take 6 weeks. If i landed this job without the australian qualification then great im going to go ahead with qualification anyway as its hold me back. But i contacted some colleges etc and some was asking silly prices on fees compared to vetassess. But is there anyone who has used anyone else and had it done asap. As if im knocked back on this job and i get qualification quick enough i still a chance.or they might still have a slot later but dont think that happen. I believe i would need: Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade (MEM30305) Brian
  7. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    About time, now they need to sort out the mess they left. Wished wife had applied 1st june when she was eligible under old rules to get ahead of the game., but we never knew where this would go but glad now she apply start of sept.
  8. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    And what about my now wife who i met after i had my pr,where i got her a partner visa with is 2 yrs temp and 2 years pr. She got granted her temp visa while still overseas but had to validate, it which she did when we moved in june 2013. So not only had she done over 4 yrs now in australia her partner visa as temp should count towards pr as its under same visa. So before they decided to change rules could have have applied 1st june,i if they want her to have 4 yrs pr they has to wait till july 2018. Me personally i think its bull,my son is born here who is citizen,im aready citizen due to having pr from day one and added our daughter to it. Wife is only one in family who is still to get we decided to apply just a few weeks ago as was mentioned here and a few other places it be a good move. Now im not so sure, being currently out of work i would hate to loose such fee paid. But what about people who are pr before they wanted to make changes this should play a big factor. Maybe anyone who gains pr after 20th april should yes do 4 yrs.
  9. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Even though you was weeks away from applying before changes was made or announced? Regardless wife still submitted her application several weeks back. She was 4 weeks away from applying under old rules or was wait until july 2018 under new rules where she will have gained the 4 yrs pr. Even though her same visa was temp as was partner visa which was 2 yrs temp at first,this should be added to the pr status or at least when first arrived which under both she be eligible. But if new rules pass its july 2018 when it was 1 june 2017 before that.
  10. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    I would love to know that also wife been here since june 2013,will have 4 yrs pr in july 2018 but could have applied june this year but never did due to the changes. We are looking into the application now as hopefully it go either way they back date or anyone already applied is ok. Maybe wife needs to get this done soon incase its all sorted out.
  11. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    I may just stick wife's application in who was due to apply 1st june past under old rules but july 2018 with new rules. I sense these new rules will not happen and i can get her application in asap and get a slight head start even though it be frozen till its all sorted out.
  12. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Yes it does for us if things don't change as we might move back overseas again as not really been all roses for us,well workwise. It might not be the place for us but maybe in future if things dont change for the better. Will also parents getting older and health is another factor then thats another issue. My son was born here so when he is older and maybe wants to move to oz we might want to join him in later life if moved back overseas. Daughter also got citizenship through my application so wife is only one to get it. If our circumstances dont change for the better then we might have no choice to go back where work etc has never been an issue. As said been here over 4 yrs now, wife was 5 weeks away from applying then they made this announcement. Which by looking at a bigger picture if laws pass or not we are looking at another 1yr and half or much longer before wife gets hers. Ok i could probably go back overseas myself and get the work while wife waits it out to become eligible but thats not an ideal option with having two kids and costs involved in flying back and forth to work overseas. If things change for the better maybe we can settle but right now after 4 yrs we are not,and the money involved for me to gain my pr visa way back and wife's visa and agent fees and costs in moving here. Getting citizenship is the least australia can give us or i mean wife. I know plenty who come here things dont work and move back,some never return and others do. It just not be right not getting wife her citizenship when rest of us have.
  13. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    So if its saying that then its looking like new rules are going to be accepted then,as there should be a transition period. My wife was only 5 weeks away of being eligible and Appling which if goes under new rules she cant till july 2018 which is so wrong.
  14. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    Sorry just read my wife is thinking of applying fot citizenship,myself daughter and son already are. Son born here,daughter got hers with mine and wife only to get it done. She was about 5 weeks away from being eligible under old rules 1st june. But as they said from 20th april of new rules means she would not have pr for the full 4 yrs until July 2018. Which is plain crazy,many have applied hoping the new rules don't pass but what's put us off is losing the fee,yes there is the hassle of if not eligible to apply having to reply again. We where going to do this over the coming days and get the application in would this be a wise move so late on?
  15. Changes to pathway to Citizenship

    So what does this mean?